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[PCT/CT] Race Planners 2022
The CT and PCT divisions have now their race planners in the dropbox folder. At least all CT managers and PCT managers, that have said no to wildcards via PM.

Please check first if your race selection is correct and for PCT teams the wildcards are included correctly.

The Race Planner now includes your race selection and gives you the opportunity to fill your rider squads for those. As it`s individual planners, please only add to those races shown and don`t start to add numbers to hidden race coloumns, as you don`t take part there and would make it just more difficult for us.

1. From the DB take the ID, rider names, and race day allowances (of your division!), and add them to the planner file. (Take care you copy paste the number and not any formula for the rd)
2. If you're planning on training, add it to the DB, run the macro (CTRL+SHIFT+O) and take the updated race day allowance!

Then your race planner is ready to go.

General race planner instructions (Recommended for new or forgetful managers)
This will look something like this:

To fill in a rider's schedule, put a 1 in the column for each race you want them to ride. It should look something like this:

Note: This planner is simply an example, nothing 2022 season related

Column DY and Cells A/D3 will warn you if you have sent a rider to more races than they have race days for. This updates automatically.

Column EB and Cells A/D2 will warn you if a rider is being sent to more than one race at the same time.
This year there is a direct red colouring once you have send a rider to clashing races. You can`t miss this as the rider`s full line becomes red as also the A/D2 box.

Rows 36 and 37 show how many riders you have sent to a race. The team size is 8 for every race except some of the TT classics, which are 3 maximum. Remember that you must send at least 6 riders to each races to participate in those.

PCT teams should remember the limits on rider strength for lineups they send to C2 races.

If you can't open .xlsm files, an .xls version can be provided - without any of the macros.

The planner should give you all needed information if you made a mistake such as too many or too few riders in a race, if spending too many race days or if using a rider in a clashing race.


When completed, upload to dropbox and rename it to "PCT_TeamName" or "CT_TeamName" and PM ManGame-Admin to say it is there.


The deadline to finish the race planners is Sunday, 11th, 24:00 BST!
But the earlier they are in, the better really making it easier and faster for me to handle it.
All teams should now find their race planner in the dropbox folder.

So please do those as fast as possible and keep the deadline in mind!

Please always check first if any mistake (e.g. wrong band, wrong wildcards, wrong races) show up.
Will check out soon Smile
Before I do the planning: Does the Tour de l'Avenir count towards the race days of the riders?

No. It's not even in the planner, selections will be done in a separate thread. It's basically a free 20XP for eligible (and nominated) riders, and a fun race to watch because there's no scoring Smile
When should the new DB drop?
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Roturn said on Skype he's working on it, but will obviously not be before the list of shame in the Transfer Sheets thread is empty Pfft
It`s basically finished.

Just doing some more stuff such as weights and heights. And ideally also having the last managers sending in their trainings...
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roturn wrote:
It`s basically finished.

Just doing some more stuff such as weights and heights. And ideally also having the last managers sending in their trainings...

I'll take the spare cash from these slow managers. Clearly they don't want it.

I could take their training money, and train some of mine Smile
I haven’t received my race planner yet Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
It`s in your dropbox. 2022Planner_PCT_Indosat.elsm.

The planners are always in the first folder of your dropbox. Not necessarily in the 2022 folder as this makes it easier for me to just pull them to your name, no matter if you have subfolders or not.

So please check in that first part as all should have them.
Deadline for the planners is less than a week. So far less than 1/3 of the planners are in!

Don`t worry if you haven`t heard anything from me yet. If all is fine in your planner, I am not responding to your mail. Only do so if anything must be fixed.
Still missing more than half of all planners!

Deadline this Sunday!

If you miss the deadline it`s very likely, that you will miss out the season start as well!
Still missing the following 3 planners. (Plus 2 more, which though had them uploaded on dropbox without a PM).

Assa Abloy
Project: Africa
Pas Normal Studios

The deadline was long known and should have been possible to make or in case of being away, just a quick PM would have worked.

As 2-3 teams still need to "fix" their planning slightly, this will be the final "deadline" to send a proper planner, otherwise I will start to make the startlists for January races.
So better hurry a bit please.

Teams that are in need to fix the planner are PMed. Everyone else without a response has a good planner.
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