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Tour of America - Stage 13

The GC riders can "relax" a bit as the sprinters get 2 opportunities. Todays the first and except for some climbs early on it`s an easy stage.


A group of 5 is a bit ahead and forms todays break. Some though clearly wanted the KoM points here. They pass the line in this order:
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/san.png L.Gaday
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/teb.png Santambrogio (12pts)
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ers.png Kiflay
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/lse.png Vanthourenhout (28 pts)
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/cdb.png Krigbaum (6pts)

On the Cat.4 it`s Vanthrouenhout winning ahead of Santambrogio and Krigbaum. Hence 5 points for the best placed KoM challenger and up to 33 points now which moves him into 5th position now.

Meanwhile pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/san.png Mauro Richeze crashed on the descent but was quick on his bike again.


One of those days again where the break was losing time from 100km to 40km and then they kept fighting and still have a 1'30 gap with 15km to go.
Reddit yet again having lost their trust into pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/red.png Meyer and he was working all day. Croket is their man for the sprints it seems.

Though more interesting the fight in front as pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ers.png Kiflay did attack and no rider follows. Can he keep this up?


Well, no. It was a good fight until the 6km mark, then though he was caught while the peloton still has that 1'20 gap...tough day for the sprinters it seems. Good for the break.

And just when Kiflay was caught it`s pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/teb.png Santambrogio accelerating and opening a gap.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/cdb.png Krigbaum and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/lse.png Vanthourenhout still try to close it but we are already within the 3km mark.

Both Kiflay and Gaday are beaten and slowly drop back.


And also the sprinters are likely beaten. Too big still the gap even though in especially MOL really making a train instead of sprinting early to have the tiniest chance.


Flamme Rouge and it`s getting closer as Vanthourenhout is closing to Santambrogio.


400m and it`s just one bike length. But the Italian must have saved some energy as he is now going equally fast not allowing the Belgium to gain any more.


And hence the Telia rider wins. Big win for him with the Belgium in 2nd.

Krigbaum sprints onto a nice 3rd and another good result for Carlsberg. Though Bertillsson could have won in theory as well as shown already.


Gaday also ahead of the peloton still as 4th while Opie takes the bunch sprint ahead of Croket and Aregger.

Disappointing stage surely for the big sprinters that have lost a chance here.

Kiflay dropped down to 28th after his attack, which did cost him too much energy for a better stage result.

1Mauro SantambrogioTelia-Brussels Airlines4h42'05
2Michael VanthourenhoutLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
3Mathias KrigbaumCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
4Lucas Manuel GadaySanCors.t.
5Chris OpieWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
6Lars CroketTeam Reddits.t.
7Marcel AreggerTeam UBSs.t.
8Steele Von HoffGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
9Simon GeschkeLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
10RaĂșl Granjel CabreraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
11Giacomo NizzoloTelia-Brussels Airliness.t.
12Elias AfewerkiEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
13Kobe VanoverscheldeMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
14Sung Baek ParkStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
15Soufiane HaddiHaute Route - Mavics.t.
16Roman MaikinKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
17Steve FisherStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
18Daniel JuarezSanCors.t.
19David VeilleuxCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
20Jake KeoughNewton Foundations.t.
21Alex RasmussenCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
22Christian BertilssonCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
23Tony MartinLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
24Michael TorcklerTelia-Brussels Airliness.t.
25Martyn IrvineKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
26Gennadiy TatarinovKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
27Daniele RattoStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
28Metkel KiflayEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
29Yoann OffredoWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
30Hersony CanelonTeam Reddits.t.
31Janvier HadiEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
32Martin HaceckĂœTelia-Brussels Airliness.t.
33Juan Ernesto ChamorroTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
34Warren BarguilTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
35Robert SweetingNewton Foundations.t.
36Patrick SchellingTeam UBSs.t.
37Natnael BerhaneEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
38Tiziano Dall'AntoniaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
39Alessandro De MarchiTelia-Brussels Airliness.t.
40Julien SimonTeam Reddits.t.
41Taylor NewtonNewton Foundations.t.
42Adrien NiyonshutiEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
43Michael Faerk ChristensenCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
44Kevin SeeldraeyersTeam Reddits.t.
45Tsgabu Gebremaryam GrmayHaute Route - Mavics.t.
46Hakon Frengstad BergerTelia-Brussels Airliness.t.
47Nicholas SchultzGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
48Omar FraileNewton Foundations.t.
49Youcef ReguiguiEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
50Clovis KamzongGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
51Viktor ManakovMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
52Sonomtseren DelgerbayarGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
53George Alexandru StancuMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
54Marc Christian GarbyCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
55Domenico PozzovivoWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
56Robert KiserlovskiKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
57Dylan GirdlestoneHaute Route - Mavics.t.
58Niklas EgWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
59Thomas BontenackelsKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
60Audun Brekke FlOttenStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
61Arnold JeannessonTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
62Erick RowsellWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
63Nico DenzKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
64Julian GadaySanCors.t.
65CĂ©sar Rojas VillegasTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
66Piter CamperoGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
67Thibaut PinotHaute Route - Mavics.t.
68Andrea ManfrediTeam Reddits.t.
69Mauro RichezeSanCors.t.
70Sergei PomoshnikovMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
71Dayer QuintanaTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
72Sebastian TolosaSanCors.t.
73Ismail AyouneHaute Route - Mavics.t.
74Silvan DillierTeam UBSs.t.
75Michael SchÀrTeam UBSs.t.
76Erdenebayar DaspuntsagGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
77Laureano RosasSanCors.t.
78Lawrence WarbasseNewton Foundations.t.
79SĂ©bastien IvarsTeam UBSs.t.
80Chris Anker SOrensenCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
81Linus GerdemannKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
82Faycal HamzaEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
83Mwangi SamwelHaute Route - Mavics.t.
84Mikel IturriaMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
85Tiesj BenootLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
86Luis Enrique Lemus DavilaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
87Bart De ClercqLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
88Kristof VandewalleTelia-Brussels Airliness.t.
89Cristian RaileanuTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
90Daniel EatonNewton Foundations.t.
91Raymond KrederLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
92Alexis VuillermozTeam Reddits.t.
93RĂŒdiger SeligWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
94Jordi SimonNewton Foundations.t.
95Jose GoncalvesTeam UBSs.t.
96Dennis Van WindenMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
97Tom ThillLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
98Sam WitmitzGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
99Darwin AtapumaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
100Nils SchomberStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
101Jani TeweldeEritel - Sonatrachs.t.
102Vadim RatiyMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
103Carlos VeronaNewton Foundations.t.
104Mathieu van der PoelLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxs.t.
105Basilio Ramos TiconaTeam UBSs.t.
106Kenny ElissondeTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
107FĂ©lix Emilio BesadaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
108Richard HandleyWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
109Alexey VermeulenStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
110Cameron MeyerTeam Reddits.t.
111John Kronborg EbsenCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
112Théry SchirTeam UBSs.t.
113Brent BookwalterStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
114Aleksey RybalkinMOL-OMV Petroms.t.
115Maximiliano RichezeSanCors.t.
116Rick FlensGarmin - BikeNZ Cyclings.t.
117Juan Pablo MagallanesControl Teams.t.
118Mujtaba HusseinHaute Route - Mavics.t.
119Ariel SivoriSanCors.t.
120Micael IsidoroControl Teams.t.
121Denis KostyukControl Teams.t.
122Mark ChristianWiggle p/b Boardman Bikess.t.
123Dmitry TrakhovAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
124Jordan SchleckStatoil Pro Cyclings.t.
125Charles AnguiletHaute Route - Mavics.t.
126Xavier NievesAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
127Songezo JimTelia-Brussels Airliness.t.
128Andrei SakalouTeam Ticos Air Costa Ricas.t.
129Ole HirschleinKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
130Mikayil KrasnoperovTeam Reddits.t.
131Roniel CamposAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.

1Patrick SchellingTeam UBS44h36'41
2Warren BarguilTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 47
3Robert KiserlovskiKraftwerk Man Machine+ 4'50
4Thibaut PinotHaute Route - Mavic+ 5'51
5Juan Ernesto ChamorroTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 6'48
6Natnael BerhaneEritel - Sonatrach+ 7'39
7Marc Christian GarbyCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 7'58
8Omar FraileNewton Foundation+ 10'03
9Piter CamperoGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 11'42
10Domenico PozzovivoWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 12'39
11Alessandro De MarchiTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 12'51
12Darwin AtapumaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 13'18
13Sergei PomoshnikovMOL-OMV Petrom+ 13'23
14Bart De ClercqLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 14'54
15Tsgabu Gebremaryam GrmayHaute Route - Mavic+ 15'01
16Kenny ElissondeTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 15'26
17Lawrence WarbasseNewton Foundation+ 16'09
18Martin HaceckĂœTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 16'14
19Mikayil KrasnoperovTeam Reddit+ 16'58
20Andrei SakalouTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 17'30
21Janvier HadiEritel - Sonatrach+ 17'52
22Adrien NiyonshutiEritel - Sonatrach+ 19'30
23Dayer QuintanaTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 20'05
24Kevin SeeldraeyersTeam Reddit+ 20'18
25Gennadiy TatarinovKraftwerk Man Machine+ 20'38
26Andrea ManfrediTeam Reddit+ 22'05
27Youcef ReguiguiEritel - Sonatrach+ 22'10
28John Kronborg EbsenCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 22'21
29Ole HirschleinKraftwerk Man Machine+ 23'16
30Erick RowsellWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 23'30
31George Alexandru StancuMOL-OMV Petrom+ 23'40
32Alexis VuillermozTeam Reddit+ 23'41
33Vadim RatiyMOL-OMV Petrom+ 24'52
34Mikel IturriaMOL-OMV Petrom+ 25'12
35Luis Enrique Lemus DavilaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 26'10
36Songezo JimTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 26'50
37Charles AnguiletHaute Route - Mavic+ 27'23
38Clovis KamzongGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 28'10
39Mwangi SamwelHaute Route - Mavic+ 28'43
40Théry SchirTeam UBS+ 28'49
41Jose GoncalvesTeam UBS+ 30'58
42Linus GerdemannKraftwerk Man Machine+ 32'22
43Tony MartinLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 33'35
44Dylan GirdlestoneHaute Route - Mavic+ 38'38
45Arnold JeannessonTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 39'03
46Chris Anker SOrensenCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 41'07
47Brent BookwalterStatoil Pro Cycling+ 43'14
48Taylor NewtonNewton Foundation+ 45'53
49Nico DenzKraftwerk Man Machine+ 47'47
50Ariel SivoriSanCor+ 50'47
51SĂ©bastien IvarsTeam UBS+ 51'52
52Erdenebayar DaspuntsagGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 51'54
53Tom ThillLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 52'05
54Michael VanthourenhoutLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 52'14
55Thomas BontenackelsKraftwerk Man Machine+ 52'48
56Basilio Ramos TiconaTeam UBS+ 52'59
57David VeilleuxCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
58Mark ChristianWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 53'14
59Mauro SantambrogioTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 53'50
60Simon GeschkeLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 53'53
61Aleksey RybalkinMOL-OMV Petrom+ 54'00
62Richard HandleyWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 54'21
63Cristian RaileanuTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 54'33
64Daniel JuarezSanCor+ 54'55
65Mathieu van der PoelLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 55'24
66Jordi SimonNewton Foundation+ 56'24
67Mathias KrigbaumCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 1h00'04
68Niklas EgWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 1h00'33
69Nicholas SchultzGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 1h00'43
70Michael TorcklerTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 1h00'52
71Yoann OffredoWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 1h01'15
72Julien SimonTeam Reddit+ 1h01'41
73RaĂșl Granjel CabreraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 1h03'14
74Raymond KrederLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 1h03'41
75CĂ©sar Rojas VillegasTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 1h05'23
76Metkel KiflayEritel - Sonatrach+ 1h07'30
77Dmitry TrakhovAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 1h08'49
78Lucas Manuel GadaySanCor+ 1h09'09
79Mujtaba HusseinHaute Route - Mavic+ 1h10'43
80Steele Von HoffGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 1h11'38
81Roman MaikinKraftwerk Man Machine+ 1h15'37
82Elias AfewerkiEritel - Sonatrach+ 1h16'48
83Steve FisherStatoil Pro Cycling+ 1h18'22
84Marcel AreggerTeam UBS+ 1h19'19
85Hakon Frengstad BergerTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 1h21'53
86FĂ©lix Emilio BesadaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 1h22'26
87Christian BertilssonCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 1h22'51
88Soufiane HaddiHaute Route - Mavic+ 1h23'26
89Michael SchÀrTeam UBS+ 1h23'38
90Chris OpieWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 1h25'32
91Alexey VermeulenStatoil Pro Cycling+ 1h26'41
92Roniel CamposAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 1h28'08
93Michael Faerk ChristensenCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 1h28'44
94Sam WitmitzGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 1h29'28
95Martyn IrvineKraftwerk Man Machine+ 1h30'03
96Jake KeoughNewton Foundation+ 1h31'31
97Laureano RosasSanCor+ 1h31'42
98Jani TeweldeEritel - Sonatrach+ 1h32'12
99Sung Baek ParkStatoil Pro Cycling+ 1h32'40
100Audun Brekke FlOttenStatoil Pro Cycling+ 1h33'35
101Dennis Van WindenMOL-OMV Petrom+ 1h35'27
102Jordan SchleckStatoil Pro Cycling+ 1h38'17
103Daniel EatonNewton Foundation+ 1h38'33
104Giacomo NizzoloTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 1h39'06
105Julian GadaySanCor+ 1h40'12
106Lars CroketTeam Reddit+ 1h40'28
107Ismail AyouneHaute Route - Mavic+ 1h41'04
108Cameron MeyerTeam Reddit+ 1h41'53
109Tiziano Dall'AntoniaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 1h43'46
110Mauro RichezeSanCor+ 1h45'17
111RĂŒdiger SeligWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 1h45'45
112Kobe VanoverscheldeMOL-OMV Petrom+ 1h46'38
113Sonomtseren DelgerbayarGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 1h47'11
114Sebastian TolosaSanCor+ 1h47'44
115Faycal HamzaEritel - Sonatrach+ 1h48'05
116Kristof VandewalleTelia-Brussels Airlines+ 1h48'21
117Robert SweetingNewton Foundation+ 1h49'37
118Viktor ManakovMOL-OMV Petrom+ 1h50'08
119Maximiliano RichezeSanCor+ 1h52'39
120Alex RasmussenCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 1h53'20
121Tiesj BenootLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 1h54'47
122Daniele RattoStatoil Pro Cycling+ 1h55'41
123Hersony CanelonTeam Reddit+ 2h00'22
124Carlos VeronaNewton Foundation+ 2h00'26
125Nils SchomberStatoil Pro Cycling+ 2h00'41
126Juan Pablo MagallanesControl Team+ 2h03'07
127Xavier NievesAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 2h05'24
128Rick FlensGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 2h07'09
129Denis KostyukControl Team+ 2h17'59
130Silvan DillierTeam UBS+ 2h21'50
131Micael IsidoroControl Team+ 2h26'52

1RaĂșl Granjel CabreraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo96
2Warren BarguilTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica86
3Marcel AreggerTeam UBS85
4Steele Von HoffGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling73
5Patrick SchellingTeam UBS70
6Mauro SantambrogioTelia-Brussels Airlines65
7Giacomo NizzoloTelia-Brussels Airlines62
8Thibaut PinotHaute Route - Mavic58
9Kobe VanoverscheldeMOL-OMV Petrom50
10Christian BertilssonCarlsberg - Danske Bank49

1Warren BarguilTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica58
2Richard HandleyWiggle p/b Boardman Bikes46
3Patrick SchellingTeam UBS42
4Thibaut PinotHaute Route - Mavic34
5Michael VanthourenhoutLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx33
6Natnael BerhaneEritel - Sonatrach30
7Juan Ernesto ChamorroTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica29
8Robert KiserlovskiKraftwerk Man Machine26
9Marc Christian GarbyCarlsberg - Danske Bank22
10Brent BookwalterStatoil Pro Cycling22

1Andrei SakalouTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica44h54'11 (1)
2Janvier HadiEritel - Sonatrach+ 22 (2)
3Dayer QuintanaTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica+ 2'35 (3)
4Andrea ManfrediTeam Reddit+ 4'35 (4)
5George Alexandru StancuMOL-OMV Petrom+ 6'10 (5)
6Mikel IturriaMOL-OMV Petrom+ 7'42 (6)
7Luis Enrique Lemus DavilaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 8'40 (7)
8Théry SchirTeam UBS+ 11'19 (8)
9Nico DenzKraftwerk Man Machine+ 30'17 (9)
10Michael VanthourenhoutLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 34'44 (10)

1Team Ticos Air Costa Rica132h36'09 (1)
2Eritel - Sonatrach+ 18'19 (2)
3Haute Route - Mavic+ 18'20 (3)
4MOL-OMV Petrom+ 19'02 (4)
5Kraftwerk Man Machine+ 22'16 (5)
6Team Reddit+ 24'13 (6)
7Newton Foundation+ 28'42 (7)
8Telia-Brussels Airlines+ 29'02 (8)
9Team UBS+ 34'41 (9)
10Carlsberg - Danske Bank+ 40'24 (10)
11Wiggle p/b Boardman Bikes+ 58'48 (11)
12Garmin - BikeNZ Cycling+ 1h03'35 (12)
13Löbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx+ 1h06'09 (13)
14Aeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 1h09'50 (14)
15SanCor+ 2h28'32 (15)
16Statoil Pro Cycling+ 2h37'57 (16)
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