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Tour de Pologne - Stage 6
Today gives us 191km with 10 category 1 climbs! This is definitely the queen stage of the Tour de Pologne, with the GC and KOM jerseys likely to be decided


We get two people in the BOTD today. Alex Rodriguez Oliver (Barca) is here for the second day in a row, and is joined by Marco Alexandre Ferreira Cunha (Privatbank).


There's enough points on offer that one of these two will receiove the KOM jersey, and whilst Cunha puts up a brave fight...


....it's Rodriguez who will take the jersey today by 4 points!


Back to the rest of today, and the break is captured with 30km to go


And 6km later, on the pneultimate categorised climb of the day, a bold attack from 30th placed Kim Kirchen (Allianz)!


And whilst others try, it's only Kirchen who builds up a lead by the time of the descent.


Onto the final climb, and Kirchen still has a 30 second lead with 14km to go!


Which he still holds at the top. Under 10km to go...


...and it's ended rather quickly. Kirchen loses his lead within a kilometre, must have burnt himself out trying to hold the gap going uphill.


But 2 riders definitely aren't burnt out. Furdi (Gazelle) and Vorganov (Privatbank) try to escape on the descent.


Furdi is the only one to stay away, and stay away he has done! He has a 27 second lead with 3km to go, and an uphill finish is all that remains between him and glory.


As the pack sprints after him, it's Samuel Sanchez (Iberia) who tries to jump away first.


It's every man for himself here. as Torckler and Nieve jump ahaead of the yellow jersey. Is Rodriguez in trouble?


Up front, there's no doubts about the winner!


Sanchez finishes 21 seconds behind. He started the day on the same time as Furdi


Torkcler finishes 3rd, with Rodriguez having paced himself well into fourth. But has he kept yellow?


A 46 second deficit means he hasn't! Furdi gets rewarded for a fine attack to take yellow by 13 seconds. Rodriguez and Scarponi both slip a place to round up the podium, whilst Sanchez leaps up to fourth, providing some consolation to Iberia.

1Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelle6h00'59
2Samuel Sánchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 21
3Michael TorcklerTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 46
4Joaquin Rodriguez OliverIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
5Pieter WeeningTeam Gazelles.t.
6Jose Vicente ToribioIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
7Dietmar Mehr-WenigeAdira-Isq Projects.t.
8Mikel NieveFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
9Markus EibeggerMagna-Ryanairs.t.
10Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.

11Michele ScarponiKappa-ENIs.t.
12Andoni BlazquezIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
13Sergiu CiobanEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
14Matej MugerliTeam Gazelles.t.
15Przemyslaw NiemiecTeam Credexbanks.t.
16Kim KirchenAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
17Evaldas SiskeviciusEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
18Tomas OkrouhlickyAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
19Lieuwe WestraTeam Gazelles.t.
20Nazar JumabekovBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
21Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
22Anthony DelaplaceAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
23Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
24Francesco FailliKappa-ENIs.t.
25Christiaan KriekTeam Gazelles.t.
26Lars AnderssonEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
27Perikles IliasMagna-Ryanairs.t.
28Dominik HrinkowMagna-Ryanairs.t.
29Fredrik Strand GaltaAdira-Isq Projects.t.
30Marco MinnardTeam Gazelles.t.
31Erdenebayar DaspuntsagTeam Gazelles.t.
32Rafael ReisAdira-Isq Projects.t.
33Tom Jelte SlagterBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
34Eduard VorganovTeam Privatbanks.t.
35Philip LindauEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
36Marcio PortelaAdira-Isq Project+ 1'57
37Xavier FlorencioFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
38Sven Erik BystromIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
39Kieran FrendTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
40Sigurd NessetIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 4'28
41Alexei TsikhanauTeam Credexbank+ 6'09
42Clinton AveryTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 6'26
43Oleksandr PolivodaTeam Privatbanks.t.
44Antoine MatteauMagna-Ryanairs.t.
45Francisco LascaKappa-ENIs.t.
46Michal GolasTeam Credexbanks.t.
47Volodymyr DzhusTeam Privatbanks.t.
48Klaas SysKappa-ENIs.t.
49Robert RetschkeTeam Credexbanks.t.
50Marco Alexandre Ferreira CunhaTeam Privatbank+ 7'15
51Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
52Tom DavidTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
53Aaron GateTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 9'20
54Gökhan HastaAdira-Isq Projects.t.
55Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 15'17
56Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
57Isaac SpeirsMagna-Ryanairs.t.
58Volodymyr GomenyukTeam Privatbanks.t.
59Allan MoralesBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
60Mirko TrosinoKappa-ENIs.t.
61Yves LampaertAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
62David KoppBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
63Arnoldas ValiausaEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
64Haimar ZubeldiaControl Teams.t.
65Yoeri HavikAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
66Angel ViciosoControl Teams.t.
67Alexander PorsevEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
68Ă“scar Pereiro SioControl Teams.t.
69Iban MayoControl Teams.t.
70Mark RenshawTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
71Francisco ManceboControl Teams.t.
72Robby MeulBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
73Saulo LayIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
74Mohamed Harrif SallehAdira-Isq Projects.t.
75Daniil FominykhTeam Credexbank+ 20'46
76Sergey BormatenkovTeam Credexbank+ 20'53
77Oscar FreireControl Teams.t.
78Petr VakocMagna-Ryanair+ 21'11
79Manuel BellettiMagna-Ryanairs.t.
80Mattia GavazziEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
81Gabor KasaAdira-Isq Project+ 22'05
82Alberto Rodriguez OliverFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
83Roman MaksimovTeam Privatbank+ 24'44
84Daniel ThorsenAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
85Davide AppollonioKappa-ENI+ 25'46
86Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 27'38
87Arturs AnsonsTeam Privatbank+ 27'45
88Ilia KoshevoyTeam Credexbank+ 31'47

1Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelle29h49'43
2Joaquin Rodriguez OliverIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 13
3Michele ScarponiKappa-ENI+ 17
4Samuel Sánchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 29
5Pieter WeeningTeam Gazelle+ 37
6Michael TorcklerTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 38
7Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 45
8Lieuwe WestraTeam Gazelle+ 46
9Sergiu CiobanEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 58
10Evaldas SiskeviciusEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 1'02

11Tomas OkrouhlickyAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
12Markus EibeggerMagna-Ryanair+ 1'06
13Matej MugerliTeam Gazelles.t.
14Dietmar Mehr-WenigeAdira-Isq Projects.t.
15Perikles IliasMagna-Ryanairs.t.
16Marco MinnardTeam Gazelles.t.
17Francesco FailliKappa-ENIs.t.
18Jose Vicente ToribioIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.
19Eduard VorganovTeam Privatbanks.t.
20Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
21Kim KirchenAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
22Dominik HrinkowMagna-Ryanairs.t.
23Erdenebayar DaspuntsagTeam Gazelles.t.
24Mikel NieveFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
25Przemyslaw NiemiecTeam Credexbanks.t.
26Christiaan KriekTeam Gazelles.t.
27Nazar JumabekovBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
28Tom Jelte SlagterBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
29Fredrik Strand GaltaAdira-Isq Projects.t.
30Marcio PortelaAdira-Isq Project+ 2'11
31Xavier FlorencioFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 2'17
32Kieran FrendTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
33Lars AnderssonEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 2'52
34Philip LindauEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 3'10
35Robert RetschkeTeam Credexbank+ 6'28
36Alexei TsikhanauTeam Credexbank+ 6'29
37Oleksandr PolivodaTeam Privatbank+ 6'30
38Clinton AveryTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 6'40
39Michal GolasTeam Credexbank+ 6'44
40Antoine MatteauMagna-Ryanair+ 6'46
41Klaas SysKappa-ENIs.t.
42Marco Alexandre Ferreira CunhaTeam Privatbank+ 7'29
43Francisco LascaKappa-ENI+ 8'23
44Rafael ReisAdira-Isq Project+ 8'35
45Gökhan HastaAdira-Isq Project+ 15'02
46Sigurd NessetIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 15'23
47Anthony DelaplaceAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 19'33
48Alexander PorsevEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 20'01
49Volodymyr DzhusTeam Privatbank+ 22'10
50Mirko TrosinoKappa-ENI+ 22'29
51Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 23'53
52Alberto Rodriguez OliverFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 24'03
53Sven Erik BystromIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 25'16
54Andoni BlazquezIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 25'49
55Aaron GateTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 27'46
56Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 29'33
57David KoppBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 30'07
58Volodymyr GomenyukTeam Privatbank+ 30'26
59Tom DavidTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 30'34
60Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
61Arturs AnsonsTeam Privatbank+ 30'47
62Petr VakocMagna-Ryanair+ 35'27
63Mark RenshawTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 35'47
64Yves LampaertAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 37'09
65Saulo LayIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 38'10
66Allan MoralesBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 39'24
67Robby MeulBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 40'25
68Davide AppollonioKappa-ENI+ 41'10
69Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 42'04
70Mohamed Harrif SallehAdira-Isq Project+ 43'45
71Daniil FominykhTeam Credexbank+ 44'05
72Isaac SpeirsMagna-Ryanair+ 44'17
73Manuel BellettiMagna-Ryanair+ 44'22
74Yoeri HavikAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 44'30
75Gabor KasaAdira-Isq Project+ 46'23
76Sergey BormatenkovTeam Credexbank+ 46'35
77Mattia GavazziEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 47'44
78Francisco ManceboControl Team+ 48'43
79Arnoldas ValiausaEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 48'44
80Angel ViciosoControl Team+ 51'06
81Daniel ThorsenAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 54'40
82Iban MayoControl Team+ 55'07
83Haimar ZubeldiaControl Team+ 55'37
84Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 55'52
85Roman MaksimovTeam Privatbank+ 56'21
86Ă“scar Pereiro SioControl Team+ 57'12
87Oscar FreireControl Team+ 1h09'49
88Ilia KoshevoyTeam Credexbank+ 1h12'09

1Joaquin Rodriguez OliverIberia - Communidad Valenciana1481
2Michael TorcklerTeam Cadbury - Schweppes1667
3Michele ScarponiKappa-ENI561
4Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelle2549
5Saulo LayIberia - Communidad Valenciana043
6Oleksandr PolivodaTeam Privatbank034
7Michal GolasTeam Credexbank032
8Markus EibeggerMagna-Ryanair730
9Samuel Sánchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valenciana2029
10Pieter WeeningTeam Gazelle1228

11Xavier FlorencioFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm028
12Roman MaksimovTeam Privatbank027
13Lieuwe WestraTeam Gazelle026
14Manuel BellettiMagna-Ryanair025
15Francisco LascaKappa-ENI024
16Dietmar Mehr-WenigeAdira-Isq Project921
17Sergiu CiobanEkspla-Cision Cycling Team320
18Kieran FrendTeam Cadbury - Schweppes020
19Davide AppollonioKappa-ENI020
20Evaldas SiskeviciusEkspla-Cision Cycling Team019
21Robert RetschkeTeam Credexbank018
22Robby MeulBanco Nacional de Costa Rica018
23Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica017
24Clinton AveryTeam Cadbury - Schweppes016
25Jose Vicente ToribioIberia - Communidad Valenciana1015
26Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm614
27Mattia GavazziEkspla-Cision Cycling Team014
28Matej MugerliTeam Gazelle213
29Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm012
30Andoni BlazquezIberia - Communidad Valenciana612
31Perikles IliasMagna-Ryanair010
32Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm010
33David KoppBanco Nacional de Costa Rica09
34Mikel NieveFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm88
35Alberto Rodriguez OliverFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm48
36Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica08
37Volodymyr GomenyukTeam Privatbank07
38Marcio PortelaAdira-Isq Project06
39Marco Alexandre Ferreira CunhaTeam Privatbank66
40Tomas OkrouhlickyAllianz-BMW Cycling Team05
41Marco MinnardTeam Gazelle05
42Mark RenshawTeam Cadbury - Schweppes05
43Sven Erik BystromIberia - Communidad Valenciana05
44Christiaan KriekTeam Gazelle04
45Erdenebayar DaspuntsagTeam Gazelle03
46Yoeri HavikAllianz-BMW Cycling Team03
47Fredrik Strand GaltaAdira-Isq Project02
48Arturs AnsonsTeam Privatbank02
49Przemyslaw NiemiecTeam Credexbank11
50Isaac SpeirsMagna-Ryanair01

1Alberto Rodriguez OliverFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm104132
2Marco Alexandre Ferreira CunhaTeam Privatbank120128
3Marcio PortelaAdira-Isq Project2888
4Erdenebayar DaspuntsagTeam Gazelle3674
5Sven Erik BystromIberia - Communidad Valenciana6666
6Tomas OkrouhlickyAllianz-BMW Cycling Team060
7Clinton AveryTeam Cadbury - Schweppes052
8Alexander PorsevEkspla-Cision Cycling Team052
9Andoni BlazquezIberia - Communidad Valenciana4652
10Yves LampaertAllianz-BMW Cycling Team040

11Tom DavidTeam Cadbury - Schweppes032
12David KoppBanco Nacional de Costa Rica030
13Jose Vicente ToribioIberia - Communidad Valenciana2828
14Gökhan HastaAdira-Isq Project1228
15Sigurd NessetIberia - Communidad Valenciana2628
16Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppes828
17Klaas SysKappa-ENI026
18Anthony DelaplaceAllianz-BMW Cycling Team022
19Kim KirchenAllianz-BMW Cycling Team2020
20Matej MugerliTeam Gazelle018
21Christiaan KriekTeam Gazelle018
22Przemyslaw NiemiecTeam Credexbank018
23Petr VakocMagna-Ryanair1618
24Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm018
25Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelle1014
26Francesco FailliKappa-ENI614
27Rafael ReisAdira-Isq Project214
28Mikel NieveFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm1212
29Pieter WeeningTeam Gazelle010
30Evaldas SiskeviciusEkspla-Cision Cycling Team1010
31Saulo LayIberia - Communidad Valenciana1010
32Markus EibeggerMagna-Ryanair08
33Dietmar Mehr-WenigeAdira-Isq Project88
34Nazar JumabekovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica88
35Joaquin Rodriguez OliverIberia - Communidad Valenciana66
36Oleksandr PolivodaTeam Privatbank06
37Kieran FrendTeam Cadbury - Schweppes06
38Marco MinnardTeam Gazelle06
39Michael TorcklerTeam Cadbury - Schweppes24
40Robert RetschkeTeam Credexbank04
41Samuel Sánchez GonzalezIberia - Communidad Valenciana44
42Eduard VorganovTeam Privatbank04
43Fredrik Strand GaltaAdira-Isq Project04
44Davide AppollonioKappa-ENI04
45Volodymyr DzhusTeam Privatbank04
46Mohamed Harrif SallehAdira-Isq Project04
47Michele ScarponiKappa-ENI02
48Xavier FlorencioFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm22
49Francisco LascaKappa-ENI02
50Mirko TrosinoKappa-ENI02
51Aaron GateTeam Cadbury - Schweppes22
52Gabor KasaAdira-Isq Project02

1Blaz FurdiTeam Gazelle6h00'5929h49'43 (1)
2Dietmar Mehr-WenigeAdira-Isq Project+ 46+ 1'06 (4)
3Sergiu CiobanEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.+ 58 (2)
4Evaldas SiskeviciusEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.+ 1'02 (3)
5Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.+ 23'53 (22)
6Anthony DelaplaceAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.+ 19'33 (19)
7Christiaan KriekTeam Gazelles.t.+ 1'06 (8)
8Lars AnderssonEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.+ 2'52 (12)
9Dominik HrinkowMagna-Ryanairs.t.+ 1'06 (6)
10Fredrik Strand GaltaAdira-Isq Projects.t.+ 1'06 (10)

11Marco MinnardTeam Gazelles.t.+ 1'06 (5)
12Erdenebayar DaspuntsagTeam Gazelles.t.+ 1'06 (7)
13Rafael ReisAdira-Isq Projects.t.+ 8'35 (16)
14Tom Jelte SlagterBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.+ 1'06 (9)
15Philip LindauEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.+ 3'10 (13)
16Sven Erik BystromIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 1'57+ 25'16 (23)
17Kieran FrendTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.+ 2'17 (11)
18Sigurd NessetIberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 4'28+ 15'23 (18)
19Antoine MatteauMagna-Ryanair+ 6'26+ 6'46 (14)
20Francisco LascaKappa-ENIs.t.+ 8'23 (15)
21Volodymyr DzhusTeam Privatbanks.t.+ 22'10 (20)
22Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 7'15+ 30'34 (27)
23Tom DavidTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.+ 30'34 (26)
24Aaron GateTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 9'20+ 27'46 (24)
25Gökhan HastaAdira-Isq Projects.t.+ 15'02 (17)
26Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 15'17+ 29'33 (25)
27Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.+ 42'04 (33)
28Isaac SpeirsMagna-Ryanairs.t.+ 44'17 (36)
29Allan MoralesBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.+ 39'24 (31)
30Mirko TrosinoKappa-ENIs.t.+ 22'29 (21)
31Yves LampaertAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.+ 37'09 (29)
32Arnoldas ValiausaEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.+ 48'44 (40)
33Yoeri HavikAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.+ 44'30 (37)
34Saulo LayIberia - Communidad Valencianas.t.+ 38'10 (30)
35Mohamed Harrif SallehAdira-Isq Projects.t.+ 43'45 (34)
36Daniil FominykhTeam Credexbank+ 20'46+ 44'05 (35)
37Sergey BormatenkovTeam Credexbank+ 20'53+ 46'35 (39)
38Petr VakocMagna-Ryanair+ 21'11+ 35'27 (28)
39Gabor KasaAdira-Isq Project+ 22'05+ 46'23 (38)
40Roman MaksimovTeam Privatbank+ 24'44+ 56'21 (42)
41Davide AppollonioKappa-ENI+ 25'46+ 41'10 (32)
42Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 27'38+ 55'52 (41)
43Ilia KoshevoyTeam Credexbank+ 31'47+ 1h12'09 (43)

1Team Gazelle18h04'2989h31'20 (1)
2Iberia - Communidad Valenciana+ 21+ 21 (2)
3FC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 46+ 1'07 (5)
4Ekspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.+ 1'07 (7)
5Allianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.+ 18'35 (12)
6Magna-Ryanairs.t.+ 1'07 (4)
7Adira-Isq Projects.t.+ 1'07 (6)
8Banco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.+ 46 (3)
9Kappa-ENI+ 6'26+ 6'26 (8)
10Team Cadbury - Schweppes+ 7'37+ 7'58 (9)
11Team Credexbank+ 11'49+ 12'10 (10)
12Team Privatbank+ 12'06+ 12'27 (11)
13Control Team+ 44'19+ 2h26'52 (13)

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