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Etoile de Besseges - Stage 1
It's time for the first race on European soil; the Etoile the Besseges. With Team Ultimate.
The first stage is a totally flat criterium around Le Grau du Roi. Today's bookies favourites are Corioni and two guys from Santander; Ventoso and Del Nero.

Timofeev is the very first rider to attack. He's followed by 5 riders, but, they dont start working together rigth away. Instead, they're split up in 3 groupes: Echarri and Martins are up front, Higgerson is chasing all alone, and Butterfield, Stoltz and the initiator Timofeev are even further back.


Meanwhile, Pagoto got a puncture. Luckely for him though, the pack is happy to let this break go and he rejoins the peloton quite easily.

Up front, it takes 40km for the three groupes to join up. This migth be a too big waste of power in this stage, which is already seen as an easy sprint stage anyway.


In the pack, Nespresso, Vespa and Molteni are keeping the breaks lead under 5 minutes, before starting to speed up to get closer quite easily. At 17km the break is caugth. A mass sprint it is!


With 3km to go, it could go anyone way. There's 4 trains to be found, followed be the rest of the sprinters. From left to rigth: Richeze is leading out Hoffman, Baumann leads Thorsen, Tennant tries to get Swift up front and Di Nucci leads Nazon. So far, everybody has still got equal chances.


With 2km to go, that's changed though. Baumanns leadout turned out to be the best, by far. It seems Thorsen can't lose this stage now, since most (if not all) other sprinters are already on their own.


But what's this? Baumann fades completly and Thorsen just won't pass him. Is he giving away a certain stage win?
Up front now are still a lot of sprinter though, it could be anyone's day. On the front line are Priamo, Bewley, Biondo, Perez Arrieta, McCollum and Gavazzi.


And the photofinish clearly shows it's Sam Bewley who take the first stage on French soil for M&M Cycling! Priamo, who had a flat tire early in the stage, takes second and Biondo take the final podium spot.


That's not it though, because what happend completely unnoticed in the background? The complete Team Ultimate waited for Yannick Stoltz after he was dropped from the pack due to being tired for his efforts in the early break. Luckely for them, they hold contact with the pack. They're still in the race!



Stage result
1Sam BewleyM&M Cycling3h07'07
2Matteo PriamoEON Ruhrgass.t.
3Maurizio BiondoTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
4Claudio CorioniTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
5James McCallumNokia-Nikes.t.
6Mattia GavazziVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
7Victor Gomes ColinasSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
8Adil JelloulNespresso - SportZones.t.
9Ruben BongiornoMoltenis.t.
10Nolan HoffmanNespresso - SportZones.t.
11Jíri HochmannTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonnes.t.
12Martijn MaaskantWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
13Jérome GiauxWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
14Francisco VentosoSantanders.t.
15Ricki NelsonM&M Cyclings.t.
16Stuart O'GradyTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonnes.t.
17Aitor Perez ArrietaSantanders.t.
18Jurgen VandenbroeckMoltenis.t.
19Daniel ThorsenTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonnes.t.
20Lorenzo BernucciVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
21Marco Alexandre Ferreira CunhaTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
22Nikolai TrusovWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
23Pierrick FédrigoNespresso - SportZones.t.
24Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
25Jean-Patrick NazonM&M Cyclings.t.
26Aitor GaldosMoltenis.t.
27Igor AstarloaTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
28Ben Swift100% MEs.t.
29Matt RoweWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
30Paolo BettiniVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
31Michel SibillaNespresso - SportZones.t.
32Ivan RovnyWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
33Bruno NevesSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
34Bert De WaeleMoltenis.t.
35Alessandro ProniVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
36Emiliano RodomontiTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
37Mauro RichezeNespresso - SportZones.t.
38Simone PonziWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
39Eric BaumannTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonnes.t.
40Daniele RattoWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
41Daniele Di NucciM&M Cyclings.t.
42Philipp WalslebenTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonnes.t.
43Micka√ęl DelageEON Ruhrgass.t.
44Hugo SabidoWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
45Jelle WallaysWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
46Simon Gaywood100% MEs.t.
47Richard TanguyWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
48Jakob FuglsangTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonnes.t.
49Andrea TontiVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
50√ďscar GueraoSantanders.t.
51Andrew Tennant100% MEs.t.
52Pedro Merino CriadoSantanders.t.
53Andrea PagotoVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
54Nicolas Roche100% MEs.t.
55Edwin Parra BustamanteM&M Cyclings.t.
56Massimo IannettiM&M Cyclings.t.
57Nicolas PortalNespresso - SportZones.t.
58Frederik WillemsMoltenis.t.
59David BoucherMoltenis.t.
60Ronald HarveyNokia-Nikes.t.
61Luca MazzantiMoltenis.t.
62Richard Cleaver100% MEs.t.
63Paolo ScarponiWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
64Paulo Lucas MartinsTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
65Jure GolcerNespresso - SportZones.t.
66Tom LastNokia-Nikes.t.
67Matt Booth100% MEs.t.
68Chris Froome100% MEs.t.
69Tiago MachadoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
70Davronjan ShatskikhM&M Cyclings.t.
71Enrique SalgueiroSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
72Anthony CharteauEON Ruhrgass.t.
73Francisco Javier EcharriSantanders.t.
74Jonathan Tiernan-LockeTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
75Evgeni PetrovWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
76Klaas VantornoutTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonnes.t.
77Yoann BagotTeam Energie - Diesels.t.
78Julian David Mu√Īoz GiraldoEON Ruhrgass.t.
79Tony GallopinNokia-Nikes.t.
80Peter WilliamsTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
81Tejay Van GarderenWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
82Arkaitz Dur√°nSantanders.t.
83Aleksandr KuchinskiEON Ruhrgass.t.
84Jesus Del NeroSantanders.t.
85Ruggero MarzoliEON Ruhrgass.t.
86Ben GastauerNokia-Nikes.t.
87Rui PintoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
88Lennie KirkNokia-Nikes.t.
89Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
90Ananias AnaniasTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
91Kristian HouseTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
92Deni RizioTeam Ultimates.t.
93Kevin EeckhoutTeam Ultimates.t.
94Maciej UlanowskiTeam Ultimates.t.
95Ronan Van ZandbeekTeam Ultimates.t.
96Ken Sebastian VassdålTeam Ultimates.t.
97Pavel KorzhTeam Ultimates.t.
98Yannick StoltzTeam Ultimates.t.
99Tyler ButterfieldWal-Mart Pro Cycling Team+ 2'11
100Ricardo MartinsSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 2'54
101Artjom TimofeevEON Ruhrgas+ 3'38
102Shaun HiggersonNokia-Nikes.t.

1Sam BewleyM&M Cycling3h06'47
2Matteo PriamoEON Ruhrgas+ 8
3Maurizio BiondoTeam Energie - Diesel+ 12
4Claudio CorioniTeam Energie - Diesel+ 20
5James McCallumNokia-Nikes.t.
6Mattia GavazziVespa-Caffrey'ss.t.
7Victor Gomes ColinasSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
8Adil JelloulNespresso - SportZones.t.
9Ruben BongiornoMoltenis.t.
10Nolan HoffmanNespresso - SportZones.t.

1Sam BewleyM&M Cycling25
2Matteo PriamoEON Ruhrgas20
3Maurizio BiondoTeam Energie - Diesel16
4Claudio CorioniTeam Energie - Diesel14
5James McCallumNokia-Nike12
6Mattia GavazziVespa-Caffrey's10
7Victor Gomes ColinasSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin9
8Adil JelloulNespresso - SportZone8
9Ruben BongiornoMolteni7
10Nolan HoffmanNespresso - SportZone6

Young rider
1Sam BewleyM&M Cycling3h06'47 (1)
2Nolan HoffmanNespresso - SportZone+ 20 (2)
3Jíri HochmannTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonne+ 20 (3)
4Jérome GiauxWal-Mart Pro Cycling Team+ 20 (4)
5Ricki NelsonM&M Cycling+ 20 (5)
6Daniel ThorsenTeam LEGO - Capri-Sonne+ 20 (6)
7Marco Alexandre Ferreira CunhaTeam Energie - Diesel+ 20 (7)
8Nikolai TrusovWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 20 (8)
9Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey's+ 20 (9)
10Ben Swift100% ME+ 20 (10)

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