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2019 DB Update 1
11. February 2019 23:54 from matt17br
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 5776
Copyright: Copyright (C) RSM/PCM.daily
First Update for the 2019 Database for PCM18

The joint database team of RSM-news and PCM.daily proudly presents the first update for the RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB for Pro Cycling Manager 2018.

Update Features

- Updated stats for existing riders.
- Added more riders and removed retired riders from the DB.
- Fixed World Champions and a few National Champions.
- Updated and reshaped photos for certain riders.
- Fixed long names, short names for some riders.
- Added more new teams.
- Removed 2 teams from the DB who are confirmed not to continue in 2019.
- Added new shirts for certain teams.
- Fixed race versions and missing dates in certain cases.
- Added some races that have been missed in the db so far.
- Updated staff - trainers, physicians and scouts.
- Updated XML files for certain races to correctly reflect Points, KOM and other standings.
- Updated race logos.


RSM-news/PCM.daily Database Team:

Löfkvist (Database Mastermind)
Croatia14 (Coordinator, Database Rookie, Stats Department)
Tafiolmo (Stats Department)
Vizbragz (CT Project)
Addry8 (CT Project)
AbhishekLFC (Allrounder)
Yellow Jersey (Allrounder)


the community of Le Grupetto
Agent David
enfin presque


we would loose count on calling all names on we got the honor of using stages of, we took every opportunity that was available free for use in this amazing but narrow stage making community

We dearly apologize if we missed someone, please leave me a note via PM if you found such case. We'll surely add the respective creator into the credits immediately.


In order to make this update work, you must have installed the RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB correctly.

1. Download the update from the Downloads section.

2. Open the archive you downloaded. Extract the folders "3D, XML, CM_Stages & GUI" inside the directory where you installed PCM 18. Generally, that's going to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2018, but if that's not the case, the folder is always the one where you can find PCM's executable, PCM.exe. The folders "3D, XML, CM_Stages & GUI" should now be copied into this folder. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.

3. Go to your Documents folder. Generally, that's going to be C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents, but otherwise you should be able to find it yourself pretty easily. Replace the .cdb file named "OfficialRelease" in C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2018\Mod\Default with the .cdb file "OfficialRelease" that you downloaded. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.

4. Now it's time to start the game. When you create a new game (either Career/Pro Cyclist/One-off Race/etc.), select OfficialRelease.

5. You're set, enjoy! If you followed this guide, but you’re still having problems with the installation, ask your question in the General questions thread on pcmdaily.com.

Awesome! 100% 69% [9 Votes]
Very Good 11% 7% [1 Votes]
Good 11% 7% [1 Votes]
Average 11% 7% [1 Votes]
Poor 11% 7% [1 Votes]
sportkona on 13-02-2019

Message Mod Check failed and Game craches. Did the Installation 2 times with cleaning Stage folders

Lofkvist on 13-02-2019

Open the game and minimize it with Ctrl + Tab. copy the officialRealeased.cdb from our DB to Documents / pro cycling manager2018 / Mod / Default and replace the existing cdb file. Go back into the game and select there as DB Default.

bobodk on 19-02-2019

Thank you for the update. Are there any plans to update on quipment and helmets? All teams are on standard helmets it seems like Smile

Lofkvist on 19-02-2019

No, because the maximum equipment is reached. 128 different brands are the maximum in pcm18. Each additional leads to an error message.

andreas125 on 23-02-2019

Thanks for an amazing DB, however I just noticed that regen names are messed up. For example spanish regens all have anglo names, italian riders seems to have middle eastern names etc.

andreas125 on 24-02-2019

Nevermind me, I did a clean install and the issue is gone.

lol6969 on 24-02-2019

how to fix riders keep on refusing contract on custom team career mode? even ehen the bar is full green..it always says the team holds no interest in me even my team did good

Willemaarts on 28-02-2019

I don't see former national champion trims... I see the former world, but not the rest. I checked, the former champions are all checked in the database, and the trim files have the right filename + width/length

aalavic on 14-03-2019

Hey guys, need your help, please. Started a game in career mode with the DB Update working. Now tried a single race but the error message came back. Tried the saved game and it's working. Any tips?

**great work with the db Wink

Warhog on 15-03-2019

iGreat DB !!! I encountered one annoying problem, Dutch ITT in Heerenveen was a group start and i could not get out of the gate. First time ever 30 riders had the same time and the ITT was won by a sprinter with 67 TT. Shock

Is it just me or is the the individual time trail in Tirreno Adriatica missing?



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