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PCM18 Lite Pack
30. June 2018 12:07 from haasje33
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 4879
Copyright: PCM.daily's Database Team
Homepage: Link
Steam Workshop: PCM.daily's Lite Pack
CDB only!!! You need do download and install the files by clicking the download button on the right and following the installation instructions at the bottom of this page for the Lite Pack to work correctly!

Mirror: MEGA


PCM.daily’s Database Team is very pleased to present the PCM.daily’s Lite Pack 2018. We are aware that this is not as extensive as the Lite Pack we released last year, which is due to not having the same base to work with compared to previous years as we had no 2018DB. But there’s also some good news. For example, we’ve managed to add real equipment to the Lite Pack for the first time. Along with that, it contains everything a realname database has and some more surprises. Read more to check out the full list of features.

Your questions will be more likely to be answered in the PCM.daily Projects section threads rather than in the comments section below!


- Real names for all cyclists (including track)
- Real names for all teams
- Real names for all races
- Real equipment brands
- Real graphics for all teams
- Real equipment
- Correct equipment for almost all teams
- Real doctors, trainers and scouts
- Real cyclist names in palmares
- Correct division and race category names


1. Open the archive PCMdailyLitePack.7z you downloaded from this page.

2. Extract the contents of the "Program Files" folder inside the directory where you installed PCM 18. Generally, that's going to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2018, but if that's not the case, it's the folder where you'll find PCM.exe. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, select "Yes"

3. You can skip this step if you subscribed the Lite Pack in the Steam Workshop. Extract the contents of the "Documents" folder inside your Documents folder. Generally, that's going to be C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents, but otherwise you should be able to find it yourself pretty easily. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, press on 'yes'.

4. Now it's time to start the game. When you create a new game, whether that is Career mode or Pro Cyclist, One-off Race or Track, select "PCMdaily Lite Pack" and click Next. Ignore any warnings from the game about custom databases (just click OK if they emerge at the start of your game).

5. You're set, enjoy! If you followed this guide, but you’re still having problems with the installation, check the FAQ on the PCM.daily forum. If your problem isn’t listed in there, ask any questions in the support thread on pcmdaily.com, in the PCM.daily Projects section.

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fbgh80 on 30-06-2018


rubensgal10 on 30-06-2018

very nice always!! Thanks a lot PCM DAILY

trifixion on 30-06-2018

Conseguiram extrair? dá-me erro Sad

ccudmore1 on 30-06-2018

How can you edit a fitness stat? I started a Tour to test the AI and the cyclists fitness is not what I want it to be.

jandal7 on 30-06-2018

ccudmore: Not the place to ask here Pfft The answer is that if you want it all at 99% then you need to make sure in settings that in stage and tour game modes, random fitness is off! If you want random fitness but a specific rider is not at the level you want, your only option is to reload the tour until it is Pfft

trifixion on 01-07-2018

Give me an error extracting this after download. Anyone can help me?

Kryska88 on 01-07-2018

Works fine, thanks :-)

trifixon: try another program to unpack

manoxaofm on 01-07-2018

Just one question this database have more teams from Portugal?

trifixion on 01-07-2018

Kryska88: I only know Unrar... which ones more can I use?

haasje33 on 01-07-2018

An unpacking error can be caused by either incompatible unpacking software (we recommend using 7zip) or a corrupted download (try downloading again in that case, preferrably using a download manager like JDownloader).



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