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[MOD] Strategy Pack (Career Mode)
STRATEGY PACK - Career Mode Enhancements

Last Version: V3.52 (OCTOBER 2013)

For windows XP, vista, 7 or 8 (8.6 MB):

(Includes the no water stage fix for windows versions newer than XP)

Playing to PCM 2006 for years, I noticed several corrections and improvements that could be done to bring the game more interesting.
This overall modification aims to bring more challenge and more strategy to the career mode. It provides also corrections to the original game and brings novelty for experienced users. These modifications are expected to be stable so as to play a long career over years. Enjoy ! Wink

The zip file includes the installation pack (.exe), an additional manual and the points tables for Pro Tour, Continental and SuperPrestige.
The pack must be installed on the game with the patch

1. Download Strategy Pack.
2. Unzip file into game directory :
3. Launch StrategyPack_Install.exe :
4. Confirm installation
5. Select "StrategyDB.cdb" in the game option menu


Game Fixes
- Real names for teams and riders (season 2006) including Astana - Würth team,
- Real mini shirts and shirts for team,
- Fixed races (.xml) for classification (points, prizes),
- Fixed daily race charge,
- Fixed country flags,
- Fixed Tour de France 2006 stages,
- Added "iTT" or "TTT" in race names for individual or team time trial races,
- Freenet continental team is now active when uncontrolled by the player in career mode,

Games Improvements
- Added riders photos,
- Added variants,
- Stage variations (more iTT races for small tours),
- Modified main background,
- Modified secondary sponsors,
- Modified riders notations (reviewed riders skills and potentials, max skill is 81),
- Modified game difficulty (Bonus for AI skills is: EASY +0%, NORMAL +2%, DIFFICULT +3.5%, EXTREME +5%).
- Removal of adverts on the final line,
- Removal of annoying sounds (helicopter, moto and car engines)
- No Water Stages Fix for the windows vista, 7 or 8 pack version (remove in game graphical issues)

Career Mode Improvements
- Modified equipment list for game strategy (see details below),
- Modified trainings bonuses for game strategy (see details below),
- Modified training camps for game strategy (see details below),
- Modified young rider areas for game balancing (see details below),
- Modified race experience points for game balancing (see details below),
- Modified classifications (KOM jersey will be more difficult to get),
- Modified list of free riders from various countries (L.Amstrong, T.Martin, J-C.Péraud, M.Cavendish, E.Boasson Hagen, R.Valls Ferri, R.Gesink, M.Lloyd,


New equipment list
Equipment brands have specific trends regarding characteristic bonuses (High bonus in flat, mountain or time trial; slightly superior in one
characteristic or balanced). Prices are higher than in the original game so you may need strategy on the equipment buying depending on your needs.
Here are the in game indicators for the equipment brands:
(S) = The brand is mainly specialized for flat.
(s) = The brand is slightly specialized for flat.
(M) = The brand is mainly specialized for mountain.
(m) = The brand is slightly specialized for mountain.
(TT) = The brand is mainly specialized for time trial.
(b) = The brand is balanced between the different skills.

Training bonuses
The training bonuses have been modified to propose training options adequate to each kind of rider (3 means best training bonus whereas 0 means worst training bonus)

Training camps
Now stages that give characteristics bonuses are removed so as to encourage training strategy. In the other hand, leisure stages are now possible over the full year.

Young riders detection
With the original game, scouting in some ‘weak’ countries was very limited because of a low average of the young riders’ potential. Furthermore, only 2
or 3 young riders were detected. This modification intends to give balance between all coutries for riders' potential. The young riders have no more
incredible values in downhill and fighter (75 or plus).

Race experience
To limit fast progression of inexperienced riders with high potential and to increase interest in riders with low potential which are already limited by
their characteristics, gained experience is now set to a lower value for all riders.

New background

If you play under Windows 7 or vista and face starforce issues, read this thread: https://pcmdaily.c...ost_491453
Edited by sylvao on 19-03-2016 11:58
The pack has been updated to version 3.20:

- Minor corrections,
- Some rider photos added,
- Zip file size reduced.
Version 3.21 done with minor fixes for some stages.
Edited by sylvao on 02-01-2013 18:12
Updated to version 3.22 with:
- Minor corrections,
- Small guidance to run the game with windows 7.

See download links from message #1.
does it remodel the game, like the NRWR database does, in other words, do I need a seperate game for this database?
Graphically speaking, it remodels the game very lightly. It is mainly focused on career mode improvement. But yes, you could do a separate copy of your game if you don't want to loose other mod, it is a good pratice. Through there is an installation process, PCM2006 game directory is fully portable. I was able to run it from an external hard disk drive with several PCs.
Edited by sylvao on 02-01-2013 18:57
Updated to version 3.5:
- Modified Freenet Team with new shirt and more CZECH riders replacing some other fantasy riders,
- CZECH championships race is now playable (14 riders were required - Modified Freenet Team with more CZECH riders fixed that issue),
- Some classification XML files corrections,
- Some stage corrections,
- Additional content with 4 bonuses (batch file tools):
Cache_delete.bat : Remove all files from game cache (help to solve game breaks or graphical issues when modifying shirts),
DB_Editor.bat : Launch Official Database Editor (includes English translation). This tool can edit database (.cdb) and game save (.cdi),
V_Sync.bat : Launch D3DOverrider to force V Sync and limit FPS (CPU and GPU resources saving),
StarForce_fix.bat: Apply the fix to solve the StarForce issue (Copying game files from last release of PCM2006).
Updated to version 3.51:
- Removed money prizes for intermediate sprints and kom but other prizes are still there.
- Minor changes to riders stats and database.
- Corrections into the pdf manual.
Updated to version 3.52:
- Equipments have wider impact (positive or negative impact increased by 20%).
great job
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Fixed download link
Thank you! Maybe I'll be playing PCM 2006 one day. I bought PCM 2005 & PCM 2007 in those years, but 2006 edition passed me by, and now I can't find it anywhere...
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