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[PCT '22] Volcanica - Fox / Tour Down Under
Excited to see Ahlstrand with you! Really hope he can deliver, as he's likely to be a big, big favourite in any flat race/stage he enters. Fingers crossed your team around him is so solid that you can be able to get consistent and good results from him Smile
I don't love seeing Ahlstrand in the division. I would expect him to take Manninen's spot as the top sprinter in PCT, and alongside Quintana he should be a cornerstone of a team that should have a very good chance of establishing itself. Great transfer!
Ahlstrand is a big name to get in, hope he can deliver for you Grin
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@ember I am certainly trying to get him as much help as possible. Smile

@cunego59 I certainly hope you'll love him even less when he starts racing for us. Wink I hope to establish my team and build the Central American region as much as possible. We'll see what comes of it.

@jandal7 I Certainly hope he can deliver. some very nice results for us. Smile
cunego59 wrote:
I don't love seeing Ahlstrand in the division. I would expect him to take Manninen's spot as the top sprinter in PCT, and alongside Quintana he should be a cornerstone of a team that should have a very good chance of establishing itself. Great transfer!

Going to second this, didn't hope that Kennaugh would have to deal with Ahlstrand.

Nice pick ups for sure, should be a fun season for you!


The management felt that the Esteban Chaves move could have worked better last season. Still, without discarding him so easily the Colombian was offered a new contract and now the team management brought in a reinforcement to help him in the hilly races of the year ahead. The particular rider signed to put a shoulder in improving the team’s results is the Argentinian Walter Trillini, who was without a contract last season, but is very much welcomed within our squad this year.


WALTER TRILLINI 31 y/o, OVL: 74,33, Wage: 50,000


Last season one of the targets of our sport director was the young talent Santiago Montenegro. Somehow, in the hectic days of our first ever transfer season the Ecuadorian was left forgotten until it was far too late for any move involving him. Well, he is forgotten no more and he is now part of the young core Volcanica – Fox wishes to develop . With a platform that gives plenty of opportunities for youngsters to grow and develop we are waiting with great interest to see how Santiago Montenegro’s future will look like.


SANTIAGO MONTENEGRO 24 y/o, OVL: 67,81, Potential: 6, Wage: 50,000


Since we’ve talked about the team’s founding principle of developing young cyclists let's announce 2 more such riders who come on loan here for such an opportunity. Honing their skills while enjoying La Pura Vida are Michel Ries, who enjoys the mountains and comes from EA Vesuvio, and Axel Zingle, who loves sprint finishes and comes from Gjensidige Pro Cycling Team. We hope they’ll never forget the time spent with our wonderful team!


MICHEL RIES 24 y/o, OVL: 72,53, Potential: 6, Wage: 50,000



AXEL ZINGLE 24 y/o, OVL: 71,3 Potential: 4, Wage: 50,000


Quintana is an enormous addition, but Ahlstrand is the key. Far and away the best sprinter in the division now. Not sure how to plan lead outs in this engine, but it seems like you have good guys for them now too. Hopefully we can just wheelsurf your train and mop up the podium places behind this year. Smile
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We'll see if Quintana has better luck guiding a newly promoted team this year. But of course he isn't the main cog this time with Ahlstrand on the team, which makes me perfectly content I don't have a sprinter this season Pfft


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@whitejersey Thank you! I do hope it will be fun and that Ahlstrand will be up to the par. Smile

@baseballlover312 I have 3 leaders and I do hope they deliver some results. At least to remain in the division and continue building the future of this team. Smile

@redordead I am trying not to exaggerate with my expectations so not to end up bitterly disappointed. But I do have hopes we'll get some results this year. I know the feeling, I once again neglected entirely the cobbles, but I guess, for some reason, I might never pay much attention to them. Smile
Hope Ahlstrand can be your Manninen. Us Latin American PCT teams love to rely on Scandinavian sprinters Pfft Quintana should be a great point scorer just like last year (although the competition hasn't gotten weaker) and also nice to see you will give Amador a nice goodbye-season while picking up regional talents such as Huertas and Chumil Smile
I'm still really happy that you got Nairo, hopefully you'll get his planning a bit better than I did Wink Might also be a good thing that there are "just" 24 PCT teams this year and not 26, we'll see.
Ahlstrand is obviously a huge signing, good luck with him in the sprint lotteries Grin

Hope you'll be able to stay up, would be huge to further develop Central American cycling! But having two potential individual Top20 PCT riders is clearly a great base to build up upon - it was that "backup" for Nairo that was lacking for me last year... Now it looks like Nairo will be your number 2, which is quite some luxury imho Wink
@Nemolito I think the Scandinavians love the beaches around here, so they have no problem riding for our teams. Smile I couldn't leave Amador in limbo, could I? Wink

@Fabianski I believe I'm covered on all terrains, without TT and cobbles that are my nemesis so far. Indeed last year I was looking at Amador for the best results, but now I am expecting that from Ahlstrand. We will see how the season goes though. And if we return to the CT there's not much of a problem I'll continue building the Central American cycling.


Last season Marko Kump was responsible for quite a few headaches around the team’s headquarters. Way too often our riders were left looking at his race numbers and they became a bit too familiar with his back. But as the saying goes, if you cant beat them join them, the team management altered it and made it if you can’t beat him let him join the team. Marko Kump is not the same rider he was last season, as a matter of fact none of us is the same person as last year, but the sport director believes he has enough left in the tank and he can be a great asset for the team.


MARKO KUMP 34 y/o, OVL: 75,55, Wage: 175,000


The last couple of transfer days within the war room of Volcanica – Fox the team management was still searching to bolster the squad. After a move or two were carefully considered, one discarded and another left for pondering, the sport director discovered Enkhtaivan Bolor-Erdene sitting quietly and waiting. With 2 thoughts in mind, bringing extra help for Jonas Ahlstrand and the TTs ahead, the Mongolian is the last signing for the season ahead. Mind you, we’re not going to win any TTT any time soon, but at least we can make an effort at limiting the damage.


ENKHTAIVAN BOLOR-ERDENE 27 y/o, OVL: 70,89, Wage: 50,000



Last, but not least, 4 stagiari join Volcanica – Fox. All the last year's stagiari signed a professional contract with the team for this season and we’re more than certain these new 4 dream of the same outcome. We’re hoping they find the first races of their careers to be fun and they’ll learn many things while riding with Volcanica – Fox. And fingers crossed nothing crushes their dreams.


GABRIEL FRANCISCO ROJAS 22 y/o, OVL; 67,48, Potential: 3, Wage: 10,000



NICOLAS DAVID GOMEZ 22y/o, OVL: 65,83, Potential: 4, Wage: 10,000



HAROLD MARTIN LOPEZ 22 y/o, OVL; 66,19, Potential: 6, Wage: 10,000



LENIN JAVIER MONTENEGRO 22 y/o, OVL: 60,10, Potential: 5, Wage: 10,000


So happy to see Bolor-Erdene find a team for the season - he’s such a handy rider to have and I massively regret letting him go during renewals. He’ll be great to have for Ahlstrand Smile
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@Eden95 I was really happy I found him and there was not much competition for him. Smile



We don’t have a crystal ball to see what the future has in store for us, but the team roster is in its final shape. It only remains for the season to start and to see the results this squad will obtain this year. But now it’s not the time for worry it’s time to celebrate the cyclists riding for Volcanica – Fox in 2022, to welcome the ones coming in and to salute the ones returning to the team. This year, there are 30 riders under contract with Volcanica – Fox and that might indicate that the team management expects a busy season. The average age of the team is 27,1 years, with the oldest being our mighty captain Andrei Amador and the youngest, the stagiare Harold Martin Lopez. The team counts within its ranks 1 rider from Asia, 5 from Europe, 7 from South America, 1 from North America and the rest, 16, from Central America. Obviously, the lion’s share is taken by our home country, Costa Rica, which counts 10 riders in the squad. There are 4 national RR champions and 4 national TT champions within the team.

Without further ado let’s give them a healthy round of applause and wish them all the best for the season ahead!



Jonas Ahlstrand7460676074737967838259647232
Nairo Quintana6882747177767652516673617132
Johan Esteban Chaves7076796874737254607269646832
Marko Kump7264756173707571797768716834
Gabriel Marin7457656573737667787863666928
Patrick Naud7662736472737174646778756431
Walter Trillini7064756575697357737670677331
Jesus Herrada6675737472727054656971647332
Pablo Mudarra7168776274707151646862646531
Roman Villalobos7170746469697160667572686532
Gregory Brenes6476706668756557566561626634
Erick Herrera6473736368737352616667646126
Michel Ries6975696173737058617072756124
Andrei Amador6377687167646550606264647036
Axel Zingle7162676068736761747464656324
Henry Antonio Rojas6767716272696968667269696523
Enkhtaivan Bolor-Erdene7762667171777063647371717127
Cristofer Robin Jurado7367696766707168686964667027
Jason Huertas7062677271706960727374657324
John Jimenez Retana6758635765666467727563676323
Kevin Rivera6771685968696857607070665824
Santiago Montenegro6664686365686762626765656324
Sergio Chumil6467676668686755626666676622
Gabriel Francisco Rojas6668666567666750646766686522
Bryan Fernando Mendoza6768636669696955626667676724
Sergio Arias Villanueva6960627069696661626868657024
Harold Martin Lopez6267666364666358626360626122
Nicolas David Gomez6558625865676358677058615822
Joseph Ivan Samudio6953596369676564656671606623
Lenin Javier Montenegro6158586363636058585858585822

Very good and region focused team, congrats! Maybe a cobbler missing giving this years PCT cobble hiatus...
Lovely team to follow! You did an excellent transfer season if you ask me Smile
All the best mate
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I'm expecting plenty of depth scoring! Only concern is the age of your leaders, which might indicate that a rebuild will be once again necessary next year...
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Quintana and Ahlstrand alone could be enough to secure a survival for you. But both need to deliver well, I think. Kump and Chaves should be consistent scorers, but after them, it gets thin pretty quickly, certainly in part because of your big squad and the regional focus, which I of course applaud! If the likes of Brenes, Mudarra, Marin and maybe someone like Bolor-Erdenne can contribute from time to time, I think you're looking at a pretty good season. I would love to see that!
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