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Paris-Tours is the longest race of the season. It is mainly flat but some steep short hills are on the route, so it will likely end in a mass sprint finish. Whoever wins this race has to have a great sprinting power and a great endurance. There are lots of riders who fit in this profile but only one will win.

Di Nucci, Diggle, Poulhi√®s, Hunt, Neves, Serrano and Cardoso Espa√Īola are the first to attack in this stage and they are allowed to make the breakaway.

Jack Wolfskin, Vespa, NOS and IKEA are the teams that are willing to lead the peloton in the first part of the race.

The breakaway riders are sharing the work. 150km to go - 7'10''.

Jack Wolfskin, Vespa and 100% Me are cutting the gap as with 100km to the finish, it is just above 3 minutes.

The gap keeps falling, the breakaway riders are already in sight, but they still have an advantage of 2 minutes and 10 seconds to the peloton with 60km yet to run.

Sulzberger, Backstedt, Longo Borghini and Dall'Antonia attack from the peloton right after.

Serrano, Di Nucci, Neves and Hunt attack as soon as Dall'Antonia bridges to the front group.

And behind the leading four, there is a chasing group composed by Dall'Antonia, Poulhi√®s, Backstedt, Sulzberger, Cardoso Espa√Īola, Diggle and Longo Borgini.

Sulzberger was the strongest of the chasing group and Serrano was the strongest of the leading group. The Aussie bridged up to the Spanish in a hill and they get an advantage over the peloton, as the other breakaway riders were caught.

The duo is a minute in front of the peloton, with 20km to the finish line.

They are caught with 8km to go. Mass sprint it will be, if no attacks are going to be made.

A train is starting to hit the front. In the far side of the road, Galdos leads Bongiorno and Markov is following the Molteni riders. 5000 meters!

3km to go and nobody matches Galdos' lead-out. Markov thinks it's better to ride solo and leaves Bongiorno's wheel. In the back, the main sprinters have no help! Mohs is alone and he is followed by Goss and Napolitano.

Mohs was able to cut the gap, but Bongiorno is leading with 2 kilometers left.

Bongiorno and Markov are clearly in the lead in the last kilometer. Casper is leading the rest after a clear loss of speed by Mohs.

Markov is gaining on Bongiorno!

And the Russian is able to pass! He wins Paris-Tours! Bongiorno gets the second place. Closing the podium is Casper. Goss and Napolitano were pre-race favourites but they are only 4th and 5th, respectively.

Race Classification:
1Aleksei MarkovTeam NOS6h03'30
2Ruben BongiornoMoltenis.t.
3Jimmy CasperKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
4Matthew GossJack Wolfskins.t.
5Danilo NapolitanoVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
6Mitch DockerTeam NOSs.t.
7Jean-Patrick NazonM&M Cyclings.t.
8Erik MohsIrnBru - RBSs.t.
9Heinrich HausslerNokia-Nikes.t.
10Juan José HaedoBMC Racing Teams.t.
11Aitor GaldosMoltenis.t.
12Bobbie TrakselJack Wolfskins.t.
13Adam HansenTeam NOSs.t.
14Andy CappelleVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
15Lorenzo BernucciVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
16Hans DekkersJack Wolfskins.t.
17Luca PaoliniKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
18Rubens BertogliatiNokia-Nikes.t.
19Beno√ģt SinnerBMC Racing Teams.t.
20Dmitri GrabovskiIrnBru - RBSs.t.
21Mark ScanlonVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
22Luke RoweWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
23Christopher SuttonIrnBru - RBSs.t.
24Tejay Van GarderenWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
25Andrea PagotoVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
26Jos Van EmdenJack Wolfskins.t.
27Simon Gaywood100% MEs.t.
28Björn LeukemansKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
29Nicolas Roche100% MEs.t.
30Taylor TollesonBMC Racing Teams.t.
31Jurgen VandenbroeckMoltenis.t.
32Brad HuffBMC Racing Teams.t.
33Fumiyuki BeppuM&M Cyclings.t.
34Leonardo BertagnolliWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
35Matt RoweWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
36Thomas Vedel KvistTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
37Mark JamiesonIrnBru - RBSs.t.
38Kenny De KeteleKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
39Joseph CooperWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
40Jarno Van MingeroetKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
41Danail PetrovSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
42Tiziano Dall'AntoniaKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
43Damiano CarusoWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
44Pedro Pablo Pérez MárquezWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
45Nikolai TrusovWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
46Richard Ochoa QuinteroNokia-Nikes.t.
47Andrew Tennant100% MEs.t.
48Ahmad Haidar AnuawarM&M Cyclings.t.
49Wes SulzbergerIrnBru - RBSs.t.
50Arnoud Van GroenJack Wolfskins.t.
51Rui CostaSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
52Javier BenitezSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
53Daan RijntjesTeam NOSs.t.
54Pieter MertensM&M Cyclings.t.
55Jackson StewartBMC Racing Teams.t.
56Ethan WeissBMC Racing Teams.t.
57Bert De WaeleMoltenis.t.
58Sergei IvanovMoltenis.t.
59Javier AramendíaTeam NOSs.t.
60Daniel Lloyd100% MEs.t.
61Enrique SalgueiroSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
62Luca MazzantiMoltenis.t.
63Mattia GavazziVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
64Russell Downing100% MEs.t.
65Oliver ZauggNokia-Nikes.t.
66Ivano Lo CiceroWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
67Ricardo SerranoNokia-Nikes.t.
68Dale Appleby100% MEs.t.
69Bruno LimaSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
70Jure ZrimsekWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
71Paolo Longo BorghiniWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
72Fabio MontenegroWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
73Tomas Swift-Metcalfe100% MEs.t.
74Marcel WyssTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 1'43
75Danilo KupfernagelTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
76Mattias WestlingTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
77Magnus BäckstedtTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
78Simon ClarkeIrnBru - RBSs.t.
79Robbie WilliamsJack Wolfskins.t.
80Ananias AnaniasAccumalux-Huezs.t.
81Tom DiggleWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 2'36
82Damion DrapacNokia-Nikes.t.
83Gracjan LejmanM&M Cyclings.t.
84Adonis Cardoso Espa√ĪolaWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
85Hugo Manuel VítorSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
86Ashley HutchinsonTeam NOSs.t.
87Bruno NevesSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
88Alberigo PassalacquaM&M Cyclings.t.
89Daniele Di NucciM&M Cyclings.t.
90Gian Marco FanfaniNokia-Nikes.t.
91Gregory HendersonIrnBru - RBSs.t.
92Ludvig LundbergTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
93Kristian HouseAccumalux-Huezs.t.
94Stéphane PoulhièsKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
95Christopher JanssensTeam NOSs.t.
96Peter WilliamsAccumalux-Huezs.t.
97Andrew HuntBMC Racing Teams.t.
98Adam Petrie-ArmstrongVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
99Jeremy HuntMolteni+ 3'42
100Jonathan Tiernan-LockeAccumalux-Huez+ 4'54
101Andreas LindenTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 6'47
102Mikhail BourgoinJack Wolfskin+ 15'43
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