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Posted on 11-08-2020 08:33
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This is not a critique, far from it everything opposite to congratulate the creators on this magnificent web, good to what it was going I have the doubt of because there is a blog to put the histories and on the other hand there is no a subforum...
I will explain it in Spanish to be understood by Guille...

Una de las claves que distinguen a esta nueva web es el hecho de que hay un espacio concreto destinado a las historias y ofrece una mayor facilidad y elegancia a las mismas. Además el foro es muy estrecho y se descuadraría en cuanto la foto fuera mínimamente grande.

One of the keys of this site is to give our users a certain space to post them with a better richness and more options than the forum ones. Besides, the board is too narrow and would be deformed with a bigger than normal photo.
Edited by Dankan on 01-12-2006 14:40
Thanks Smile .
Edited by Guille on 01-12-2006 15:07
Idd the main reason is you have more free space for the story. If we would have a story subforum then the avatars/user info would take a lot of picture space for your story away Pfft
Yea but it's a pity that you can't see something when someone updated his blog Wink
Dwight K. Schrute: 'I'm not a hero. Im just a mere defender of the office. You know who is a hero? Hiro from Heroes. That's a hero. And Bono'.
Wait!, I have learned spanish todayGrin

Me llamo ThomasGrin

Como etsás
is it correct?Pfft

No, it's not.

Estás Wink
JustinWK wrote:
Yea but it's a pity that you can't see something when someone updated his blog Wink

Well, in fact, you can. When you update the blog, the title of your blog will change. But I agree that it could be more clear. I'll try to fix it, so that the latest updated blog will be on top.
Okay, fixed. It's now sorted by the latest updated story - so the newest is on top.
Nice Grin
CrueTrue wrote:
No, it's not.

Estás Wink

arghh pushed the wrong button..
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