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Tropico 6 Story
Some reasons I am not doing PCM stages right now:

First I got the amazing Red Dead Redemption 2, the best action adventure game I have played, that was several hundred gaming hours, then the PCM2020 stages section was dumped into the 2020 thread blender, next I started to do this:

Bounty: A Tropical Story
A Tropico 6 story? That's a new idea.

But to be honest, I find Tropico far too easy. The original was a masterpiece, though very ugly (they reused the Railroad Tycoon 2 engine which was made for a very different scale).

Tropico 3 was basically a remaster with a far nicer engine, it was easier by splitting the scenario goals into smaller steps. But all wages, building prices, etc, were the same as before. But it really changed with Tropico 4, simply being able to import all goods made the game so much easier, and the Modern Times expansion had vastly overpowered new jobs.

And it's only gotten worse/easier with Tropico 5 and 6. Sure, that's in line with tycoon games in general, they've all become easier and easier. But I need a real challenge once in a while.

Not that it matters for your story, I will try to follow it. I once set up a game without any immigration and got to know all my 50-ish inhabitants well, see how many children they have, how many go to school to get an education, how the population changes naturally over time, etc. Very relaxing. Smile

Sorry that I did not notice your response, nice to see you comment.
Agree it has probably become easier if you use all options you got, never really did that, I like to build slowly with few harbours and never import stuff just to resell it at a better price. As you say none of that matters in my story as in that I play even more irrational to fit the story line I want.
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