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Giro del Trentino - Stage 1

Opening stage, 13km TTT: AkzoNobel and Generali as the most promising teams. Let's bring it on.


In-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefour as the first team on the road: with Novak as their GC-leader and the team amongst the better lineups for today's stage, there's clearly some ambitions for a good result.

They are setting a first notable best time, obviously..


Akzonobel - Statoil as the next promising team, crossing the first split with the same time as In-n-Out did! Will Akzo fail their big goal to grab this opening timetrial?

Too early to say, but at least, they go for a strong second sector:

new best time, 7 seconds faster than In-n-Out and new provisional third Compal-Merida!


Generali - Kronenbourg 1664 with Girardi as one of the more promising GC-contenders.. maybe the best TTT-lineup behind Akzo and therefore with a clear mission to attack for the stage-win:

+ 7" at the finish though, slightly slower than In-n-Out/Compal to go for 4th place "only"..


DeLaval - Kiitokori with GC-favorite Anacona ain't rated as strong as Akzo, but surely with some TT-power to avoid any unneccessary losses for their premium climber:

+ 8" as 5th today, so amongst the better teams - Anacona though got dropped to lose additional 6 seconds!


Indosat - ANZ with Atapuma with a first (calculated) time loss, but those gaps today probably won't make a too huge difference in the end:

+ 19" as 13th on the stage - but also them drop their GC-leader, so Atapuma still loses about ten seconds lost on Anacona in the end.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/aks.png Wilman crossing the line first for today's winning team: Akzonobel delivered and grabbed the stage, they had to grab here. So how far will Wilman go today? Will this yellow-boost be enough to hang on with the best?

The 20km summit finish with average slopes of 7% won't make it easy, that's certain.

Results Stage 1/

1Akzonobel - Statoil17'08
2In-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefour+ 7
4Generali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
5DeLaval - Kiitokori+ 8
6Carlsberg - Danske Bank+ 13
7Severstal-Mercator+ 15
8Chiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
9Team Type 1+ 16
10Verkefnid Iceland+ 17
11Actavis - DKSHs.t.
12Alpina - Aviancas.t.
13Indosat - ANZ+ 19
14Netia - Norske Skogs.t.
15OTP Bank - Slovnaft+ 21
16Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Team+ 24
18Fablok - Dunlop+ 27
19Strava+ 28
20Fred Whitton Race Team+ 31
21Fox Sports - Golomt Cyclings.t.
22Gatorade - SIS+ 35
23Elta-Hellenic Post+ 39


1Frederik WilmanAkzonobel - Statoil17'08
2Ruben IbanezAkzonobel - Statoils.t.
3Roy GoldsteinAkzonobel - Statoils.t.
4Thomas BontenackelsAkzonobel - Statoils.t.
5Casper JørgensenAkzonobel - Statoils.t.
6Berden De VriesAkzonobel - Statoil+ 2
7Morten ReckwegAkzonobel - Statoil+ 4
8Cornelius Van OoijenAkzonobel - Statoil+ 6
9Cyril LemoineIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
10Blaise SonneryIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
11Jakub NovakIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
12Clement ChevrierIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
13Christian MagerIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
14Yin Chih WangCompal-Merida+ 7
15Kun Hung HungCompal-Meridas.t.
16Michael MatthewsCompal-Meridas.t.
17Christopher SuttonCompal-Meridas.t.
18William WalkerCompal-Meridas.t.
19Pierre RollandGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
20Rudy MolardGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
21Edoardo GirardiGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
22Manuel BellettiGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
23Davide MalacarneGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
24Mateusz TaciakDeLaval - Kiitokori+ 8
25Viktor RenängDeLaval - Kiitokoris.t.
26Branislav SamoilevDeLaval - Kiitokoris.t.
27Ignacio SarabiaDeLaval - Kiitokoris.t.
28Samuel PökäläDeLaval - Kiitokoris.t.
29Ruslan TleubayevCompal-Merida+ 9
30Mauro FinettoGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
31Romain HardyIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
32Bernardo ColexDeLaval - Kiitokori+ 10
33Yoann OffredoIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
34Moris PossoniGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664+ 11
35Antoine MatteauIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
36Chan Jae JangCompal-Merida+ 12
37Lasse BøchmanCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 13
38John Kronborg EbsenCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
39Martin MortensenCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
40Thomas KoepCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
41Fabio SabatiniCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
42Sakari LehtinenDeLaval - Kiitokoris.t.
43Jimmi SørensenCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 14
44Manuele BoaroGenerali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
45Winner AnaconaDeLaval - Kiitokoris.t.
46Hiroshi TsubakiCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 15
47Gabor KasaSeverstal-Mercators.t.
48Esad HasanovicSeverstal-Mercators.t.
49Ivan SavitskiySeverstal-Mercators.t.
50Alex HowesChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
51Chad HagaChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
52Emanuel KiserlovskiSeverstal-Mercators.t.
53Sebastian SalasChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
54Mauro SantambrogioChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
55Ivan BalykinSeverstal-Mercators.t.
56Mark GriffithChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
57Chris BartonTeam Type 1+ 16
58Florian BissingerTeam Type 1s.t.
59Simon StrobelTeam Type 1s.t.
60Thomas PetersonTeam Type 1s.t.
61Craig LewisTeam Type 1s.t.
62SĂ©bastien RosselerCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 17
63Hlynur ThorsteinssonVerkefnid Icelands.t.
64Åsmund Romstad LøvikVerkefnid Icelands.t.
65Gunnlaugur JonassonVerkefnid Icelands.t.
66Yasmani MartinezChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
67Kari BrynjolfssonVerkefnid Icelands.t.
68Andreas LandaVerkefnid Icelands.t.
69Steve MorabitoActavis - DKSHs.t.
70Mathias FlĂĽckigerActavis - DKSHs.t.
71Lukas FlĂĽckigerActavis - DKSHs.t.
72Wilson MarentesActavis - DKSHs.t.
73Chun Kai FengActavis - DKSHs.t.
74Sebastian HenaoAlpina - Avianca+ 18
75Murilo AffonsoAlpina - Aviancas.t.
76Mauricio SolerAlpina - Aviancas.t.
77Royner Grover NavarroAlpina - Aviancas.t.
78William Germán Rodríguez ParraAlpina - Aviancas.t.
79Aleksandr MironovSeverstal-Mercators.t.
80David LozanoTeam Type 1s.t.
81Yousef Mirza BanihammadIndosat - ANZ+ 19
82Ingvar OmarssonVerkefnid Icelands.t.
83Wenlong ZhangIndosat - ANZs.t.
84Bradley WigginsTeam Type 1s.t.
85Mikel NieveIndosat - ANZs.t.
86Hyeong Min ChoeIndosat - ANZs.t.
87Robin ManulangIndosat - ANZs.t.
88Hideto NakaneActavis - DKSHs.t.
89Tomasz MarczynskiNetia - Norske Skog+ 20
90Adam PierzgaNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
91Zsolt DerNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
92Jaroslaw DabrowskiNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
93Karol Andrzej DomagalskiNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
94Gilber ZuritaAlpina - Aviancas.t.
95Tareq EsmaeliChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
96Dmitriy IgnatievSeverstal-Mercators.t.
97Javier MejiasTeam Type 1s.t.
98Wei Cheng LeeIndosat - ANZs.t.
99Piotr MazurNetia - Norske Skog+ 21
100Zoltan SiposOTP Bank - Slovnafts.t.
101Pavel PotockiOTP Bank - Slovnafts.t.
102Marek CaneckyOTP Bank - Slovnafts.t.
103Peter KusztorOTP Bank - Slovnafts.t.
104Gabor FejesOTP Bank - Slovnafts.t.
105Krister HagenNetia - Norske Skog+ 22
106Jan HirtSeverstal-Mercators.t.
107Yoann BagotVerkefnid Icelands.t.
108Fabio MontenegroChiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
109Gianfranco ZilioliActavis - DKSHs.t.
110Cleberson WeberAlpina - Avianca+ 23
111Patrik TyborOTP Bank - Slovnafts.t.
112Peerapol ChawchiangkuangIndosat - ANZs.t.
113Pawel FranczakNetia - Norske Skog+ 24
114Daniele Dall'OsteLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Teams.t.
115Josef CernyLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Teams.t.
116Jens DebusschereLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Teams.t.
117Diego RosaLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Teams.t.
118Edward TheunsLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Teams.t.
119Sergey RudaskovNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
120Mihran AvetisyanNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
121Chu Thien SinelobovNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
122Jiri HudecekNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
123Runar Karl ElfarssonVerkefnid Icelands.t.
124Evgeni PopovNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
125Miguel Angel Rubiano ChavezAlpina - Avianca+ 25
126Darwin AtapumaIndosat - ANZs.t.
127Fabian GigerActavis - DKSHs.t.
128Krisztian LovassyOTP Bank - Slovnaft+ 26
129Jan BartaNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
130Manuel SenniLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Team+ 27
131Stephen VicelichFablok - Dunlops.t.
132Kristijan DurasekFablok - Dunlops.t.
133Juraj SaganFablok - Dunlops.t.
134Lukasz OwsianFablok - Dunlops.t.
135Wojciech PszczolarskiFablok - Dunlops.t.
136Marco CanolaStrava+ 28
137Abdelkader BelmokhtarStravas.t.
138Anton CooperStravas.t.
139Christiaan KriekStravas.t.
140Christoph PfingstenStravas.t.
141Clemens FankhauserOTP Bank - Slovnafts.t.
142Evgeny ShalunovNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
143Arthur VanoverbergheLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Team+ 29
144Brice FeilluFablok - Dunlops.t.
145Francis De GreefLierse SK - Pizza Ullo Cycling Team+ 30
146Angelo TulikStravas.t.
147Sebastien EinsleStravas.t.
148Carter JonesFred Whitton Race Teams.t.
149Justo MayoFred Whitton Race Teams.t.
150Tom LastFred Whitton Race Teams.t.
151Alex CouttsFred Whitton Race Teams.t.
152Graham BriggsFred Whitton Race Teams.t.
153Anthony GiacoppoFox Sports - Golomt Cycling+ 31
154Tormod JacobsenFox Sports - Golomt Cyclings.t.
155Allan DavisFox Sports - Golomt Cyclings.t.
156Gert SteegmansFox Sports - Golomt Cyclings.t.
157Gasper SvabFablok - Dunlops.t.
158Roniel CamposNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
159Max LoschFox Sports - Golomt Cyclings.t.
160Daniel MorenoFred Whitton Race Team+ 32
161Zakayo NdbriFred Whitton Race Teams.t.
162Gregor MuhlbergerStrava+ 33
163Christian BertilssonFox Sports - Golomt Cyclings.t.
164Julien BerardFablok - Dunlop+ 34
165Peter PancakeGatorade - SIS+ 35
166Ricardo Delgado RubioGatorade - SISs.t.
167Luke Grivell-MellorGatorade - SISs.t.
168Luis Angel MateGatorade - SISs.t.
169Yoann BarbasFox Sports - Golomt Cyclings.t.
170Joseph BiziyaremyeGatorade - SISs.t.
171Javier Joaquin NavarroFred Whitton Race Teams.t.
172Gavin MannionGatorade - SIS+ 37
173Timothy RoeFox Sports - Golomt Cycling+ 38
174Jaroslav KulhavyElta-Hellenic Post+ 39
175Vasileios SimantirakisElta-Hellenic Posts.t.
176Kyriakos SkettosElta-Hellenic Posts.t.
177Christos KatrakisElta-Hellenic Posts.t.
178Vassilis AdamouElta-Hellenic Posts.t.
179Robby SquireGatorade - SISs.t.
180Christos VolikakisElta-Hellenic Post+ 42
181Jonathan DibbenGatorade - SISs.t.
182Petros GkazonisElta-Hellenic Post+ 44
183Juan Carlos Rienda SeguraElta-Hellenic Post+ 47
184Allan DangerControl Team+ 7'02
185Nicolas WinterControl Teams.t.
186Leris MoukagniControl Teams.t.


None yet


None yet


1Roy GoldsteinAkzonobel - Statoil17'08
2Clement ChevrierIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefour+ 7
3Christian MagerIn-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefours.t.
4Michael MatthewsCompal-Meridas.t.
5Samuel PökäläDeLaval - Kiitokori+ 8
6Thomas KoepCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 13
7Sakari LehtinenDeLaval - Kiitokoris.t.
8Jimmi SørensenCarlsberg - Danske Banks.t.
9Hiroshi TsubakiCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 15
10Ivan SavitskiySeverstal-Mercators.t.


1Akzonobel - Statoil17'08
2In-n-Out Cycling Team Powered By Carrefour+ 7
4Generali - Kronenbourg 1664s.t.
5DeLaval - Kiitokori+ 8
6Carlsberg - Danske Bank+ 13
7Severstal-Mercator+ 15
8Chiquita - Universal p/b Minionss.t.
9Team Type 1+ 16
10Verkefnid Iceland+ 17

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