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Lachi Season Planner
Lachi's Season Planner is back for PCM 17. It allows you to plan your season in an excel sheet, and to export the changes to your career, saving you tons of time you'd otherwise waste on the counter intuitive in-game PCM planning tables.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 20-08-2017
Downloads: 390
Comments: 4
Rating: Very Good (3 Votes)
Lachi's Editor
The most popular Pro Cycling Manager editor is now fully compatible with PCM 17 databases and savegames! Still a test version for now, so always make a backup of your cdb files before saving them.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 06-08-2017
Downloads: 1475
Comments: 4
Rating: Awesome! (4 Votes)
PackITA 2017
The PackITA 2017 is a huge expansion pack for Pro Cycling Manager 2017 made by the community of Cycling Manager Italia (http://www.cycling-manager.eu/). It's the first complete db out for PCM 17.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 04-08-2017
Downloads: 1239
Comments: 18
Rating: Awesome! (5 Votes)
PCM.daily Lite Pack
The most complete db that has been released so far for PCM 17, so much so that calling it just a realname db would be a mistake. With more teams, riders, gfx and other features, the Lite Pack for PCM 17 is a great way to wait for the full Expansion Pack.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 16-06-2017
Downloads: 14278
Comments: 59
Rating: Awesome! (42 Votes)
Cym_ITA Realname DB
A slightly more advanced realname database for PCM 17, containing, besides realnames of riders, teams and stages, also jerseys, minijerseys and accessories for the fake teams of the Official Release.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 15-06-2017
Downloads: 3681
Comments: 10
Rating: Good (12 Votes)
Basic Realname DB
A realname database for PCM 17, only containing real names for riders, teams and races. Jerseys, minijerseys etc. are available in other realname dbs.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 15-06-2017
Downloads: 3546
Comments: 1
Rating: Awesome! (12 Votes)
JD Sponsorkits CPE
Hundreds of thousands of files make up what is one of the most impressive graphical mods available for any game. Unpacked, the Jacky Durand Sponsorkits amount to more than 30 GB: about 5 times the game's size. Make sure your hard disk is prepared!
Owner: matt17br
Date: 15-06-2017
Downloads: 2101
Comments: 6
Rating: Awesome! (18 Votes)
Variants DLC V1.1
Along with the update for the 2017 DB comes an update for the Variants DLC, with a couple of new variants to add to your game, and some of the stage bugfixes included in the V1.1 update of the 2017 DB.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 04-06-2017
Downloads: 680
Comments: 2
Rating: Awesome! (2 Votes)
2017 DB V1.1
The first update and bugfix for the PCM.daily 2017 DB, containing fixes for partly gamebreaking bugs, updated stats, new features such as 2000 new cyclist photos, and of course new graphics, stages, and a lot more.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 04-06-2017
Downloads: 2998
Comments: 14
Rating: Awesome! (6 Votes)
Variants DLC
Additional variants collected by the PCM.daily Database Team - 100% compatible with every database, but reccomended for the PCM.daily 2017 DB.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 22-05-2017
Downloads: 1187
Comments: 5
Rating: Awesome! (9 Votes)
PCM.daily 2017 DB
The PCM.Daily 2017 DB, the most complete database for the new season. It contains 2017 teams, updated stats, jerseys and much more.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 22-05-2017
Downloads: 5939
Comments: 48
Rating: Awesome! (51 Votes)
FCD p/b EZ 2016
The French Community Database, another very complete custom DB aiming to bring a few unique perks and a solid experience gameplay wise.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 28-09-2016
Downloads: 1218
Comments: 14
Rating: Awesome! (6 Votes)
WT Variant Pack 2010 - 2015
A large collection of variants for the World Tour races - the real routes used in the seasons going from 2010 to 2015. These were converted to PCM 16 by emmea90, who received the original zcts files from Cyanide.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 26-09-2016
Downloads: 1691
Comments: 14
Rating: Awesome! (10 Votes)
PackITA 2016
Complete PCM 2016 DB from the Italian community, including everything you need for a long lasting career.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 20-09-2016
Downloads: 1479
Comments: 18
Rating: Very Good (9 Votes)
PCM 16 .DEM Files
The complete pack of .DEM terrain data for the PCM 2016 Stage Editor, covering areas such as USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, the Middle East and parts of South America.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 17-09-2016
Downloads: 555
Comments: 5
Rating: Awesome! (1 Votes)


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