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Paris - Tours result

This long flat race has a long history and whilst we have seen the Paris Tours downgraded somewhat in recent years to a c1 CTour race it still has attracted a very big and strong field.

You could list about 10 strong favourites in paper, the early morning predictions gave the nod to Peter Kennaugh (who has done well recently in Avenir and Missouri), Pendletons reliable South African Van Heerden and LEGO’s reasonably up there at Britain Ciolek. It is probably tough to rule out a whole host of other though including Hutorovich, Goss, Van Avermart, Forero, Davis and Napolitano.

The length of todays stage will be a factor, the finale is not a particularly easy one either and we have a third factor the wind is really up today.

It takes six brave souls to go on a break, but we have seen these be successful in the flat ones before! Lloyd (100% Me), Porte (Milka), Scholz (Petronas), Ladagnous (Pendletons), Khatantsov (Tinkoff) and Cruz (Quiksilver) are the men here.

Six pack look to build race winning advantage

Some pretty good roulers in this move, Ladagnous of Pendletons in particular looking to give them a second option. Also getting a rider in the break means that your team does not have to do the leg work in chasing it down. Mind you in windy weather it is a pretty good idea to be on the front of the pack.

One team in particular look to control, it’s Unicredit and this stage is one that should suit their sprint tough man Danilo Napolitano.

Unicredit will not be caught napping

It is a good job from the boys in red as the breaks lead is pegged at 3.17 with 75km to go – the team will be looking to not go into the red in the next transfer season!

The lengthy parcours and blustery weather is stretching the peleton and encourages six more riders to try and make an escape with 57km to go. We are in stage nabbing territory here, but it has to be said that these moves seem to be more about wearing other teams down. Passeron (Bacardi) and Maaskant (Pokerstars) launch it with Valinin (Tinkoff), Kroupis (Bacardi), Feillu (Petronas) and Geslin (Pokerstars) joining in.

Six men attack notably two pokerstars and two Bacardi riders

Pokerstars have left Mohs out of this one, and their main sprinter Sammy Dumoulin may be a bit light of final end speed here. Bacardi have the very hit and miss (then again what sprinter isn’t) sprinter Matt Goss. This six man chase move is fairly quickly reeled back in by the 42km to go mark.

In the breakaway we have the inevitable attacking just before the catch period – it is no surprise to see Ladagnous by far the strongest of the break. The strong Frenchman holds off fast moving peleton until the 21km to go point.

Pendletons man the last of the break to be caught

So last 20km of this lengthy classic and we still have those last little climbs to test the peleton. This again gives a rider the idea that he can breakaway Rooijakers (LEGO) gives it a dig.

LEGO men go up hills fast!

It takes until the 7km to go mark but Pendletons, now at the front, close this one down with Nico Sijmens.

Pendletons pull out the stops here to set up a sprint for Van Heerden

A combination of the late catch and the fairly nasty wind that has been with the riders all day is causing a strange sprint. The lead-outs cannot get going properly and it is the teams pacers who are up front. It is two from the Pendletons flock who lead the way into the final 3500 metres.

Final sprint seems to be going against the main sprinters

The pacers in the first twelve here are: Rovira, Willems (Pendletons), Lequatre (Lego), Terpstra (Pokerstars), Kiesse (Milka), Tolleson (Mercedes), Kluge (Pokerstars), Sabido (Bimbo Nutella), Geslin (Pokerstars), Dockx (Bimbo Nutella), Delage (Intesa), Scheirlinckx (Unicredit).

The first of the sprinters is Van Avermart in about 14th place next to Crocket in 15th, Davis is back 19th, Forero, Ciolek, Dumoulin and Markov are not too far away either. Nethertheless they all have some ground to make considering the riders in the pacers.

As the sprint opens the Pendletons duo begin to drop away as Terpstra, Lequatre and Kiesse hit the front with Kluge behind Keisse and Rovira realising he has to try and hang on here too. Sabido of Bimbo Nutella is looking for some head way also.

2.4km to go the men in front eye an opportunity for a sprint win

The sprinters are still scrambling about for someones wheel, Forero tries to make a late bid with Davis, Ciolek and Van Heerden on his wheel. Up front Lequatre and Rovira drop away with Sabido and Delage moving forwards. But it is Milka rider Keisse and two Pokerstars riders Terpstra and Kluge who are battling for the win.

1.5km to go: Sprinters are on the far left, but are they leaving it too late

Into the last kilometre the sprinters are not going to make this, neither is Keisse he begins to fade in the headwind. Roger Kluge doesn’t struggle as much though and moves forward the tough German cobbler/sprinter is making his big move here. Sabido has run into to traffic but is still moving forward and Delage makes a dart up the inside.

800m to go here goes Roger

Kluge holds his form well as Sabido goes into second but can find no more. Meanwhile Forero is coming through at the back into the top ten with Davis and Ciolek.

200m to go Kluge has a winning gap

Roger Kluge the improving German takes the Paris Tours a prestigious win for Pokerstars here.

Kluge takes the win and a big leap from Pokerstars here

Sabido has come through a crowd for second place and Delage (Intesa) just pips a fading Keisse for third place. Terpstra is 5th and Geslin 7th on an excellent day for Pokerstars.

The sprinters were too far back

Forero just got up to 6th, ahead of Davis (8th), Ciolek (9th), Napolitano (10th) and Van Heerden (11th)

1Roger KlugeTeam Pokerstars.com5h20'22
2Hugo SabidoBimbo Nutellas.t.
3Mickaël DelageIntesas.t.
4Iljo KeisseMilkas.t.
5Niki TerpstraTeam Pokerstars.coms.t.
6Juan Pablo ForeroMilkas.t.
7Anthony GeslinTeam Pokerstars.coms.t.
8Allan DavisQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
9Gerald CiolekTeam LEGOs.t.
10Danilo NapolitanoUniCredits.t.
11Juan Van HeerdenPendleton's Twicers.t.
12Evgeni PopovBimbo Nutellas.t.
13Staf ScheirlinckxQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
14Jaume RoviraPendleton's Twicers.t.
15Peter Kennaugh100% Mes.t.
16Jimmy CasperMilkas.t.
17Geoffroy LequatreTeam LEGOs.t.
18Matthew GossBacardi - Colts.t.
19Mark Cavendish100% Mes.t.
20Samuel DumoulinTeam Pokerstars.coms.t.
21Claudio CucinottaIntesas.t.
22Aleksei MarkovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
23Bernhard EiselBimbo Nutellas.t.
24Michiel ElijzenHighroad-TomToms.t.
25Grega BolePetronas - Olympuss.t.
26Greg Van AvermaetBimbo Nutellas.t.
27Lars CroketPetronas - Olympuss.t.
28Romain FeilluPetronas - Olympuss.t.
29Taylor TollesonMercedes-Benzs.t.
30Frederik WillemsPendleton's Twicers.t.
31Gert DockxBimbo Nutellas.t.
32Igor AbakoumovPetronas - Olympuss.t.
33Martijn MaaskantTeam Pokerstars.coms.t.
34Aleksandr KuchinskiBacardi - Colts.t.
35Jan GhyselinckHighroad-TomToms.t.
36Aurélien PasseronBacardi - Colts.t.
37Dan CravenBimbo Nutellas.t.
38Dan HollowayTeam Pokerstars.coms.t.
39Piet RooijakkersTeam LEGOs.t.
40Bram TankinkBbox - Bouygoues Télécoms.t.
41Ruslan SambrisQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
42Enrico GasparottoUniCredits.t.
43Michael VanderaerdenMilkas.t.
44Yauheni HutarovichIntesas.t.
45SĂ©bastien ChavanelBimbo Nutellas.t.
46Jure KocjanBacardi - Colts.t.
47Yauhen SobalTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
48Crescenzo D'AmoreQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
49Gerhard TrampuschBbox - Bouygoues Télécoms.t.
50Magno NazaretSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
51Ethan WeissMercedes-Benzs.t.
52Nico SijmensPendleton's Twicers.t.
53Pieter MertensIntesas.t.
54Benoît SinnerMercedes-Benzs.t.
55Yvo KustersHighroad-TomToms.t.
56Rory SutherlandBbox - Bouygoues Télécoms.t.
57Boy Van PoppelUniCredits.t.
58Bjorn SelanderQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
59Francesco GavazziUniCredits.t.
60Cherif AbdallahPendleton's Twicers.t.
61Alejandro BorrajoUniCredits.t.
62Matthew LloydSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
63Leigh HowardMilkas.t.
64René WeissingerTeam LEGOs.t.
65Jean-Patrick NazonBacardi - Colts.t.
66Victor Gomes ColinasSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
67Juan José HaedoMercedes-Benzs.t.
68Andreas StauffTeam LEGOs.t.
69Aidis KruopisBacardi - Colts.t.
70Artur GajekBacardi - Colts.t.
71Florian StalderBbox - Bouygoues Télécoms.t.
72Cristiano SalernoIntesas.t.
73Anthony José BreaMercedes-Benzs.t.
74KĂ©vin LalouettePetronas - Olympuss.t.
75Luis PasamontesMercedes-Benzs.t.
76Adrian MaloriMilkas.t.
77Dale Appleby100% Mes.t.
78Brian VandborgUniCredits.t.
79John DegenkolbTeam Pokerstars.coms.t.
80Matthieu LadagnousPendleton's Twicers.t.
81Nicolas Roche100% Mes.t.
82Sam Bennett100% Mes.t.
83Welle JallaysPetronas - Olympuss.t.
84James Sampson100% Me+ 1'48
85Matthias BrändleUniCredits.t.
86Stefan RadochlaTeam LEGO+ 2'37
87Marco BandieraIntesas.t.
88JĂ­ri HochmannTeam LEGOs.t.
89Borut BozicPendleton's Twicers.t.
90Ben DayHighroad-TomToms.t.
91Jaroslaw MaryczTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
92Andres SaldarriagaSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
93David BeldaSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
94Taylor KuphaldtQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
95Valeri ValininTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
96Yuan WeiBbox - Bouygoues Télécoms.t.
97Steven CozzaMercedes-Benzs.t.
98Mikayil KrasnoperovSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
99Thurakit BoonratanathanakornTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
100Kris BoeckmansHighroad-TomToms.t.
101Aleksandr KhatuntsevTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
102Nikita NovikovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
103Darwin AtapumaHighroad-TomToms.t.
104Edoardo GirardiIntesa+ 3'29
105Kim MichelyTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
106Sergei KlimovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 4'00
107Adrien NiyonshutiTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 4'39
108David VeilleuxBbox - Bouygoues Télécom+ 4'54
109Sean FinningHighroad-TomTom+ 6'29
110Rubén Darío Laverde VelezSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
111Ronny ScholzPetronas - Olympuss.t.
112Richie PorteMilkas.t.
113Daniel Lloyd100% Mes.t.
114Sebastian BatchelorTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
115Freddy CruzQuiksilver-Kraft+ 7'40
116Justo MayoBbox - Bouygoues Télécoms.t.


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