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Tour du Faso - Stage 2

After yesterday's gruesome final twenty kilometer, the riders have an easier stage today. From Bani to Kaya the roads are relatively smooth, and no cobblestone section in sight. With many sprinters surviving, we expect them to target this stage.


We have six leaders twenty kilometer into the stage, leading by two minutes:
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Gaudu
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnz.png Scotson
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Agostini
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Kukrle
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gla.png Ford
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Paez


But the attacks don't end there, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gla.png Connolly wants to be in the break as well, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Reckweg follows.


Second day, second puncture for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Guillen. His team called back to help and he would eventually rejoin. Reckweg has dropped back but instead pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/trg.png Norsgaard sets after Connolly.


The duo makes it to the leaders for a definitive break of eight, which leads by three minutes with eighty kilometer to go. Scotson - Norsgaard - Paez the order at an uncontested intermediate sprint. Norsgaard is the highest ranked rider in the GC at over sixteen minutes from pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Nepomnyachsniy.


The next sprint is contested, Paez wins ahead of Norsgaard and Scotson. The gap has gone up to 4'30 with 65 kilometer to go. No team really taking control of the peloton. OMV, Azteca, NENT, Bianchi and Zalgiris with one rider at the front.


With 40 kilometer to go the gap reaches nine minutes and still the speed in the peloton isn't increased. Perhaps they are tired after yesterday and want to save themselves for tomorrow. No sight of the break on the long straight road we're riding on all day.


Suddenly the asphalt turns into dirt for another intermediate sprint. Same order as the previous sprint: Paez - Norsgaard - Scotson. The gap has reached the magic ten minute mark. Unless a miracle happens in the desert, one of the eight out front wins the stage.


With twelve kilometer the gap is still eight minutes. Connolly attacks knowing he isn't the best sprinter in the group. The favorite role is on Paez, having shown his speed at the intermediate sprints. His teammate Gaudu leading the chase to bring the Irishman back.


Heading into the final five kilometer he manages to establish a decent gap of 45 seconds. Everyone except Paez and Connolly's teammate Ford taking turns at the front, but they're not closing in.


He can't quite believe it yet, but pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gla.png William Connolly wins the second stage of Tour du Faso. From failing to join the breakaway yesterday, to just making it in today and now victorious!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Paez easily takes the sprint for second, and with it the green jersey due to his performances at the intermediates. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Kukrle third ahead of Agostini, Gaudu, Scotson and Norsgaard. Ford did not bother with the sprint, he can celebrate with his teammate.


The peloton sprint doesn't really matter any more, finising together at seven minutes. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png McLay takes ninth on the stage ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Boivin and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Cimolai.

No major changes in the GC as everyone in the winning break was well behind, Nepomnyachsniy still in yellow heading into the final stage. Given how the first stage went, we can only expect carnage tomorrow.



1William ConnollyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project2h52'12
2Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 57
3Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
4Stefano AgostiniEddie Stobarts.t.
5David GauduEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
6Miles ScotsonBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
7Mathias NorsgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
8Michael FordGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 1'45
9Dan McLayGCN ProTeam+ 7'10
10Guillaume BoivinNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
11Davide CimolaiEddie Stobarts.t.
12Bambang SuryadiCYBEX Platinums.t.
13Michael VingerlingEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
14Alexander KriegerOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
15Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiats.t.
16Carlos Alexandre ManarelliEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
17Alexandr BraicoOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
18Marco GuillenCentovalli - Fiats.t.
19Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiriss.t.
20Eric YoungOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
21Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonins.t.
22Casper PedersenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
23Felix Emilio BesadaAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
24Mamyr StashNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
25Geoffroy NgandambaGCN ProTeams.t.
26Maximilian WalscheidCentovalli - Fiats.t.
27Davide VillellaNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
28Morten ReckwegNetia - Vonins.t.
29Nikolas MaesTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
30Steven BurkeGCN ProTeams.t.
31Nipuna Shira ManamalageMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
32Michael KurthEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
33Maris BogdanovicsCYBEX Platinums.t.
34Pieter JacobsGCN ProTeams.t.
35Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
36Adel BarbariCYBEX Platinums.t.
37Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
38Iliyan KolevNetia - Vonins.t.
39Sebastian LangeveldBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
40Tesfay AbrahaCYBEX Platinums.t.
41Gino MäderCentovalli - Fiats.t.
42Roger KlugeBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
43Oumaru MinoungouGCN ProTeams.t.
44Aidis KruopisDK Zalgiriss.t.
45Jake KeoughCYBEX Platinums.t.
46Troels VintherAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
47Pascal EenkhoornCentovalli - Fiats.t.
48Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
49Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczNetia - Vonins.t.
50Chequan RichardsonAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
51Linus DahlbergEddie Stobarts.t.
52Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
53Johan Le BonDK Zalgiriss.t.
54Ermin Van WykCYBEX Platinums.t.
55Christoph TaubelOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
56Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
57Guillaume Van KeirsbulckNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
58Jonas RickaertNetia - Vonins.t.
59Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiriss.t.
60German Anibal OrueAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
61Dadley CorwinAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
62Jannik SteimleTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
63Amith Udaya KumaraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
64Csaba PalyiOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
65Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
66Simone VelascoBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
67Daniel RuizEddie Stobarts.t.
68Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonins.t.
69Uri Martins SandovalAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
70Karl Patrick LaukBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
71Armanto ArchimandritisBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
72Cristian ScaroniBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
73Jhonatan NarvaezDK Zalgiriss.t.
74Luke MudgwayBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
75Munkhtulga ErdenesurenBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
76El Mehdi ChokriTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
77Mikkel HonoreTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
78Nick ReddishBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
79Gaetan BilleGCN ProTeams.t.
80Adam Petrie-ArmstrongGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
81Samuel CoronelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
82Torjus SleenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
83Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
84Azzeddine LagabEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
85Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul HalilEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
86Emil AnderssonEddie Stobarts.t.
87Adam De VosNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
88Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
89Ioannidis KiriakidisCentovalli - Fiats.t.
90Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiriss.t.
91Sandor SzalontayGCN ProTeams.t.
92Sulkhan AkhmaeviDK Zalgiriss.t.
93Dylan SunderlandBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
94Paddy ClarkeGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
95Carlos QuinteroCYBEX Platinums.t.
96Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
97Johannes SchinnagelCYBEX Platinums.t.
98Peter StetinaAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
99Valentin StoenchevAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
100Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
101Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
102Ian RichardsonGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
103Pavel SivakovEddie Stobarts.t.
104Gasore HategekaGCN ProTeams.t.
105Joel YatesBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
106Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
107Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
108Daniel SaviniEddie Stobarts.t.
109Stepan KurianovEquinor Pro Cycling+ 9'03
110Alessandro FedeliCentovalli - Fiat+ 9'28


1Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiris5h58'13
2Eric YoungOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 7
3Roger KlugeBianchi - Campagnolo+ 10
4Guillaume Van KeirsbulckNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 13
5Nikolas MaesTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 15
6Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczNetia - Vonin+ 17
7Christoph TaubelOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 19
8Nipuna Shira ManamalageMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 21
9German Anibal OrueAzteca - NBCSN+ 23
10Dadley CorwinAzteca - NBCSN+ 1'01
11Chequan RichardsonAzteca - NBCSN+ 1'02
12Pieter JacobsGCN ProTeam+ 1'36
13Dan McLayGCN ProTeam+ 3'02
14Geoffroy NgandambaGCN ProTeam+ 3'04
15Sebastian LangeveldBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
16Iliyan KolevNetia - Vonins.t.
17Oumaru MinoungouGCN ProTeams.t.
18Tesfay AbrahaCYBEX Platinum+ 4'06
19Azzeddine LagabEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
20Michael VingerlingEquinor Pro Cycling+ 5'09
21Mamyr StashNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
22Michael KurthEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
23Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
24Ermin Van WykCYBEX Platinums.t.
25Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiriss.t.
26Amith Udaya KumaraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
27Daniel RuizEddie Stobarts.t.
28Samuel CoronelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
29Linus DahlbergEddie Stobart+ 6'43
30Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
31Csaba PalyiOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
32Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
33Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonins.t.
34Uri Martins SandovalAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
35Armanto ArchimandritisBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
36Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cycling+ 7'43
37Munkhtulga ErdenesurenBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
38El Mehdi ChokriTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 8'40
39William ConnollyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 8'54
40Aidis KruopisDK Zalgiris+ 9'53
41Jonas RickaertNetia - Vonins.t.
42Gaetan BilleGCN ProTeams.t.
43Mikkel HonoreTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
44Mathias NorsgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 10'04
45Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiat+ 10'47
46Cristian ScaroniBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
47Davide CimolaiEddie Stobart+ 11'28
48Jannik SteimleTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
49Karl Patrick LaukBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
50Morten ReckwegNetia - Vonin+ 12'18
51Alexander KriegerOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 13'43
52Pascal EenkhoornCentovalli - Fiats.t.
53Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
54Gino MäderCentovalli - Fiat+ 14'37
55Adam Petrie-ArmstrongGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
56Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
57Stepan KurianovEquinor Pro Cycling+ 14'57
58Davide VillellaNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 15'20
59Troels VintherAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
60Torjus SleenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
61Sandor SzalontayGCN ProTeams.t.
62Ian RichardsonGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
63Joel YatesBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
64Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonin+ 16'29
65Simone VelascoBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
66Nick ReddishBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
67Emil AnderssonEddie Stobarts.t.
68Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 17'39
69Casper PedersenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 18'07
70Sulkhan AkhmaeviDK Zalgiriss.t.
71Michael FordGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 18'40
72Maximilian WalscheidCentovalli - Fiat+ 18'45
73Jhonatan NarvaezDK Zalgiriss.t.
74Ioannidis KiriakidisCentovalli - Fiat+ 19'28
75David GauduEuskaltel - Elior+ 19'34
76Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 20'01
77Stefano AgostiniEddie Stobart+ 20'04
78Steven BurkeGCN ProTeam+ 20'06
79Marco GuillenCentovalli - Fiat+ 20'36
80Alexandr BraicoOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
81Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 21'09
82Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cycling+ 21'30
83Maris BogdanovicsCYBEX Platinum+ 21'31
84Dylan SunderlandBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
85Bambang SuryadiCYBEX Platinum+ 22'22
86Carlos Alexandre ManarelliEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
87Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiriss.t.
88Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
89Adam De VosNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 23'42
90Peter StetinaAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
91Luke MudgwayBNZ Cycling Team+ 24'09
92Guillaume BoivinNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 26'28
93Adel BarbariCYBEX Platinum+ 26'29
94Paddy ClarkeGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
95Miles ScotsonBNZ Cycling Team+ 27'02
96Carlos QuinteroCYBEX Platinum+ 27'47
97Johannes SchinnagelCYBEX Platinum+ 28'21
98Jake KeoughCYBEX Platinum+ 28'43
99Felix Emilio BesadaAzteca - NBCSN+ 29'27
100Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo+ 31'47
101Pavel SivakovEddie Stobart+ 31'49
102Gasore HategekaGCN ProTeams.t.
103Johan Le BonDK Zalgiris+ 33'28
104Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
105Daniel SaviniEddie Stobarts.t.
106Alessandro FedeliCentovalli - Fiat+ 34'07
107Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 35'02
108Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 35'40
109Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul HalilEuskaltel - Elior+ 36'10
110Valentin StoenchevAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 38'34
DNFEnrico BattaglinAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
DNFOle HaavardsholmAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
DNFKrzysztof MarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
DNFPetar PanayotovAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
DNFRiccardo RiccoAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
DNFJordan CheyneAzteca - NBCSN
DNFOscar SolisAzteca - NBCSN
DNFEdward RavasiBianchi - Campagnolo
DNFCampbell FlakemoreBNZ Cycling Team
DNFAimiliano VilaCentovalli - Fiat
DNFLucas HamiltonDK Zalgiris
DNFDaniel ThorsenEddie Stobart
DNFAlain QuispeEquinor Pro Cycling
DNFJaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Elior
DNFMark GriffithGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
DNFBen O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
DNFAggrey SebrightGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
DNFKa Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling
DNFDaniel HabtemichaelMcCormick Pro Cycling
DNFJoao GasparNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite
DNFOnur BalkanOMV Petrom-Albania.al
DNFEmiljano StojkuOMV Petrom-albania.al
DNFAndrei VoicuOMV Petrom-albania.al
DNFGeorg ZimmermannTryg Insurance Cycling Team


1Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior34
2Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiris25
3William ConnollyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project25
4Mathias NorsgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team21
5Eric YoungOMV Petrom-albania.al20
6Miles ScotsonBNZ Cycling Team20
7Roger KlugeBianchi - Campagnolo16
8Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling16
9Guillaume Van KeirsbulckNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite14
10Stefano AgostiniEddie Stobart14
11Nikolas MaesTryg Insurance Cycling Team12
12David GauduEuskaltel - Elior12
13Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczNetia - Vonin10
14Dan McLayGCN ProTeam10
15Christoph TaubelOMV Petrom-albania.al9
16Nipuna Shira ManamalageMcCormick Pro Cycling8
17Michael FordGlanbia Foods Cycling Project8
18German Anibal OrueAzteca - NBCSN7
19Dadley CorwinAzteca - NBCSN6
20Guillaume BoivinNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite6
21Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling6
22Chequan RichardsonAzteca - NBCSN5
23Davide CimolaiEddie Stobart5
24Pieter JacobsGCN ProTeam4
25Bambang SuryadiCYBEX Platinum4
26Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo4
27Michael VingerlingEquinor Pro Cycling3
28Oumaru MinoungouGCN ProTeam2
29Alexander KriegerOMV Petrom-albania.al2
30Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cycling2
31Geoffroy NgandambaGCN ProTeam1
32Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiat1


1Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczNetia - Vonin5h58'30
2German Anibal OrueAzteca - NBCSN+ 6
3Iliyan KolevNetia - Vonin+ 2'47
4Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Elior+ 4'52
5Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiriss.t.
6Amith Udaya KumaraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
7Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Elior+ 6'26
8Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
9Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonins.t.
10Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cycling+ 7'26
11El Mehdi ChokriTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 8'23
12Jonas RickaertNetia - Vonin+ 9'36
13Mikkel HonoreTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
14Mathias NorsgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 9'47
15Cristian ScaroniBianchi - Campagnolo+ 10'30
16Jannik SteimleTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 11'11
17Karl Patrick LaukBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
18Pascal EenkhoornCentovalli - Fiat+ 13'26
19Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
20Gino MäderCentovalli - Fiat+ 14'20
21Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
22Stepan KurianovEquinor Pro Cycling+ 14'40
23Torjus SleenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 15'03
24Joel YatesBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
25Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonin+ 16'12
26Simone VelascoBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
27Nick ReddishBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
28Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 17'22
29Casper PedersenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 17'50
30Sulkhan AkhmaeviDK Zalgiriss.t.
31Jhonatan NarvaezDK Zalgiris+ 18'28
32Ioannidis KiriakidisCentovalli - Fiat+ 19'11
33David GauduEuskaltel - Elior+ 19'17
34Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 19'44
35Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 20'52
36Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cycling+ 21'13
37Dylan SunderlandBNZ Cycling Team+ 21'14
38Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiris+ 22'05
39Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
40Luke MudgwayBNZ Cycling Team+ 23'52
41Miles ScotsonBNZ Cycling Team+ 26'45
42Johannes SchinnagelCYBEX Platinum+ 28'04
43Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo+ 31'30
44Pavel SivakovEddie Stobart+ 31'32
45Daniel SaviniEddie Stobart+ 33'11
46Alessandro FedeliCentovalli - Fiat+ 33'50
47Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 34'45
48Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 35'23
49Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul HalilEuskaltel - Eliors.t.


1Azteca - NBCSN17h57'08
2OMV Petrom-albania.al+ 5'04
3GCN ProTeam+ 5'15
4Netia - Vonin+ 7'43
5Bianchi - Campagnolos.t.
6NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 8'14
7Tryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 10'16
8Equinor Pro Cycling+ 11'55
9DK Zalgiris+ 12'58
10Eddie Stobart+ 14'38
11BNZ Cycling Team+ 21'04
12Euskaltel - Elior+ 22'54
13McCormick Pro Cycling+ 26'16
14CYBEX Platinum+ 28'17
15Glanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 31'22
16Centovalli - Fiat+ 36'38
17Adastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 1h11'41

Manager of Minions
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