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11-04-2021 11:27
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Want to Beta Test PCM15?

The first piece of Pro Cycling Manager 2015 related news has landed. Cyanide have begun their process of finding Beta testers to try out the 1st version of PCM15. As usual they are hosting the search process over on the official Cyanide forum and you can find all of the relevant instructions and information there. The deadline is December 19th.

They are looking for 50 people to try it out and most interestingly is mention of a brand new game mode! Be-a-pro? Cyclocross? Career Track? Lets get those theories flying people!

#1 | SSJ2Luigi on 10. December 2014 16:32
Olympic Road Race Banana
#2 | Maddox on 10. December 2014 16:34
Probably be-a-pro that has been requested for many years. Would be exciting and you can take stories to brand new levels.
#3 | Miguel98 on 10. December 2014 16:35
Imo, I'm going to bet it's cyclocross. Pfft
#4 | Selwink on 10. December 2014 16:36
I personally hope for cyclocross, but I also think it's be-a-pro. Anyway, there's only one way to find out, so I'll definitely apply
#5 | TheManxMissile on 10. December 2014 16:39
After 14's Automatic addition Be-a-pro is most likley. But i'm putting money on it actually being Be-a-soignuer mode and all you do is rub sweaty men. You get points for not making eye-contact, not making innuendos and for having a supple touch Pfft
#6 | Roextro on 10. December 2014 16:39
Accidentally sent my application (pressed shift enter or something like that)

Anyway I am hoping for Be a pro or cyclocross, career track doesn't really thrill me
#7 | Jesleyh on 10. December 2014 16:43
Be-a-pro? Well that'd be awesome. I believe the PCM community has been screaming for that for years.
#8 | matt17br on 10. December 2014 16:44
Going to apply, might be interesting Wink
#9 | Ian Butler on 10. December 2014 18:46
#5 You just described my dream game! Pfft the next step is to drop all the cycling related stuff Wink
#10 | SSJ2Luigi on 10. December 2014 19:17
I wanne go again, just ignore #1

Brand new game mode? does a working career mode count as a new game mode?

meeh, #1 is better
#11 | trekbmc on 11. December 2014 03:12
I've applied Grin probably won't get it, but I speak some French as well as English and I'm free all January, so maybe.

Hoping it's be a pro, I'd write a story if its that Grin
#12 | Lachi on 11. December 2014 12:57
I stopped being a tester a while ago because I don't want to be disapointed BEFORE even buying the game.
#13 | matt17br on 11. December 2014 13:16
#12 :lol:
#14 | MARSUPILAMI on 11. December 2014 14:30
#11 Me too!
#15 | valverde321 on 11. December 2014 17:31
It'll probably be some Be-A-Pro port identical to the old console games, because they cant afford to develop console games for the newer consoles, so its now coming to the PC.

Edit: Or it will be sspectator mode
#16 | trekbmc on 11. December 2014 20:32
Spectator mode wonuldn't be great, but it will be useful for reporting (story games, man-game), but you can already do it yourself.
#17 | valverde321 on 11. December 2014 20:36
#16 - The potential with spectator mode is that the game wouldn't be AI vs Human anymore but AI vs AI, which would make the man-game probably (even) more interesting. Although my hopes are probably too high for this new mode, whatever it ends up being.
#18 | trekbmc on 11. December 2014 21:05
#17 - I'm still hoping for be-a-pro, Ill write a story if they add that (probably).

but spectator would be cool. Grin

It'll likely be some useless mode, that we really don't need.
#19 | MARSUPILAMI on 12. December 2014 14:50
#18 You said it in #11
#20 | player1 on 12. December 2014 15:34
it's gonna be a brand new invention called "bug-free race".

And btw ... isnt it a bit early for that? usually the beta is sold in june. Shock
#21 | Bikex on 12. December 2014 16:26
#15: In spectator mode it would be cool if it was possible to throw sticks and lighters at the riders. Grin
#22 | Naskela on 12. December 2014 16:57
I think they already dismissed any recent plans adding Cyclocross to the game, i would say be a pro could be a great addition but they should do more work with the armada in my opinion.
#23 | Colnago on 12. December 2014 20:26
I've applied Grin probably won't get it,
#24 | trekbmc on 13. December 2014 00:11
I don't think Grin will get it, whoever 'Grin' is. Pfft

(to do a smiley face you have to type : D or : ) Without the spaces the I've added)
#25 | Cycleman123 on 13. December 2014 01:42
Love how Mars is telling Trek off about spamming
#26 | MARSUPILAMI on 13. December 2014 08:39
#25 Waiting for my special mention of the day?

I love it!
#27 | matt17br on 13. December 2014 08:46
Could you avoid making the news go off-topic?
#28 | Svend Rugaard on 13. December 2014 13:55
Maybe they made a mode there is called "Armstrong" see how long you can pay you not getting caught.
#29 | Colnago on 17. December 2014 21:03
I get it
#30 | trekbmc on 18. December 2014 01:41
I got it too! Grin
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