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Tirreno-Adriatico - Stage 5

It's Time Trial time! 25km starting with a decent, then a flat section with the time check and then a hill. With the TT being pretty short and the hill in the end could favour the puncheurs a bit, since the final GC should be descides here. With Ginanni in the jersey he should be motivated. Di Luca riding at home, and Sanchez still looking for succes, he's got two competetitors who are very close. And don't forget Nibali and Karpets, who both are still within range.
For the stagewin it seems inevitable that Rogers will win, although Karpets, Boom and Posthuma could challenge him.

The first rider to set a time which would stand for a while was Kittel, 34'47.
At that point the top five looked like this for a while:
1. Kittel
2. Meier
3. Barth
4. Goddeart
5. Clesen
With Kittel being 24-30 seconds faster then the other four.


After a long while it was Posthuma leaving the startpodium as one of the fouvourites. At the intermediate time check he was 4 seconds down, but at the finish he beats Kittels time by 12 seconds! It seems the hill does have quite an impact.


Shortly after Posthuma came teammate, top favourite for the stage and Australian time trial champion Michael Rogers. As he starts his run, Basso just suprized at the Time Check with a third place.


And he continues that suprize taking third on the line, 20 seconds back.


Boom meanwhile is also on his way to a good result, being second at the intermediate point.


Second means he's not first; Rogers is. He crushes all times off the table, going 28 seconds faster then the current best time!


Now it's time for the GC battle to come, with Karpets(The Russian champ) off first.


Shortly followed by Nibali.


To fresh up you mind, this is the current GC situation:
1Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey's17h48'28
2Danilo Di LucaLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 12
3Samuel Sánchez GonzalezFestina - Seiko+ 22
4Riccardo RiccoWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 42
5Vincenzo NibaliDomina Vacanze+ 46
6Vladimir KarpetsAmerican Suzuki+ 49

As we arrive at the time check, Karpets goes +12 seconds on Rogers, followed by Nibali doing +9. Karpets, already 3 seconds behind Nibali in the GC, is out of the race for the GC.
Ricco up next. +29 for him. Exit Ricco.
Then comes the current top three. Sanchez, di Luca and Ginanni.


Sanchez was off first, and does +14 at the time check. He's looking good only losing 5 seconds to Nibali, where he can lose 24.
Next up, di Luca. He goes +22, exit di Luca!
After him, is gets worse, as the race leader Ginanni doesnt even make it to the top 60 on our time tables, and he cant see any more then that. Exit Gianni.

So - the GC battle will be between Sanchez and Nibali. One hill to go, 19 seconds left for Sanchez.

As they start reaching the finish, Karpets seems to have inproved in part two, going second behind Rogers, +'20!
Right after him though, the happiness ends for him; Nibali 2nd, +'5!
Sanchez coming up, what's he done?


Sanchez equals Karpets' time at +'20, 15 seconds slower then Nibali. How many could he afford to lose? That's right, 24! Sanchez in the lead with only di Luca and Ginanni left.


Di Luca comes in at +'36, riding a strong second part, but not good enough. He is only 5 seconds behind on Sanchez now though. Ouch.
Ginanni comes in, looks at his time, and knows his jersey is gone; + 1'36.

So, Sanchez takes the GC suprizingly, by only 5 seconds to di Luca and 9 to Nibali. In theory, anything could still happen, but with two flat stages remaining, thats very unlikely.
We've seen what happend to Boasson Hagen though...

Stage result
1Michael RogersLa Gazzetta dello Sport34'07
2Vincenzo NibaliDomina Vacanze+ 6
3Vladimir KarpetsAmerican Suzuki+ 20
4Samuel Sánchez GonzalezFestina - Seiko+ 21
5Lars BoomVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 23
6Joost PosthumaLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 28
7Danilo Di LucaLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 36
8Przemyslaw NiemiecLipton Ice Teas.t.
9Marcel KittelAccumalux-Huez+ 40
10Andrei GrivkoTeam B&O+ 46
11Vladimir GusevPhilips - Hummel+ 47
12Filippo PozzatoCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
13Ivan BassoVespa-Caffrey's+ 49
14Martijn KeizerWikipedia+ 50
15Thor HushovdFestina - Seikos.t.
16Domenico PozzovivoPhilips - Hummel+ 53
17Andreas KlödenEurosport+ 56
18Riccardo RiccoWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 57
19Edvald Boasson HagenTeam B&O+ 58
20Jelle VanendertDomina Vacanze+ 59
21Michael SchärRabobanks.t.
22Maxime MonfortWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 1'02
23Christian MeierWikipedia+ 1'05
24Marcel BarthAccumalux-Huez+ 1'06
25Kristof GoddaertFestina - Seikos.t.
26Dario CataldoCrédit Lyonnais+ 1'07
27Lars Ytting BakPhilips - Hummels.t.
28Nick ClesenAccumalux-Huez+ 1'09
29Ivan KovalevVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 1'11
30Sergei KolesnikovWarner Brotherss.t.
31Luigi SestiliCrédit Lyonnais+ 1'13
32Marco MarzanoUnicef RT+ 1'14
33Marco PinottiEurosports.t.
34Pierre RollandPhilips - Hummel+ 1'16
35Niels ScheunemannPhilips - Hummels.t.
36Roman KilunWikipedia+ 1'17
37Patrick GretschFestina - Seiko+ 1'21
38Kévin LalouetteCrédit Lyonnais+ 1'23
39Luca AscaniVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
40Casper JørgensenTeam B&O+ 1'24
41John-Lee AugustynWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 1'25
42William WalkerSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
43Matea KvasinaAccumalux-Huez+ 1'26
44Drasutis StundziaAccumalux-Huezs.t.
45Rafaâ ChtiouiAccumalux-Huez+ 1'28
46Bauke MollemaRabobank+ 1'29
47William FordVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 1'31
48Alex RasmussenVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 1'32
49Karsten KroonRabobank+ 1'33
50Mauro SantambrogioLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
51Jukka VastarantaSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
52Peter VelitsEurosport+ 1'34
53Moises DueñasCrédit Lyonnais+ 1'35
54Alexandre VinokourovLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
55René MandriCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
56Domenik KlemmeTeam B&Os.t.
57Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey's+ 1'36
58Sergei LagutinEurosport+ 1'37
59Mikaël ChérelWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 1'38
60Michiel Van AelbroeckRabobanks.t.
61Thomas FreiLipton Ice Tea+ 1'39
62Dmitri KozontchukRabobanks.t.
63Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 1'41
64Jurgen RoelandtsUnicef RTs.t.
65Morten ReckwegTeam B&Os.t.
66Lorenzo BernucciVespa-Caffrey's+ 1'42
67Paolo BettiniVespa-Caffrey's+ 1'43
68Francisco ManceboEurosports.t.
69Tony MartinDomina Vacanze+ 1'44
70Mathieu PergetCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
71Logan HutchingsLipton Ice Teas.t.
72Mathieu HeijboerRabobanks.t.
73Christian PoosAccumalux-Huezs.t.
74Gabriel BrizuelaLipton Ice Teas.t.
75Cristiano SalernoWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 1'45
76Matteo BonoLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
77Johan CoenenWarner Brothers+ 1'47
78David Herrero LlorenteWikipedias.t.
79Pim LigthartVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 1'49
80Baden CookeUnicef RT+ 1'50
81Andrea MolettaAmerican Suzuki+ 1'51
82Klaas SysWikipedia+ 1'53
83Ramunas NavardauskasFestina - Seiko+ 2'00
84Eros CapecchiRabobanks.t.
85Jan HopmanVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
86Constantino ZaballaSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'03
87Jonathan BellisBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
88Juan-Antonio FlechaWarner Brothers+ 2'05
89Patxi VilaUnicef RTs.t.
90Diego UlissiPhilips - Hummel+ 2'08
91Sergei KlimovDomina Vacanzes.t.
92Hector Duenas NevadoLipton Ice Tea+ 2'09
93Fabio SabatiniUnicef RTs.t.
94Alessandro ProniVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
95Ahmed AhmedWarner Brothers+ 2'10
96Vladimir MiholjevicBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
97Evgeni PopovSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'14
98Blaise SonneryCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
99Maxime VantommePhilips - Hummels.t.
100Kin-San WuAmerican Suzuki+ 2'15
101Arthur Garcia RinconVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
102Roman MaksimovWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 2'16
103Jordi GrauRabobanks.t.
104Cesare Di MaggioLipton Ice Teas.t.
105Gabriele BosisioVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
106Xavier TondoBritish Airways - Martini+ 2'17
107Stijn JosephSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'19
108Hubert SchwabDomina Vacanze+ 2'21
109Tim NederlofAmerican Suzukis.t.
110Jonas VangenechtenSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'22
111Christophe BrandtUnicef RTs.t.
112Nikolas MaesWikipedia+ 2'24
113Frederik NolfFestina - Seikos.t.
114Peter WilliamsTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
115Anthony LavoineFestina - Seiko+ 2'26
116Ismaël KipBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
117Jonathan Tiernan-LockeTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
118CĂ©sar Rojas VillegasAmerican Suzuki+ 2'29
119Manuel Antonio CardosoSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'30
120Francesco GavazziLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 2'31
121Kristian HouseTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
122Yannick TalabardonWarner Brothers+ 2'32
123Erik HoffmannBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
124Mauro Da DaltoDomina Vacanze+ 2'33
125Pieter JacobsUnicef RTs.t.
126Emanuele RizzaAmerican Suzuki+ 2'35
127Michael MørkøvPhilips - Hummel+ 2'36
128Danny SummerhillWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
129Kevin HulsmansWarner Brothers+ 2'37
130Christian RanneriesFestina - Seiko+ 2'39
131Thomas Riber-SellebjergTeam B&Os.t.
132Danilo NapolitanoVespa-Caffrey's+ 2'40
133Ruben Elvira LobatoSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'41
134Kam-po WongBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
135Sid TaberlayDomina Vacanze+ 2'42
136Addy EngelsWarner Brothers+ 2'44
137Christian FrommeltBritish Airways - Martini+ 2'47
138Andreas KlierAmerican Suzuki+ 2'49
139Stefano GarzelliEurosports.t.
140Ananias AnaniasTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 2'54
141Troels VinterTeam B&O+ 2'55
142JĂĽrgen Van de WalleEurosport+ 2'56
143Chris WherryAmerican Suzuki+ 2'57
144Francesco ChicchiDomina Vacanzes.t.
145Nico SijmensAccumalux-Huez+ 3'00
146Alberto LoddoLipton Ice Tea+ 3'02
147Jonas Aaen JørgensenTeam B&O+ 3'03
148Aurélien ClercUnicef RTs.t.
149Carlos Alexandre ManarelliVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 3'05
150Marcello PavarinWikipedias.t.
151Marco GuillénWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
152Remy BourdouxheLipton Ice Teas.t.
153Steven De JonghWarner Brothers+ 3'09
154Vicente ReynèsEurosport+ 3'21

1Samuel Sánchez GonzalezFestina - Seiko18h23'18
2Danilo Di LucaLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 5
3Vincenzo NibaliDomina Vacanze+ 9
4Vladimir KarpetsAmerican Suzuki+ 26
5Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey's+ 53
6Riccardo RiccoWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 56
7Przemyslaw NiemiecLipton Ice Tea+ 1'50
8Filippo PozzatoCrédit Lyonnais+ 2'01
9Domenico PozzovivoPhilips - Hummel+ 2'07
10Sergei KolesnikovWarner Brothers+ 2'25
11Michael RogersLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 2'31
12Lars BoomVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 2'36
13Andrei GrivkoTeam B&O+ 2'39
14Jukka VastarantaSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'47
15Karsten KroonRabobanks.t.
16Edvald Boasson HagenTeam B&O+ 2'58
17Vladimir GusevPhilips - Hummel+ 3'00
18Marco MarzanoUnicef RT+ 3'01
19Ivan BassoVespa-Caffrey's+ 3'20
20Diego UlissiPhilips - Hummel+ 3'22
21Jelle VanendertDomina Vacanze+ 3'30
22Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 3'32
23Maxime MonfortWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 3'33
24Dario CataldoCrédit Lyonnais+ 3'38
25Mikaël ChérelWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 3'48
26Paolo BettiniVespa-Caffrey's+ 3'56
27Bauke MollemaRabobank+ 4'00
28Lorenzo BernucciVespa-Caffrey's+ 4'13
29Christophe BrandtUnicef RT+ 4'15
30Johan CoenenWarner Brothers+ 4'18
31Michael SchärRabobank+ 4'26
32Jordi GrauRabobanks.t.
33Mathieu PergetCrédit Lyonnais+ 4'27
34Cesare Di MaggioLipton Ice Tea+ 4'29
35Jonathan BellisBritish Airways - Martini+ 4'32
36Constantino ZaballaSIC Radical - Timberland+ 4'34
37Gabriele BosisioVespa-Caffrey's+ 4'47
38William WalkerSIC Radical - Timberland+ 4'52
39Mauro SantambrogioLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 5'00
40Domenik KlemmeTeam B&O+ 5'02
41René MandriCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
42Alexandre VinokourovLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
43Yannick TalabardonWarner Brothers+ 5'03
44Francisco ManceboEurosport+ 5'10
45Matteo BonoLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 5'12
46Pierre RollandPhilips - Hummel+ 5'14
47Thor HushovdFestina - Seiko+ 5'19
48Martijn KeizerWikipedia+ 5'23
49Alessandro ProniVespa-Caffrey's+ 5'36
50Lars Ytting BakPhilips - Hummel+ 5'40

1Samuel Sánchez GonzalezFestina - Seiko27
2Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sport24
3Vladimir KarpetsAmerican Suzuki23
4Danilo Di LucaLa Gazzetta dello Sport22
5Vincenzo NibaliDomina Vacanze21
6Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey's17
7Edvald Boasson HagenTeam B&O17
8Jurgen RoelandtsUnicef RT16
9Michael RogersLa Gazzetta dello Sport15
10Thor HushovdFestina - Seiko15

1Jonathan BellisBritish Airways - Martini15
2Ruben Elvira LobatoSIC Radical - Timberland10
3Jordi GrauRabobank5
4Nico SijmensAccumalux-Huez5
5Stijn JosephSIC Radical - Timberland5
6Christophe BrandtUnicef RT4
7David Herrero LlorenteWikipedia4
8Eros CapecchiRabobank4
9Tony MartinDomina Vacanze4
10JĂĽrgen Van de WalleEurosport4

Young rider
1Vincenzo NibaliDomina Vacanze18h23'27
2Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey's+ 44
3Sergei KolesnikovWarner Brothers+ 2'16
4Lars BoomVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 2'27
5Jukka VastarantaSIC Radical - Timberland+ 2'38

1La Gazzetta dello Sport55h15'19
2Philips - Hummel+ 2'03
3Vespa-Caffrey's+ 2'10
4White Bear - Wild Horse+ 2'43
5Crédit Lyonnais+ 4'10

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