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Tour do Rio - Stage 5

Today brings the final stage of the Tour do Rio. Almost completely flat, anything other than a bunch sprint would be a surprise. Your favourites are i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rep_zps8fe99b28.png Andriato, i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi and i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/prp_zps2240497e.png Santos, who are all at short odds to be raising their arms come the end of the day.

The race begins at a slow pace, yet no-one is prepared to attack before the first sprint point. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rep_zps8fe99b28.png Andriato takes it uncontested, with two Repsol teammates sweeping the other positions.


Surprisingly no attacks arrive as the day progresses, with a slow pace tapped out on the front of the peloton. That leaves the sprinters to battle out the next two sprint points.

It is the same three sprinters who contest the points on both, with i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bcr_zps86f2c872.png Guillen taking the first and i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi the second.

Intermediate 2i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bcr_zps86f2c872.png Guilleni439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rep_zps8fe99b28.png Andriatoi439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi
Intermediate 3i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchii439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bcr_zps86f2c872.png Guilleni439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rep_zps8fe99b28.png Andriato


After those two sprints, with 50 kilometres left, finally an attack is launched. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/fcb_zpse1da305d.png Grau is the rider to go, and with his King of the Mountains jersey secured he is going stage hunting today.


The sprinters' teams don't like this though and bring it back so that their leaders can contest the fourth and final sprint.


i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bcr_zps86f2c872.png Guillen takes it, just ahead of i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi and i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rep_zps8fe99b28.png Andriato, the usual suspects at these sprints.


It remains to be seen if those two can win a stage here though, as the peloton speeds up as the race enters Rio. Boeing control the peloton as the closing stages of the stage unfold.


Under the 10 kilometres to go banner, BNCR are assisting Boeing on the front, leading the bunch into the inevitable bunch sprint.


5 kilometres later, Boeing have set up the sole train after i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bcr_zps86f2c872.png Guillen was dropped from the peloton. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi is obviously in prime position, with i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/prp_zps2240497e.png Santos and i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/fcb_zpse1da305d.png Lequatre also well placed.


i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Mihaylov, the Boeing leadout man for i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi, remains calm as i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/wwe_zpsb6c72e16.png Damrow launches his sprint on the left. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/icv_zps83bfa75e.png Anton Martin has found i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/prp_zps2240497e.png Santos' wheel, who is lagging behind the Boeing train a bit.


With just 1800 metres left, i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/fcb_zpse1da305d.png Lequatre has decided to go early and has moved into the lead. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rep_zps8fe99b28.png Andriato is challenging him, while i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi is still being lead out behind.


Into the final kilometre, i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/fcb_zpse1da305d.png Lequatre still holds the lead. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/wwe_zpsb6c72e16.png Damrow is the closest challenger is second.


i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/prp_zps2240497e.png Santos is out of it with 800 metres left to go, meaning a new stage winner will be produced today. Who it will be is the question, i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/fcb_zpse1da305d.png Lequatre still looks the most likely candidate at the moment.


Maybe not! i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/gzl_zps14c119b5.png Duarte Nardin, the big pre-race favourite has been rather quiet here so far, sneaking his way into fifth overall. Today could be his chance to shine on home turf though, as he bursts into the lead with great speed!


i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/vtf_zps1d97281a.png Moren is coming on the left, but the stage seems to be the Brazilian's!


i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/gzl_zps14c119b5.png Duarte Nardin takes the stage! Of course we couldn't leave Brazil without the country's most successful rider taking a stage. That win also moves him onto the overall podium, going ahead of Rodas on countback.


i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/vtf_zps1d97281a.png Moren timed his sprint well to take second here, with i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/icv_zps83bfa75e.png Anton Martin finishing on the podium once more. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/vtf_zps1d97281a.png Galle and i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/vtf_zps1d97281a.png Tianen complete the top five, on a good day for Vattenfall where they took a 2-4-5.

Despite his below-par performance today, there is no doubt who was the standout rider here in Brazil though. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/prp_zps2240497e.png Santos took three stages of the race, and is a deserved winner of the overall here as well as the points.

i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/fcb_zpse1da305d.png Grau takes the King of the Mountains competition thanks to some agressive riding, something we also knew yesterday, while i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/icv_zps83bfa75e.png Anton Martin takes the U25 classification. The best team is WWE.

Stage Result

1Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelle4h04'01
2Patrik MorenVattenfall Cyclings.t.
3Francisco Anton MartinIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
4Simon GalleVattenfall Cyclings.t.
5Sami TiainenVattenfall Cyclings.t.
6Antonio CarvalhoPrio - Portos.t.
7Xavier FlorencioFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
8Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelles.t.
9Alexander GottfriedTeam WWEs.t.
10Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
11Geoffroy LequatreFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
12Bruno SantosPrio - Portos.t.
13Jose Vicente ToribioIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
14Antonio BuccieroBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
15David VeilleuxTeam WWEs.t.
16Vadim ShaekhovTeam Gazelles.t.
17Michael Rodriguez GalindoRepsol-Cativens.t.
18Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
19Pavlin BalinskiBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
20Marcos CrespoVattenfall Cyclings.t.
21Honorio MachadoRepsol-Cativens.t.
22Marco MinnardTeam Gazelles.t.
23Ngock Yves NgueMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
24Tyler DayMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
25Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
26Andoni BlazquezIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
27Johan Esteban ChavesIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
28Samuel S√°nchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
29Bram TankinkTeam WWEs.t.
30Nikolay MihaylovBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
31Stefan IhlenfeldtMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
32Jonas VangenechtenTeam Gazelles.t.
33Sebastian AnayaRepsol-Cativens.t.
34Jaume RoviraFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
35Jonathan Tiernan-LockeBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
36Matej MugerliTeam Gazelles.t.
37Francesco ChicchiBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
38Johann RabieMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
39Mikhel RonimoisVattenfall Cyclings.t.
40Bruno PiresPrio - Portos.t.
41Javier ChaconIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
42John Kronborg EbsenVattenfall Cyclings.t.
43Hayden RoulstonTeam WWEs.t.
44Sascha DamrowTeam WWEs.t.
45Juli√°n RodasMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
46Juan Pablo ValenciaIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
47Juli√°n BecerraTeam WWEs.t.
48Jaco VenterTeam Gazelles.t.
49Craig LewisMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
50Mikel AstarlozaTeam WWEs.t.
51Luis AfonsoPrio - Portos.t.
52Rui Pedro VinhasPrio - Portos.t.
53Nicolas BrolinVattenfall Cyclings.t.
54Alberto Rodriguez OliverFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
55Rob BrittonBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
56Rafael AndriatoRepsol-Cativens.t.
57Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 1'41
58Allan MoralesBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
59Marco SalasBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
60Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
61Ahmed AhmedBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
62Marco GuillénBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
63Rodrigo NascimentoPrio - Portos.t.
64Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 2'50
65Robby MeulBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 7'01
66Xavier QuevedoRepsol-Cativens.t.
67Fernando BricenoRepsol-Cativens.t.
68Bernardo ColexBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
69Jan AlmbladRepsol-Cativens.t.
70Bruno SilvaPrio - Portos.t.


1Bruno SantosPrio - Porto19h42'22
2Francisco Anton MartinIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 36
3Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelle+ 46
4Juli√°n RodasMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
5Patrik MorenVattenfall Cycling+ 54
6Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelles.t.
7Honorio MachadoRepsol-Cativen+ 1'02
8Alexander GottfriedTeam WWE+ 1'06
9Simon GalleVattenfall Cyclings.t.
10Andoni BlazquezIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
11Ngock Yves NgueMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
12Samuel S√°nchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
13Bruno PiresPrio - Portos.t.
14Michael Rodriguez GalindoRepsol-Cativens.t.
15Matej MugerliTeam Gazelles.t.
16Johann RabieMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
17Jose Vicente ToribioIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
18Jaume RoviraFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
19Jonathan Tiernan-LockeBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
20Mikhel RonimoisVattenfall Cyclings.t.
21Craig LewisMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
22Johan Esteban ChavesIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
23Juan Pablo ValenciaIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
24Juli√°n BecerraTeam WWEs.t.
25Stefan IhlenfeldtMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
26Luis AfonsoPrio - Portos.t.
27Javier ChaconIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
28Jaco VenterTeam Gazelles.t.
29Rob BrittonBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
30Rui Pedro VinhasPrio - Portos.t.
31Nicolas BrolinVattenfall Cyclings.t.
32Xavier FlorencioFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 2'17
33David VeilleuxTeam WWEs.t.
34Marco MinnardTeam Gazelle+ 2'43
35John Kronborg EbsenVattenfall Cyclings.t.
36Mikel AstarlozaTeam WWEs.t.
37Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 2'47
38Marco SalasBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
39Vadim ShaekhovTeam Gazelle+ 3'31
40Jonas VangenechtenTeam Gazelle+ 4'07
41Rafael AndriatoRepsol-Cativen+ 6'47
42Geoffroy LequatreFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 8'13
43Tyler DayMTN - World Bicycle Relief+ 8'33
44Alberto Rodriguez OliverFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
45Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 9'02
46Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 10'14
47Bruno SilvaPrio - Porto+ 11'38
48Nikolay MihaylovBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 12'07
49Marcos CrespoVattenfall Cycling+ 12'19
50Hayden RoulstonTeam WWE+ 13'56
51Allan MoralesBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 14'00
52Xavier QuevedoRepsol-Cativen+ 14'32
53Jan AlmbladRepsol-Cativen+ 16'22
54Francesco ChicchiBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 19'39
55Sami TiainenVattenfall Cycling+ 20'19
56Antonio CarvalhoPrio - Portos.t.
57Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
58Antonio BuccieroBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
59Sebastian AnayaRepsol-Cativens.t.
60Marco GuillénBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 21'24
61Bram TankinkTeam WWE+ 21'38
62Rodrigo NascimentoPrio - Porto+ 21'39
63Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - World Bicycle Relief+ 21'56
64Ahmed AhmedBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 22'00
65Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 23'13
66Sascha DamrowTeam WWE+ 26'01
67Pavlin BalinskiBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
68Bernardo ColexBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 27'10
69Robby MeulBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 27'20
70Fernando BricenoRepsol-Cativen+ 29'14


1Bruno SantosPrio - Porto90
2Francisco Anton MartinIberia - Communidad Valenciana77
3Rafael AndriatoRepsol-Cativen63
4Francesco ChicchiBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling62
5Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelle51
6Marco GuillénBanco Nacional de Costa Rica48
7Geoffroy LequatreFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm43
8Patrik MorenVattenfall Cycling41
9Sami TiainenVattenfall Cycling36
10Tyler DayMTN - World Bicycle Relief34

11Marcos CrespoVattenfall Cycling30
12Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelle28
13Juli√°n RodasMTN - World Bicycle Relief25
14Nikolay MihaylovBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling23
15Alexander GottfriedTeam WWE21
16Xavier FlorencioFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm19
17Bram TankinkTeam WWE18
18Simon GalleVattenfall Cycling16
19Marco MinnardTeam Gazelle14
20Antonio CarvalhoPrio - Porto14
21Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm13
22Sascha DamrowTeam WWE13
23Ngock Yves NgueMTN - World Bicycle Relief12
24Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm11
25Johann RabieMTN - World Bicycle Relief10
26Honorio MachadoRepsol-Cativen8
27Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica8
28Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - World Bicycle Relief8
29Andoni BlazquezIberia - Communidad Valenciana6
30Samuel S√°nchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valenciana6
31Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica4
32Michael Rodriguez GalindoRepsol-Cativen3
33Jose Vicente ToribioIberia - Communidad Valenciana3
34Bruno PiresPrio - Porto2
35Xavier QuevedoRepsol-Cativen2
36Antonio BuccieroBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling2
37Jaume RoviraFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm1
38David VeilleuxTeam WWE1


1Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm30
2Bram TankinkTeam WWE22
3Juli√°n RodasMTN - World Bicycle Relief10
4Alexander GottfriedTeam WWE10
5Nikolay MihaylovBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling10
6Jonathan Tiernan-LockeBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling8
7Samuel S√°nchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valenciana6
8Bernardo ColexBanco Nacional de Costa Rica6
9Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - World Bicycle Relief6
10Juli√°n BecerraTeam WWE4

11Xavier QuevedoRepsol-Cativen4
12Sebastian AnayaRepsol-Cativen4
13Bruno PiresPrio - Porto2
14Johan Esteban ChavesIberia - Communidad Valenciana1
15John Kronborg EbsenVattenfall Cycling1
16Bruno SilvaPrio - Porto1
17Rodrigo NascimentoPrio - Porto1


1Francisco Anton MartinIberia - Communidad Valenciana19h42'58
2Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelle+ 10
3Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelle+ 18
4Ngock Yves NgueMTN - World Bicycle Relief+ 30
5Michael Rodriguez GalindoRepsol-Cativens.t.
6Mikhel RonimoisVattenfall Cyclings.t.
7Johan Esteban ChavesIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
8Juan Pablo ValenciaIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
9Stefan IhlenfeldtMTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
10Luis AfonsoPrio - Portos.t.


1Team WWE59h10'24
2Vattenfall Cyclings.t.
3Team Gazelles.t.
4MTN - World Bicycle Reliefs.t.
5Iberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
6Prio - Portos.t.
7FC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 1'11
8Repsol-Cativen+ 6'27
9Boeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 11'13
10Banco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 12'30

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