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Vuelta a España - Stage 15

Today’s stage is similar to yesterday. The stage itself is not too hard, but the finish is on a mountain of first category. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier didn’t manage to gain some seconds on red jersey pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio yesterday, and with a 40 km TT still to go as well, the Frenchman’s opportunities are slowly running out. Today and tomorrow seem to be the stages where taking time is the most likely looking at the road book of the last week, so he shouldn’t wait too long anymore! Just like yesterday and many days before, there’s a good chance the winner will come from the breakaway.


From the start, there are many attacks. A group of 25 joins forces and forms the break of the day. The names are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Lane, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ino.png Warchol (15th), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Ludvigsson, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Prado, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pum.png Egger, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Teuns, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Kasperkiewicz, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Godoy (18th and leader U25), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/yor.png Kennaugh (5th KoM), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Affonso, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/vlv.png Faglum Karlsson (19th), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Smith, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Rosch, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Koshevoy, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Campero, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Salinas, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Sequera (6th KoM), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pum.png Helme, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Serrano, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Gillett, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Novak (leader KoM and 2nd U25), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ubs.png Badilatti, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/aeg.png Velits and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Vosekalns.


The leaders pass the first intermediate sprint with 125 km to go. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Hayakawa has been doing all the work in the peloton, which is trailing by 2’30”.


As there are 80 km to the finish line, the leaders pass the second and last intermediate sprint. They lead by 3’, as Rakuten is still doing all the work in the peloton. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Shikai must be scared of losing places. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier’s troops not helping, even though winning the stage could of course bring him closer to the red jersey.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Prado attacks with 1.5 km to climb on the first KoM-categorized mountain of the day (2nd cat.), mountain leader pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Novak now in fourth position, behind him are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/yor.png Kennaugh and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Sequera.


It’s pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk taking six points, ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Lane and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/yor.png Kennaugh! Eight leaders have been dropped, those are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Ludvigsson, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pum.png Egger, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Affonso, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Serrano, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Kasperkiewicz, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Vosekalns, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Rosch and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Koshevoy. 59 km to go for the leaders. The peloton at 4’20”.


21 leaders start the ascent of the Alto de Cabrales (3rd cat.), as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Kasperkiewicz, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Vosekalns, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Rosch and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Koshevoy have made it back while the other four have been caught by the peloton. That peloton is now at 3’30”, and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/akm.png Aker – MOT started helping the Rakuten boys in the chase.


Interesting development, as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Festina – OAKA takes over in the peloton! It has an immediate effect, as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Reis (6th) gets distanced for the third stage in a row! The two earlier stages he managed to come back and finish quite good, but today could be the day he finally cracks, as there are still 32 km to the finish line!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk seems to be feeling good, as he grabs another six KoM-points, ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/yor.png Kennaugh and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/vlv.png Faglum Karlsson! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Teuns close to being dropped now, while the peloton follows at 3’10” as Aker – MOT and Rakuten Pro Cycling are setting the pace again. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Reis and his domestiques an additional two minutes behind!


13 km to go for the leaders, as they start the last climb of the day, which has an average gradient of 8% but goes well above 10% in the last kilometres! The peloton is 2’30” behind and led by the same three teams that have been doing the work today. Twenty riders in the first group by the way, as early breakaway rider pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Teuns has been caught by the peloton, to then be immediately spit out and join pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Reis who is still 2’ behind the head of the peloton!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk has been feeling good all day and attacks at the foot of the final climb! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Gillett decides to join him, and so does white jersey pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Godoy! 12 km to the finish line as the 17 chasers are 30” behind, the peloton an additional 1’50”.


The three leaders still have a 35” gap entering the last 10 km! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Kasperkiewicz is out of contention for the stage win, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ubs.png Badilatti and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Vosekalns seem to be struggling as well in the chasing group! The peloton has slowed down though, they are now trailing the three leaders by 3’30” again!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/vlv.png Faglum Karlsson does the work to bring the three leaders back, but just as he makes contact with him, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Godoy attacks again! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Gillett can still follow him, and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Campero tries to make it four at the front with 9 km to climb!


but pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Campero seems to be unable to close the gap. More and more riders are falling behind in the first chasing group, the ones who will probably be in the peloton again soon are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Rosch, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Sequera and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Koshevoy.


Aha! Time for some more pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Bongiorno carnage?! He reduces the gap to the three leaders to 3’ with 8 km to climb for Godoy and co, while the peloton is being thinned out quickly now! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Bouchard (16th) seems to be in trouble, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Reis is almost 4’ behind the peloton now!


How good is pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk though?! He finds energy for another attack and now even has a gap over pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Godoy! 7 km to go as its Kruijswijk – Godoy (21”) – Gillett (27”) – Campero (33”) – Faglum Karlsson, Smith, Kennaugh, Salinas, Novak, Helme, Warchol, Prado, Velits, Lane (1’) – the peloton (3’30”).


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Hirt decides it’s still going too slow and attacks! Yesterday it didn’t turn out to be the best decision, but we still love to see some aggressive racing! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio in second followed by pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Goos, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier follows in fourth!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk still in the lead with 6 km to the finish line! 20” ahead of the South American duo of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Campero and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Godoy, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Gillett seems to have hit the wall and is being blown back to the ten chasers who are now at 1’15”!


The peloton has been reduced to 50 riders after the attack of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Hirt. He is still at 3’30” though, with pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier in second now. Red jersey pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio has been dropped to the 8th position in the peloton: a sign of weakness or simply controlling the situation? Good news for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Bouchard and the other top-20 riders minus pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Reis though, as they all seem to be holding on so far!


The chasing duo are still 20” behind pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk as he enters the last 5 km! The riders will now have a doable couple of kilometres, but as mentioned before the finish will be well over 10%! The eleven chasers now diving under the minute again, can they come back in time, while also holding off the peloton?


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Hirt is still a couple of metres ahead of the peloton, but now actually losing terrain against the head of the race and at 3’45”! It’s still fast enough to see the peloton reduced to fourty riders though, but still with the most important names up front. The first three riders in the peloton are now actually the big three: pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tti.png Kritskiy!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk still has a 20” gap over the first two chasers, but as he enters the last 4 km the other eight chasers are coming closer quickly and now at 40”! I say eight, as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Gillett, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pum.png Helme and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Lane have been dropped. So the eight riders who are close to catching pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Campero and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Godoy are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Smith, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/vlv.png Faglum Karlsson, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Salinas, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ino.png Warchol, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Novak, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/aeg.png Velits, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/yor.png Kennaugh and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Prado!


The peloton of 43 riders now at 4’! Is pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier hoping to make up a lot of time tomorrow, or does he have a plan for today’s heavy finish as well?


A Dutch fan holding the flag wrong is in the way of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk, who enters the murdering finale with 3 km to go! Only 20” behind now is the group of ten chasers, led by pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Smith. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/aeg.png Velits was hoping for an extraordinary win on his old day, but gets dropped!


Meanwhile there is some movement in the peloton! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Goos, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Hirt, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Tvetcov and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Formolo try to win some time, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Haig goes in the counterattack! The big three looking at each other!


2.5 km to go and it’s game over for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk! Other attacker pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Godoy quickly losing touch with the first group of 9 riders now!


Meanwhile the peloton is being reduced to 20/25-ish riders! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Shikai (14th) and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Bouchard (16th) the most important names in trouble! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Goos, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Hirt, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Tvetcov and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Formolo still have an advantage, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Haig is back with the other favourites!


2 km to go and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Novak and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Kruijswijk being dropped as well in the first group, which leaves us with seven leaders! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Goos, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Hirt, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Tvetcov and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Formolo are 1’40” behind, but as you can see pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier is now dancing on the pedals as well! Red jersey pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio knows it’s now or never and tries to keep up! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ebd.png Brambilla (11th), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pum.png Arndt (17th) and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Kirsch (20th) are the most important names who can’t keep up with the group behind the big three anymore!


1.5 km to go for the leaders as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ubs.png Schelling (7th) and also pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Tvetcov now seem to be struggling with the high pace from the group of favourites!


And the reason for that high pace is called pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier! The Frenchman is not holding back anymore and is coming closer to the first group quickl (1’30” now)! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio is no longer in his wheel, is this the moment for the Frenchman?!


A lot of big names now going overboard, as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Haig (5th), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/akm.png Galta (10th) and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Hirt (9th) are dropped with 1.5 km to go!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier has absolutely no chill anymore and is only 30” behind the first seven who are now entering the last km! The Frenchman has a 20” lead over red jersey pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tti.png Kritskiy, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Formolo and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Goos!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier now in the lead with 700 metres to go! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tti.png Kritskiy is trying to close the gap as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink follows him but pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Formolo seem to be having a very hard time holding on! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Goos dropped now, not a surprise of course.


Is this it? Is this the moment where pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier wins the Vuelta?! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Formolo have to leave a gap over pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tti.png Kritskiy and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier enters the last 500 metres!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier starts sprinting with 300 metres to go! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Prado and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Smith are behind him, but this shouldn’t even be close!


And that’s what pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Lecuisinier thinks as well! He starts cheering with 50 metres to go, but pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Prado seems to still have that little extra! Who wins?!


Oh, the embarrassment! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Prado overtakes him, wins the stage and snoops away eight valuable seconds from the Frenchman! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Smith finishing third is a minor piece of good news for King Power as their leader has been wiped away today!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/vlv.png Faglum Karlsson holds off pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tti.png Kritskiy for fourth 20” later, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Salinas finishes sixth!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ino.png Warchol does a good job in the GC by finishing 7th at 45” from winner pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Prado, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink is right behind him. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Campero and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/yor.png Kennaugh complete the top-10 of today’s stage.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Tenorio is 11th at 1’15” and loses his red jersey, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gzl.png Formolo and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/eav.png Goos are the next GC riders to come in. The next two stages will most likely decide the winner of the Vuelta 2020, with a hard mountain stage tomorrow and a 40 km TT the day after!


1Ignacio Jesus PradoMoser - Sygic4h47'14
2Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - OAKAs.t.
3Dion SmithKing Powers.t.
4Marcus Faglum KarlssonVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 20
5Timofey KritskiyTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
6Jonathan SalinasAir France - KLM+ 29
7Bartosz WarcholIndosat Ooredoo+ 46
8Robert GesinkDuolingos.t.
9Piter CamperoISA - Hexacta+ 59
10Tim KennaughcycleYorkshire+ 1'10
11Justo TenorioDesiguals.t.
12Davide FormoloGazelle+ 1'24
13Marc GoosEA Vesuvio+ 1'53
14Steven KruijswijkGazelle+ 2'11
15Caio GodoyEA Vesuvios.t.
16Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOTs.t.
17Domen NovakIsostar - Specializeds.t.
18Jan HirtMoser - Sygics.t.
19Peter VelitsAegon - Peronis.t.
20Jack HaigBennelong - Mitchelton+ 2'40
21Sigurd NessetGrieg-Maersk+ 3'05
22Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
23Serghei TvetcovEvonik - ELKO+ 3'19
24Kenny ElissondeIndosat Ooredoos.t.
25Patrick SchellingTeam UBS+ 3'30
26Rhys GillettGrieg-Maersk+ 3'54
27Sasu HelmeTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
28Matteo BadilattiTeam UBS+ 4'45
29Winner AnaconaISA - Hexacta+ 5'08
30Rafael VallsAegon - Peronis.t.
31Josef HosekMoser - Sygics.t.
32Gianluca BrambillaeBuddys.t.
33Chen ShikaiRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
34David RoschAir France - KLMs.t.
35Sergei KolesnikovTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
36Alex KirschEA Vesuvios.t.
37Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
38Enric MasEvonik - ELKOs.t.
39Louis VervaekeGazelles.t.
40Bakhtiyar KozhatayevIsostar - Specializeds.t.
41Anatoliy SosnitskiyGazelles.t.
42Alexander FoliforovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 5'47
43Giulio CicconeAegon - Peroni+ 5'58
44Mikel BizkarraIsostar - Specialized+ 6'07
45Thomas KoepAegon - Peronis.t.
46Eduardo SepulvedaISA - Hexactas.t.
47Francesco BongiornoFestina - OAKAs.t.
48Pavel SivakovTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
49Fausto MasnadaGeneralis.t.
50Thery SchirTeam UBSs.t.
51Giovanni CarboniAegon - Peronis.t.
52Evgeny ShalunovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 6'31
53Geoffrey BouchardGeneralis.t.
54Sebastien ReichenbachTeam UBSs.t.
55Matej VysnaGazelles.t.
56Andris VosekalnsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
57Omar FraileDesiguals.t.
58Oscar RodriguezeBuddys.t.
59Ilia KoshevoyISA - Hexacta+ 6'52
60Brendan CantyBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
61Cameron BaylyBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
62Joao RodriguesGeneralis.t.
63Elie GesbertEA Vesuvios.t.
64Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshires.t.
65Robert PowerBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
66Matvey MamykinTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
67Ben O'ConnorBennelong - Mitchelton+ 7'33
68Toms SkujinsEvonik - ELKO+ 7'59
69Michel KochAir France - KLMs.t.
70Andres PaezAir France - KLMs.t.
71Christian MagerTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
72Jonathan LastraGrieg-Maersks.t.
73Jakub DanacikMoser - Sygics.t.
74Fabien DoubeyTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
75Nikita NovikovTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
76Kaspars SergisEvonik - ELKOs.t.
77Anders SkaarsethcycleYorkshires.t.
78Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
79Chris HarperBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
80Simon YatesDesiguals.t.
81Jan TratnikGazelles.t.
82Getachew SendekuISA - Hexacta+ 8'40
83Willie SmitEA Vesuvios.t.
84Kamil MaleckiGazelles.t.
85Xuban ErrazkinDesigual+ 9'05
86Piotr BrozynaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
87Rafael ReisKing Power+ 9'52
88Felix GrossschartnerGrieg-Maersks.t.
89Alex AranburuAker - MOTs.t.
90Takeaki AmezawaAker - MOTs.t.
91Armands BecisEvonik - ELKOs.t.
92Tomoyuki IinoRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
93Ondrej CinkMoser - Sygics.t.
94Artur GrigrianTeam UBSs.t.
95Michail MavrikakisFestina - OAKAs.t.
96Jack BurkeDesiguals.t.
97William BartaFestina - OAKAs.t.
98Jonathan BelliscycleYorkshires.t.
99Nicolay CherkasovDesiguals.t.
100Muhammad Imam ArifinIndosat Ooredoo+ 10'24
101David GauduAir France - KLMs.t.
102Jan-Andre FreulerAker - MOTs.t.
103Ingus EislersEvonik - ELKOs.t.
104Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczKing Powers.t.
105Johann van ZylAir France - KLMs.t.
106Valentin MadouasTeam Puma - SAP+ 10'56
107Maurits LammertinkeBuddys.t.
108Gilles HeymesEA Vesuvios.t.
109Pedro SequeraGenerali+ 11'22
110Aleksey RybalkinTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 11'34
111Anatoliy BudyakFestina - OAKAs.t.
112Ioannis SpanopoulosFestina - OAKA+ 11'48
113Jhonatan NarvaezDesiguals.t.
114Dominik FuchsTeam UBSs.t.
115Sho HatsuyamaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 12'02
116Peeter TarvisIsostar - Specializeds.t.
117Davide GabburoIsostar - Specializeds.t.
118Mathieu van der PoelAegon - Peronis.t.
119Salah Eddine MraouniISA - Hexactas.t.
120Mathias KrigbaumGrieg-Maersks.t.
121Daniel MunozcycleYorkshire+ 12'55
122Leo VincentTeam UBS+ 13'25
123Eduard GrosueBuddys.t.
124Matthew HolmescycleYorkshires.t.
125Jaime CastrilloAker - MOTs.t.
126Nicola BagioliDuolingo+ 13'47
127Elias Abou RachidDuolingos.t.
128Tim ArieseneBuddys.t.
129Coen VermeltfoorteBuddys.t.
130Tom DavidBennelong - Mitchelton+ 14'12
131Georgios BouglasFestina - OAKAs.t.
132Lucas ErikssonVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
133Josef CernyMoser - Sygic+ 14'36
134Davide BalleriniAegon - Peronis.t.
135Rui OliveiraDuolingos.t.
136Sven FritschEA Vesuvio+ 15'16
137Nurbolat KulimbetovIndosat Ooredoo+ 15'43
138Airidas VideikaAker - MOT+ 15'51
139Nikolaos IoannidisFestina - OAKA+ 16'21
140Yamato ShirotaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
141Thurakit BoonratanathanakornKing Powers.t.
142Geoffrey SoupeMoser - Sygic+ 17'05
143Atsushi OkaTeam Puma - SAP+ 17'21
144Ronnilan QuitaKing Power+ 17'43
145Nihal SilvaAker - MOT+ 17'53
146Omer GoldsteineBuddy+ 18'06
147Zoltan SiposDuolingo+ 18'25
148Dealton Nur Arif PrayogoIndosat Ooredoos.t.
149Ildar ArslanovGazelle+ 19'44
150Bas Van der KooijeBuddy+ 20'25
151Jiankun LiuRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
152Thomas RevardKing Power+ 20'37
153Murilo AffonsoISA - Hexacta+ 21'10
154Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
155Jasper De BuystGenerali+ 21'30
156Gregory DanielIsostar - Specializeds.t.
157Joeri StallaertVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
158Sam HarrisonISA - Hexactas.t.
159Lukas MeilerTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
160Adam ToupalikAegon - Peronis.t.
161Clement RussoIsostar - Specializeds.t.
162Kasper AsgreenVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
163Patrick MüllerTeam UBSs.t.
164Kristoffer HalvorsenVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
165Andrea VendrameVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
166Abdul GaniIndosat Ooredoos.t.
167Aime De GendtGeneralis.t.
168Ryan GibbonsIsostar - Specialized+ 22'02
169Yuan Tan PengGrieg-Maersks.t.
170Ivan CentroneEA Vesuvio+ 22'15
171Simon ClarkeAir France - KLM+ 22'24
172Harry TanfieldVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
173Federico OleiDesigual+ 22'34
174Fabio JakobsenKing Power+ 23'43
175Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
176Markus KopfaufDuolingo+ 25'00
177Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 25'44
178Gijs Van HoeckeDuolingo+ 28'46
179Julio PadillaControl Team+ 30'02
180Karlo AiaControl Teams.t.
181Tomohiro HayakawaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 33'32
182Dylan TeunsGenerali+ 38'03
183Kirill SveshnikovControl Teams.t.
184Mike Aaron EggerTeam Puma - SAP+ 38'54
185Gonzalo SerranoGrieg-Maersk+ 42'00
186Fredrik LudvigssonAir France - KLM+ 50'56


1Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - OAKA63h53'40
2Justo TenorioDesigual+ 42
3Timofey KritskiyTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 1'12
4Robert GesinkDuolingo+ 2'28
5Jack HaigBennelong - Mitchelton+ 8'01
6Jan HirtMoser - Sygic+ 9'31
7Patrick SchellingTeam UBS+ 9'41
8Serghei TvetcovEvonik - ELKO+ 10'05
9Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOT+ 10'16
10Davide FormoloGazelle+ 10'28
11Marc GoosEA Vesuvio+ 10'40
12Bartosz WarcholIndosat Ooredoo+ 12'29
13Marcus Faglum KarlssonVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 13'40
14Gianluca BrambillaeBuddy+ 13'46
15Chen ShikaiRakuten Pro Cycling+ 14'39
16Caio GodoyEA Vesuvio+ 15'25
17Rafael ReisKing Power+ 15'41
18Sigurd NessetGrieg-Maersk+ 17'52
19Domen NovakIsostar - Specialized+ 17'55
20Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAP+ 18'00
21Alex KirschEA Vesuvio+ 18'57
22Geoffrey BouchardGenerali+ 19'21
23Dion SmithKing Power+ 19'32
24Bakhtiyar KozhatayevIsostar - Specialized+ 19'37
25Tim KennaughcycleYorkshire+ 22'22
26Winner AnaconaISA - Hexacta+ 22'51
27Rafael VallsAegon - Peroni+ 25'05
28Kenny ElissondeIndosat Ooredoo+ 25'32
29Ignacio Jesus PradoMoser - Sygics.t.
30Francesco BongiornoFestina - OAKA+ 25'42
31Alexander FoliforovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 26'20
32David RoschAir France - KLM+ 26'32
33Pedro SequeraGenerali+ 27'34
34Peter VelitsAegon - Peroni+ 28'07
35Steven KruijswijkGazelle+ 29'12
36Willie SmitEA Vesuvio+ 30'36
37Anatoliy SosnitskiyGazelle+ 30'56
38Sergei KolesnikovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 31'08
39Matvey MamykinTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 31'29
40Sebastien ReichenbachTeam UBS+ 32'02
41Enric MasEvonik - ELKO+ 32'19
42Jonathan SalinasAir France - KLM+ 32'42
43Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 33'17
44Nikita NovikovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 33'20
45Brendan CantyBennelong - Mitchelton+ 34'52
46Rhys GillettGrieg-Maersk+ 35'06
47Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitchelton+ 35'25
48Fausto MasnadaGenerali+ 35'26
49Louis VervaekeGazelle+ 35'27
50Chris HarperBennelong - Mitchelton+ 35'35
51Cameron BaylyBennelong - Mitchelton+ 36'03
52Piter CamperoISA - Hexacta+ 36'35
53Omar FraileDesigual+ 38'39
54Tomoyuki IinoRakuten Pro Cycling+ 38'41
55Matej VysnaGazelle+ 38'54
56Simon YatesDesigual+ 38'59
57Ben O'ConnorBennelong - Mitchelton+ 39'04
58Josef HosekMoser - Sygic+ 40'00
59Mikel BizkarraIsostar - Specialized+ 41'39
60Takeaki AmezawaAker - MOTs.t.
61Xuban ErrazkinDesigual+ 42'13
62Jonathan LastraGrieg-Maersk+ 43'29
63Evgeny ShalunovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 43'35
64Ondrej CinkMoser - Sygic+ 43'45
65Toms SkujinsEvonik - ELKO+ 43'48
66Andris VosekalnsEvonik - ELKO+ 44'15
67Sasu HelmeTeam Puma - SAP+ 45'09
68Eduardo SepulvedaISA - Hexacta+ 45'12
69Kaspars SergisEvonik - ELKO+ 45'32
70Kamil MaleckiGazelle+ 46'04
71Piotr BrozynaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 46'11
72Oscar RodriguezeBuddy+ 46'13
73Ronnilan QuitaKing Power+ 46'17
74William BartaFestina - OAKA+ 46'22
75Maurits LammertinkeBuddy+ 46'34
76Michail MavrikakisFestina - OAKA+ 46'52
77Jakub DanacikMoser - Sygic+ 47'18
78David GauduAir France - KLM+ 47'22
79Christian MagerTeam Puma - SAP+ 47'39
80Thurakit BoonratanathanakornKing Power+ 48'12
81Johann van ZylAir France - KLM+ 48'28
82Thery SchirTeam UBS+ 48'39
83Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshires.t.
84Mathieu van der PoelAegon - Peronis.t.
85Thomas KoepAegon - Peroni+ 48'45
86Ilia KoshevoyISA - Hexacta+ 50'14
87Giulio CicconeAegon - Peroni+ 50'32
88Alex AranburuAker - MOT+ 51'35
89Peeter TarvisIsostar - Specialized+ 51'54
90Pavel SivakovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 51'58
91Elie GesbertEA Vesuvio+ 52'03
92Ioannis SpanopoulosFestina - OAKA+ 52'19
93Jan TratnikGazelle+ 52'37
94Aleksey RybalkinTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 53'00
95Felix GrossschartnerGrieg-Maersk+ 53'37
96Muhammad Imam ArifinIndosat Ooredoo+ 53'48
97Robert PowerBennelong - Mitchelton+ 54'00
98Matteo BadilattiTeam UBS+ 54'05
99Nikolaos IoannidisFestina - OAKA+ 55'13
100Giovanni CarboniAegon - Peroni+ 56'05
101Sho HatsuyamaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 56'16
102Yamato ShirotaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 56'20
103Jack BurkeDesigual+ 56'32
104Nicolay CherkasovDesigual+ 56'46
105Artur GrigrianTeam UBS+ 57'32
106Armands BecisEvonik - ELKO+ 58'59
107Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczKing Power+ 1h00'09
108Fabien DoubeyTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h00'24
109Dominik FuchsTeam UBS+ 1h01'41
110Jan-Andre FreulerAker - MOT+ 1h01'43
111Anatoliy BudyakFestina - OAKA+ 1h01'56
112Dylan TeunsGenerali+ 1h02'40
113Jonathan BelliscycleYorkshire+ 1h03'18
114Josef CernyMoser - Sygic+ 1h04'36
115Valentin MadouasTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h05'47
116Getachew SendekuISA - Hexacta+ 1h06'58
117Gregory DanielIsostar - Specialized+ 1h07'02
118Ingus EislersEvonik - ELKO+ 1h07'14
119Sven FritschEA Vesuvio+ 1h07'17
120Gilles HeymesEA Vesuvio+ 1h07'31
121Andres PaezAir France - KLM+ 1h07'45
122Mathias KrigbaumGrieg-Maersk+ 1h07'46
123Leo VincentTeam UBS+ 1h07'56
124Joao RodriguesGenerali+ 1h09'17
125Jaime CastrilloAker - MOT+ 1h09'37
126Michel KochAir France - KLM+ 1h10'19
127Jhonatan NarvaezDesigual+ 1h10'50
128Eduard GrosueBuddy+ 1h10'53
129Lucas ErikssonVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 1h11'25
130Nicola BagioliDuolingo+ 1h11'44
131Anders SkaarsethcycleYorkshire+ 1h12'09
132Davide GabburoIsostar - Specialized+ 1h13'44
133Rui OliveiraDuolingo+ 1h14'18
134Coen VermeltfoorteBuddy+ 1h15'56
135Murilo AffonsoISA - Hexactas.t.
136Matthew HolmescycleYorkshire+ 1h17'12
137Tim ArieseneBuddy+ 1h21'13
138Daniel MunozcycleYorkshire+ 1h21'42
139Gonzalo SerranoGrieg-Maersk+ 1h21'52
140Georgios BouglasFestina - OAKA+ 1h22'52
141Salah Eddine MraouniISA - Hexacta+ 1h23'21
142Tom DavidBennelong - Mitchelton+ 1h24'06
143Elias Abou RachidDuolingo+ 1h24'44
144Davide BalleriniAegon - Peroni+ 1h28'40
145Omer GoldsteineBuddy+ 1h29'55
146Nurbolat KulimbetovIndosat Ooredoo+ 1h30'39
147Nihal SilvaAker - MOT+ 1h33'23
148Thomas RevardKing Power+ 1h34'01
149Adam ToupalikAegon - Peroni+ 1h34'36
150Sam HarrisonISA - Hexacta+ 1h35'22
151Lukas MeilerTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h35'41
152Ildar ArslanovGazelle+ 1h37'23
153Jiankun LiuRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1h39'41
154Geoffrey SoupeMoser - Sygic+ 1h41'16
155Mike Aaron EggerTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h42'16
156Airidas VideikaAker - MOT+ 1h42'57
157Patrick MüllerTeam UBS+ 1h43'26
158Bas Van der KooijeBuddy+ 1h48'09
159Dealton Nur Arif PrayogoIndosat Ooredoo+ 1h51'00
160Abdul GaniIndosat Ooredoo+ 1h51'21
161Joeri StallaertVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 1h51'25
162Tomohiro HayakawaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1h53'34
163Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1h54'20
164Atsushi OkaTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h57'35
165Fabio JakobsenKing Power+ 1h58'26
166Jasper De BuystGenerali+ 1h59'25
167Ivan CentroneEA Vesuvio+ 2h01'27
168Aime De GendtGenerali+ 2h03'12
169Kasper AsgreenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2h03'23
170Zoltan SiposDuolingo+ 2h05'36
171Andrea VendrameVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2h05'52
172Clement RussoIsostar - Specialized+ 2h08'03
173Yuan Tan PengGrieg-Maersk+ 2h13'58
174Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO+ 2h14'42
175Kristoffer HalvorsenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2h16'42
176Federico OleiDesigual+ 2h18'03
177Ryan GibbonsIsostar - Specialized+ 2h22'51
178Fredrik LudvigssonAir France - KLM+ 2h25'07
179Harry TanfieldVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2h32'25
180Gijs Van HoeckeDuolingo+ 2h37'27
181Simon ClarkeAir France - KLM+ 2h49'39
182Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 2h52'43
183Markus KopfaufDuolingo+ 3h38'23


1Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - OAKA147
2Eduard GrosueBuddy147
3Willie SmitEA Vesuvio127
4Justo TenorioDesigual127
5Robert GesinkDuolingo120
6Sam HarrisonISA - Hexacta102
7Adam ToupalikAegon - Peroni90
8Timofey KritskiyTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha87
9Davide FormoloGazelle78
10Simon YatesDesigual75
11Toms SkujinsEvonik - ELKO70
12Tomohiro HayakawaRakuten Pro Cycling69
13Fabio JakobsenKing Power62
14Peeter TarvisIsostar - Specialized59
15Davide BalleriniAegon - Peroni59
16Gregory DanielIsostar - Specialized59
17Jack HaigBennelong - Mitchelton52
18Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotify51
19Lukas MeilerTeam Puma - SAP48
20Joeri StallaertVolvo acc. by Spotify47
21Geoffrey SoupeMoser - Sygic45
22Marc GoosEA Vesuvio42
23Pedro SequeraGenerali42
24Domen NovakIsostar - Specialized41
25Tim KennaughcycleYorkshire38


1Domen NovakIsostar - Specialized72
2Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - OAKA53
3Tim KennaughcycleYorkshire44
4Bakhtiyar KozhatayevIsostar - Specialized38
5Kenny ElissondeIndosat Ooredoo38
6Pedro SequeraGenerali37
7Robert GesinkDuolingo34
8Justo TenorioDesigual28
9Kaspars SergisEvonik - ELKO28
10Geoffrey BouchardGenerali27
11Timofey KritskiyTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha26
12Chris HarperBennelong - Mitchelton26
13Toms SkujinsEvonik - ELKO26
14Peeter TarvisIsostar - Specialized26
15Adam ToupalikAegon - Peroni24
16Rhys GillettGrieg-Maersk20
17Enric MasEvonik - ELKO19
18Caio GodoyEA Vesuvio18
19Winner AnaconaISA - Hexacta16
20David RoschAir France - KLM16
21Ignacio Jesus PradoMoser - Sygic16
22Davide FormoloGazelle14
23Willie SmitEA Vesuvio14
24Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAP12
25Steven KruijswijkGazelle12
26Ronnilan QuitaKing Power12
27Mikel BizkarraIsostar - Specialized12
28Johann van ZylAir France - KLM12
29Dion SmithKing Power10
30Gregory DanielIsostar - Specialized10
31Matthew HolmescycleYorkshire10


1Caio GodoyEA Vesuvio64h09'05 (1)
2Domen NovakIsostar - Specialized+ 2'30 (2)
3Enric MasEvonik - ELKO+ 16'54 (3)
4Ben O'ConnorBennelong - Mitchelton+ 23'39 (4)
5Takeaki AmezawaAker - MOT+ 26'15 (5)
6Xuban ErrazkinDesigual+ 26'48 (6)
7Sasu HelmeTeam Puma - SAP+ 29'44 (7)
8Kamil MaleckiGazelle+ 30'39 (8)
9Piotr BrozynaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 30'46 (9)
10Oscar RodriguezeBuddy+ 30'48 (10)
11Ronnilan QuitaKing Power+ 30'52 (11)
12William BartaFestina - OAKA+ 30'57 (12)
13David GauduAir France - KLM+ 31'57 (13)
14Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshire+ 33'15 (14)
15Mathieu van der PoelAegon - Peroni+ 33'16 (15)
16Alex AranburuAker - MOT+ 36'10 (16)
17Pavel SivakovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 36'33 (17)
18Elie GesbertEA Vesuvio+ 36'38 (18)
19Muhammad Imam ArifinIndosat Ooredoo+ 38'23 (19)
20Robert PowerBennelong - Mitchelton+ 38'35 (20)
21Giovanni CarboniAegon - Peroni+ 40'40 (21)
22Jack BurkeDesigual+ 41'07 (22)
23Nicolay CherkasovDesigual+ 41'21 (23)
24Anatoliy BudyakFestina - OAKA+ 46'31 (24)
25Valentin MadouasTeam Puma - SAP+ 50'22 (25)
26Getachew SendekuISA - Hexacta+ 51'33 (26)
27Andres PaezAir France - KLM+ 52'20 (27)
28Mathias KrigbaumGrieg-Maersk+ 52'21 (28)
29Leo VincentTeam UBS+ 52'31 (29)
30Jaime CastrilloAker - MOT+ 54'12 (30)
31Jhonatan NarvaezDesigual+ 55'25 (31)
32Lucas ErikssonVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 56'00 (32)
33Nicola BagioliDuolingo+ 56'19 (33)
34Anders SkaarsethcycleYorkshire+ 56'44 (34)
35Rui OliveiraDuolingo+ 58'53 (35)
36Daniel MunozcycleYorkshire+ 1h06'17 (36)
37Elias Abou RachidDuolingo+ 1h09'19 (37)
38Omer GoldsteineBuddy+ 1h14'30 (38)
39Thomas RevardKing Power+ 1h18'36 (39)
40Adam ToupalikAegon - Peroni+ 1h19'11 (40)
41Lukas MeilerTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h20'16 (41)
42Jiankun LiuRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1h24'16 (42)
43Patrick MüllerTeam UBS+ 1h28'01 (43)
44Bas Van der KooijeBuddy+ 1h32'44 (44)
45Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1h38'55 (45)
46Atsushi OkaTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h42'10 (46)
47Fabio JakobsenKing Power+ 1h43'01 (47)
48Ivan CentroneEA Vesuvio+ 1h46'02 (48)
49Kasper AsgreenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 1h47'58 (49)
50Clement RussoIsostar - Specialized+ 1h52'38 (50)
51Kristoffer HalvorsenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2h01'17 (51)
52Federico OleiDesigual+ 2h02'38 (52)
53Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 2h37'18 (53)
54Markus KopfaufDuolingo+ 3h22'58 (54)


1EA Vesuvio192h18'04 (1)
2Team Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 12'22 (2)
3Gazelle+ 18'43 (3)
4Isostar - Specialized+ 21'12 (4)
5Evonik - ELKO+ 23'39 (5)
6Generali+ 26'59 (6)
7Festina - OAKA+ 27'45 (7)
8Bennelong - Mitchelton+ 28'57 (8)
9King Power+ 30'27 (9)
10Desigual+ 31'44 (10)
11Moser - Sygic+ 33'45 (11)
12Team UBS+ 34'53 (12)
13Indosat Ooredoo+ 43'39 (13)
14ISA - Hexacta+ 44'53 (14)
15Aegon - Peroni+ 47'16 (15)
16Air France - KLM+ 53'37 (16)
17Grieg-Maersk+ 55'03 (17)
18Rakuten Pro Cycling+ 59'36 (18)
19eBuddy+ 1h00'09 (19)
20Aker - MOT+ 1h00'59 (20)
21Team Puma - SAP+ 1h05'41 (21)
22Volvo acc. by Spotify+ 1h17'29 (22)
23cycleYorkshire+ 1h19'04 (23)
24Duolingo+ 1h37'19 (24)

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