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Tour de Vineyards - Stage 6
Tour de Vineyards

Stage 6

Stage Profile


We've reached the penultimate stage, which has the potential of upsetting the apple-cart in terms of the overall GC. As it stands, the best puncher in the field, is already in the GC lead, but it might not be as open and shut a case as it appears. What remains to be seen is whether the pack allows someone to attack from distance and build up a led, as that maybe the ebst chance for someone to overturn the GC standings on this stage. If the pace is slow, we might see another (reduced) bunch sprint for the stage win.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Kwiatkowski797675
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/epc.png Mehr-Wenige786967
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Squire777071
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Hategeka776966
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ptm.png Weiss767074
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gla.png Roche766966
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Nzeke766768
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Navardauskas757470
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Groselj757372
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png De Vos757369
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ptm.png Rabitsch757368
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Durasek757259
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Anderson756775

Six riders get away for the break today:

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Van der Ploeg
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Van Baarle
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Barcelo
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Fung, Revard
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Fung wins the first intermediate sprint ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Barcelo and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer wins the first KOM sprint, followed by pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Van der Ploeg and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Barcelo. The break's lead is more than 4 minutes.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Revard, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Fung is the order at the second intermediate sprint.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer wins the KOM sprint as well, moving himself up to 2nd in the KOM classification, just a point off pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Kwiatkowski's 20 points. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Barcelo and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Van Baarle follow him.


Riders dropping and coming back to the pack as we go past the hill on the circuit every time.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer wins the third and final KOM sprint as well, and takes the lead in the classification, and confirms the win! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Van der Ploeg and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Revard take the remaining points.


36 km to go, and there's a huge split in the pack. Just 17 riders remain in the peloton!


The larger second group behind the break has 79 riders.


The peloton swells to 40 riders with 30 km to go. The gap to the break is down to 1'34".


The peloton further increases to 96 riders with 20 km left. The gap to the break is increasing as the peloton slows down. The current gap is 2'44".


We're past the last climb. The pelootn leads by 2'13". Only flat roads for the final 10 km to the finish.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Zoidl and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Eastman attack the pack on the final descent.


And now, it's pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Borisavljevic with an acceleration. The pressure is mounting on pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Kwiatkowski!


3 km left for the break as they lead by 1'31".


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Zoidl and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Eastman lead the three man chase group of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Borisavljevic, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/epc.png Mehr-Wenige and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Boivin, who're just a few seconds ahead of the peloton.


The break enters the final kilometer together, and there's no attacks yet.


Behind them, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Borisavljevic has dropped back to the pack, while the other four riders (pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Eastman, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Zoidl, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/epc.png Mehr-Wenige and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Boivin) remain a few seconds ahead of the peloton.

300 meters. We're finally sprinting and it's four wide in the finishing sprint.
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Revard
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Van der Ploeg pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Fung pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Barcelo pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Van Baarle


100 meters to go. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Fung leads.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Fung wins! By the smallest of margins! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Van der Ploeg is 2nd.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Van Baarle clinches the final podium spot, ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Barcelo, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Revard.


Inside the final kilometer for the foursome, and they're still holding off the pack.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Bille and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Saggiorato closing the gap to the attacking quartet as the pack reach the final turn.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/epc.png Mehr-Wenige in the lead as they reach the final 200 meters.


But pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Boivin is too fast and takes 7th ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/epc.png Mehr-Wenige.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Eastman and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Zoidl complete the Top 10.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Saggiorato beats pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Bille for 11th.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnz.png Altanzul wins the sprint from the pack for 13th, ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Kwiatkowski and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/trg.png Cort Nielsen.


Today's winner - pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Ka Hoo Fung.


No time gaps were given for the Eastman group over the pack, so pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Kwiatkowski keeps his GC lead. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Fung moves up to 3rd in the U25 standings. As mentioned earlier, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Hofer confirms the KOM standings win, and also moves up to 5th in the Points standings. A couple of splits in the pack were awarded, after positions 40 and 83.

Stage Result

1Ka Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling4h46'45
2Neil Van der PloegEddie Stobarts.t.
3Dylan Van BaarleCYBEX Platinums.t.
4Fernando BarceloBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
5Andreas HoferDK Zalgiriss.t.
6Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
7Guillaume BoivinNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 1'22
8Dietmar Mehr-WenigeEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
9Ryan EastmanAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
10Riccardo ZoidlAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
11Mirco SaggioratoCentovalli - Fiats.t.
12Gaetan BilleGCN ProTeams.t.
13Maani AltanzulBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
14Michal KwiatkowskiNetia - Vonins.t.
15Magnus Cort NielsenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
16Pavel PotockiGCN ProTeams.t.
17Robert KiserlovskiBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
18Kristijan DurasekNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
19Robbie SquireAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
20Tyler BrandtGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
21Luke KeoughAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
22Nicolas RocheGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
23Gasore HategekaGCN ProTeams.t.
24Moreno MoserEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
25Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
26Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
27Alexandr BraicoOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
28Enric MasEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
29Ramunas NavardauskasAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
30Martin WeissOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
31Boy Van PoppelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
32Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
33Manuel StockerCentovalli - Fiats.t.
34Ryan AndersonNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
35Uri Martins SandovalAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
36James PiccoliNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
37Geremie NzekeGCN ProTeams.t.
38Andrea ManfrediCentovalli - Fiats.t.
39Adam De VosNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
40Davide CimolaiEddie Stobart+ 2'08
41Suleiman KangangiEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
42Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
43Piter CamperoBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
44Kirill PozdnyakovCYBEX Platinums.t.
45Carlos QuinteroCYBEX Platinums.t.
46Stefano AgostiniEddie Stobarts.t.
47Gavin MannionAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
48Tyron GiogieriOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
49Kenny ElissondeCYBEX Platinums.t.
50Aaron GrosserCYBEX Platinums.t.
51Ioannidis KiriakidisCentovalli - Fiats.t.
52Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
53Dylan SunderlandBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
54Lucas HamiltonDK Zalgiriss.t.
55Pawel FranczakNetia - Vonins.t.
56Kristian SobotaNetia - Vonins.t.
57Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
58Karl Patrick LaukBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
59Sergio OrtegaAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
60Daniel HabtemichaelMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
61Wolfgang BurmannTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
62Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
63Pavel SivakovEddie Stobarts.t.
64Emil AnderssonEddie Stobarts.t.
65Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiriss.t.
66Genki YamamotoTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
67Casper PedersenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
68Bram WeltenGCN ProTeams.t.
69Rui Pedro VinhasGCN ProTeams.t.
70Gert DockxBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
71Ziga GroseljMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
72Hersony CanelonAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
73Morten ReckwegNetia - Vonins.t.
74Max LoschAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
75Adel BarbariCYBEX Platinums.t.
76Daniele RattoEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
77Alexander KriegerOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
78Jake KeoughCYBEX Platinums.t.
79Ben O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
80Edward RavasiBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
81Max Oste-MacdonaldBNZ Cycling Team+ 3'36
82Georg ZimmermannTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
83Michael VingerlingEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
84Max KanterTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
85Cristian ScaroniBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
86Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
87Marco GuillenCentovalli - Fiats.t.
88Valentin StoenchevAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
89Adam Petrie-ArmstrongGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
90Jonas VingegaardTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
91Manuel BetilsonOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
92Tushantha RajapakshageDK Zalgiriss.t.
93Sebastian LangeveldBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
94Jhonatan NarvaezDK Zalgiriss.t.
95Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiats.t.
96Jordi MajoralOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
97Sean DowneyGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
98Stepan KurianovEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
99George SimpsonGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
100Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
101Michael O'LoughlinGCN ProTeams.t.
102Mamyr StashNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
103Torkil VeyheNetia - Vonins.t.
104Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonins.t.
105Stephan RabitschOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
106Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
107Niklas LarsenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
108Jordan CheyneAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
109Onur BalkanOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
110Felix EnglishGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
111Jean-Francois CamierBNZ Cycling Team+ 4'25
112Mustafa CarsiEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
113Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiris+ 4'53
114Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
115Matteo SobreroBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
116Campbell FlakemoreBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
117Dadley CorwinAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
118Alex FrameGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
119Alexander EvansBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
120Gert JoeaarEddie Stobarts.t.
121Stef KrulGCN ProTeams.t.
122Krzysztof MarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
123Dario PuccioniCYBEX Platinums.t.
124Sulkhan AkhmaeviDK Zalgiriss.t.
125Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiriss.t.
126Linus DahlbergEddie Stobart+ 6'21
127Maximilian WalscheidCentovalli - Fiats.t.
128Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 6'54
129Stelly RobertEuskaltel - Elior+ 9'02
130Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
131Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 10'31
132Riccardo MinaliCentovalli - Fiat+ 11'53
133Daniel ThorsenEddie Stobart+ 12'32


1Michal KwiatkowskiNetia - Vonin18h45'27
2Ryan EastmanAzteca - NBCSN+ 12
3Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior+ 21
4Pavel PotockiGCN ProTeam+ 37
5Robert KiserlovskiBNZ Cycling Team+ 41
6Tyler BrandtGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 1'15
7Mirco SaggioratoCentovalli - Fiat+ 1'19
8Riccardo ZoidlAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 1'36
9Magnus Cort NielsenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
10Nicolas RocheGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 1'59
11Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior+ 2'06
12Adam De VosNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 2'16
13Gaetan BilleGCN ProTeam+ 2'24
14Kristijan DurasekNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 2'31
15Andrea ManfrediCentovalli - Fiat+ 2'38
16Enric MasEuskaltel - Elior+ 2'44
17James PiccoliNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 2'51
18Robbie SquireAzteca - NBCSN+ 2'56
19Kenny ElissondeCYBEX Platinum+ 3'01
20Piter CamperoBNZ Cycling Team+ 3'06
21Alexandr BraicoOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 3'23
22Gasore HategekaGCN ProTeam+ 3'27
23Tyron GiogieriOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 3'33
24Stefano AgostiniEddie Stobart+ 3'38
25Gavin MannionAzteca - NBCSN+ 3'43
26Rui Pedro VinhasGCN ProTeam+ 3'44
27Geremie NzekeGCN ProTeam+ 3'54
28Ka Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 4'05
29Neil Van der PloegEddie Stobart+ 4'08
30Sergio OrtegaAzteca - NBCSN+ 4'20
31Ryan AndersonNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 4'43
32Kirill PozdnyakovCYBEX Platinum+ 5'00
33Ioannidis KiriakidisCentovalli - Fiat+ 5'05
34Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 5'07
35Pavel SivakovEddie Stobart+ 5'13
36Fernando BarceloBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
37Uri Martins SandovalAzteca - NBCSN+ 5'14
38Martin WeissOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 5'32
39Ramunas NavardauskasAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 5'34
40Maani AltanzulBNZ Cycling Team+ 5'37
41Wolfgang BurmannTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
42Dylan Van BaarleCYBEX Platinum+ 5'48
43Max Oste-MacdonaldBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
44Carlos QuinteroCYBEX Platinum+ 5'49
45Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 6'16
46Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
47Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 6'30
48Daniel HabtemichaelMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 6'41
49Andreas HoferDK Zalgiris+ 6'50
50Dietmar Mehr-WenigeEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
51Tushantha RajapakshageDK Zalgiris+ 6'57
52Ben O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 6'59
53Guillaume BoivinNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 7'05
54Jhonatan NarvaezDK Zalgiris+ 7'07
55Lucas HamiltonDK Zalgiriss.t.
56Dylan SunderlandBNZ Cycling Team+ 7'21
57Boy Van PoppelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 7'31
58Sean DowneyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 7'41
59George SimpsonGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 8'06
60Valentin StoenchevAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 8'07
61Ziga GroseljMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 8'08
62Casper PedersenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 8'22
63Max KanterTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
64Aaron GrosserCYBEX Platinum+ 8'23
65Karl Patrick LaukBianchi - Campagnolo+ 8'26
66Pawel FranczakNetia - Vonin+ 8'28
67Jordi MajoralOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 8'29
68Jonas VingegaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 8'43
69Manuel StockerCentovalli - Fiat+ 8'46
70Georg ZimmermannTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
71Alexander KriegerOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 8'49
72Krzysztof MarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 9'00
73Luke KeoughAzteca - NBCSN+ 9'01
74Gert JoeaarEddie Stobart+ 9'09
75Bram WeltenGCN ProTeams.t.
76Alexander EvansBianchi - Campagnolo+ 9'28
77Jake KeoughCYBEX Platinum+ 9'36
78Edward RavasiBianchi - Campagnolo+ 9'37
79Stephan RabitschOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 9'46
80Suleiman KangangiEquinor Pro Cycling+ 9'53
81Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Elior+ 10'05
82Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 10'09
83Torkil VeyheNetia - Vonin+ 10'13
84Stepan KurianovEquinor Pro Cycling+ 10'15
85Cristian ScaroniBianchi - Campagnolo+ 10'26
86Onur BalkanOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 10'29
87Manuel BetilsonOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 10'44
88Jordan CheyneAzteca - NBCSN+ 10'57
89Genki YamamotoTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 11'04
90Campbell FlakemoreBNZ Cycling Team+ 11'06
91Michael O'LoughlinGCN ProTeam+ 11'15
92Adam Petrie-ArmstrongGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 11'18
93Dario PuccioniCYBEX Platinum+ 11'41
94Sulkhan AkhmaeviDK Zalgiris+ 11'42
95Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 11'56
96Michael VingerlingEquinor Pro Cycling+ 12'05
97Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiriss.t.
98Morten ReckwegNetia - Vonin+ 12'24
99Kristian SobotaNetia - Vonin+ 12'26
100Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiris+ 12'33
101Matteo SobreroBianchi - Campagnolo+ 12'42
102Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiris+ 12'47
103Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Team+ 12'57
104Adel BarbariCYBEX Platinum+ 12'58
105Moreno MoserEuskaltel - Elior+ 13'11
106Gert DockxBianchi - Campagnolo+ 13'25
107Niklas LarsenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 13'27
108Felix EnglishGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 13'37
109Emil AnderssonEddie Stobart+ 13'39
110Mamyr StashNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 14'00
111Marco GuillenCentovalli - Fiat+ 14'23
112Max LoschAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 14'27
113Davide CimolaiEddie Stobart+ 14'42
114Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiat+ 14'47
115Stef KrulGCN ProTeam+ 14'50
116Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonin+ 15'16
117Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cycling+ 15'22
118Hersony CanelonAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 15'23
119Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Elior+ 15'24
120Sebastian LangeveldBianchi - Campagnolo+ 15'44
121Alex FrameGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 16'39
122Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 17'00
123Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cycling+ 17'08
124Maximilian WalscheidCentovalli - Fiat+ 18'24
125Daniele RattoEquinor Pro Cycling+ 18'40
126Stelly RobertEuskaltel - Elior+ 19'04
127Mustafa CarsiEquinor Pro Cycling+ 19'26
128Jean-Francois CamierBNZ Cycling Team+ 20'20
129Dadley CorwinAzteca - NBCSN+ 22'29
130Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 22'31
131Linus DahlbergEddie Stobart+ 23'18
132Riccardo MinaliCentovalli - Fiat+ 25'38
133Daniel ThorsenEddie Stobart+ 29'45


1Luke KeoughAzteca - NBCSN72
2Hersony CanelonAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling66
3Alexander KriegerOMV Petrom-albania.al53
4Guillaume BoivinNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite47
5Andreas HoferDK Zalgiris38


1Andreas HoferDK Zalgiris25
2Michal KwiatkowskiNetia - Vonin20
3Ryan EastmanAzteca - NBCSN14
4Ziga GroseljMcCormick Pro Cycling13
5Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior12


1Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior18h45'48
2Enric MasEuskaltel - Elior+ 2'23
3Ka Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 3'44
4Ioannidis KiriakidisCentovalli - Fiat+ 4'44
5Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 4'46

Team Standings

1Azteca - NBCSN56h19'54
2Euskaltel - Elior+ 1'19
3NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 1'27
4GCN ProTeam+ 1'56
5BNZ Cycling Team+ 2'22

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