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PCM.daily 2021 Database: Support/FAQ

In this thread, you can ask your general support questions and report any problems and bugs you find.

Before you do, make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thoroughly to see if your problem has been listed there. If the solution offered in the FAQ below doesn't work for you, please mention this in your post to avoid getting your post ignored.

Already reported bugs and the solutions (or fixing progress) can be found in the Reported bugs post below this.

Thread rules

There's two simple rules you need to follow:

1. Don't ask questions about future release dates
2. No PMs to DB Team members. If you need support, we'll provide it in here
3. If you'd like to request something to be added in future updates, please use the wishlist thread

Please keep in mind that we're volunteers and we do this in our sometimes limited free time. Most of us are working or studying next to this, so be patient if you don't get a reply or we can't find a solution immediately.

In this post you can find the bugs that have been reported in the Support requests thread since the latest update of the PCM.daily Database Pack. We will explain the bugs and provide you with a (temporary) solution if possible.

Hot Fix 10.05.

- Corrected race date for Tro-Bro Léon
- Added three former free agents to their current team and fixed a spelling mistake

Download the new cdb file here, then add it to PCM's folder in Documents under Mod/PCM.daily 2021 DB and replace the previous one. Note: This is only necessary for users who have downloaded the full DB before May 10th, 10:20 am CET. The full DB file has since been updated to include this cdb.
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Posted on 24-09-2021 01:18
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In this post you will find answers for the most frequently asked questions of the support thread and the support threads for previous databases.

Can I use other DBs with this installed?

Generally, yes. Be aware though that the changes to the Regen and Simulation xml files as well as some of the graphics changes affect all careers, even those with other DBs.

Is this DB available in the Steam workshop?

Not yet. There are some features of our DB that can't be included via the workshop and that are linked in a way to the rest of the DB that we can't just leave them out. We aim to release a version of the DB for the Steam workshop soon, but that requires a bit of work still.

Is there a way to download only the .cdb file?


Edited by cunego59 on 10-05-2021 13:55
Yay, thanks for the upload !
Could you explain in details the changes with the regens and with the simulations ?
For the simulation files, they are largely the ones we used in the previous editions, so the changes refer to the default files, not previous releases. The default files specifically have issues with cobble and hill races, which these fix. They also fix an error in the previous files where having a leadout actually harms the main sprinter rather than help them.

In the regen files, we adjusted the minimum stats for all regens to fit our stat matrix, so no regen will have any stat below 60. We also tried to avoid riders with too disparate stats, meaning climbers have a higher chance to have good hill and resistance stats, sprinters have a higher chance to have good flat stats etc. All of this means it's much less likely to have a rider with 77 sprint but only 64 flat, or a climber with 78 mountain but 66 resistance, stuff like that. Some imbalance will still happen because of how AI training works (we're doing some more tests on that for future releases), but overall the stat distributions for regens should be more balanced.

We also included the options of more hybrid rider types. So, sprinters who are also strong cobble or hill riders, time trialists who are also great cobble riders or decent sprinters etc., think of Cancellara/Boonen/Gilbert as a (slightly dated) comparison. This only works to some extent for AI riders because they usually get trained in only one way, but for players, this should allow to develop some riders in multiple disciplines. And in rare cases, one might even get a WVA type who's really good in even three or four disciplines.
Ok thank you. I will test that !
Awesome work, thank you very much. Does it work with Jacky Durands PCM Sponsorkits?
Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. In fact, we recommend his excellent work Wink
Thank you for the quick answer.

According to the UCI website:

Julien vermote (free agent) goes to alpecin-fenix
Emmanuel Morin (free agent) goes to cofidis
Jonathan Klever Caicedo (free agent) goes to EF Education - Nippo
Matic MacŐĆek (spelling mistake)
Edited by hunterkiller on 09-05-2021 18:52
just wanted to post my thanks for all of your guys work over the years!
Thanks a lot to everyone involved! I guess now the 2021 season can really start Wink
Tour de Finistère and Tro Bro Léon are both on 22/05. Think that's a mistake.

EDIT: for those who want to correct this, TBL should be 16/05.
Edited by MartijnVDD on 09-05-2021 17:28
Anybody else's download failing at 14,4gb?
Glanbia Foods Cycling Project

After some hours of testing I can say you did a great job Smile Are you guys planning on adding real contracts in future updates?
100 pairs of eyes see more than 10 Wink Thanks for the corrections, hunterkiller and MartijnVDD. You can download an updated cdb that fixes those errors here. Simply replace the cdb in the PCM.daily DB folder in My Documents. For everyone reading this that has downloaded the pack after this post, don't worry, the full pack has been updated as well, so you don't need to add this individual file.

MacC wrote:
Anybody else's download failing at 14,4gb?

Is this a recurring issue? Looks like it's working for others, but of course we'd like for you to be able to play it as well. Let me know and maybe we can work something out.

bassiii wrote:
After some hours of testing I can say you did a great job Smile Are you guys planning on adding real contracts in future updates?

Thank you Smile We didn't prioritize rider contract lengths for the release, but for an update, it's certainly something we'd like to include, yes. For what it's worth, sponsor contract lengths have been implemented for cases where multiple year commitments are known (according to Procyclingstats).
Is it possible to "fix" sponsors and how to do that? I mean, the same sponsor from the beginning to the end of the career
You can edit the column gene_i_contract_end in DYN_sponsor, which should keep the sponsors in place for at least that period of time. For AI teams this can be done in the base cdb. For your own team, the game automatically sets the contract to one year only at the beginning of your career, so you have to edit the savegame. Then it shows up in game with the contract end date you have put in, but I haven't actually tested what happens at the end of July when usually you'd have to renew the contract. I imagine that there's just no event and the contract continues, but I can't guarantee it. If you test it, let me know if it works Smile
Thanks for the amazing work!

A very minor graphics bug i just found: When choosing custom teams for a one-off race, trash cans appear instead of the usual plus for adding teams.

Other than that it seems to be thorough and great as usual Wink
The rider's nationalities at Meridiana Kamen got mixed up (Czech instead Croatian).
Otherwise, love your work!
Do i need a clean install of PCM to use 2021DB, or overwriting PCM.Daily EP 1.8 is ok?

Ps. Thanks thanks thanks to everyone that worked on this DB!
Edited by marcoplv95 on 10-05-2021 22:04
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