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Isostar - Adriatic Transfers closed
Our squad is ready to rumble!
Edited by Croatia14 on 20-06-2016 09:28
so just a small update: we are still searching for a CT captain! 190k are on our side to splash it on riders that bring us many points or help us to promote cycling in our tareget regions...
Small Update V2

We found 2 deals for new leaders - which means that our budget is empty now. Still there is much to do beneath the signing of FAs.

1. Loan-Ins: Loanees are always welcome, especially if we don´t have to pay wages. Hit me up with any offers.

2. Feeless riders: Riders that are given away for free (and that could help the team) can always find a good home here, especially if their wage is low or they fit into a needed role for the team. Hit me up with this as well.

3. Loan-Outs: We are looking for a new home for our possible signings. Currently we are in negotiations with Bazhkou, Polanc and Potocki. If you have any interest in one of these riding for you on loan next year, feel free to contact our team via PM or Skype.
Loan Day

Things are pretty much turning around, today we need to put in some Loan-Out Deals!

Therefore we are offering some special sorts of deals:

1. The common one: We´ll pay you a fee, and you take most of the wage of the rider.
2. The you give - I give one (only for PT teams): We take your loanee if you take ours. Depending on the strength of the rider it´s most likely that you have to pay more wage, but that should be compensated by either more wage or a bigger fee.

Additional infos:

1.Availability: We are very much open for Loans to all divisions! Yes, also CT! So all teams interested in getting in Loanies come right at me´!

2.Timing: For now there are only CT/PCT riders there for a loan, but that will hopefully change today/tomorrow.

3.Experience: Every rider would of course needed to be levelled up in the loan deal.

4.Money split: I prefer to pay fees over wages, if there is a team fitting to this concept then it would be even better to get into some talks soon!

riders available to find in the opening post!
Edited by Croatia14 on 14-06-2016 06:22
Pavel Potocki already found a new home...we agreed on a loan deal with our fellow countrymen Team I-Gen Festina for a loan with split wages

The next rider up on this list is Luka Pibernik - we are looking for a PCT/PT team that takes him to develop him onto level 4...

What we are also looking for is a guy to loan in that has a wage of 50.000 - and we don´t have to pay a single cent of wage for...if you have a guy like this, come here right at me Smile
and Pibernik is also gone from the list of available guys...stay tuned for the next ones Isostar is swinging on the market Cool
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Posted on 25-01-2020 17:51
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The "Lime LOAN DAY" continues

Now we have our biggest talent on loan! Jan Polanc is looking for a team. A great PT domestique who is valuable on every terrain, specialized in the Northern Classics (76 COB, 76 STA). But he is not only the man von rainy days on dirty streets, he can also climb really well (74 Mo, 72 Hi). His (for a rider type like him) great Acceleration (75 Acc) will help him a lot to join breaks and being successful in it.

If you are a PT team and willing to max him out this season we would like to join some talks. He is on a pretty high wage (150k), but for that issue a solution near to splitting can be found.

Contact us now for offers!

PolancJan70747270767164766575677174150.000 €419SLO24

I had Polanc last year Grin
MG Team manager Team Ticos Air Costa Rica

Polanc is away on loan as well, which closes our loan day for today. But tomorrow is a new day for new adventures in the loan-world of man-game, and we might have the right offers for you guys there...

Oh wait, if you have a nice rider with low demands and don´t complain about a small (no) fee, then you can hit us up now...
Edited by Croatia14 on 14-06-2016 23:17
Isostar - Adriatic is looking for a dominator on CT level - the person should have a wage of maximum 150k! feel free to even do unrealistic offers in terms of strength of riders - there is always a way to find a solution
We are looking for a departure of Stanislau Bazhkou on loan to a PT team!

The wage you pay: 35k
The wage we pay: 20k
The fee you´ll get: 15k
The rider you get: a great helper on every terrain (despite cobbles), specialized in hilly TTs - could help every TTT squad and hill focused team
The main stats he got: 74 HI, 74 TT & PRL, 73 RES

All in all a helper you won´t find that cheap on the market anymore.
But hurry up, the offer will only be available until today´s evening - there should be decided if we he stays or leaves.


Additionally we have 100k left to spend on a transfer of a rider with 70k wage or less - if you have a guy like this, please come at us


We would take a loanie and even pay 40k of the wage, but we would demand a high fee for that, so that we can bid on Ghyselinck with that budget.

We are looking for a departure of Stanislau Bazhkou on loan to a PT team!

The wage you pay: 35k
The wage we pay: 20k
The fee you´ll get: 15k
The rider you get: a great helper on every terrain (despite cobbles), specialized in hilly TTs - could help every TTT squad and hill focused team
The main stats he got: 74 HI, 74 TT & PRL, 73 RES

BazhkouStanislau70677474717369536363676174 / BLR

we still need a Loan Deal for Bazhkou - interest to me!
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