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2017 DB V1.1
04. June 2017 19:51 from matt17br
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 3456
Copyright: Copyright (C) PCM.daily DB Team 2017
Homepage: Link


The PCM.daily's DB Team presents the first update for the PCM 16's 2017 DB.

Your questions will be more likely to be answered in the PCM.daily Projects section threads rather than in the comments section below!


Features that will be applied to already started careers
- 2100 new and updated cyclist photos for all teams in the db and some FAs
- Replaced Cyanide's fake track equipment with some real models
- 2017 jerseys for about 10 more teams
- New and updated accessories for about 40 more teams
- Real route for Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux
- 2016 and 2017 variants for Vuelta a la Rioja
- Updated helmets for Briko, Giro, POC and SCOTT
- Updated leader jerseys for California, Dubai, Giro and Tirreno
- Updated trophy jerseys for ProCyclist mode
- Updated road tags for Italy to match those seen in the Giro
- Added team specific Giro leader jerseys for 5 teams
- Additional National Champions shirts for a couple of custom sponsors
- Updated national teams shirts of Australia and Germany

Features that will only apply to new careers
- Updated stats, potentials, popularities and favourite races as of 02/06
- Updated rosters as of 02/06
- Fortuneo - Vital Concept renamed to Fortuneo - Oscaro
- Pirazzi and Ruffoni moved to the free agency following their doping bans
- More than 500 newly assigned cyclist photos
- Deleted 51 retired free agents

Bugfixes (require a new career to take effect if in italic)
- Fixed Wibatech's empty schedule in ProCyclist mode
- Fixed races crashing when Kolss was in it
- Fixed GP Torres Vedras taking place throughout the course of 3 months
- Fixed Tour of Rhodes crashing in Career and ProCyclist
- Fixed 3 NC TTs where the stage wasn't a TT but a road race or a TTT
- Fixed missing stage files for Tour of China II
- Fixed 2017 variant's Willunga Hill stage being flat rated
- Fixed 2013 variant's California TT where riders wouldn't leave the start
- Fixed a variant of the Polish NCs that would always crash on max gfx
- Fixed missing discs for 9 wheel brands in time trials and team time trials
- Fixed retired riders not showing up in archives in Career and ProCyclist
- Fixed calendar dates for races that were one or more days too long
- Fixed the presence of a rest day in Driedaagse De Panne
- Fixed wrong names for a few Spanish speaking riders
- Fixed repeated years in a few riders' palmares
- Fixed the records missing a few entries
- Fixed nationalities and focus regions for a few teams
- Fixed a few text strings still calling the World Tour "CWT"
- Fixed the presence of 2 double riders
- Fixed Robert-Jon McCarthy's nationality
- Fixed Bonifazio's top 3 in the Australian Championships' archive
- Fixed the wrong equipment autocolour for Madison Genesis
- Fixed the wrong equipment template for Briko's Aero helmet
- Fixed white handles for Amore & Vita
- Various minor fixes to the palmares
- Other minor db and graphical fixes

How to install?

0. It is absolutely necessary you first of all download the first version of the 2017 DB if you haven't done so already.

1. Download the database from the Downloads section or with the link provided at the bottom of this post. A download manager such as JDownloader is suggested if you will be using the MEGA mirror, while you'll need a torrent client such as QBitTorrent for the torrent download.

2. Open the archive you downloaded. Extract the content of the folder "To Program Files" inside the directory where you installed PCM 16. Generally, that's going to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2016, but if that's not the case, the folder is always the one where you can find PCM's executable, PCM.exe. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.

3. If you edited the 2017 DB's cdb file before, and would like to retain those changes/backup it for later use, please do so before this point.
Extract the content of the folder "To Documents" inside your Documents folder. Generally, that's going to be C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents, but otherwise you should be able to find it yourself pretty easily. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.

4. Now it's time to start the game. When you create a new game (either Career/Pro Cyclist/One-off Race/etc.), select PCMdaily2017DB (preferred and highly reccomended if you want to play the db in its completeness) or PCMdaily2017DB_Light (if you want a quicker career experience or only care about playing with a WT team, this one only has just a few CT teams, half the races, and a trimmed down palmares, which should make the advancing a lot smoother).

5. You're set, enjoy! If you followed this guide, but you’re still having problems with the installation, check the FAQ on the PCM.daily forum. If your problem isn’t listed in there, ask your question in the General questions thread on pcmdaily.com.

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Poor 20% 16% [1 Votes]
boston666 on 07-06-2017

not work :(

jupax06 on 07-06-2017

same for me...

herman123 on 09-06-2017

the picture of d novak isn't visible...

JaVINAB on 09-06-2017

When I select the database when I enter the Proffesional Career mode, there's a message and I can't continue. It says Thank you for installing...

matt17br on 11-06-2017


matt17br on 11-06-2017


matt17br on 11-06-2017


pun1sh on 12-06-2017

My stats won't go up in Be a cyclist. How come?

Ascend on 15-06-2017

My game crashes every time on creating calender when trying to start a career

MLPoutine on 15-06-2017

I play with the Cannondale team and I can't enter and see races like Tour of Gila, Charlotte Critérieur, Joe Martin Race etc.
Why ?
And how it's possible to enter in this races ? (1.2 and 2.2)

Because I can see this races in the results but not in my program.



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