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Track race betting
To keep discussions about different races a little separated. This topic is for all bets about Track races.

Currently, the only ongoing track racing bet is about the 6 days of Grenoble. The bet's favourite, Morkov and Rasmussen are leading the race after 3 days with 158 points, followed by Kluge and Pollack with 135 points. On a shared 3rd place are the Argentinians Donadio and Walter Perez and De Fauw with De Neef, both on one lap and 137 punten.
But as said, the race is only halfway, so anything is still possible. Though, it does look good for anyone who betted on the Danish couple.
If you need any help with odds etc in this area you know where i am...
SN and you must definately add me on MSN. Mine's dani [at] (my old Spanish website...)
Its all change in Grenoble on Day 4! The Argentinian duo of Perez and Donadio now lead Kluge and Pollack by 24 points. Rasmussen and Markov are a lap down.

Cmon Pollack and Kluge!
6 Days have the tendency to do that sort of thing SN. If a team has been leading fora while they will usually leave a lap so that the pressure is eased a little. The last night of racing will be crazy Pfft
Do Pollack and Kluge have a good chance then? I voted for them too.
Sorry - I meant *betted*
These are the standings :


Overall standings after day 4

1 Sebastian Donadio/Walter Perez 205 pts
2 Roger Kluge/Olaf Pollack 181

One lap behind

3 Michael Morkov/Alex Rasmussen 199 pts
4 Alexandre Aeschbach/Jerome Neuville 183

Two laps behind

5 Dimitri Defauw/Steven Deneef 177 pts
6 Jens Erik Madsen/Casper Jorgensen 170

Five laps behind

7 Fabio Masotti/Angelo Ciccone 121 pts

Eight laps behind

8 Maxime Bouet/Jonathan Mouchel 94 pts

11 laps behind

9 Steve Schets/Sebastien Ivars 63 pts

13 laps behind

10 Sebastien Turgot/Damien Gaudin 106 pts

18 laps behind

11 Andreas Muller/Florent Ivars 21 pts

Little confused? Ask me about the standings if you want Smile
Ive just added the 6 Days of Milan to the betting system. Bet away!
What I don't understand about is how the laps work. How can Morkov and Rasmussen be one lap behind the leaders when they have 199 pts, 18 more than Kluge and Pollack?

By the way if this is not meant for general discussion on track betting and is more about updating people with news on the events I'll shut up.
I think that you first count the laps and then counts the points. So it's most important with the laps, but it's still important with points.
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What I don't understand about is how the laps work. How can Morkov and Rasmussen be one lap behind the leaders when they have 199 pts, 18 more than Kluge and Pollack?

Because points come from the sprints while laps are the amount of laps done. So M & R could have won a sprint before K & P went for their lap. Wink
In Madison points are only there to seperate the riders if they are on the same lap. Madison is all done around laps, it is the aim to gain a lap on other riders to win. A team could get 500 points but no laps therefore they will not win. However if they gained a lap they would lead the race. If another team gains a lap they will slot in behind the other team because they dont have as many points. If they gain another lap they lead. The 500 point team will be a lap behind, in second place. Make sense?
6 Days of Dortmund added - youve only got two days to bid on it though, so make sure you dont miss out!
The first day of the Dortmunder Sixdayrace is finished :

1. Erik Zabel/Leif Lampater +1 Round
2. Alex Rasmussen/Michael Morkov
3. Robert Bartko/Andreas Beikirch
4. Danny Stam/Robert Slippens
5. Bruno Risi/Franco Marvulli

I couldnĀ“t get a points table but the first 5 places
The Track World Cup rider lists have finally been announced, so make sure to bet on the bets once added, before its too late!
Francois Pervis won the Keirin - by the slimmest possible margin over Jason Kenny.
Your stupid odds costed me the win here Pfft
well there litterally was nothing in it
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The bet for the sprint has been added, while Wim Stroetinga won the Scratch race - $ for Crue and Mrlol
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