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Scandinavia Open Road Race - Stage 2

The prologue set the order, puncheurs lost time and have to gain it back, climbers gained time and have to defend on a route which doesn't necessarily suit them.


The initial breakaway consists of six riders:
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/vvg.png Gautier
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/xr0.png Higuita
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/p4e.png Tanovitchii
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/xr0.png Schomber
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/p4e.png Pronskiy
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/emo.png Michely

Team Europcar though not happy with this breakaway, chasing with their full squad.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/vvg.png Helme and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Caruso make the jump, Europcar stops chasing because they now have their rider in the break. Three duos from Popo4Ever, Valio and Xero, one Evonik and one Europcar for a total of eight riders. Helme the most dangerous in the GC at 31 seconds.


Caruso wins a category two climb with more than a minute over the rest of the group, after attacking with Tanovitchii whom he managed to beat. The remaining points went to Higuita, Gautier and Michely. The group would reunite on the descent, and lead by 3'30 over the peloton with 165 kilometer to go.


The gap is controlled at around 5 minutes by Bennelong, Vesuvio and Isostar. Michely wins the intermediate sprint with the accompanying bonus seconds ahead of Caruso and Tanovitchii.


Caruso and Tanovitchii again battling on a category three mountain sprint, with same result. Gautier takes the two remaining points. Helme lost contact with the group on their way up. crossing top more than a minute down.


Helme is actually caught by the peloton shortly thereafter. Philips and Indosat now join the three teams in chasing, bringing the gap down to about four minutes with 100 kilometer to go.


Gautier wins the next category two climb ahead of Caruso and Tanovitchii, with place four and five to Higuita and Michely. Schomber got into trouble on every climb but had fought back every time, but now has to let go definitively. The gap is under three minutes with 80 kilometer to go, the peloton starting to lose a few riders but no major names yet.


The riders having to do the same route twice, so we're back at the first climb of the day. Gautier wins again with the exact same result as the previous climb. Caruso now has 32 points with Gautier at 26 and Tanovitchii at 24, with 16 still on the table. The peloton has closed in to two minutes as T-Mobile joins the chase.


The breakaway actually did not reunity after the climb, the front three went on their own while the back three (and earlier Schomber) were caught by the peloton. Caruso - Gautier - Tanovitchii the order at the intermediate sprint. 35 kilometer, the gap is 1'30.


Caruso as last of the breakaway caught on the next climb, the points going to pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fes.png Koretzky, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/phi.png Kelderman and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/iso.png Frankiny. The peloton got reduced to 72 on this climb, from the top twenty pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/akm.png Jacobsen (12th), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/akm.png Ho (16th) and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ino.png Manulang (18th) dropped. Furthermore, riders like pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/emo.png Di Maggio, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Zaini,pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Atapuma and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/lpu.png Waeytens in the second group.


10 kilometer to go, we are at the foot of the climb with the peloton led by pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fpc.png Bettiol. Near the front are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fpc.png Yates, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnm.png Bobridge, Kelderman, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ino.png Bakelants, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eav.png Goos, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnm.png Dennis, Koretzky, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/iso.png Mohoric, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/tmo.png Van Garderen and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/isa.png Sepulveda. Second group at a minute.


Bobridge attacks three kilometer before the top, 6.5 to the finish line. Strange move with Dennis in yellow. Isostar chases with pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/iso.png Polanc, Frankiny and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/iso.png Jaramillo, then four riders of Philips including Kelderman.


Two kilometer late he is caught, immediately followed by an attack from Koretzky who would be followed by pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bgc.png Paulinho and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fpc.png McCarthy.


Koretzky wins the mountain sprint but only just as Bobridge and McCarthy rejoin him, three kilometer remaining which is slightly uphill. Seventeen seconds over the next group which is reduced to 39 riders. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/spr.png Ahmad Zamri (4th), pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/spr.png Liphongyu (8th) and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/yor.png Koren (13rd) gone as well as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bgc.png Vogt, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/isa.png Betancourt and Gautier.


Goos and Bakelants go in pursuit of the leading trio. Goos could take yellow this way, he is only 4 seconds behind Dennis. Mohoric, Kelderman, van Garderen and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ubs.png Reichenbach at the front of the group.


One kilometer, trio leads by 12 seconds over Goos who only leads 8 over peloton with Bakelants caught. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/xr0.png Grmay, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/grm.png Laengen, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/iso.png Augustyn, Polanc and Frankiny dropped off, reducing the favorites group of 28.


Koretkzy leading slightly over McCarthy but Bobridge coming from behind them. They started sprinting quite late allowing the chasing group to catch up. Van Garderen, Bakelants and Yates looking most threatening, Goos was passed easily.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnm.png Jack Bobridge timed well to win the stage. He was allowed to attack by GC leader Dennis and it paid off, despite no time gap. Two for two for Bennelong.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fpc.png McCarthy finishes second while teammate pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fpc.png Yates just passes Koretkzy for third. This was quite essential as it means the Brit takes eight bonus seconds, which means he is the new GC leader four seconds ahead of Dennis, eight ahead of Goos and nine ahead to Bobridge who with his twenty bonus seconds moves to fourth. Sepulveda fifth at twelve seconds ahead of Boily at sixteen and Oomen at twenty.

Van Garderen finished fifth ahead of a surprising pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/isa.png Juarez. Bakelants, Mohoric, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/del.png Schreurs and Gastauer complete the stage top ten.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ubs.png Frank losing 29 seconds due to a split, he could have entered the top ten had he stayed with the group.

The second group loses a bit, 49 seconds only for Ahmad Zamri, Laengen and Augustyn. It does mean they drop out of the GC top ten as well in favor of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ubs.png Abreu, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bgc.png Destribois and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/iso.png Pernsteiner who did remain in the first group.

Yates takes the green jersey as well, which will be worn by Dennis tomorrow. Caruso had banked enough points on the early climbs to take the polka dot jersey. Oomen remains in white and ISA remains the best team.



1Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton5h31'25
2Jay McCarthyFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
3Adam YatesFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
4Clement KoretzkyFestina - OAKAs.t.
5Tejay Van GarderenT-Mobiles.t.
6Daniel JuarezISA - Hexactas.t.
7Jan BakelantsIndosat Ooredoo - ANZs.t.
8Matej MohoricIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
9Maurice SchreursDelvauxs.t.
10Ben GastauerEA Vesuvios.t.
11Toms SkujinsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
12David BoilyISA - Hexactas.t.
13Eduardo SepulvedaISA - Hexactas.t.
14Sebastien ReichenbachTeam UBSs.t.
15Rohan DennisBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
16Sam OomenLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
17Jonathan BelliscycleYorkshires.t.
18Pedro Miguel PaulinhoBerg Cycless.t.
19Jorge AbreuTeam UBSs.t.
20Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Tinkoffs.t.
21Marc GoosEA Vesuvios.t.
22Alex Ariya DestriboisBerg Cycless.t.
23Peeter TarvisIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
24Hermann PernsteinerIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
25Tony GallopinDelvauxs.t.
26Oleksandr PrevarTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
27Wilco KeldermanPhilipss.t.
28Matthias FrankTeam UBS+ 28
29Ben HermansDelvauxs.t.
30Daniel Alexander JaramilloIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
31Daniel PaulusENI - MOL+ 49
32Joni BrandaoBerg Cycless.t.
33Vegard Stake LaengenGrieg - Maersks.t.
34Muhamma Afif Ahmad ZamriSauber Petronas Racings.t.
35Tsgabu Gebremaryam GrmayXero Racings.t.
36Sebastian HenaoTeam Europcars.t.
37Ilnur ZakarinISA - Hexactas.t.
38Joseph AreruyaXero Racing+ 1'18
39Ingvar OmarssonValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
40Laurens De PlusLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
41Andrii BratashcukTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
42John-Lee AugustynIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
43Jan PolancIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
44Damiano CarusoTeam Europcars.t.
45Lilian CalmejaneTeam Europcars.t.
46Matteo BadilattiTeam UBSs.t.
47Kilian FrankinyIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
48Tormod JacobsenAker - MOT+ 2'02
49Stanislau BazhkouXero Racings.t.
50Darwin AtapumaTeam Europcars.t.
51Kamil ZielinskiTeam Europcar+ 2'16
52Gianni MosconLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
53Heiner Rodrigo Parra BustamenteTeam Europcars.t.
54Mikhail IgnatievDelvauxs.t.
55Nawuti LiphongyuSauber Petronas Racings.t.
56Armands BecisEvonik - ELKOs.t.
57Zico WaeytensLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
58Awet GebremedhinValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
59Michael Rodriguez GalindoISA - Hexactas.t.
60Elia FavilliT-Mobiles.t.
61Marcio PortelaBerg Cycless.t.
62Martins BlumsValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
63Gaetan PonsENI - MOLs.t.
64Daniel OssAker - MOTs.t.
65Olivier Le GacPhilipss.t.
66Jonathan FumeauxTeam UBSs.t.
67Cyril GautierValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
68Cheng JiIndosat Ooredoo - ANZs.t.
69Cesare Di MaggioENI - MOLs.t.
70Kristjan KorencycleYorkshires.t.
71Arthur VichotDelvauxs.t.
72Mario VogtBerg Cycless.t.
73Willie SmitEA Vesuvios.t.
74Alberto BettiolFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
75Rok KorosecPhilipss.t.
76Calvin WatsonBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
77Andrea PaliniPhilipss.t.
78Dario CataldoFestina - OAKAs.t.
79Arvin MoazemiEvonik - ELKOs.t.
80Samuel SsabagwanyaFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
81Souheil KhederiISA - Hexactas.t.
82Luis AfonsoBerg Cycles+ 3'38
83Basilio Ramos TiconaTeam UBSs.t.
84Kristian DyrnesXero Racings.t.
85Paavo PaajanenValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
86Elie GesbertEA Vesuvios.t.
87Carlos BetancourtISA - Hexactas.t.
88Andris SmirnovsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
89David WohrerT-Mobiles.t.
90Robin ManulangIndosat Ooredoo - ANZs.t.
91Anatoliy BudyakTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
92Oscar RiesebeekEvonik - ELKOs.t.
93Fabian LienhardPhilipss.t.
94Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
95Tommy ZainiTeam Europcar+ 4'16
96Milan MentenFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
97Nicolae TanovitchiiTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
98Stephen WilliamscycleYorkshires.t.
99Michael GoglFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
100Yannick StoltzEvonik - ELKOs.t.
101Romain Le RouxIndosat Ooredoo - ANZs.t.
102Anders SkaarsethcycleYorkshires.t.
103Jesse KaislavuoEA Vesuvios.t.
104Thiago Duarte NardinGrieg - Maersks.t.
105Jasper StuyvenDelvauxs.t.
106Stefan De BodFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
107Burr HoAker - MOTs.t.
108Aleksandar RomanIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
109Adam PhelanBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
110Patrick MüllerTeam UBS+ 5'06
111Ildar ArslanovEA Vesuvios.t.
112Gaspar GoncalvesT-Mobiles.t.
113Georgios KaratziosFestina - OAKAs.t.
114Petr RikunovTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
115Michail KortsidakisFestina - OAKAs.t.
116Michail MavrikakisFestina - OAKAs.t.
117Kristoffer SkjerpingENI - MOLs.t.
118Felix GrossschartnerPhilipss.t.
119Nandra Eko WahyudiSauber Petronas Racings.t.
120Jaako HänninenValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
121Jose FernandesBerg Cycless.t.
122Gabriel CullaighcycleYorkshires.t.
123Gregory DanielDelvauxs.t.
124Nurbolat KulimbetovIndosat Ooredoo - ANZs.t.
125Deins KanepejsT-Mobiles.t.
126Jasper BovenhuisPhilipss.t.
127Amund Grondahl JansenGrieg - Maersks.t.
128Kyeng Ho MinFarfetch Pro Cyclings.t.
129Carl Ngamoki-CameronXero Racings.t.
130Hampus AnderbergAker - MOTs.t.
131Dmitry TrakhovTeam Tinkoffs.t.
132Joao RodriguesBerg Cycless.t.
133Pablo MudarraENI - MOLs.t.
134Evgeny RussoISA - Hexactas.t.
135Maxime DanielFestina - OAKAs.t.
136Jai HindleyBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
137Jhonatan RestrepoT-Mobiles.t.
138Kashyapa SiriwardenaAker - MOTs.t.
139Martin SchäppiTeam UBSs.t.
140Piet AllegaertPhilipss.t.
141Sjoerd BaxEA Vesuvios.t.
142Sergio HiguitaXero Racings.t.
143Salvatore MancusoFestina - OAKAs.t.
144Joni KanervaValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
145Kim MichelyENI - MOL+ 6'09
146Isaac SpeirsIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 6'57
147Andriy OrlovTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 7'12
148Vadim PronskiyTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 7'37
149Anton VorobevTeam Tinkoff+ 8'22
150Gabriel ChavanneSauber Petronas Racings.t.
151Yuan Tan PengGrieg - Maersks.t.
152Aydar ZakarinTeam Tinkoffs.t.
153Dominik NeumanENI - MOLs.t.
154Ziga RucigajEA Vesuvios.t.
155Lennard HofstedeDelvauxs.t.
156Aliaksandr RiabushenkoTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
157Gregor MuhlbergerSauber Petronas Racings.t.
158Hayden McCormickBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
159Wout Van AertLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 11'47
160Marildo YzeirajAker - MOTs.t.
161Soren Kragh AndersenGrieg - Maersks.t.
162Muhammad Imam ArifinIndosat Ooredoo - ANZs.t.
163Mushin MisbahSauber Petronas Racings.t.
164Indulis BekmanisEvonik - ELKOs.t.
165Hayato OkamotocycleYorkshires.t.
166Adrian MaloriTeam Tinkoffs.t.
167Cameron MeyerTeam Tinkoff+ 13'11
168Luke DurbridgecycleYorkshire+ 13'42
169Niccolo BonifazioLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
170Benjamin ThomascycleYorkshires.t.
171Tom ScullyAker - MOTs.t.
172Clenne Morvan MoulinguiGrieg - Maersk+ 16'15
173Jacob FiedlerT-Mobile+ 17'10
174Carlo NoiaSauber Petronas Racings.t.
175Jan OelerichEvonik - ELKOs.t.
176Airidas VideikaAker - MOTs.t.
177Truls Engen KorsaethGrieg - Maersks.t.
178Dylan KennettXero Racings.t.
179Robert GavendaTeam Europcars.t.
180Kiril YatsevichTeam Tinkoffs.t.
181Andrea Dal ColTeam Tinkoffs.t.
182Jenthe BiermansLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
183Sasu HelmeValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
184Michael SchwarzmannT-Mobile+ 18'40
185Glenn O'SheaBennelong - Mitchelton+ 20'25
186Nils SchomberXero Racings.t.
187Jakub MareczkoLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 24'01
188Daniel MoriczENI - MOL+ 26'51
189Ken Sebastian VassdalGrieg - Maersk+ 27'39
190Akmal Hakim ZakariaSauber Petronas Racing+ 36'18


1Adam YatesFarfetch Pro Cycling5h39'12
2Rohan DennisBennelong - Mitchelton+ 4
3Marc GoosEA Vesuvio+ 8
4Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton+ 9
5Eduardo SepulvedaISA - Hexacta+ 12
6David BoilyISA - Hexacta+ 16
7Sam OomenLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 20
8Jorge AbreuTeam UBS+ 23
9Alex Ariya DestriboisBerg Cycles+ 26
10Hermann PernsteinerIsostar - LimeBike+ 29
11Tony GallopinDelvauxs.t.
12Sebastien ReichenbachTeam UBS+ 32
13Wilco KeldermanPhilipss.t.
14Pedro Miguel PaulinhoBerg Cycles+ 36
15Tejay Van GarderenT-Mobile+ 37
16Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Tinkoff+ 39
17Ben GastauerEA Vesuvio+ 40
18Jan BakelantsIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 41
19Matej MohoricIsostar - LimeBike+ 43
20Clement KoretzkyFestina - OAKA+ 45
21Maurice SchreursDelvaux+ 47
22Oleksandr PrevarTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
23Toms SkujinsEvonik - ELKO+ 51
24Matthias FrankTeam UBS+ 52
25Peeter TarvisIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
26Jonathan BelliscycleYorkshire+ 55
27Muhamma Afif Ahmad ZamriSauber Petronas Racing+ 59
28Daniel JuarezISA - Hexacta+ 1'01
29Jay McCarthyFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 1'02
30Vegard Stake LaengenGrieg - Maersk+ 1'04
31Daniel Alexander JaramilloIsostar - LimeBike+ 1'06
32Tsgabu Gebremaryam GrmayXero Racing+ 1'14
33Ben HermansDelvauxs.t.
34Daniel PaulusENI - MOL+ 1'18
35Ilnur ZakarinISA - Hexacta+ 1'20
36Sebastian HenaoTeam Europcar+ 1'24
37Joni BrandaoBerg Cycles+ 1'34
38John-Lee AugustynIsostar - LimeBike+ 1'37
39Jan PolancIsostar - LimeBike+ 1'39
40Kilian FrankinyIsostar - LimeBike+ 1'42
41Ingvar OmarssonValio - Viking Genetics+ 1'44
42Matteo BadilattiTeam UBS+ 1'49
43Laurens De PlusLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'51
44Lilian CalmejaneTeam Europcar+ 1'57
45Joseph AreruyaXero Racing+ 1'58
46Damiano CarusoTeam Europcar+ 2'07
47Andrii BratashcukTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 2'09
48Tormod JacobsenAker - MOT+ 2'23
49Stanislau BazhkouXero Racing+ 2'30
50Nawuti LiphongyuSauber Petronas Racing+ 2'33
51Darwin AtapumaTeam Europcar+ 2'36
52Kristjan KorencycleYorkshire+ 2'38
53Mikhail IgnatievDelvaux+ 2'43
54Heiner Rodrigo Parra BustamenteTeam Europcar+ 2'44
55Dario CataldoFestina - OAKAs.t.
56Michael Rodriguez GalindoISA - Hexacta+ 2'48
57Alberto BettiolFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 2'49
58Awet GebremedhinValio - Viking Genetics+ 2'51
59Arvin MoazemiEvonik - ELKOs.t.
60Armands BecisEvonik - ELKO+ 2'52
61Gianni MosconLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 2'53
62Gaetan PonsENI - MOL+ 2'54
63Martins BlumsValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
64Willie SmitEA Vesuvio+ 2'55
65Andrea PaliniPhilips+ 2'59
66Cyril GautierValio - Viking Genetics+ 3'03
67Daniel OssAker - MOT+ 3'04
68Kamil ZielinskiTeam Europcar+ 3'06
69Zico WaeytensLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
70Jonathan FumeauxTeam UBSs.t.
71Marcio PortelaBerg Cycles+ 3'07
72Souheil KhederiISA - Hexactas.t.
73Calvin WatsonBennelong - Mitchelton+ 3'08
74Rok KorosecPhilips+ 3'09
75Arthur VichotDelvaux+ 3'10
76Cheng JiIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 3'11
77Olivier Le GacPhilips+ 3'13
78Mario VogtBerg Cycles+ 3'15
79Cesare Di MaggioENI - MOL+ 3'19
80Elia FavilliT-Mobile+ 3'22
81Samuel SsabagwanyaFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 3'29
82Robin ManulangIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 4'03
83Basilio Ramos TiconaTeam UBS+ 4'04
84Anatoliy BudyakTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 4'13
85Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitchelton+ 4'18
86Paavo PaajanenValio - Viking Genetics+ 4'20
87David WohrerT-Mobile+ 4'21
88Kristian DyrnesXero Racing+ 4'24
89Elie GesbertEA Vesuvio+ 4'28
90Oscar RiesebeekEvonik - ELKOs.t.
91Carlos BetancourtISA - Hexacta+ 4'30
92Fabian LienhardPhilips+ 4'35
93Luis AfonsoBerg Cycles+ 4'37
94Burr HoAker - MOT+ 4'40
95Andris SmirnovsEvonik - ELKO+ 4'42
96Stefan De BodFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 4'50
97Aleksandar RomanIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
98Stephen WilliamscycleYorkshire+ 4'55
99Anders SkaarsethcycleYorkshire+ 4'56
100Nicolae TanovitchiiTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 5'00
101Milan MentenFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 5'03
102Adam PhelanBennelong - Mitchelton+ 5'07
103Romain Le RouxIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 5'08
104Michael GoglFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 5'11
105Tommy ZainiTeam Europcar+ 5'14
106Jesse KaislavuoEA Vesuvio+ 5'21
107Thiago Duarte NardinGrieg - Maersk+ 5'24
108Yannick StoltzEvonik - ELKO+ 5'30
109Kashyapa SiriwardenaAker - MOT+ 5'32
110Michail MavrikakisFestina - OAKA+ 5'36
111Jose FernandesBerg Cycless.t.
112Joao RodriguesBerg Cycless.t.
113Petr RikunovTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 5'41
114Evgeny RussoISA - Hexactas.t.
115Jasper StuyvenDelvauxs.t.
116Hampus AnderbergAker - MOT+ 5'48
117Kyeng Ho MinFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 5'49
118Jaako HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 5'50
119Felix GrossschartnerPhilips+ 5'52
120Jhonatan RestrepoT-Mobile+ 5'53
121Martin SchäppiTeam UBSs.t.
122Nandra Eko WahyudiSauber Petronas Racing+ 5'54
123Kristoffer SkjerpingENI - MOL+ 5'55
124Carl Ngamoki-CameronXero Racing+ 5'56
125Ildar ArslanovEA Vesuvio+ 5'57
126Gregory DanielDelvauxs.t.
127Dmitry TrakhovTeam Tinkoff+ 6'00
128Sergio HiguitaXero Racings.t.
129Sjoerd BaxEA Vesuvio+ 6'01
130Nurbolat KulimbetovIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 6'03
131Pablo MudarraENI - MOLs.t.
132Deins KanepejsT-Mobile+ 6'04
133Joni KanervaValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
134Gaspar GoncalvesT-Mobile+ 6'06
135Amund Grondahl JansenGrieg - Maersks.t.
136Jai HindleyBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
137Gabriel CullaighcycleYorkshire+ 6'12
138Patrick MüllerTeam UBS+ 6'16
139Salvatore MancusoFestina - OAKA+ 6'17
140Michail KortsidakisFestina - OAKA+ 6'30
141Piet AllegaertPhilips+ 6'31
142Jasper BovenhuisPhilips+ 6'35
143Maxime DanielFestina - OAKA+ 6'38
144Georgios KaratziosFestina - OAKA+ 6'48
145Kim MichelyENI - MOL+ 7'21
146Andriy OrlovTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 8'28
147Vadim PronskiyTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 8'32
148Isaac SpeirsIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 8'49
149Ziga RucigajEA Vesuvio+ 8'55
150Anton VorobevTeam Tinkoff+ 8'59
151Aydar ZakarinTeam Tinkoffs.t.
152Hayden McCormickBennelong - Mitchelton+ 9'21
153Lennard HofstedeDelvaux+ 9'22
154Gregor MuhlbergerSauber Petronas Racing+ 9'24
155Yuan Tan PengGrieg - Maersk+ 9'26
156Dominik NeumanENI - MOLs.t.
157Aliaksandr RiabushenkoTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 9'33
158Gabriel ChavanneSauber Petronas Racing+ 9'43
159Muhammad Imam ArifinIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 12'23
160Mushin MisbahSauber Petronas Racing+ 12'33
161Adrian MaloriTeam Tinkoff+ 12'34
162Wout Van AertLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 12'45
163Indulis BekmanisEvonik - ELKO+ 12'46
164Soren Kragh AndersenGrieg - Maersk+ 12'48
165Hayato OkamotocycleYorkshire+ 12'59
166Marildo YzeirajAker - MOT+ 13'10
167Cameron MeyerTeam Tinkoff+ 14'13
168Luke DurbridgecycleYorkshire+ 14'23
169Benjamin ThomascycleYorkshire+ 14'46
170Tom ScullyAker - MOT+ 15'26
171Niccolo BonifazioLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 15'50
172Jacob FiedlerT-Mobile+ 17'43
173Sasu HelmeValio - Viking Genetics+ 17'45
174Airidas VideikaAker - MOT+ 18'07
175Andrea Dal ColTeam Tinkoffs.t.
176Kiril YatsevichTeam Tinkoffs.t.
177Truls Engen KorsaethGrieg - Maersk+ 18'11
178Carlo NoiaSauber Petronas Racing+ 18'12
179Clenne Morvan MoulinguiGrieg - Maersk+ 18'20
180Robert GavendaTeam Europcar+ 18'24
181Dylan KennettXero Racing+ 18'26
182Jan OelerichEvonik - ELKO+ 18'29
183Jenthe BiermansLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 18'36
184Michael SchwarzmannT-Mobile+ 20'02
185Nils SchomberXero Racing+ 21'40
186Glenn O'SheaBennelong - Mitchelton+ 21'49
187Jakub MareczkoLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 25'50
188Daniel MoriczENI - MOL+ 28'11
189Ken Sebastian VassdalGrieg - Maersk+ 28'43
190Akmal Hakim ZakariaSauber Petronas Racing+ 37'30


1Adam YatesFarfetch Pro Cycling32
2Rohan DennisBennelong - Mitchelton26
3Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton25
4Marc GoosEA Vesuvio20
5Jay McCarthyFarfetch Pro Cycling20
6Eduardo SepulvedaISA - Hexacta15
7Muhamma Afif Ahmad ZamriSauber Petronas Racing14
8Clement KoretzkyFestina - OAKA14
9David BoilyISA - Hexacta13
10Tejay Van GarderenT-Mobile12
11Vegard Stake LaengenGrieg - Maersk10
12Daniel JuarezISA - Hexacta10
13Jan BakelantsIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ9
14Nawuti LiphongyuSauber Petronas Racing8
15Matej MohoricIsostar - LimeBike8
16Damiano CarusoTeam Europcar8
17John-Lee AugustynIsostar - LimeBike7
18Maurice SchreursDelvaux7
19Sam OomenLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam6
20Ben GastauerEA Vesuvio6
21Nicolae TanovitchiiTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff6
22Kim MichelyENI - MOL6
23Jan PolancIsostar - LimeBike5
24Toms SkujinsEvonik - ELKO5
25Tormod JacobsenAker - MOT4
26Cyril GautierValio - Viking Genetics4
27Kristjan KorencycleYorkshire3
28Jorge AbreuTeam UBS2
29Sebastien ReichenbachTeam UBS2
30Matthias FrankTeam UBS1


1Damiano CarusoTeam Europcar32
2Cyril GautierValio - Viking Genetics26
3Nicolae TanovitchiiTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff24
4Clement KoretzkyFestina - OAKA16
5Sergio HiguitaXero Racing12
6Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton8
7Kim MichelyENI - MOL8
8Wilco KeldermanPhilips6
9Jay McCarthyFarfetch Pro Cycling6
10Jan BakelantsIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ4
11Kilian FrankinyIsostar - LimeBike2


1Sam OomenLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam5h39'32
2Matej MohoricIsostar - LimeBike+ 23
3Kilian FrankinyIsostar - LimeBike+ 1'22
4Laurens De PlusLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'31
5Joseph AreruyaXero Racing+ 1'38
6Gianni MosconLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 2'33
7Martins BlumsValio - Viking Genetics+ 2'34
8Samuel SsabagwanyaFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 3'09
9Anatoliy BudyakTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 3'53
10Elie GesbertEA Vesuvio+ 4'08
11Fabian LienhardPhilips+ 4'15
12Stefan De BodFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 4'30
13Aleksandar RomanIsostar - LimeBikes.t.
14Stephen WilliamscycleYorkshire+ 4'35
15Anders SkaarsethcycleYorkshire+ 4'36
16Milan MentenFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 4'43
17Michail MavrikakisFestina - OAKA+ 5'16
18Jose FernandesBerg Cycless.t.
19Joao RodriguesBerg Cycless.t.
20Petr RikunovTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 5'21
21Hampus AnderbergAker - MOT+ 5'28
22Kyeng Ho MinFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 5'29
23Jaako HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 5'30
24Jhonatan RestrepoT-Mobile+ 5'33
25Martin SchäppiTeam UBSs.t.
26Ildar ArslanovEA Vesuvio+ 5'37
27Gregory DanielDelvauxs.t.
28Dmitry TrakhovTeam Tinkoff+ 5'40
29Sergio HiguitaXero Racings.t.
30Sjoerd BaxEA Vesuvio+ 5'41
31Deins KanepejsT-Mobile+ 5'44
32Joni KanervaValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
33Gaspar GoncalvesT-Mobile+ 5'46
34Amund Grondahl JansenGrieg - Maersks.t.
35Jai HindleyBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
36Gabriel CullaighcycleYorkshire+ 5'52
37Patrick MüllerTeam UBS+ 5'56
38Michail KortsidakisFestina - OAKA+ 6'10
39Piet AllegaertPhilips+ 6'11
40Vadim PronskiyTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 8'12
41Ziga RucigajEA Vesuvio+ 8'35
42Aydar ZakarinTeam Tinkoff+ 8'39
43Hayden McCormickBennelong - Mitchelton+ 9'01
44Lennard HofstedeDelvaux+ 9'02
45Gregor MuhlbergerSauber Petronas Racing+ 9'04
46Dominik NeumanENI - MOL+ 9'06
47Aliaksandr RiabushenkoTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 9'13
48Muhammad Imam ArifinIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 12'03
49Mushin MisbahSauber Petronas Racing+ 12'13
50Wout Van AertLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 12'25
51Soren Kragh AndersenGrieg - Maersk+ 12'28
52Hayato OkamotocycleYorkshire+ 12'39
53Marildo YzeirajAker - MOT+ 12'50
54Benjamin ThomascycleYorkshire+ 14'26
55Sasu HelmeValio - Viking Genetics+ 17'25
56Airidas VideikaAker - MOT+ 17'47
57Carlo NoiaSauber Petronas Racing+ 17'52
58Clenne Morvan MoulinguiGrieg - Maersk+ 18'00
59Dylan KennettXero Racing+ 18'06
60Jenthe BiermansLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 18'16
61Nils SchomberXero Racing+ 21'20
62Jakub MareczkoLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 25'30
63Daniel MoriczENI - MOL+ 27'51
64Akmal Hakim ZakariaSauber Petronas Racing+ 37'10


1ISA - Hexacta16h58'35
2Isostar - LimeBike+ 5
3Team UBS+ 42
4Delvaux+ 1'11
5Berg Cycles+ 1'16
6Bennelong - Mitchelton+ 2'30
7Farfetch Pro Cycling+ 2'32
8EA Vesuvio+ 2'37
9Team Europcar+ 4'03
10Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 4'05
11Xero Racing+ 4'43
12Evonik - ELKO+ 5'34
14Team Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 5'54
15ENI - MOL+ 6'18
16Valio - Viking Genetics+ 6'27
17Indosat Ooredoo - ANZ+ 6'37
18T-Mobile+ 6'48
19cycleYorkshire+ 7'14
20Festina - OAKA+ 8'06
21Sauber Petronas Racing+ 8'25
22Aker - MOT+ 8'46
23Grieg - Maersk+ 11'28
24Team Tinkoff+ 14'22

Manager of Minions
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