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PCM18 Lite Pack V2
07. July 2018 09:38 from haasje33
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 7214
Copyright: PCM.daily's Database Team
Homepage: Link

PCM.daily's Database Team is very pleased to present the pre-Tour de France Update of the Lite Pack. You will have new races, real additional sponsors, some graphics enhancements and most importantly the PCM.daily stats have been implemented.

You don't need the previous PCM18 Lite Pack (V1) for this version to work! Just download and install this installer and subscribe to the Lite Pack V2 in Steam Workshop using the link provided above.

Your questions will be more likely to be answered in the PCM.daily Projects section threads rather than in the comments section below!


- Real names for all cyclists (including track)
- PCM.daily's stats
- Real names for all teams
- Real graphics for all teams
- Over 600 real additional sponsors
- Real names for all races
- Real equipment brands
- Real equipment
- Correct equipment for almost all teams
- Real doctors, trainers and scouts
- Real cyclist names in palmares
- Correct division and race category names
- New race category logos (by haasje33)
- New races and updated routes for many races
- Correct race rules and classification systems
- Zecha's Race Logos implemented
- Cyanide Cup and race limitations in Pro Cyclist Mode removed to improve realism


1. After downloading open the archive with 7Zip and extract it.

2. When extracting is finished, run the installer by double-clicking "PCMdaily Lite Pack 2018 Setup.exe".

3. At a certain point during the installation, you can select where you want to install the Lite Pack. You have to choose the main directory of Pro Cycling Manager 2018 for the Lite Pack to work correctly. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2018. In some cases, however, this location is different. If you have set up Steam to install your games in a different directory, make sure to install the Lite Pack in there as well. For example, if your games are in D:\SteamLibrary, you should install the Expansion Pack in D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2018. If you’re not sure if you are installing the Lite Pack in the correct directory, please check if the directory contains the file [PCM.exe]. If it does, you’re installing in the correct directory. If not, you can search for the correct directory by using Windows’ search function and searching for [PCM.exe]. Make sure the directory you find is from PCM18 and not from one of the earlier versions of the game.

4. Complete the installation process. Installation can take a while considering it is a huge file.

5. When the installation is complete, you will be taken to Lite Pack 2018 in Steam Workshop. This is the old version (due to problems updating the old version to the new one), but a link to the new version is provided in its description. Make sure you subscribe to it and allow Steam Workshop to complete downloading the files. It’s a small package, so it should not take long. If you don’t subscribe to the Lite Pack in Steam Workshop, you won’t be able to choose the database in the game.

6. In the game, select PCMdaily Lite Pack as the database to use when starting a new game mode.

7. You're set, enjoy! If you followed this guide, but you’re still having problems with the installation, check the FAQ on the PCM.daily forum. If your problem isn’t listed in there, ask any questions in the support thread on pcmdaily.com, in the PCM.daily Projects section. Any future updates can be downloaded and installed easily by running the PCMdailyLitePack Updater, located in the Start menu folder PCMdaily Lite Pack.

PCM.daily Lite Pack V2.1 Bugfix released!
PCM.daily's Database Team has released a bugfix for the Lite Pack. Install it by running PCMdaily Lite Pack Updater in the PCMdaily Lite Pack folder of your Start menu. The Steam Workshop part will update automatically.

SOLUTION: V2 features disappearing after updating to V2.1
For all that have the issue of the V2.0 features disappearing after the update (pink boxes instead of minijerseys, missing bikes/helmets, et cetera), follow these steps:
1. Uninstall PCM.daily's Lite Pack 2018 from your Control Panel (or Settings - Apps in Windows 10)
2. Reinstall Lite Pack V2
3. Use the Updater to update to V2.2 from V2

There has been a problem with the updater uninstalling the previous version before installing the new version. That problem has now been solved, but you'll need to follow these steps to install it correctly if you've encountered this problem.

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Very Good 8% 4% [2 Votes]
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Poor 95% 46% [22 Votes]
Mayz30 on 07-07-2018

Zpy on 07-07-2018

guys i dont have steam!! how can i download the database file of the fifth step ? "5. When the installation is complete, you will be taken to Lite (..................) If you don’t subscribe to the Lite Pack in Steam Workshop, you won’t be able to choose the database in the game.

thank you

Anri1214 on 07-07-2018

I understand. But I cant download database file. After subscribe download not start.

Anri1214 on 07-07-2018

Question. Why archive file not include DB file? And why DB file in another server?

Zpy on 07-07-2018

can someone put the file of database in steamworkshop to download? the step 5

douglasfugazi on 08-07-2018

Guys, please upload that database but another hoster because Mega.nz has quote only to 1.5GB and the dabase size is bigger. Please upload it to another hoster. Thanks!!!!!!

clamel on 08-07-2018

Why put anything on steam. I've always have trouble but in older days without steam it worked as a clock. It isn't that hard to put stuff in the right folder after all. Unzip somewhere else than just move it. I normally play off-line because I just hate steam involved in something they just haven't a right. Off and on the refuse to connect at start. Back in the old days (pre-steam) so much better. You got your CD/DVD and dl patches without trouble.

AlexM12093 on 08-07-2018

if possible could the whole db be uploaded to here. Many thanks!

Avin Wargunnson on 08-07-2018

I guess this part with Steam is because pirates cant use it. Pfft

haasje33 on 08-07-2018

@aboesa/Anri1214: try restarting Steam, if that doesn't work, try unsubscribing - restarting Steam - resubscribing. Also, are you sure you are downloading the correct mod? Make sure the title of the mod doesn't say (OLD), because that is the old one that probably won't contain files any longer.

@Zpy: The game nowadays is distributed only through Steam, so if you don't have Steam, that means you're using a pirated version of the game and we won't support that.

@douglasfugazi: if you create an account, you won't have that problem. You can also just download using the download button on top of this page. You'll download the database directly from our own server.

@clamel: I actually disagree. Steam makes updating the game and our mods a lot easier than back in the pre-Steam days. Although it's not ideal that we cannot create our complete packs in Steam Workshop, it actually is a lot easier updates-wise. Not to mention the pirating, which we have never supported but couldn't influence before. Now we can with the methods we are now using.

@all: Without Cyanide and Focus Interactive we would not even have this game, so please support them by just buying the game! Buying through GamesPlanet through this link will even give you a 10% discount and part of the revenue will be used to support PCM.daily!



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