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Centovalli - Mercato chiuso
Centovalli is happy to welcome their first confirmed riders on board.
However, we're looking to send at least one of them out for loan - so he would come back even stronger in a year!

The first rider we'd like to loan out is Leonardo Basso, a 26-year old Italian who does not fear some smaller hills and cobbles. Furthermore, he has quite a good stamina, so he should be useful even in longer races. He's at 4.26XP, so should be maxed out. He has the minimum wage of 50k.


We looking for a deal where you pay the wage and we pay the mandatory 50k fee. A wage split with 25k each and no fee would be possible as well. The loan condition, as indicated, would be to max him out.
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After a Loan Deal agreement for Basso has been reached (if nothing unforeseen happens, he'll be riding for Repsol - Netflix this season), Centovalli - Fiat are proud to welcome Swiss puncher Fabian Lienhard, who is joining us from Evonik - ELKO. We have heard he was sold too cheap - are we to blame for this? Well, on our side, we'd like to thank knockout for making this deal possible.

Even though we'd have loved seeing him show our jersey already this season, it has been agreed with him that he'd spend one more year in PT/PCT, in order to get more experience in really tough races. Hence, we're looking for a team who will take him in for this season to get him maxed out. He's already at 4.58, so this should be no big deal, even for a PCT team. His wage is just 50k.

Not interested yet? Well, let's take a look at his stats:

Just as Basso, he handles hills quite decently and can be of use even in longer one-day races, due to his stamina. He's a decent sprinter with a nice acceleration, and a great fighter as well.
Interested? We're again looking for a split-wage deal (25k/25k). If he could stay in Switzerland, that would be lovely, but is no condition.
A Loan Deal agreement will probably be reached for Lienhard.
Now, after a serious fight with Generali, we'd like to welcome Fausto Masnada on board! He was one of our absolute top targets - and isn't even maxed out yet!

We know that his salary (300k) is high and might therefore make us unable to loan him out this year already. However, we'll still try - as we're sure he could be of big help to any team!

Let's take a look at his stats:

Isn't that beautiful?
Well, as I said, he was able to negotiate a wage of 300k, and he has XP level 4.00. Due to his salary, we're not even sure if there will be offers, so basically we're open to almost any kind of deal not exceeding our loan cap, meaning we'll have to pay at least 125 - 150k of his wage (can be more). Let's see if maxing out can happen this year already...
Some interest in Masnada has been shown, but no deal has been concluded yet. There are still a lot of options possible, the only condition being that we pay at least 150k of his wage due to loan cap restrictions. Any offer would be welcome!

If no deal can be concluded, we'll be looking to loan out 2 of our 3 level 3 riders ( Boudat, Vendrame, Walscheid). More Derails on them following later, once we'll have given up any hope for Masnada Wink
As we had to expect, no loan deal could unfortunately be concluded for Fausto Masnada. You may call it a rookie mistake to sign a Level 4 rider in CT for a 300k wage. Nonetheless, we did want to get him, and wouldn't probably not have gotten him in a year anymore. Bad luck for us that Generali wanted him too... We're sure he can do good things for us this season, and we'll have another try at loaning him out next year.

Well, now we have to find a Plan B. This would be loaning out some of our Level 3 riders. As we can't afford fees either, we're looking for 50/50 split deals.

Let's take a look at the three possible loanees:

Thomas Boudat, XP 3.00, 25y.o., €55k wage

Andrea Vendrame, XP 3.00, 25y.o., €50k wage

Maximilian Walscheid, XP 3.01, 26y.o., €50k wage

Basically, we're open to any offers involving us not paying the entire wage.

Also, if you want to loan out your Level 1/2 riders and we don't have to pay the wage, we've still some loan cap space, as written previously.
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After a busy morning, our loan cap has drastically shrinked.
We are able to do one last loan-out. Boudat has gone, so Vendrame and Walscheid (stats in the post above) are still available. Both on 50k wage, and we'd do a 50/50 split in each case.
We're finally done with our loan deals for this year.

Now that our deal with ENI - MOL for Leonid Krasnov is secured, we finally have a nice sprinter. However, we're not completely sure if he really fits into the team. After all, all of us won't start learning russian now...
So, if you feel you have a similar rider (we could as well talk about a COB leader), and you want to gain some money - we have almost 200k left, and don't know what to do with - we would be interested in a swap deal. You get Krasnov, we get whoever you feel fits us best. If your rider is a bit younger, we wouldn't be unhappy Smile

Krasnov has a 60k salary, and we could afford up to 65k. And if we don't get good enough offers, well, we'll simply keep him. He sure can do great things for us once he's really integrated into the team - but other riders might be integrated more easily Wink
And you surely want to know about his stats:

In short: Swap deal wanted, no more than 65k wage, we can offer about 150k of additional fee, if we feel it's worth a deal.
No interest in Krasnov has been signalled so far. He's already complaining that it's too hot here in Ticino, so if you could get him some cooler home and provide us with a warm-blooded sprinter in exchange, we'd be happy to talk! And we still have some money to spend. It may not be a lot, but it might be the missing Euros for your training!
That's it, the Centovalli store has closed its doors. No wage cap left, no loan cap left - we're done.

Indosat has agreed on taking Leonid Krasnov in a swap deal. In return, we receive Gian Piero Signorini who will further strengthen our mountain department.
Besides the two hopefully usesful CT draft riders, our roster for 2019 stands now.
Thanks to all for some great deals, and it was a very nice and instructive first transfer season for Centovalli - Fiat!
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