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MG World Rankings | 2022
MG Teams World Rankings

I've been working on this project for the past couple of days. It follows a FIFA like points based World Rankings for all active MG teams. The details of the calculations are as follows:

1) Only active teams have been considered.
2) Points from the past three years (2014-16) have been considered for coming up with the coefficients.
3) (Significantly) More weight is given to points collected in more recent seasons (Wt. for 2016>>2015>>2014).
4) (Marginally) More weight is given to points accumulated higher divisions (Wt. for PT>PCT>CT).
5) Every time points from the ongoing season (2017) are added to every team, points from the similar period will be taken out from three seasons ago (2014 in this case).

I plan to update the standings every time a Rankings Update is published during the season.

The current standings as of the start of 2017 season are as below:

Festina – DexiaSotD59201
Vesuvio – AccumaluxSportingNonsense53612
Moser SygicRoman52323
Aker – MOTember49474
Tinkoff Sport AcademyOlegTinkov47235
Iberia – Team Degenkolbbeagle42647
Aegon – Lavazzaroturn39459
Jayco – Cobra9tsmoha392510
Orange Pro CyclingCrueTrue375211
Team Puma – SAPcio93364812
Newton FoundationMresuperstar356213
Evonik – ELKOknockout341414
RBC Pro Cyclingjt1109303716
Wiesenhof – AndritzHeine268317
Grieg – Efteltastasol234218
Team UBSBushwackers207719
Meiji – JR Eastvalverde321188421
Porto – PrioGustavovskiy184022
Spotify – Haglöfsviking90154623
Hugo Bossdev4ever146724
Project: Africaaidanvn13139825
Nemiroff – ABBYYfjhoekie136526
Berg Cyclesfintas130327
Eritel – SonatrachSportingNonsense129129
Novatek – Panarmenian.netSelwink109230
Generali – EDFmatt17br106031
Fablok – Bank BGZsgdanny105832
EuskaltelLuis Leon Sanchez102933
Valio – DeLavalAtlantius102934
SPAR – Shimano – SCGBikex97035
Netia – Vónintrekbmc94836
Compal – MeridaBjartne94437
Podium AmbitionTheManxMissile91138
Azteca – NBCSNKentaurus90639
Aeropostal Venezuela CiclismoMiguel9890540
Indosat Oordedoo– ANZEden9584641
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeamOllfardh77142
In-n-Out p/b Carrefourmaxime8671943
Carlsberg – Danske Bankbaseballlover31261544
Ferrero – SamrukSpilak2359945
SanCorIan Butler56747
Kraftwerk Man MachineDaveTwoBob53548
Sauber Petronas Racingsammyt9352150
Haute Route – Mavicthe_hoyle41051
MOL – OMW Petromjaxika40452
Isostar – AdriaticCroatia1437853
Team Ticos Air Costa Ricaste11734654
Eddie Stobartsutty6832355
Xero Racing p/b Octagonjandal731756
World Cycling CenterScorchio27057
Telia – Brussels Airlinesweirdskyfan6424858
Garmin – BikeNZ CyclingJakstar2222159
Wiggle p/b Boardman BikesMartii_Scots0121360
Löbauer Stadtwerke – EtixxPaul2318761
VMP – Argon 18ivaneurope6262
Philips – ContinentalabhishekLFC063
Campari – Super DryTamijo063
Andorra Cycling ProjectYellow Jersey063
Repsol – HondaAquarius97063
Proximus Continental Teamcanojuancho063
Goldcorp – Nordstrom Rackwhitejersey063
The Balkan Cycling ProjectDjordje96063
Kulczyk – DMTEXBooker063
Statoil Pro Cyclinghillis91063
Team RedditVien063

The coefficients are currently low because the scores for the current season (which has the highest weightage) is zero for all teams. Expect the top teams to cross 10000 points at the end of the 2017 season.

I would love to hear from my fellow members in the MG if this is an idea worth pursuing. Please feel free to ask if you have any queries regarding the calculation methodology.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 21-09-2022 06:43
Nice idea, though I would rather have it be for nations and riders instead, as that would rate higher I think for roleplay purposes. Like in football; its based on nations and the club rankings are kinda useless, especially as we're ranked in 3 very different divisions. It would be nice with the nations also, cause then we could see what nations do the best and who does the worst.
I think it's a great idea. It shows relevance and consistency, which I Think is very Nice.

I agree, that a nations list, and riders list would also be cool, but as it is a game, I definately Think that club/team rankings is the most important.
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Very nice idea, although I think you should add the hypothetical PT points for PCT teams as well. Not sure how realistic that plan would be though Wink
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Would be good to see the maths that goes into making the coefficient so we can better understand why the ranking looks as it does.

Also took me a minute to look up which teams havn't been around for 3 full years to sort out a little ranking of how 2-year or 1-year teams faired against each other.
sgdanny wrote:
Nice idea, though I would rather have it be for nations and riders instead, as that would rate higher I think for roleplay purposes. Like in football; its based on nations and the club rankings are kinda useless, especially as we're ranked in 3 very different divisions. It would be nice with the nations also, cause then we could see what nations do the best and who does the worst.

Not to trash the idea as it is, but what sgdanny is saying, a riders rank would be cool, not to mention usefull in transfers
Have to agree with the above I think while this is a nice rankings to have a Rider Rankings to show their consistency maybe a more useful tool in the game shows the must valuable riders based on points in the world could be useful to crown a World No 1 alongside the seasons Number 1 ranked riders per division
Really cool and my team is actually better placed than expected considering that our horrific first season is still included.

I think that especially a nations ranking would be extremely cool, as you would probably have to go over a riders ranking to get there I suppose that could be fun to but for my part the nations ranking would be a lot cooler. But then that might just be the small-nations manager talking Wink

Also not sure you need to give different coefficients as points are already much easier to come by in high divisions and a PT win is given a lot more points than a CT win already.


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Thank you for the responses and suggestions. Keeping track of them all. Will wait some more time to see if more comments come in. Will reply tomorrow and maybe reveal future plans.
I would just keep it a teams rankings though. Have people search for themselves to see who is useful points wise in the transfers, why do the work for them? And I don't really see the point of a nations rankings Smile
Agree with alex on the riders' rankings. Nice work, btw Smile
Thanks for this!
Once again, thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Here are some of my thoughts on what has been said so far...

On the idea of a Riders and Nations ranking...

Have already considered this. Aquarius97 has agreed to help with the riders as I was a little apprehensive with the sheer number in the DB, given I'm not an expert with excel. So he will be taking up this project.

As for this helping out others, the points standings from every season is already an indicator of how a rider is performing every season. So that information is readily available. Also remember that this ranking takes into account the past three years' performance. So if a rider is declining or improving, this might not indicate the same immediately.

On adding PT points for PCT teams...

This would require scrutiny of individual races and I'm not sure this would be feasible at the moment.

On the maths behind the coefficients...

Like I mentioned, it follows the same logic as used by FIFA. Points from the present season has the maximum weight, points from the last season a little less weight, points from two seasons ago even less till three years ago. On an average, the weights go down by a factor of 2 or thereabouts every season.

Currently, PT points have been given more weight than PCT, which in turn has more weight than CT.

On the suggestion of removing different weights for the different divisions...

This is something I have considered and also been suggested elsewhere. This will probably be implemented in the next version of the rankings. As it is, PT scores are higher than PCT, which is higher than CT.

Open for further thoughts and debate on this...
Work on the Rider and Nations rankings has already begun! Aquarius is now a co-owner of this project Smile

Posting the Rankings again. Changes from the previous version:

1) Points scored in all divisions have the same weight.
2) Earlier I was using 4 weights for three years and hence the total at the end of the year would be significantly higher than at the start (points for current year going from zero to maximum). That has been corrected now. As points from the current season are added, points in the same period from each of the previous years will be given one weight lower, respectively. Points from 3 years ago will be dropped.
3) The totals at the start and end of the year, given the same consistency in performance, will not change the coefficient much.
4) There aren't very major changes in rankings even with the above changes.

Festina – DexiaSotD78931
Vesuvio – AccumaluxSportingNonsense71482
Moser SygicRoman69763
Aker – MOTember65964
Tinkoff Sport AcademyOlegTinkov62975
Iberia – Team Degenkolbbeagle56867
Aegon – Lavazzaroturn54829
Jayco – Cobra9tsmoha532810
Team Puma – SAPcio93512811
Orange Pro CyclingCrueTrue500212
Newton FoundationMresuperstar482113
Evonik – ELKOknockout477214
RBC Pro Cyclingjt1109426516
Wiesenhof – AndritzHeine401217
Grieg – Efteltastasol333618
Team UBSBushwackers301019
Porto – PrioGustavovskiy296720
Meiji – JR Eastvalverde321287122
Spotify – Haglöfsviking90257623
Hugo Bossdev4ever247424
Project: Africaaidanvn13233025
Nemiroff – ABBYYfjhoekie227426
Berg Cyclesfintas217128
Eritel – SonatrachSportingNonsense215129
Novatek – Panarmenian.netSelwink191630
Fablok – Bank BGZsgdanny184331
Generali – EDFmatt17br182932
Valio – DeLavalAtlantius179633
EuskaltelLuis Leon Sanchez174234
Podium AmbitionTheManxMissile170935
Compal – MeridaBjartne164836
SPAR – Shimano – SCGBikex164337
Netia – Vónintrekbmc163638
Azteca – NBCSNKentaurus153439
Aeropostal Venezuela CiclismoMiguel98150840
Indosat Oordedoo– ANZEden95148241
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeamOllfardh134042
In-n-Out p/b Carrefourmaxime86127243
Carlsberg – Danske Bankbaseballlover312122944
Ferrero – SamrukSpilak23119845
Kraftwerk Man MachineDaveTwoBob107047
SanCorIan Butler99948
Sauber Petronas Racingsammyt9399749
Haute Route – Mavicthe_hoyle81951
MOL – OMW Petromjaxika80852
Isostar – AdriaticCroatia1475753
Team Ticos Air Costa Ricaste11769254
Xero Racing p/b Octagonjandal763555
Eddie Stobartsutty6859356
World Cycling CenterScorchio54057
Telia – Brussels Airlinesweirdskyfan6449558
Garmin – BikeNZ CyclingJakstar2244359
Wiggle p/b Boardman BikesMartii_Scots0142660
Löbauer Stadtwerke – EtixxPaul2337361
VMP – Argon 18ivaneurope12362
Andorra Cycling ProjectYellow Jersey063
Campari – Super DryTamijo063
Goldcorp – Nordstrom Rackwhitejersey063
Kulczyk – DMTEXBooker063
Philips – ContinentalabhishekLFC063
Proximus Continental Teamcanojuancho063
Repsol – HondaAquarius97063
Statoil Pro Cyclinghillis91063
Team RedditVien063
The Balkan Cycling ProjectDjordje96063

MG World Rankings - After January Rankings Update
Updated World Rankings after the first points update for the season. No team has risen or fallen more than 2 spots in this update. All the new teams have registered their first points in this ranking. In fact, Repsol is already close to overhauling VMP! Inside the top 10, there are just two changes with Moser and Vesuvio exchanging places, as also Aegon and Pendleton's.
TeamCoefficientRankChange this Year
Festina – Dexia775110
Moser Sygic705321
Vesuvio – Accumalux68423-1
Aker – MOT638640
Tinkoff Sport Academy610350
Iberia – Team Degenkolb550470
Aegon – Lavazza545181
Jayco – Cobra95220100
Team Puma – SAP5111110
Orange Pro Cycling4841120
Evonik – ELKO4635131
Newton Foundation455514-1
RBC Pro Cycling4079160
Wiesenhof – Andritz3845170
Grieg – Eftel3280180
Porto – Prio3034191
Meiji – JR East2850202
Team UBS282621-2
Spotify – Haglöfs2594230
Hugo Boss2455240
Project: Africa231126-1
Nemiroff – ABBYY224327-1
Berg Cycles2128280
Eritel – Sonatrach2017290
Fablok – Bank BGZ1847301
Novatek – Panarmenian.net183831-1
Valio – DeLaval1787321
Generali – EDF176833-1
SPAR – Shimano – SCG1641352
Podium Ambition163036-1
Netia – Vónin1619371
Compal – Merida155638-2
Azteca – NBCSN1504390
Indosat Oordedoo– ANZ1501401
Aeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo147641-1
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam1299420
In-n-Out p/b Carrefour1278430
Carlsberg – Danske Bank1224440
Ferrero – Samruk1198450
Kraftwerk Man Machine1077470
Sauber Petronas Racing961490
MOL – OMW Petrom847511
Isostar – Adriatic834521
Haute Route – Mavic77653-2
Xero Racing p/b Octagon668541
Team Ticos Air Costa Rica65855-1
Eddie Stobart563560
Telia – Brussels Airlines551571
World Cycling Center52658-1
Wiggle p/b Boardman Bikes434591
Garmin – BikeNZ Cycling43260-1
Löbauer Stadtwerke – Etixx357610
VMP – Argon 18121620
Repsol – Honda10863
Philips – Continental6164
Campari – Super Dry5565
Team Reddit5466
Kulczyk – DMTEX4467
Proximus Continental Team3168
Goldcorp – Nordstrom Rack2969
The Balkan Cycling Project2070
Andorra Cycling Project1971
Statoil Pro Cycling272

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 22-11-2017 09:31
MG World Rankings - After February Rankings Update
The updated World Rankings sees Festina still maintain a comfortable lead at the top, although the gap to Moser has reduced. A poor February sees Vesuvio's co-efficient fall slightly. Orange and Newton remain the highest ranked PCT teams, although both have fallen a couple of places, to Evonik and Gazelle, since the start of the season. Azteca are the highest ranked CT team.

Netia and MOL are the highest improvers since the start of the season, with a ranking increase of 4 positions. Both teams are enjoying a great start to the season. Aegon and Strava are the biggest upwards movers in the PT, with a 3 position improvement this season. No team has improved more than one position in the CT.

VMP - Argon sees the biggest drop of four places in the rankings, as four of the debutantes go past them in co-efficient points gained. The biggest fall in PT is for Project: Africa and in PCT is for Novatek.
TeamCoefficientRankChange this Year
Festina – Dexia769910
Moser Sygic701621
Vesuvio – Accumalux66293-1
Aker – MOT625840
Tinkoff Sport Academy599650
Aegon – Lavazza573463
Iberia – Team Degenkolb54459-2
Jayco – Cobra95258100
Team Puma – SAP5211110
Evonik – ELKO4892122
Orange Pro Cycling466314-2
Newton Foundation455115-2
RBC Pro Cycling4270160
Wiesenhof – Andritz3754170
Grieg – Eftel3212180
Porto – Prio3180191
Team UBS280121-2
Spotify – Haglöfs2793221
Meiji – JR East273723-1
Hugo Boss267425-1
Nemiroff – ABBYY2529260
Berg Cycles2229271
Project: Africa219028-3
Eritel – Sonatrach2071290
Fablok – Bank BGZ2014301
Generali – EDF1903311
Valio – DeLaval1838321
Novatek – Panarmenian.net182633-3
Netia – Vónin1761344
Podium Ambition1702350
SPAR – Shimano – SCG1659370
Compal – Merida154738-2
Indosat Oordedoo– ANZ1508392
Azteca – NBCSN148540-1
Aeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo144741-1
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam1436420
Carlsberg – Danske Bank1296431
Kraftwerk Man Machine1262443
In-n-Out p/b Carrefour125245-2
Ferrero – Samruk123046-1
MOL – OMW Petrom1041484
Sauber Petronas Racing1002490
Isostar – Adriatic914521
Haute Route – Mavic85253-2
Xero Racing p/b Octagon784541
Team Ticos Air Costa Rica64555-1
World Cycling Center608561
Eddie Stobart58557-1
Telia – Brussels Airlines534580
Wiggle p/b Boardman Bikes453591
Garmin – BikeNZ Cycling41560-1
Löbauer Stadtwerke – Etixx346610
Kulczyk – DMTEX21162
Repsol – Honda16863
Philips – Continental16064
Campari – Super Dry13065
VMP – Argon 1812666-4
Goldcorp – Nordstrom Rack12267
Team Reddit9968
The Balkan Cycling Project8869
Proximus Continental Team5970
Andorra Cycling Project2471
Statoil Pro Cycling772

MG World Rankings - After March Rankings Update
The gap at the top has decreased even further with Moser just 400 points behind Festina. The former has had a storming start to the year and a good Giro can drastically improve their chances at landing the PT crown. Behind them too, the battle has intensified for third place. Aker's good start, coupled with Vesuvio's sluggish early months sees the gap for the final podium spot close up. Strava are the biggest gainers in the PT, having climbed a massive seven spots since the beginning of the year. They sit pretty in third place in the PT rankings, showing that Strava magic endures across all divisions! The biggest fall so far is by eBuddy, who are yet to get off the blocks this season. This is discounting Project: Africa, already down five ranking spots, and looking unlikely to exist as a team for very long hereafter.

Orange and Newton remain the highest placed PCT teams,with no change in their rankings over the past month. Both teams are favourites for promotion, with the latter now leading the PCT rankings. The biggest gainers of the PCT this season is Isostar having improved by five positions so far. UBS has fallen the most, down five spots. Other notable improvements have been made by Netia and Ferrero, both by four positions, while Compal is down four spots.

The CT has not seen a lot of rankings improvements, with most of the top teams consolidating their positions. It has however seen a couple of teams drop massively. SanCor are down five spots from the start of the year while VMP have slipped a massive seven positions. Kulczyk are the best placed new team in the MG. Just two teams remain who are yet to reach 100 coefficient points.
TeamCoefficientRankChange this Year
Festina – Dexia760210
Moser Sygic722221
Vesuvio – Accumalux64183-1
Aker – MOT636540
Tinkoff Sport Academy586650
Aegon – Lavazza544072
Iberia – Team Degenkolb54198-1
Jayco – Cobra95260100
Evonik – ELKO5145113
Team Puma – SAP511812-1
Orange Pro Cycling459514-2
Newton Foundation456415-2
RBC Pro Cycling4464160
Wiesenhof – Andritz3661170
Grieg – Eftel3344180
Porto – Prio3223191
Spotify – Haglöfs2947221
Hugo Boss2775231
Team UBS268524-5
Meiji – JR East258225-3
Nemiroff – ABBYY2492260
Berg Cycles2319271
Fablok – Bank BGZ2114283
Eritel – Sonatrach2079290
Project: Africa206730-5
Generali – EDF1976311
Novatek – Panarmenian.net192832-2
Podium Ambition1902332
Netia – Vónin1833344
SPAR – Shimano – SCG1815352
Valio – DeLaval180736-3
Indosat Oordedoo– ANZ1691383
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam1554393
Compal – Merida149640-4
Ferrero – Samruk1446414
Azteca – NBCSN141942-3
Carlsberg – Danske Bank1418431
Aeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo135944-4
In-n-Out p/b Carrefour128045-2
Kraftwerk Man Machine1273461
Isostar – Adriatic1216485
MOL – OMW Petrom1045493
Sauber Petronas Racing100150-1
Haute Route – Mavic93352-1
Team Ticos Air Costa Rica814540
Xero Racing p/b Octagon759550
World Cycling Center709561
Eddie Stobart56057-1
Telia – Brussels Airlines549580
Wiggle p/b Boardman Bikes437591
Garmin – BikeNZ Cycling39260-1
Löbauer Stadtwerke – Etixx347610
Kulczyk – DMTEX28862
Repsol – Honda22763
Philips – Continental19664
Proximus Continental Team17565
Campari – Super Dry14566
Goldcorp – Nordstrom Rack13767
Andorra Cycling Project12468
VMP – Argon 1812469-7
Team Reddit12170
The Balkan Cycling Project8871
Statoil Pro Cycling2172

Love this ranking. Isostar really making a name for themselves, also thanks to their stellar manager, whilst Ferrero prove the value of theirs. Wonder who will make the next big jump in the coming months, Berg Cycles could be in a for a big jump.

7 rank jump since start of the year is insane for us, high flying strava magic, being top of the class when it comes to promo teams really makes the differnece in such rankings <3 The gap to the next few teams is quite big though, I think 20 is the limit for this season and we are likely to fall after our spring campaign.

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Strava Magic! Lovely to go climb the ranking, thank you very much for the nice words Shonak Smile Congrats on the highest climb!
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Hey thanks guys for commenting guys Smile. To know people are still following this gives me the motivation to keep going...
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