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Vuelta a Castilla y Leon - Stage 2

Today there is a short flat stage in Spain, with one KOM sprint to give the jersey an owner. The favourites are Ventoso, Forster and Duque.

As you can see, Team Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kitty has a new jersey, powered by Waghlon.


It can’t be called a suprize that the two teams which joined the CT last, are trying to get in the breakaway. And both succeed. Van Zandbeek is there for Team Ultimate, while Sawada defends Team Ultra Adventure’s colours(mainly pink).


While van Zandbeek takes the first sprint up front, Chacon beats Del Nero in the pack for third.


When the lead has increased to 7 minutes, Santander thinks it’s enough and they send Madrazo up front.


He isn’t completely on his own though; on the climb Del Nero takes over. Van Zandbeek takes the KOM jersey, uncontested by both breakaway riders. Sulzberger, Roux and Vandenbroeck take the remaining points. The breaks lead is now cut to 3’30 with the sprinters Henderson and Chacon being dropped.


When at 50km to go, Madrazo is still chasing on his own, Sevilla, Machado, de Greef and Tschopp have a go and attack. They stil up 2 vs 2 chasing the early break.
Van Zandbeek takes the final sprint, with Sawada second and Machado third.


Although Sevilla and Machado do catch up with the break, Ronan van Zandbeek is the last rider to be caugth with 23km left.


And it’s the new team, Team Ultra Adventure, who’s preparing the sprint for… well... Giancecchi?


But then… a crash! Roux is down, and he’s taken #5 from the GC, Dan Craven, with him.


The pack won’t wait though, as it’s now Costa with Moreno, Ventoso and Forster up front. All other sprinter are right behind as well.


Oh dear, it’s another crash! This time it’s Sutton who’s unlucky along with Duque, Sulzberger and Gianchecchi.


Up front the sprint is on though, as Moreno powers away with Ventoso and Forster waiting for the right moment.


Valverde tries to close the gap, but he does it on the wrong side of the road… Moreno, Ventoso and Forster will battle it out.


And when Ventoso releases his strength, the others don’t have an answer. Ventoso takes stage two, making it 2/2 for Santander! Forster is second and Moreno holds off Valverde for third.


Stage result
1Francisco VentosoSantander3h52'35
2Robert FörsterWii Racings.t.
3Daniel MorenoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
4Alejandro ValverdeSantanders.t.
5Giovanni ViscontiTeam Starbuckss.t.
6Jurgen VandenbroeckMoltenis.t.
7Iñigo LandaluzeMoltenis.t.
8Trent LoweTeam Starbuckss.t.
9Vladimir EfimkinTeam Starbuckss.t.
10Viatcheslav DyadichkinTeam Starbuckss.t.
11Fredrik EricssonTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
12Juan Manuel GárateSantanders.t.
13Magno NazaretSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
14Paolo SavoldelliWii Racings.t.
15Tom CrielTeam Starbuckss.t.
16Dries DevenynsMoltenis.t.
17Florentino MarquezSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
18Lars Petter NordhaugWii Racings.t.
19Justo TenorioSantanders.t.
20Gustavo VelosoTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
21Amets TxurrukaMoltenis.t.
22Tommy ZainiIrnBru - RBSs.t.
23Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
24Behnam KhalilikhosroshaniTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kittys.t.
25Pedro Merino CriadoSantanders.t.
26Salvatore MancusoTeam Ultimates.t.
27Branislav SamoilevTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
28Benjamin NovalMoltenis.t.
29Julio Alberto Perez CuapioTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
30Rui CostaSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
31Sebastian BalckTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
32Maurizio BiondoTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
33Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
34Juan MoraWii Racings.t.
35Evgeny WackerTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kittys.t.
36Jose AlarconTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
37Phillip ThuauxTeam Ultimates.t.
38Wilson RincĂłnTeam Ultimates.t.
39Jesus Del NeroSantanders.t.
40Ludvig LundbergTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
41Nicolas BrolinTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
42Arnold JeannessonTeam Ultimates.t.
43Christopher SuttonIrnBru - RBSs.t.
44Yoshiaki ShimadaTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kittys.t.
45Wes SulzbergerIrnBru - RBSs.t.
46Remberto JaramilloTeam Starbuckss.t.
47Francis De GreefMoltenis.t.
48Tiago MachadoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
49Dario GiancecchiTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kittys.t.
50Kristian HouseTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
51Nuno RibeiroSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
52Jonathan Tiernan-LockeTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
53Luis Perez RodriguezMoltenis.t.
54Peter WilliamsTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
55Oscar SevillaTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
56Ananias AnaniasTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
57Johann TschoppTeam Starbuckss.t.
58Julián BecerraWii Racings.t.
59Jorge NogaledoTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
60Leonardo DuqueWii Racings.t.
61Anthony RouxWii Racing+ 3'24
62Dan CravenIrnBru - RBSs.t.
63Kensyo SawadaTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kitty+ 5'57
64Ronan Van ZandbeekTeam Ultimates.t.
65Angel MadrazoSantander+ 6'52
66Gregory HendersonIrnBru - RBS+ 9'16
67Yannick StoltzTeam Ultimates.t.
68Miguel ChaconIrnBru - RBSs.t.
69Timothy JohnsonIrnBru - RBSs.t.
70Paulo Lucas MartinsTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
71Gert RajalaTeam Ultimates.t.
72Junya SanoTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kitty+ 10'28
73Lars AnderssonTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
74Kazuki AoyanagiTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kitty+ 12'28

1Alejandro ValverdeSantander4h04'01
2Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 1
3Fredrik EricssonTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 3
4Branislav SamoilevTeam Energie - Diesel+ 4
5Jurgen VandenbroeckMolteni+ 5
6Daniel MorenoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 7
7Tom CrielTeam Starbuckss.t.
8Justo TenorioSantanders.t.
9Wilson RincĂłnTeam Ultimates.t.
10Trent LoweTeam Starbucks+ 8
11Gustavo VelosoTeam Energie - Diesel+ 9
12Dries DevenynsMolteni+ 10
13Julio Alberto Perez CuapioTeam Energie - Diesel+ 15
14Paolo SavoldelliWii Racing+ 16
15Florentino MarquezSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
16Benjamin NovalMoltenis.t.
17Phillip ThuauxTeam Ultimates.t.
18Iñigo LandaluzeMolteni+ 17
19Francisco VentosoSantanders.t.
20Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
21Francis De GreefMolteni+ 18
22Nuno RibeiroSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 19
23Giovanni ViscontiTeam Starbucks+ 20
24Juan Manuel GárateSantander+ 21
25Oscar SevillaTeam Energie - Diesel+ 22

1Alejandro ValverdeSantander39
2Francisco VentosoSantander25
3Fredrik EricssonTeam IKEA - Bianchi21
4Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi20
5Jurgen VandenbroeckMolteni20
6Robert FörsterWii Racing20
7Daniel MorenoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin17
8Branislav SamoilevTeam Energie - Diesel14
9Trent LoweTeam Starbucks14
10Dan CravenIrnBru - RBS12

1Ronan Van ZandbeekTeam Ultimate10
2Kensyo SawadaTeam Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kitty8
3Wes SulzbergerIrnBru - RBS6
4Anthony RouxWii Racing4
5Jurgen VandenbroeckMolteni2

Young rider
1Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi4h04'02 (1)
2Branislav SamoilevTeam Energie - Diesel+ 3 (2)
3Justo TenorioSantander+ 6 (3)
4Wilson RincĂłnTeam Ultimate+ 6 (4)
5Trent LoweTeam Starbucks+ 7 (5)

1Santander12h12'24 (1)
2Team Energie - Diesel+ 7 (2)
3Molteni+ 10 (3)
4Team Starbucks+ 14 (4)
5Team IKEA - Bianchi+ 19 (5)
6Team Ultimate+ 24 (6)
7Sport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 27 (7)
8Wii Racing+ 44 (8)
9IrnBru - RBS+ 56 (9)
10Team Ultra Adventure Pro Cycling - Sponsored by Hello Kitty+ 1'23 (10)

Edited by Roman on 18-10-2016 03:44
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