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Updated DB and Training List 2022
Season DB: https://pcmdaily....sonDB.xlsm

Please check if all your transfer changes and trainings are correct in the file.

The heights/weights table is up to date according to the spoiler list. Later posts will still be added to the file, but are not yet here in the Season DB.

And as usual, the training list with all the nice little improvements:

Amaysim CervéloMcCarthyJayHill8182€ 1.700.000
BinanceRodriguesJoaoMountain7879€ 1.000.000
BinanceRodriguesJoaoMountain7980€ 1.200.000
Carlsberg - Danske BankKragh AndersenAsbjornMountain5354€ 100.000
Carlsberg - Danske BankAranburuAlexHill7778€ 850.000
Carlsberg - Danske BankAranburuAlexHill7879€ 1.000.000
cycleYorkshireCullaighGabrielFlat7374€ 700.000
De Stijl CyclingKemboiSalemMountain6162€ 100.000
De Stijl CyclingKemboiSalemHill6364€ 100.000
De Stijl CyclingSalzmannJodokMountain6263€ 100.000
De Stijl CyclingTillerRasmusMountain6365€ 300.000
EA VesuvioWirtgenTomSprint6263€ 100.000
EA VesuvioWirtgenTomTT8081€ 1.400.000
ELCO - ABEAKortsidakisMichailCobble7475€ 500.000
ELCO - ABEASpanopoulosIoannisHills7475€ 500.000
ELCO - ABEAIoannidisNikolaosTimetrial7576€ 600.000
ELCO - ABEAKortsidakisMichailCobble7576€ 600.000
ELCO - ABEAIoannidisNikolaosTimetrial7677€ 700.000
ELCO - ABEASpanopoulosIoannisMountain7677€ 700.000
ELCO - ABEAMavrikakisMichailMountain7778€ 850.000
ELCO - ABEAMavrikakisMichailMountain7879€ 1.000.000
Evonik - ELKOLecuisinierPierre-HenriTT7778€ 1.400.000
GazelleTeunissenMikeTT6465€ 100.000
GlanbiaMcKennaRthTT6364€ 100.000
GlanbiaOramJamesMountain5758€ 100.000
Grieg-MaerskPedersenMadsCobbles8182€ 1.700.000
Grieg-MaerskWürtzMadsTime Trial8283€ 2.000.000
Huski ChocolateGertsFlorisCobbles8182€ 1.700.000
Indosat OoredooArif PrayogoDealton NurMountain6263€ 100.000
Indosat OoredooDunbarEddieTime Trial7779€ 1.850.000
ISA - HexactaEwanCalebMountain6263€ 100.000
ISA - HexactaSanogoAbouMountain6162€ 100.000
Isostar - SpecializedHartTao GeogheganMountain7879€ 1.000.000
Isostar - SpecializedPerDavidCobbles7980€ 1.200.000
Isostar - SpecializedPerDavidCobbles8081€ 1.400.000
Jura GIANTSStüssiColinMountain7778€ 850.000
Jura GIANTSStüssiColinMountain7879€ 1.000.000
King PowerKasperkiewiczPrzemyslawAcceleration6667€ 150.000
King PowerGidichYevgeniyHill8081€ 1.400.000
King PowerGidichYevgeniyHill8182€ 1.700.000
Kraftwerk Man MachineRanaweeraSurangaFlat6667€ 150.000
Kraftwerk Man MachineRanaweeraSurangaTT7475€ 700.000
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeamDe PlusLaurensSprint6061€ 100.000
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeamNovakDomenSprint6465€ 100.000
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeamOomenSamSprint6465€ 100.000
Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeamNovakDomenMountain7980€ 1.200.000
Los Pollos HermanosZepuntkeRubenMountain5556€ 100.000
Pas Normal Studios - MikkellerPrasadDarshanaCobble6667€ 150.000
Pas Normal Studios - MikkellerPrasadDarshanaSprint7778€ 850.000
Philips - Force IndiaBenootTiesjTT6263€ 100.000
Philips - Force IndiaBenootTiesjHIL7980€ 1.200.000
Podium AmbitionLe CourtKimFL6970€ 400.000
Podium AmbitionLe CourtKimMO6970€ 400.000
Podium AmbitionVanderpoolKristianTT7576€ 600.000
Podium AmbitionVanderpoolKristianTT7677€ 700.000
PolarLatourPierreMountain8081€ 1.400.000
PolarMullenRyanTT8081€ 1.400.000
Project: Africavan NiekerkAidanMountain7475€ 600.000
Red Bull ZalgirisHalvorsenKristofferSprint8081€ 1.400.000
Team Popo4Ever p/b MorshynskaPadunMarkTT6566€ 125.000
Team Popo4Ever p/b MorshynskaPadunMarkMountain8182€ 1.700.000
Team UBSMüllerPatrickACC7273€ 500.000
Team UBSSpenglerLukasSTA7273€ 700.000
Team UBSSpenglerLukasSTA7374€ 700.000
Tryg - GobikFrisonFrederikMountain5657€ 100.000
Tryg - GobikSchlegelMichalMountain7677€ 750.000
Tryg - GobikSchlegelMichalMountain7778€ 850.000
Voyagin - BirdShikaiChenAcceleration6667€ 150.000
Xero RacingAreruyaJosephHill7980€ 1.200.000
Xero RacingAreruyaJosephHill8081€ 1.400.000
Zwift Pro CyclingPowlessNeilsonSprint6465€ 100.000
That ACC of Müller seems cheap. I want those prices too Smile

A couple of surprising trainings, but mostly a bit surprised not to see even more heavy training. Except for Halvorsen nothing interesting sprint wise I guess is good news for Coquard and Farantakis.
Every year this list comes out it makes me think how much harder the upcoming season will be and how much longer I have to wait to be on this list Pfft


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Pedersen not 83 in cobbles is good, but Per on 81 looks quite scary.

Very few sprinters 81 and above in the PT. I should have sold Grosu and make Van Poppel my main sprinter Grin
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There's a mistake in the DB; 3 riders (Itami, Gilanipoor, Gonzales) have a team but no division. Their team name (Colombini-Adler Aalterpaint) differs from the one of their teammates (Colombini-Adler AP), guess that was the issue.
Some interesting "shifts" at the top level:

Last season there was 10 81+ HI riders in the PT. This season it's 15.
Last season there was 22 81+ MO riders in the PT. This season it's 17.
Last season there was 8 80+ TT riders in the PT. This season it's 14.
Last season there was 11 80+ COB riders in the PT. This season it's 14.
Last season there was 15 81+ SPR riders in the PT. This season it's 13.

So we see a massive increase in the competition on hills and timetrials and a minor one i cobbles, while the competition in mountains and sprints seems to be coming down.

With 2 more teams than last season the numerics seem to match OK with the COB, but the high end puncheur heavy riders is a relatively large increase of 50%.

That being said, all terrains seems to be very evenly matched so there's not a lot of shortcuts for succes with the spread being from 13-17. This is obviously a bit skewed as key stat isn't telling the full story though.

One tendency though is that very few PT teams dare to trust the sprinters competition. 7 Pro Tour team doesn't have a dedicated 80+ sprinter, and another 2 teams have what I would refer to as "lucky punch sprinters" such as Swift, Appollonio, van Stayen. It will be very interesting to see what this does to the game mechanics. Can we expect to see a more controlled AI with a larger spread or does it only increase the chance of succes with lower tier sprinters?
Poor Ganna maxes out and immediately faces much tougher opposition. Frown
Intriguing considering TTs also have (a lesser version of) the randomness factor to them that seemed to have discouraged sprint training.

I do like that there's no relevant training in the Herklotz and Demare tiers though, I was particularly worried about Kudus and Yates being targets this season, the former could've been elevated to a similar statline in the next couple of years.
And Lecuisinier's strength won't be relevant to Silvio if we can continue to avoid him. Pfft

In terms of my own plans, yes this is indeed the first time since 2016 that I'm not training my stars! I think Herklotz has truly found his final form (rip 84mo/84hil though Sad ) and there are big plans on the horizon that I preferred carrying some funds over for.
So what SotD's stats are saying: not a good season to drop your top climber for a puncheur.

*chuckles* I'm in danger.
It always good to have a 80+ in all terrains, so you don`t lose big but lose small in every terrain if you can`t afford training yourself. Pfft

Even if the hill terrain looks closer with more 80+ it`s good for me to see the biggest rivals such as Lutsenko/Mohoric not being trained, which sees De Bie still having an advantage, while others such as Hagen/Ponzi have declined again.

Van Hooydonck clearly will have a tougher season, while Groenewegen might have a better one hopefully.

Climbers no idea. No training for me, which sees Olivier missing out on his last training season, while I brought back Wellens into PT. So chances remain similar I guess.
Not surprised people have stayed away from Sprint training. With the game AI and Renewal penalties it's just not worth while. Happy to not see too much CT training on a personal note, but as always i feel we need to encourage more variety/possibility in training at this level to better spread cash and chances around the game.
Was pretty excited at the lack of puncheurs in PCT, but Areruya just went and made every race a race for second. Can't believe he and Padun are only 26, they're only gong to get much worse.

Rodrigues, McCarthy, Halvorsen, Aranburu, Novak, Dunbar and Benoot the major trainings in PCT. Rodrigues and Novak straight up enter the pool of existing 80+ climbers/stage racers to muddle things even further for teams that went big for such riders, there's so much class here this season it's ridiculous Smile

McCarthy, Benoot and Aranburu trying to plug the gap filled by the puncheur exodus. Not a lot of races for pure puncheurs these days, so McCarthy is an interesting option. Aranburu is definitely unexpected, but I hope that he does well. Benoot is cool to see trained further, hopefully we can avoid him this season Smile Halvorsen obviously speaks for itself.

I decided to go with TT training for Dunbar to fill the void the heavy TTT teams left by going up to PT. Guys like Cattaneo, Kung and Dennis coming in also make it a bit more competitive, however there's still only 3 80+TT riders in PCT and 2 of them (Durbridge and Gonzales Salas) are glass cannons. It makes for some very interesting race planning options. Was initially going to train MT+2, but decided against it pretty quickly as he'd just fall into the scrap heap of climbers/stage racers.
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
A few cobblers got a whole lot stronger, but lucky for me they were all PT for now and already better than my leader anyway. Pederson and Wurtz training up is cool to see as a Danish team. Dunbar training makes him the dominant force for years to come in the exact niche I wanted to corner with Kamna.

Interesting to see Novak get the mountain training for Lierse instead of Oomen. Not sure if that was a funding necessity or premeditated decision, but I figured Oomen was the guy they're building around. Of course, both are very young, and if they plan on keeping both long term, it will be just as useful.

Areruya training obviously the killer. He's immediately better than Beltran already at 26. Lopez may have more competition soon than he imagined he would. Benoot training will also affect us. His calendar choice should be very interesting. I'm most intrigued by the McCarthy training. It puts him just under Kinoshita and obviously makes Amaysim even more likely to bounce back to PT or win the PCT title, but I thought a different rider might get that money since McCarthy is already 30.

Obviously I don't know if I made the right choice in training Aranburu in hill instead of mountain. Or even in training Aranburu instead of, idk, Eg? But looking at the completed DB, it definitely looks like he'd much more anonymous as a 79 climber than a 79 puncheur, especially in PCT. So I can't regret it. I'll just have to plan as well as possible and hope he pans out.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
Stüssi Rolling Eyes can't believe he had to get trained. Well gonna be an interesting season aha

Lots of crazy trainings...We still have a lot of high level riders and in the top 10 in every terrain with at least one rider. Hopefully we can keep that and hold our own
I like the Stüssi training Pfft
Less so the one on Schlegel, who became a real beast as well and should clearly be the division's best hybrid rider now. Which is reflected by him being #3 in terms of OVL.

Not surprised to see mainly mountains, hills and cobbles training, as those are the most "reliable" terrains in terms of game engine. Will be interesting to see if Halvorsen's +1 in sprint really makes him even stronger or if he suddenly takes over Ewan's leadout role for the division Cool
Good to see that UBS also had some money left to spend on Swiss riders - remains to be seen if they had been better off putting it into some more leaders, though ^^
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