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EP 2016
07. September 2016 11:40 from haasje33
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 16028
Copyright: PCM.daily's Database Team
Homepage: Link


PCM.daily's Database Team proudly presents the 2016 Expansion Pack for Pro Cycling Manager 2016.

Your questions will be more likely to be answered in the PCM.daily Projects section threads rather than in the comments section below!


General features
- Real names for divisions, rankings, races and awards
- Countries of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Liechtenstein and Montenegro added
- National teams of Sweden and Ukraine replaced with Czech Republic and Ireland
- 444 real trainers
- 153 real physicians
- 321 real scouts

Cyclists & Teams
- Correct 2016 rosters
- 125 teams (including 6 U23 teams)
- Over 600 additional sponsors
- Over 3500 riders
- Correct characteristics (age, length, weight, country/region of origin) for all riders
- PCM.daily's completely revised stats for all riders
- Revised rider potentials and popularities
- 2011 to 2015 Palmares for almost all races
- Improved realism in terms of rider development and stat progression
- Improved realism in terms of rider regeneration (stats, names, amount of riders from countries)

- Correct HD graphics for all teams
- Correct graphics for all custom sponsors (mostly resized)
- NC, WC and/or race leader jerseys for many teams and custom sponsors
- Accessories for all teams
- Many updated national team jerseys
- Correct leader jerseys for a lot of races
- Jacky Durand's Sponsorkits implemented for many races
- Custom newspapers for all races
- New flags replacing Cyanide's default ones
- Rider photos for all riders in WT, PCT and for most of CT
- Logos for almost all races and race categories

- Real frames of 58 different brands
- Real wheels of 30 different brands
- Real helmets of 33 different brands
- Real groupsets of 5 different brands (Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, FSA, Rotor)
- Correct brands for all teams (correct helmets only in Career/Pro Cyclist Mode)

- 2016 race calendar with correct dates for WT, HC and .1 races
- About 370 races including national championships for 25 countries
- 2016 routes for many races on the calendar
- Realistic teams' lists for all races
- Correct rules and classifications for most races
- Added many National Championships (including ITT)

- Updated translations


Because we got a lot of replies asking for help with the installation, we decided to write an extended installation guide for the installation.

1. Download the database from the Downloads section or with the download link below.

2. Extract all files from PCMdailyExpansionPackV100.7z

3. Open the folder where you extracted it.

3. Double click PCMdailyExpansionPack Setup.exe. When asked for Administrator permissions, click Okay or fill in a password of an administrator to continue.

4. Follow the steps of the installation.
A very crucial point in the installation is the step where you will have to choose the installation directory. This often goes wrong, so here's an extended guide:
By default, this is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2016, unless you installed Steam in a different location. If you have PCM in another language, the "Season" part of the default directory has to be translated into your own language (for example in Dutch it will be Pro Cycling Manager - Seizoen 2015). If you are still unsure, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thread.
Make sure to install the DB in your general PCM folder, NOT in the subfolder Database.

5. Complete the installation process. Installation can take a while considering it is a huge file.

6. Now it's time to start the game. When you create a new game (either Career/Pro Cyclist/One-off Race/etc), select PCMdailyExpansionPack_2015NC (to play with the national champions of 2015; recommended for Career or Pro Cyclist Mode) or PCMdailyExpansionPack_2016NC (to play with the national champions of 2016; recommended for One-off Race Mode) as your database.

7. You have completed the installation process of the database. Have fun!

If you followed this guide, but you’re still having problems with the installation, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thread on the forum. If your problem isn’t listed in there, ask your question in the General questions thread.

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Very Good 1% 1% [1 Votes]
Good 3% 2% [2 Votes]
Average 0% 0% [0 Votes]
Poor 10% 8% [6 Votes]
MCSPantani on 07-09-2016


alvaro_96 on 07-09-2016

you are the best!!

yoni182 on 07-09-2016

Thanks guys
i hope that Cyanide will following your instructions for the next opus !!!

Orteguita84 on 07-09-2016

you should clear before the EP LITE?

Selwink on 07-09-2016

Please note that your questions asked in the Support thread have a higher response chance than here. Before asking any question, check the FAQ!

luis lopes on 07-09-2016

boas pessoal do pcm eu ja fiz o dowload e ja instalei no jogo so setup mas quando entro no jogo pa modo carreia aparece para escolher a base de dados e eu escolho mas depois não passa disso não entra para o jogo nem para fazer uma simples corrida...na pasta em que descarregamos tras mais umas pastas como a data etc,essas pastas tambem temos que as por na pasta do jogo..alguem que me ajude se faz favor.

luis lopes on 07-09-2016

personal good pcm I already did dowload and already installed it on so setup game but when I enter the game pa mode carries appears to choose the database and I choose but then that is all it does not go to the game or to make a simple race ... the folder where you unload a few more behind folders as the date etc, these folders also have that for the jogo..alguem folder that help me please.

haasje33 on 07-09-2016

Understandable English please!!

Alepere_7 on 07-09-2016

what about some variants for grand tours?

Davide Sorci on 07-09-2016

Taiwan tour always crash in the career



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