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PCM.daily » Pro Cycling Manager 2013 » PCM 13: Technical issues
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Can't Add Races
Haven't played the game for awhile and now tried 2013 on my nephew computer, it's the only version I missed entirely, and he never really played it.
I have used the search for similar problem, but found none.

The game went fine for awhile, as usual I made a lot of changes with pcm daily db as the base.
But now suddenly almost every newly added race can't be played, some older races are also crash either with quick sim or 3d. The race is in the calendar, and I can see the ingame profile which I think means the game read the sta_stage just fine. And most importantly, it used to be fine. My Zuri Metzgete, etc. used to be fine.
I tried everything, trying adding race to other db, replacing existing race column, using .cdx, even uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but the problem persist. Not only career mode is affected, I can't play newly added race in other mode as well.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.
P.S.: What I meant by newly-added races are not only the race I added myself. But also the downloaded races. Meanwhile, the stages are usable if I put it in races already in the db.
I can also make changes to race variant and other columns in sta_race.

I guess the only way for me play a new race is by using the name of existing race's stage, overwriting it with my stage while borrowing the race id with a new name. Haven't tried it though, because it'd mean I sacrifice one race for other.
I don't have any issue adding races using FullEditor v4, for created single day race or tour.
Just get sure you allocate an unused receID number for your race in STA_race, and gene_sz_filename is the name of the cdx file you will use.
And fkIDfirst stage SHALL BE (this is very important) = 1000 + raceID number.
(If raceID is 356, then fkIDfirst is 1356).
Then fkIDlast stage = number of stage x 1000 + raceID number (example: 4356 for a 4 stages tour).
Then, you have to edit STA_stage in accordance.
Thanks for the response.
Turns out that it didn't have anything to do with races. It was that several cyclists in dyn_cyclist cause problems when they're in the startlits. They were free contract in the first season. Haven't found out why, I think it has to do with erronous entries in some columns because these cyclist are lined up in consecutive order when sorted by ID. Guess the error is not crucial enough to stop the .cdb from being extracted and compiled but enough to crash the game. I ended up delete their contracts, set them free, and retire them :lol:
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