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Milano - SanRemo 2010 discussion
294 Brutal kilometers await the riders between Milano and SanRemo, icluding the Passo di Turchino, the famous Capi and a big climb nobody has ever head about before; Pompeiana.

Reading the Gazetta dello Sport, who always give starts to riders for races, I found out they favour Bennati, Steegmans and Pozzato for the win. Ballan, Hushovd, Cooke, Cancellara and Davis all got a solid mention as well though, and especially looking at the final climb, this is a very open race.

La Gazzetta dello Sport
1. D.Bennati
2. M.Bono
3. D.Di Luca
4. S.Marinangeli
5. M.Mugerli
6. J.Posthuma
7. M.Santambrogio
8. A.Vinokourov

Crédit Lyonnais
11. F.Pozzato
12. M.Dueñas
13. J.Gadret
14. S.Gerrans
15. K.Lalouette
16. L.Mangel
17. M.Perget
18. L.Sestili

21. G.Steegmans
22. J.Bakelants
23. E.Capecchi
24. J.Grau
25. D.Kozontchuk
26. K.Kroon
27. A.Moinard
28. L.Ten Dam

31. T.Hushovd
32. A.Brea
33. A.Geslin
34. A.Lavoine
35. S.Morabito
36. S.Sánchez Gonzalez
37. J.Van Goolen
38. J.Van Loocke

Philips - Hummel
41. M.Vantomme
42. A.Furlan
43. C.Kern
44. M.Mørkøv
45. M.Pedersen
46. N.Scheunemann
47. M.Schreurs
48. D.Ulissi

Unicef RT
51. J.Roelandts
52. C.Brandt
53. F.Cancellara
54. B.Cooke
55. S.Finning
56. P.Jacobs
57. M.Marzano
58. P.Vila

61. M.Cavendish
62. P.Deignan
63. S.Garzelli
64. L.Gerdemann
65. S.Joly
66. S.Lagutin
67. T.Lövkvist
68. P.Velits

American Suzuki
71. A.Davis
72. B.Armstrong
73. F.Borghesi
74. J.Crawford
75. A.Gérard
76. A.Klier
77. F.Picoreau
78. B.Vaugrenard

SIC Radical
81. A.Ballan
82. E.Berthou
83. S.Joseph
84. R.Lobato
85. E.Popov
86. J.Vangenechten
87. W.Walker
88. C.Zaballa

Virgin Media
91. A.Serebriakov
92. A.Bespalov
93. L.Boom
94. I.Kovalev
95. C.Manarelli
96. D.Mehr-Wenige
97. A.Rasmussen
98. I.Stannard

White Bear Steyr
101. L.Croket
102. V.Agnoli
103. J.Augustyn
104. V.Bileka
105. S.Caethoven
106. M.Eibegger
107. M.Hayman
108. D.Summerhill

111. E.Hagen
112. M.Bouet
113. T.De Gendt
114. A.Grivko
115. M.Hegreberg
116. D.Klemme
117. S.Kruijswijk
118. T.Vinter

100ME *
121. B.Swift
122. M.Booth
123. R.Cleaver
124. C.Froome
125. S.Gaywood
126. N.Roche
127. A.Tennant

131. A.Loddo
132. T.Bontenackels
133. R.Bourdouxhe
134. I.Camaño
135. G.Gazvoda
136. M.Mahoric
137. V.Ratiy
138. E.Sella

141. J.Haedo
142. B.Caldwell
143. J.Donald
144. T.Duggan
145. B.Jacques-Maynes
146. S.Nydam
147. F.Wegmann
148. T.Zirbel

British Airways
151. J.Bellis
152. S.Chavanel
153. C.Frommelt
154. L.Lefèvre
155. V.Miholjevic
156. J.Mouris
157. X.Tondo
158. K.Uugunbayar

Warner Bros.
161. K.Van Hummel
162. C.Barredo
163. J.Coenen
164. S.De Jongh
165. J.Flecha
166. A.Ongarato
167. C.Sastre
168. K.Van Impe

171. M.Burghardt
172. C.Barton
173. D.Herrero Llorente
174. N.Maes
175. D.Pate
176. M.Pavarin
177. J.Pineau
178. I.Stevic

181. N.Sijmens
182. S.Einsle
183. M.Kvasina
184. F.Pellizotti
185. M.Samwel
186. G.Smukulis
187. D.Stundzia
188. R.Wielinga

* Due to a problem with the startlist (The control team wouldnt show up ingame) Team 100%ME was added as control team instead.
Will you be racing the race now?

Can't wait really... Strong field, but I think the lack of quality puncheurs could be interesting... Riders like Di Luca, Pellizotti, Sanchez, Bakelants, Ballan and Hagen could really crunch the pack going up that final hill, but with strong sprinterteams it could also go the other way...

The only problem for the sprinters is that the strongest teams are also the ones who have these riders... Who can catch a group like that, if they go away?
Edited by SotD on 09-08-2009 19:27
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Posted on 26-01-2023 22:36
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I am hoping for a top 10
Yeah, I agree attackers have the best chance since the puncheurs will tire everybody out on the hill.
I think though, since the race is rated flat, riders like di Luca and Sanchez will be chasing for their sprinters...

edit: btw dont expect the to be posted before tomorrow morning Wink
Edited by mrlol on 09-08-2009 19:37
It's a possibility indeed, but I hope they won't...

Atleast top 5 no matter if it ends in a sprint or attack...
With no sprinters to work for, hopefully General Franco will attack off and win to defend his MSR crown
Uh - had we been using the 2009 profile of the race, Vantomme would've had a chance. But with that nasty hill in the middle of the race, this is perfectly designed for a strong puncheur.
I hope you are right, however I doubt that the hill after 120km or so will have any effect... It's 15-20km long, but it's not all too steep I think, and the pack will probably go relatively slow at that point of the race since a group of attackers is away...
I'll have to dissapoint all of you... right when I hit export results.... PCM.exe
there is an excel file in the folder, but it doesnt open up...

Tomorrow another try... blame Cyanide while waiting...
My guess is that Di Luca didn't win :lol: Pfft
Try to send the excel file to someone?


Or just write the ones getting points? How many is that? Top 20?
Edited by SotD on 09-08-2009 20:57
I'm not saying anything about the results.

Sending it to someone else didnt work, and I only have the top 3 writed down so... Wink
I managed to open the results using a different program. So I guess the result will stand Wink
I hope the"Wink" Means Wegmann wonPfft
CrueTrue wrote:
I managed to open the results using a different program. So I guess the result will stand Wink

Cool, so we will get the results today? Smile
Mrlol logged off MSN just as I was about to tell him that I had managed to open the file. So no, I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Oh okay... And now you know the result... Darn...
Well, I probably should have kept my mouth shout and let the race have been re-run, considering my team's showing in this race Pfft
Hehe well the only right thing to do is what you did, and no matter if you could've gotten a better result, the goodwill you recieve for playing sportive is atleast as good, it may not affect your team this season, but perhaps it is wellgiven in thought of next seasons transfer period Smile
Eventhough it's flat -rated and Hagen isn't exactly among the cyanide favourites (I know that's not saying much), I have a feeling he will do something here. I want a good result already!
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