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Tour de Beauce - Stage 6

The final stage here in Canada. Not much is left to be decided except another stage winner, and both the sprint and king of the mountain jerseys could switch hands at the end of day. Other than that the general classification looks all locked up already.


No early breakaway so the sprinters get to fight it out for the maximum 6 points at the first sprint prime. Where it's i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Chicchi, i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bcr_zps86f2c872.png Cano, then i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/amx_zps91aadbbd.png Keough.


Still no breakaway as we get to the first categorized climb. i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/bvp_zps98bbf78a.png Aleksiev who is leading the competition was present at the front of the peloton for most of the day but right as the climb started he randomly dropped back. To make matters worse for Aleksiev i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/mag_zpsa8a946c8.png Waeytens is after the points and he is just 4 points off the lead.


And Waeytens is uncontested to the top and is now the new KoM leader.


Next up is another sprint: Chicchi, Keough, Cano in that order.


Halfway done now, looks like no breakaway today. So we move on to the second KoM where Aleksiev is now near the front but doesn't fight for the points. The peloton just rides through, very strange. Hopefully somebody has told him that he isn't leading that competition anymore.


Finally we get a group of 5 riders up the road with 50kms to go. They are:
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/abc_zps288913e0.png Coyot and Bret
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/ekc_zps98eb3bbc.png Mockus
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rbc_zps9a8b3bfb.png Roth
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/wwe_zpsb6c72e16.png Veilleux


They ride through the last KoM of the tour meaning Waeytens will win that competition on the final day as Aleksiev didn't even try to defend it.


Through the last sprint point, the attackers are holding a 2 minutes lead.


Bad sign for the attackers, they can't seem to work together.


Attack out of the peloton.

i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/rbc_zps9a8b3bfb.png Houle
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/abc_zps288913e0.png Kirchen
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/cad_zps01f0e9d1.png Torckler
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/ekc_zps98eb3bbc.png Joeaar.

i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/gzl_zps14c119b5.png Westra's overall victory is in jeopardy as Kirchen and Joeaar (4th and 2nd overall) are on the move with 22kms to go.


And now 5th overall i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/ekc_zps98eb3bbc.png Rudaskov jumps across the gap. Gazelle has yet to put men on the front of the peloton to chase.


They quickly reach the earlier attackers making a group of 10 with 20kms to go.


Chaos now as that group is caught but more riders attack. Gazelle and Westra are nowhere to found at the front of the race. They are counting on the sprinter's teams to pull everything back together.


Everybody regroups back together with 1 circuit to go and finally Westra can be found near the front. He really should be more carefully with just 15kms to go in this tour.


Last ditch attacks with 7kms to go!

2nd Overall i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/ekc_zps98eb3bbc.png Joeaar
3rd Overall i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/fcb_zpse1da305d.png Menchov
4th Overall i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/abc_zps288913e0.png Kirchen

These guys are giving everything they got to try and beat Westra.


Menchov is pulled back quickly but this duo of Joeaar and Kirchen has opened a 30 second gap. Which would be enough for Joeaar to win the tour if he wins the stage given the 20 second time bonus.


So much for sprint trains it's all about chasing down these two leaders with 3kms left.


And they are caught as it everybody sprinting for themselves behind.


It's i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/CT/mag_zpsa8a946c8.png Demare leading the way with Cano and Chicchi on his wheel. Routley is on the left sprinting surprisingly well. Aguilar is sneaking up on the right side of the screen. Also Keough, Speirs, and Nardin are moving towards the front.


Keough and Nardin are pushing hard as Chicchi is dropped from Cano's wheel as he tries to go around Demare and into the lead.


Cano into the lead. Speirs with a strong sprint is trying to back up his teammate Demare who is now slipping backwards.


Speirs and Nardin are flying. Can they catch Cano?


It's going to be close!


Speirs storms from behind to take the victory.


Nardin also moves through the field to take 2nd beating Cano, barely.


Behind riders are all over the road. So I will just recap the top 10 for you. Joeaar, yes Joeaar in 4th, Devenyns, Firsanov, Keisse, Keough, Torckler, and Soupe. Add up the points and with the 2nd place today Nardin is the most consistent sprinter and wins the point competition by quite a large margin.

A touch and go final stage, but it's all over now.

So we say goodbye from Canada.

1Isaac SpeirsMagna-Ryanair3h11'23
2Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelles.t.
3Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
4Gert JoeaarEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
5Dries DevenynsSram-Riboxx Cycling Teams.t.
6Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
7Iljo KeisseSram-Riboxx Cycling Teams.t.
8Jake KeoughAMEX Pro Cyclings.t.
9Michael TorcklerTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
10Geoffrey SoupeAlstom-RBCs.t.
11Joseph DombrowskiTeam WWEs.t.
12Arnaud DemareMagna-Ryanairs.t.
13Pierre-Henri LecuisinierAlstom-RBCs.t.
14Kim KirchenAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
15Jan DieterenAMEX Pro Cyclings.t.
16Lieuwe WestraTeam Gazelles.t.
17Hugo HouleAlstom-RBCs.t.
18Will RoutleyBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
19Héctor Fabian AguilarHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
20Denis MenchovFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
21Laurent DidierTeam WWEs.t.
22David BoilyAlstom-RBCs.t.
23Jeremy VennellTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
24Francesco ChicchiBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
25Matej MugerliTeam Gazelles.t.
26Bjorn SelanderHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
27Kévin LalouetteTeam Gazelles.t.
28Lawrence WarbasseSram-Riboxx Cycling Teams.t.
29Thomas MurrayTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
30Vitauskas KaupasEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
31Eric YoungSram-Riboxx Cycling Teams.t.
32Carl NaiboMagna-Ryanairs.t.
33Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
34Jaco VenterTeam Gazelles.t.
35Zico WaeytensMagna-Ryanairs.t.
36David BartlFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
37Ryan RothAlstom-RBCs.t.
38Perikles IliasMagna-Ryanairs.t.
39Giacomo NizzoloHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
40Mikel AstarlozaTeam WWEs.t.
41David VeilleuxTeam WWEs.t.
42Anthony DelaplaceAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
43Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
44Tom Jelte SlagterBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
45Guillaume BoivinAlstom-RBCs.t.
46Nazar JumabekovBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
47Alexander PorsevEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
48Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
49Yannick TalabardonAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
50Sebastian SalasAlstom-RBCs.t.
51Arnaud CoyotAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
52Hayden RoulstonTeam WWEs.t.
53Juan Ernesto ChamorroHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
54Nikolay MihaylovBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
55Eduard Alexander BeltranHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
56Theo ReinhardtAMEX Pro Cyclings.t.
57Pablo MudarraBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
58Antoine DuchesneTeam Gazelles.t.
59Yannick StoltzAMEX Pro Cyclings.t.
60Michel KochSram-Riboxx Cycling Teams.t.
61Rob BrittonBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
62Georgi Petrov GeorgievBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
63Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
64Shane ArchboldTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
65Julián BecerraTeam WWEs.t.
66Jessy AnthonySram-Riboxx Cycling Teams.t.
67Rüdiger SeligAMEX Pro Cyclings.t.
68Mattia GavazziEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
69Marconi DuránAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
70Sam HorganTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
71Allan MoralesBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
72Aleksander AleksievBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
73Sascha DamrowTeam WWEs.t.
74Jordi SimonFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
75Timothy GudsellTeam Cadbury - Schweppess.t.
76Óscar Pereiro SioControl Teams.t.
77Michal KolarMagna-Ryanairs.t.
78Roy SentjensTeam Gazelles.t.
79Robert BushAMEX Pro Cyclings.t.
80Jamie SparlingBoeing-Vivacom ProCyclings.t.
81Aggrey SebrightAMEX Pro Cyclings.t.
82Algirdas MockusEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
83Sergey RudaskovEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
84Logan HutchingsEkspla-Cision Cycling Teams.t.
85Staf ScheirlinckxHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
86Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damms.t.
87Tomas OkrouhlickyAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
88Antoine MatteauMagna-Ryanairs.t.
89Ludovic BretAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
90David KoppBanco Nacional de Costa Ricas.t.
91Yuriy VasylivSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 3'26
92Jarlinson Pantano GómezHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
DNFAngel ViciosoControl Team
DNFFrancisco ManceboControl Team
DNFOscar FreireControl Team

1Lieuwe WestraTeam Gazelle19h14'08
2Gert JoeaarEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 40
3Denis MenchovFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 1'03
4Kim KirchenAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 1'07
5Sergey RudaskovEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 1'08
6Dries DevenynsSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 1'21
7David BoilyAlstom-RBC+ 1'28
8Michael TorcklerTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 1'39
9Kévin LalouetteTeam Gazelle+ 1'41
10Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 1'48
11Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelle+ 1'52
12Hugo HouleAlstom-RBC+ 1'55
13Mikel AstarlozaTeam WWE+ 1'57
14Nazar JumabekovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 1'58
15Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 2'00
16Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 2'09
17Yannick TalabardonAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 2'19
18Georgi Petrov GeorgievBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 2'21
19Staf ScheirlinckxHollister Pro Cycling+ 2'32
20Bjorn SelanderHollister Pro Cycling+ 2'33
21Antoine MatteauMagna-Ryanair+ 2'35
22Perikles IliasMagna-Ryanair+ 2'36
23Tomas OkrouhlickyAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
24Matej MugerliTeam Gazelle+ 2'38
25Sebastian SalasAlstom-RBC+ 2'39
26Will RoutleyBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 2'42
27Rob BrittonBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 2'47
28Anthony DelaplaceAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 2'55
29Pierre-Henri LecuisinierAlstom-RBC+ 3'01
30Carl NaiboMagna-Ryanair+ 3'02
31Lawrence WarbasseSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 3'05
32Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 3'10
33Jan DieterenAMEX Pro Cycling+ 3'17
34Laurent DidierTeam WWE+ 3'30
35Eduard Alexander BeltranHollister Pro Cycling+ 3'35
36Logan HutchingsEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 3'53
37Geoffrey SoupeAlstom-RBC+ 4'09
38Antoine DuchesneTeam Gazelles.t.
39Jaco VenterTeam Gazelle+ 4'46
40Aleksander AleksievBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 4'55
41David BartlFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 4'58
42Marconi DuránAllianz-BMW Cycling Teams.t.
43Jessy AnthonySram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 5'16
44Ludovic BretAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 6'46
45Jeremy VennellTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 7'05
46Hayden RoulstonTeam WWE+ 7'09
47Ryan RothAlstom-RBC+ 7'18
48Jarlinson Pantano GómezHollister Pro Cycling+ 7'20
49Sam HorganTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 7'37
50Jamie SparlingBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 8'11
51Thomas MurrayTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 8'18
52Arnaud CoyotAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 8'30
53Joseph DombrowskiTeam WWE+ 8'37
54Robert BushAMEX Pro Cycling+ 8'39
55Arnaud DemareMagna-Ryanair+ 8'43
56Eric YoungSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 8'54
57Tom Jelte SlagterBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 9'07
58Michel KochSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 9'57
59Iljo KeisseSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 11'01
60Alexander PorsevEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 11'02
61Isaac SpeirsMagna-Ryanair+ 12'29
62Óscar Pereiro SioControl Team+ 12'46
63Juan Ernesto ChamorroHollister Pro Cycling+ 12'48
64Pablo MudarraBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 13'40
65Yuriy VasylivSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 13'52
66Theo ReinhardtAMEX Pro Cycling+ 14'27
67Rüdiger SeligAMEX Pro Cycling+ 14'46
68Guillaume BoivinAlstom-RBC+ 15'01
69Zico WaeytensMagna-Ryanair+ 15'08
70Héctor Fabian AguilarHollister Pro Cycling+ 15'32
71Allan MoralesBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 15'47
72Yannick StoltzAMEX Pro Cycling+ 16'22
73Giacomo NizzoloHollister Pro Cycling+ 16'56
74Soufiane HaddiFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 17'02
75Michal KolarMagna-Ryanair+ 17'05
76Shane ArchboldTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 17'12
77Francesco ChicchiBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 18'04
78Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 18'39
79David VeilleuxTeam WWE+ 19'15
80Roy SentjensTeam Gazelle+ 20'20
81Algirdas MockusEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 20'25
82Julián BecerraTeam WWE+ 20'31
83Aggrey SebrightAMEX Pro Cycling+ 21'27
84Vitauskas KaupasEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 21'44
85Jordi SimonFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 22'30
86Nikolay MihaylovBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 25'44
87Timothy GudsellTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 26'00
88Jake KeoughAMEX Pro Cycling+ 27'02
89Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 27'02
90David KoppBanco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 28'20
91Mattia GavazziEkspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 32'56
92Sascha DamrowTeam WWE+ 33'56

1Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelle2085
2Michael TorcklerTeam Cadbury - Schweppes764
3Jake KeoughAMEX Pro Cycling1460
4Lieuwe WestraTeam Gazelle056
5Jose Luis CanoBanco Nacional de Costa Rica2256
6David BoilyAlstom-RBC053
7Gert JoeaarEkspla-Cision Cycling Team1447
8Isaac SpeirsMagna-Ryanair2536
9Arnaud DemareMagna-Ryanair433
10Sergey RudaskovEkspla-Cision Cycling Team025
11Dries DevenynsSram-Riboxx Cycling Team1224
12Pierre-Henri LecuisinierAlstom-RBC323
13Kim KirchenAllianz-BMW Cycling Team220
14Denis MenchovFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm019
15Iljo KeisseSram-Riboxx Cycling Team919
16Hugo HouleAlstom-RBC016
17Nazar JumabekovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica016
18Bjorn SelanderHollister Pro Cycling016
19Ludovic BretAllianz-BMW Cycling Team216
20Aggrey SebrightAMEX Pro Cycling016
21Geoffrey SoupeAlstom-RBC616
22Sergey FirsanovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica1016
23Matej MugerliTeam Gazelle015
24Yannick TalabardonAllianz-BMW Cycling Team014
25Héctor Fabian AguilarHollister Pro Cycling014
26Francesco ChicchiBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling1214
27David VeilleuxTeam WWE014
28Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppes012
29Logan HutchingsEkspla-Cision Cycling Team012
30Aleksander AleksievBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling012
31Sam HorganTeam Cadbury - Schweppes010
32Nikolay MihaylovBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling010
33Antoine MatteauMagna-Ryanair09
34Laurent DidierTeam WWE09
35Joseph DombrowskiTeam WWE59
36Jordi GrauFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm08
37Jamie SparlingBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling08
38Robert BushAMEX Pro Cycling08
39Zico WaeytensMagna-Ryanair08
40Theo ReinhardtAMEX Pro Cycling07
41Will RoutleyBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling06
42Arnaud CoyotAllianz-BMW Cycling Team66
43Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm06
44Algirdas MockusEkspla-Cision Cycling Team06
45Sascha DamrowTeam WWE06
46Jeremy VennellTeam Cadbury - Schweppes05
47Marconi DuránAllianz-BMW Cycling Team04
48Ryan RothAlstom-RBC44
49Guillaume BoivinAlstom-RBC04
50Perikles IliasMagna-Ryanair03
51Timothy GudsellTeam Cadbury - Schweppes03
52Eduard Alexander BeltranHollister Pro Cycling02
53Tom Jelte SlagterBanco Nacional de Costa Rica02
54Kévin LalouetteTeam Gazelle01
55Jan DieterenAMEX Pro Cycling11

1Zico WaeytensMagna-Ryanair624
2Aleksander AleksievBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling022
3Sergey RudaskovEkspla-Cision Cycling Team016
4Jaco VenterTeam Gazelle1016
5Marconi DuránAllianz-BMW Cycling Team016
6Jamie SparlingBoeing-Vivacom ProCycling216
7Adel BarbariFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm016
8Lieuwe WestraTeam Gazelle012
9Antoine DuchesneTeam Gazelle412
10Joseph DombrowskiTeam WWE012
11Nazar JumabekovBanco Nacional de Costa Rica010
12Yannick TalabardonAllianz-BMW Cycling Team08
13Alexander PorsevEkspla-Cision Cycling Team08
14Algirdas MockusEkspla-Cision Cycling Team08
15Denis MenchovFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm06
16Ludovic BretAllianz-BMW Cycling Team66
17Robert BushAMEX Pro Cycling26
18David BoilyAlstom-RBC04
19Arnaud CoyotAllianz-BMW Cycling Team44
20Kim KirchenAllianz-BMW Cycling Team02
21Hugo HouleAlstom-RBC02
22Staf ScheirlinckxHollister Pro Cycling02
23Jan DieterenAMEX Pro Cycling02
24Eduard Alexander BeltranHollister Pro Cycling02
25Sam HorganTeam Cadbury - Schweppes02
26Tom Jelte SlagterBanco Nacional de Costa Rica02
27David VeilleuxTeam WWE22

David BoilyAlstom-RBC19h15'36 (1)
Hugo HouleAlstom-RBC+ 27 (2)
Thiago Duarte NardinTeam Gazelle+ 36 (3)
Michael VinkTeam Cadbury - Schweppes+ 41 (4)
Bjorn SelanderHollister Pro Cycling+ 1'05 (5)
Antoine MatteauMagna-Ryanair+ 1'07 (6)
Anthony DelaplaceAllianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 1'27 (7)
Pierre-Henri LecuisinierAlstom-RBC+ 1'33 (8)
Lawrence WarbasseSram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 1'37 (9)
Jorge AbreuFC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 1'42 (10)

Team Gazelle57h46'38 (1)
Allianz-BMW Cycling Team+ 19 (2)
Alstom-RBC+ 1'10 (3)
Ekspla-Cision Cycling Team+ 1'19 (4)
FC Barcelona - Estrella Damm+ 1'47 (5)
Boeing-Vivacom ProCycling+ 2'27 (6)
Hollister Pro Cycling+ 3'32 (7)
Magna-Ryanair+ 3'57 (8)
Team WWE+ 4'26 (9)
Sram-Riboxx Cycling Team+ 4'32 (10)
Team Cadbury - Schweppes+ 5'39 (11)
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica+ 8'24 (12)
AMEX Pro Cycling+ 19'59 (13)

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