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[PCT] Trans Looney Tunes - Calendar for 2022

With the new sponsors from last year and with our looney managers Bugs Bunney and Daffy Duck we cought first promotioninto PCT level in our team after two years competing in CT level.

Our sponsors extended the contract for at least one more year: Warner Bros. Pictures, Trans Active and Cycling24/7


Tactic directors: Wile E. Coyote, Marvin the Martina & Elmer Fudd
Sprint and time trial directors: Road Runner & Speedy Gonzales

The support team from Trans Active: Philippa York, Chris Mosier & Charlie Christina Martin.

The only real goal for our team in new season is to stay another year in PCT level

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Very cool and deep squad. Hopefully your leaders can deliver enough though, banking on Waeytens has a difficult past but he's having less competition this year it seems. Might be touch and go in the relegation battle, but I'm rooting for you to survive.
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The good news is that Vanbilsen should be among the division's top cobblers, and he's got a great support squad with Vanspeybrouck, Koleve, Centrone et al.
More good news, as the puncheur field seems to be a bit weaker than last year, so plenty of chances for Waeytens and Bystrom to score. Calmejane should also do a great job if well planned, he's a fantastic attacker. And your hills support team also has some great depth! Korosec could be a fantastic rider for the less difficult hilly races, having good punch and some nice topspeed.
However, that's about where the good news stop. With Garby as your strongest climber, I'm afraid you will have a really hard time in PCT this year; I'd even say that some CT climbers are stronger or better rounded than him. Your good depth in climbers however means that lack of support shouldn't be an issue - and some of them could also do really well as attackers. But that requires being lucky to score well. And furthermore, as soon as a TT is involved, your climbers are out of GC business - which may sound rough, but I guess it's reality.
TTs in general are a discipline where you'd need a ton of luck to get anything from - so I guess you minimized those on your calendar.
The final discipline to cover are sprints. Selig has lost some speed this offseason - and that might really hurt you. He'll clearly not be among the division's top sprinters, and it will also depend on daily PCM mood if he'll be allowed to compete or not. I'm sure he'll get a couple of good results, but he's no consistent top sprinter. And you don't really have a backup, so I don't know if you can cover all your flat stages with his 56 RDs.

All in all, I think you have one discipline where you'll really score well, one where you should be among the stronger teams as well - but I honestly doubt it will be enough to stay up. I'd be positively surprised if you weren't involved in the relegation fight. You obviously do have your chances to remain in PCT, though!
However, one thing I don't like that much with your squad is that you have 7 declining riders, and even 16 30+ (which is 2/3 of your roster). So whether stay up or not, a major rebuild looks to be inevitable - which can however also be a big chance to improve!
What I do like with your squad is your great depth in 3 departments - which is what could finally save you. Kraftwerk is showing year after year how it's done Smile

Good luck Smile
On first glance I quite like the Kraftwerk comparison that Fabianski made, I'd love a clearer mountain leader above Garby but still the depth there should be able to be thrown at the wall and something stick in your mountain RDs. Never going to catch me speaking highly of Waeytens, but I'm a huge Calmejane guy and Vanbilsen is a great cobbled leader. Sad to say my instinct was voting no, but on my very cursory first glance at the division there's probably well over 5 teams I'd equally put as going down on instinct and so with good planning there's no guarantee I'm right, and hope I won't be Smile
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15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

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@Fabianski This that we have so many 30+ riders we are really not proud but we had quite may dificuties to build even this team. The biggest problem was that the timing with the transfers and our events wasn't the best. Because we were extremly busy we couldn't prepair our self to do a good research this i the result.

We had a bid on a few stronger riders and younger but we lost it and had to found a few other riders as a support or the leaders.

Because of this and a few otger things we had to focus on only two discipline and this are hills and cobbles.

We lost our bid on mountain and TT this is why we don't have extremly strong rider for GC but we will try more to fovus on a stages if it will be possible in stead of a GC.

The biggest lack that we will have is sprint races and then TT and GC in mountain races.

I hope that Waeytens can provide good results with Calmejane and Bystrom at the hill stages and Vanbilsen at the cobbles races with support from the team.

This year we even had to loan for one year three young riders that they cancome to max level and they are Jaka Primozic, James Knox ans Christian Munoz.
We hope they thay can give us support in next few years and canreplace a few 30+ years old riders in our team.
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Yeah, the Kraftwerk comparison jumps out at me as well. However the relative question mark over Waeytens, the lack of a even a real tier 2 sprinter, and Garby's lack of HL/TT i think slides you much closer to relegation than mid-field. Maybe there's enough depth to carry you through, i'm not as convinced as the other commenters unless you spring a planning masterpiece.

Either way it's a squad that will need a lot of work next season whatever division it's in. But still stands as one of my favourite teams just for being that little bit... looney
Thanks everyone for support Grin Pfft

As TheManxMissile wrote that this team is a little bit of looney.
I mean we are totally looney with all the tactic and speed(TT) directors: Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner... Pfft :lol:

The first one is already studying on a new tactics :lol:



With this team will be really hard to stay in PCT but we will try to do our best Smile
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
I wonder how you'll do on the cobbles this season, with Vanbilsen having had a bad season. Of course, cobbles seem to have a gotten a slightly bit easier with some strong names going up to PT, so except for Stallaert winning every race you should be able to score there if everything goes well. Same goes for puncheurs in PCT/PT I think, so let's see whether Waeytens can do better than at some of his former teams as well. I believe Korosec, Bystrom and Calmejane could all be great stage hunters. Not very sure about your mountain and sprint strength, I think your team will need to overperform a bit and have a very good planning to be able to stay up. Hope you can prove me wrong Smile
A lot will depend on your cobbles and hills squads for survival. Think you would've been out of trouble with one more leader, but this could be touch and go till the end. All the best for the first PCT season though Smile
It would be defenetly easyer with one more leader but I hope we can at least show some nice performences even if we will go to the CT level next year but I hope we stay in PCT level. Pfft

Next time I really need to chack a bit on results what kind a seasson riders had but still sometime a rider has a terrible season and in next one he can deliver some really nice results or can be really strong.

It happened even with one of my riders that were in another team and then came to my team and one one or two stages. Smile
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Our loan deals for one year

Primozic Jaka went for one year to get mix XP to Aker - MOT


Knox James joind on a one year loan deal De Stijl Cycling


In last loand deal we got a swap for Cristian Munoz who will be at Aegon - Peroni for one year we got on a loan deal Vanhoucke Harm for one year.

Munoz Cristian


Vanhoucke Harm


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
Classics and Monuments

Our team will be for the first time racing in the highest level on a Classics and Monuments.

Ronde van Vlaanderen


Paris - Roubaix


E3 Prijs


First three races will be the most important for us from the 5 races that we will be participating.

Our leader will be Kenneth Vanbilsen with leadout from our leader from last seson Pieter Vanspeybrouck. We hope on a result in top 15.

GP Liechtenstein


GP Moscow


Last two races the mountain race in Liechenstein and flat in Moscow will be just to get experiances for two our young riders. The leaders will be Marc Christian Garby for moutains and in flast races Rüdiger Selig but as they are to weak for this level of competition we don't expect any result of the team.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
Our goals

[HC] Le Samyn - Win goal


[HC] Omloop Het Nieuwsblad - Top 5


For both cobbled races our main leader will be Kenneth Vanbilsen and second Pieter Vanspeybrouck. With both rider tat least one goal is possible but the form will be the most important special from Vanbilsen who didn't had the best season last year.

[HC] Tour Down Under - Top 10


[PTHC] Tour of Slovenia - Top 10


For both stage races our main three leaders will be Zico Waeytens, Sven Erik Bystrom and Lilian Calmejane. WE hope on the best but since we don't have any extreme good time trialist it will be allmost imposible to get the last goal Tour of Slovenia.

PCT Team Standings - Top 15

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png

9.1.22Down Under Classic[HC]Selig
9.1.22Gisborne GP[C2]/
13. - 18.1.22Tour Down Under[HC]Calmejane, Bystrom, Waeytens
25. - 27.1.22Hong Kong Challenge[C1]Calmejane, Waeytens
30.1.22Franceville Classique[PTHC]Vanbilsen
30.1.22Clasico San Jose[C2]/
1. - 8.2.22Volta a Portugal[PTHC]Garby
4.2.22Omloop Het Nieuwsblad[HC]Vanbilsen
4.2.22Viana do Castelo[C1]Bystrom, Waeytens
6.2.22Gent - Wevelgem[C2]/
10.2.22Le Samyn[HC]Vanbilsen
26.2.22Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne[C1]Vanbilsen
1.3.22Geraardsbergen - Bosberg[C2]/
6. - 11.3.22Vuelta al Pais Vasco[C1]Calmejane, Bystrom, Waeytens
21.3.22Coppa Placci[C2]/
24.3.22Strade Bianche[HC]Calmejane, Waeytens
26.3.22Ronde van Vlaanderen[PTM]Vanbilsen
28.3.22E3 Prijs[PT]Vanbilsen
30.3.22GP Izola[C2]/
30.3.22Lillestrom GP[C1]Vanbilsen
1.4.22Paris - Roubaix[PTM]Vanbilsen
12. - 18.4.22Tour de Pologne[HC]Calmejane, Bystrom, Waeytens
20.4.22GP Liechtenstein[PT]Garby
20.4.22Badaling International[C1]Bystrom
23.4.22Roma Maxima[PTHC]Vanbilsen
25.4.22GP Wallonie[HC]Calmejane, Waeytens
25.4.22Lincoln GP[C2]/
28.4.22Veenendaal - Veenendaal[PTHC]Vanbilsen
28.4.22Lisbon Classic[HC]Calmejane, Waeytens
1.5.22Cheshire Cycling Tour[PTHC]Vanbilsen
3. - 8.5.22Tour de Romandie[C1]Garby
9. - 10.5.22Chrono d'Arenberg[PTHC]/
13. - 15.5.22Tour du Faso[C2]/
17. - 23.5.22Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt[HC]Garby
18.5.221 Jour de Dunkerque[C1]Vanbilsen
27. - 31.5.22Tour of Norway[HC]Calmejane, Bystrom, Waeytens
3.6.22Pro Hallstatt Classic[HC]Garby
14. - 21.6.22Criterium du Dauphine Libere[PTHC]Garby, Selig
17. - 22.6.22Tour of South Africa[C1]Calmejane, Bystrom
27.6.22Apex Mountain Classic[C1]Garby
10. - 14.7.22Tour de Vineyards[C1]Garby
25. - 29.7.22 Tour of Slovenia[PTHC]Calmejane, Bystrom, Waeytens
1. - 6.8.22Benelux Challenge[HC]Vanbilsen
1. - 5.8.22Deutschland Tour[PTHC]Selig
17. - 21.8.22Tour of Britain[C1]Bystrom, Waeytens
18.8.22Riga - Jurmala GP[PTHC]Vanbilsen
1.9.22GP Kigali[C1]Vanbilsen
12.9.22GP Moscow[PT]Selig
17. - 20.9.22Bayern Rundfahrt[HC]Garby
26.9.22Tour of the Battenkill[PTHC]Vanbilsen
28.9.22GP Lugano[C1]Bystrom
1.10.22Tour du Maroc[HC] Garby
3.10.22Japan Cup[PTHC]Calmejane, Bystrom, Waeytens
18.10.22Giro dell'Emilia[HC]Calmejane, Bystrom, Waeytens

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
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