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Clanwar; Next: PCM Wereld



A Clan war, similar to the one we had with NCL and PCM Portugal, but now against PCM Wereld (www.pcmwereld.com), the newest mostly Dutch speaking PCM community.


Keirin, Elimination, Scratch (30L)

Both forums combine two 3 man teams, each playing against a team from the other forum.
This means there will be two separate races (3vs3), of which the points will be combined. (for scoring, see below) Both races have 5 heats, making 10 in total.

Elimination and Scratch:
Both forums deliver an 8 men squad, and just play a regular eli/scratch. 3 Heats each.


Per heat you've got the regular 10-6-4-3-2-1.
Then there is a bonus of 10 points for a heat win.
This means per heat, 36 points are up for grabs.

After the 5 heats, the points of the two best players of each forum are combined. This means at least one player of each team can 'work' for the other two at will; his points won't count anyway.

Of both 3vs3 keirins the points are added, meaning both forums get points from 4/6 of their players.

The regular points count here as well. (40-30-25-20 ...)
Per heat win there is a 40 points bonus.
All points from all players count.
After 3 heats, the best player of each forum will see his points doubled.
This means you can start with you best player as leader, but if he fails badly, you can change your team leader, and then help him to get the most points which will be doubeld.

Now, how the hell can we win???

The scoring system is a little complicated, but it will guarantuee that the forum wins who pwned the other the most.

Per dicipline(keirin, eli, scratch) one forum can score a maximum of 100 points, the losers of that disipline doesnt score. (these points are seperated from the points you score in-game, as mentioned above)
First, we look how many points can be reached in total in a certain dicipline. Let's take the keirin as example.
Above, I calculated there's 36 points per heat. With 10 heats that makes a total of 360 points. This is the TOTAL AMOUNTH OF POINTS.
Of course, not one forum will score everything. Lets say forum A scores 200, and B scores 160 points.
The difference is 200-160= 40 points. This is the DIFFERENCE IN POINTS.

Now we use this formula:
In this case:
40 / 360 = 0,11 * 100 = 11,11 points

That is the amounth of points the forum get that wins the keirin.
This is also calculated for the eli and scratch. All points are added up and suprisingly; the the team with most points wins Smile

As you can see, this way gives you more points if you have a bigger difference with the opponent.
So if you lose two diciplines by one or two points, but completely pown the opponent in the 3rd dicipline, you still win overall. (which is IMO much more fair)


PCM Wereld suggested the 3rd week of march. About the exact date: We'll have to ask the selected member when they have time. (and when the selection is complete of course)
This means we have +- 4 weeks. Roughly one week for signing up, one week for the selection, and two weeks for practicing.

Selection procedure

We’ll have a qualifing round for each dicipline, and the squad will be based on your preformances there. Not only by scoring more points then other people, but we allso want good teammates of course.

So, how do I sign up?

Just post here you’d like to join Smile
I’m guessing you’d like to participate in each dicipline, but in case you dont, just mention it Wink Also, please say if you can host.

Still, this registration is only for me to see how many people I can count on. If you didnt registrate for whatever reason, but do want to join the qualifiers on that day, that’s ok. If you did registrate, but can’t come, no problem. As I said, it’s only for me to get an indication.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.


Registered so far:

1. mrlol
2. Smoothie
3. Crommy
4. Roman Kreuziger
5. Romme1
6. Ruben
7. fenian_1234
8. schleck93
9. andreas_093
10. CrueTrue (can host)
11. Waghlon
12. SportingNonsense
13. doddy13 (can host)
14. t-baum (can host (migth be laggy))
15. Chuck
16. MarcoPRT
Edited by mrlol on 24-02-2009 17:32
Im in. I take it will be our first outing of the new PCM Daily shirt for who ever wins the contest.
Smoothie wrote:
Im in. I take it will be our first outing of the new PCM Daily shirt for who ever wins the contest.

Probably, yes Smile
Ich bin in
Roman Kreuziger
Ich war aus in.
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Posted on 30-11-2022 00:50
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I'm in... Some one is just gonna tell me how i can get the scratch in my game...
Manager of Petronas - Olympus Professional Cycling Team - HQ
In CM_Stages, find the file for elimination (velodrome_elimination.xml), open it, and then set the numbers to 30 - 30 using a program like notepad.
Edited by mrlol on 23-02-2009 11:59
Ok thanks.. I did not remember it was so easy...
Manager of Petronas - Olympus Professional Cycling Team - HQ
im in, that's to say, i have to practice a lot, havent played in months.

probably do need to qualify this time Pfft
Edited by ruben on 23-02-2009 12:23
I'm guessing everbody here has been out for a while Pfft

Can't remember I played track since the Portugal match Pfft
I'll say I'm in - but have no doubt any qualification/games will be at a time I can't make. Sad
I'm in... even though my skills are a little (read a lot) rusty Smile
BenBarnes wrote:
Thor wears a live rattlesnake as a condom.
I'm in Banana
Yep, I'm also in Smile
I havent played track since... Late November. Naturally im in.

I'd say we pre nominate Waghlon for the Scratch, so he can tire out PCM wereld with his crazy attacks :lol:
BenBarnes wrote:
Thor wears a live rattlesnake as a condom.
Ill be in, and aiming for a place in the Keirin and Scratch race teams (Elimination too of course, but Im less good at that Pfft)
Right now I'm practicing eli offline against the AI Pfft
i'mmmm in.

And it's pwned not powned. I'm really nit picking.

Oh and more an excuse to join us friday, free pratice + teamspeak = win!
There's no point slapping a schleck - Sean Kelly on "Who needs a slap"
hmm, many of us (if not all) could use a little more training then just friday I guess Pfft
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