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[PCT] Xero Racing '22 | Wallonie
Xero Racing 2022


So they reached the apex and came crashing back down. Yes, after a glorious promotion run in 2020, driven by the team ideals of home-grown riders with unique skillsets, Xero Racing put up a respectable but no less doomed effort in the Pro Tour in 2021 and now find themselves back in cycling's second tier. The Lionhearts are not quite the same team they were two years ago, and have even more changes needing to come, but they are ready for something that’s somewhere between a continuation and a next chapter.

The team’s first six years culminated in a beautiful squad who encapsulated the team’s goals and had grown together reaching the Pro Tour, and ultimately making wonderful memories, with moments such as home grown hero Joseph Areruya winning the white jersey at the Giro d’Italia, a very good Hugo Houle wearing the maillot jaune at Le Tour, and, most iconic of all, “Mr. Xero” George Bennett, who has been with the team since the CT, winning on La Toussuire at Le Grande Boucle.

It feels like whatever happens now, that that iteration of the team did what they dreamed of back in those CT days, and reached the summit of winning on the biggest stage with a home leader. Now the pressure is off a bit, with survival and further team growth the only stated goals for the first year back in the PCT. Loyalty and a consistent team is still paramount, and there will be no total rebuild, but it just isn’t possible to bring everyone back under a reduced salary cap and naturally this won’t be the same team that promoted in 2020.

In time, this team will transition more and maybe grow into a force that can promote back to PT and stay, but for now they’ll enjoy the ride and continue to develop. Those halcyon days of Bennett, Debesay, Rowe and Houle were never going to be forever and the team must continue to move forward, although still treasuring those special times. Bring on the future.

The Primary Sponsors


About: The overnight success that is Xero is now a international company still based in little ol' NZ. They develop online accounting software for small businesses but are moving into larger clients as well.
Contract Until: 2023 *new contract
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain (minor), United States (very minor)

Xero stepped in at the last minute in 2016, and since then have been a great asset to the team and are now nearly synonymous with us. They have publicly noted their disappointment in our lack of impact on the young blood of New Zealand cycling and with only two full-time New Zealand riders left in the team, there were always serious questions as to whether Xero would want to continue, with rumours their renewal for 2021 had more to do with PT exposure than local interest at this point. However, we are delighted that thanks to corporate reshuffling and aggressive international expansion, that issue has been put to the side for at least another two years and they are continuing as our title sponsor.

About: Qhubeka is a non-for-profit, the South African programme of World Bicycle Relief, distributing bikes to help connect people to schools, clinics and jobs.
Contract Until: 2022
Focus Nations: South Africa

A charity which helps use bicycles to support communities in poverty, as well as as a tool to help people of any age move forward in life. Not a sponsor by any means, quite the opposite. We ride for Qhubeka to increase awareness and taking part in fundraising, both of them increasing their funds and reach.


About: Visit Rwanda is a premier tourism company operating in, you guessed it, Rwanda.
Contact Until: 2023 *new contract
Focus Nation: Rwanda, The World (minor)

The Rwandan tourism company are delighted with their continued and increased involvement in the team of local hero Joseph Areruya, who established himself as a star with his 27th-placed finish in the Pro Tour, including gaining huge exposure and popularity with an aggressive Giro d'Italia, including winning the white jersey. As long as he's here, they say they are too.

The Secondary Sponsors


About: Octagon is the sports and entertainment marketing division of the Interpublic Group (IPG). The IPG is one of the "big four" advertising companies and so being sponsored by the South African arm of the sports arm of the IPG is a smaller deal but with big background.
Contract Until: 2023 *new contract
Focus Nations: South Africa, The World (minor)

Octagon help us get our name on the backs of buses, billboards, wherever, in our target countries. Good for publicity, finances and fans. They have stepped down from their title sponsor role (2016-18) but maintain a solid presence within the team as our marketers and talent representatives.


About: Castle Lager is South Africa's favourite beer and is now available in over 40 countries worldwide.
Contact Until: 2022 *new contract
Focus Nations: South Africa, The World (minor)

Castle Lager continues their long association with South African sport as they continue in their current two-year contract with the team.


About: Expedia is an American online travel shopping company - from flights to hotels and cars.
Contract Until: 2023 *new sponsor
Focus Nations: The World

Expedia join us as a new sponsor this season and we are very excited to work with them, including hopefully getting much cheaper travel for the team!

The Minor Sponsors


About: Cell C are a South African mobile operator and telecommunications company.
Contract Until: 2022 *new sponsor
Focus Nations: South Africa

Cell C, much like Castle Lager, have a long-time involvement with South African sport, and after MTN and Telkom used to sponsor Project: Africa, Cell C are the third such company to be involved with South African cycling teams.


About: Stoney Creek are New Zealand's most trusted brand in outdoor clothing.
Contract Until: 2023 *new sponsor
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia (minor), Great Britain (minor), United States (minor), Canada (minor)

Stoney Creek make amazing products which will keep our team warm and protected off the bike, but we are particularly excited about their foray into cycling-specific gear - their first try, but we know their quality and have been impressed by what they've shown us.


About: Telkom Indonesia is a majority state owned telecommunications company, the largest in Indonesia.
Contract Until: 2021
Focus Nations: Indonesia

Jamalidin Novardianto is an absolute fan favourite and nowhere is this more clear, other than the manager's office, than in his home country of Indonesia. Not investing too much money, this state-owned telecommunications firm wanted in and will sponsor the team, just so they know we're tight and all, as long as Jams rides for us. So until he retires, then.

AreruyaJoseph2679MO, 81HI80.01€530,0005
BennettGeorge3181MO, 76HI78.04€340,0006
HouleHugo3279SP, 75HI77.22€260,0004
StannardRobert2477HI, 72MO75.98€130,0003
HabtemichaelDaniel2578MO, 74TT75.92€125,0004
FoucheJames2476MO, 73HI74.52€77,0004
NikiemaBachirou2575HI, 70SP74.23€60,0003
van NiekerkMorne2778TT, 76FL73.97€52,0004
Tesfaye HeyiHenok2975FL, 73HI73.87€50,0002
NovardiantoJamalidin2876FL, 79AC73.80€53,0007
KipkemboiSalim2473MO, 75HI73.73€50,0003
van ZylJohann3174HI, 73TT73.00€53,0002
VermeerschFlorian2370CB, 70SP71.07€170,0002
HamzaYacine2573SP, 73AC70.71€50,0003
SchomberNils2881PL, 74TT70.49€65,0007
YoungDarren3174TT, 71CB69.80€50,0001
StrongCorbin2267MO, 68HI69.46€50,0001
GoughRegan2671SP, 72AC68.77€50,000**1
Van WilderIlan2268MO, 68HI68.72€130,0001
BraetVito2268CB, 68SP68.34€10,000*1
VandenabeeleHenri2269MO, 67HI68.05€10,000*1
PidcockThomas2370s ALL75.66€320,000***1

* Stagiaire contracts
** Gough loaned in from BNZ. Wage paid by Xero is €10,000
*** Pidcock loaned out to cycleYorkshire. Wage paid by Xero is €160,000


Xero Racing
[PT] 20th


Team [22 riders]:
George Bennett Sergio Higuita
James Fouche Nils Schomber
Luke Mudgway [Loaned In] Henok Tesfaye Heyi
Johann van Zyl Jamalidin Novardianto
Morne Van Niekerk Stanislau Bazhkou
Xandro Meurisse Robert Stannard
Florian Vermeersch Bachirou Nikiema
Joseph Areruya Salim Kipkemboi
Hugo Houle Jordan Schleck
Luke Rowe Daniel Habtemichael
Yacine Hamza [Loaned Out] Thomas Pidcock [Loaned Out]

Rider's Rider of the YearJoseph Areruya
Fan's Rider of the YearJoseph Areruya
Ride of the YearGeorge Bennett - Tour de France, Stage 19

Xero Racing
[PCT] 5th


Team [22 riders]:
George Bennett Stanislau Bazhkou
Hamish Schreurs Jamalidin Novardianto
James Fouche Jordan Schleck
Shaun Nick Bester Salim Kipkemboi
Morne Van Niekerk Robert Stannard
Mekseb Debesay Bachirou Nikiema
Daniel Habtemichael Nils Schomber
Luke Rowe Syver Waersted [Loaned In]
Joseph Areruya Yacine Hamza [Stagiaire]
Hugo Houle Jason Tesson [Stagiaire]
Xandro Meurisse Sergio Higuita [Loaned Out]

Rider's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearXandro Meurisse - Viana do Castelo

Xero Racing
[PCT] 12th


Team [27 riders]:
George Bennett Hugo Houle
Tom Davison Luke Rowe
Dylan Kennett Joseph Areruya
Hamish Schreurs [Loaned Out] Tsgabu Grmay
James Fouche [Loaned Out] Kristian Dyrnes
Shaun Nick Bester Stanislau Bazhkou
Morne Van Niekerk Nils Schomber
Jaco Venter Arvid de Kleijn
Mekseb Debesay Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Mikiel Habtom Mingrun Chen [Stagiaire]
Sergio Higuita Than Tung Huynh [Stagiaire]
Miguel Florez [Stagiaire] Akramjon Sunnatov [Stagiaire]
Daniel Habtemichael [Loaned Out] Jordan Schleck [Loaned Out]
Jamalidin Novardianto [Loaned Out]

Rider's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearJoseph Areruya - Tour of Norway, S4

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[PCT] 14th


Team [22 riders]:
George Bennett Abofazl Gilanipoor
Hamish Schreurs Joseph Areruya
Tom Davison Jaco Venter
Dylan Kennett Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Peter Velits Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Luke Rowe Jordan Schleck
Stanislau Bazhkou Jamalidin Novardianto
Mekseb Debesay Hernan Ricardo Aguirre [Stagiaire]
Anthony Roux Nils Schomber
Tosh Van der Sande Callum Scotson [Loaned In]
Joseph Kimathi [Stagiaire] Gregory Daniel [Loaned In]

Rider's Rider of the YearPeter Velits
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearAbofazl Gilanipoor - Vuelta a Colombia, S3

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CT] 6th


Team [21 riders]:
George Bennett Tom Diggle
Tom Davison Stijn Vandenbergh
Dylan Kennett Geremie Nzeke
Hamish Schreurs Jamalidin Novardianto
Scott Ambrose [Stagiaire] Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Simon Clarke Rei Onodera [Loaned In]
Matthew Lloyd Egidijus Juodvalkis
Anthony Roux Carl Ngamoki-Cameron
Jonathan Salinas Daniel Afoa [Stagiaire]
Igor Antón Nils Schomber [Loaned Out]
Jordan Schleck [Loaned Out]

Rider's Rider of the YearAnthony Roux
Fan's Rider of the YearGeorge Bennett
Ride of the YearAnthony Roux - Tour de San Luis, S7

Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CT] 11th


Team [18 riders]:
Tom Scully Tom Diggle
Tom Davison Jamalidin Novardianto
Timothy Gudsell Geremie Nzeke
Simon Clarke Marvain Tognama Kossouhorou
Matthew Lloyd Aleksandr Efimkin
Ole Hirschlein Jean Helwani [Loaned In]
Nils Schomber [Stagiaire] Jordan Schleck
Jonathan Salinas Ok Cheol Kim [Stagiaire]

Rider's Rider of the YearTom Diggle
Fan's Rider of the YearJamalidin Novardianto
Ride of the YearJonathan Salinas - ToME, S9

Xero All-Time Leaderboards

YearsLoan InLoan OutStag.Tenure
Jamalidin Novardianto60102016-
Jordan Schleck60202016-
Nils Schomber60112016-
George Bennett50002017-
Tom Davison40002016-19
Luke Rowe40002018-
Stanislau Bazhkou40002018-
Joseph Areruya40002018-
Hamish Schreurs40102017-20
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou30002016-18
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron30002017-19
Dylan Kennett30002017-19
Mekseb Debesay30002018-20
Hugo Houle30002019-
Morne Van Niekerk30002019-
Geremie Nzeke30102016-18
Sergio Higuita30102019-
James Fouche30102019-
Daniel Habtemichael30102019-
Jonathan Salinas20002016-17
Simon Clarke20002016-17
Tom Diggle20002016-17
Matthew Lloyd20002016-17
Anthony Roux20002017-18
Jaco Venter20002018-19
Shaun Nick Bester20002019-20
Xandro Meurisse20002020-
Bachirou Nikiema20002020-
Robert Stannard20002020-
Salim Kipkemboi20002020-
Daniel Afoa20112017-18
Yacine Hamza20112020-
Tom Scully10002016
Ole Hirschlein10002016
Aleksandr Efimkin10002016
Timothy Gudsell10002016
Igor Antón10002017
Stijn Vandenbergh10002017
Egidijus Juodvalkis10002017
Peter Velits10002018
Tosh van der Sande10002018
Abolfazl Gilanipoor10002018
Arvid de Kleijn10002019
Kristian Dyrnes10002019
Tsgabu Grmay10002019
Mikiel Habtom10002019
Johann van Zyl10002021-
Florian Vermeersch10002021-
Henok Tesfaye Heyi10002021-
Thomas Pidcock10102021-
Kim Ok Cheol10012016
Scott Ambrose10012017
Joseph Kimathi10012018
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre10012018
Mingrun Chen10012019
Akramjon Sunnatov10012019
Than Tung Huynh10012019
Miguel Florez10012019
Jason Tesson10012020
Jean Helwani11002016
Rei Onodera11002017
Gregory Daniel11002018
Callum Scotson11002018
Syver Waersted11002020
Luke Mudgway11002021

PointsBiggest Year
George Bennett2422716
Luke Rowe1943529
Joseph Areruya1664985
Hugo Houle1552653
Mekseb Debesay1214482
Anthony Roux841631
Xandro Meurisse658382
Stanislau Bazhkou581278
Peter Velits572572
Sergio Higuita396379
Jonathan Salinas370263
Jamalidin Novardianto340138
Tom Diggle276218
Simon Clarke244134
Morne Van Niekerk214134
Nils Schomber199191
Johann van Zyl178178
Tsgabu Grmay165165
Kristian Dyrnes138138
Shaun Nick Bester13475
Tom Davison13057
Jordan Schleck12986
Henok Tesfaye Heyi129129
Tosh van der Sande128128
Robert Stannard125112
Bachirou Nikiema121109
Daniel Habtemichael11680
Salim Kipkemboi11593
Abolfazl Gilanipoor106106
Geremie Nzeke9063
Luke Mudgway7676
Hamish Schreurs6945
James Fouche6866
Ole Hirschlein6666
Igor Antón6666
Jaco Venter6340
Tom Scully5252
Stijn Vandenbergh5050
Matthew Lloyd3736
Florian Vermeersch3434
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou2813
Timothy Gudsell2121
Dylan Kennett189
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron109
Aleksandr Efimkin44
Rei Onodera44
Syver Waersted22
Arvid de Kleijn22
Egidijus Juodvalkis22
Daniel Afoa11
Jean Helwani11
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre11
Than Tung Huynh00
Akramjon Sunnatov00
Gregory Daniel00
Scott Ambrose00
Kim Ok Cheol00
Joseph Kimathi00
Thomas Pidcock00
Jason Tesson00
Mikiel Habtom00
Yacine Hamza00
Miguel Florez00
Mingrun Chen00
Callum Scotson00
Single-Season Record: 985 (Joseph Areruya, 2021)
PCT: 716 (George Bennett, 2020)
CT: 631 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Chicken Dinners
ClassicsGCsStage WinsTotal
George Bennett12811
Anthony Roux1168
Hugo Houle0044
Luke Rowe2013
Mekseb Debesay0033
Tosh van der Sande0033
Joseph Areruya0022
Peter Velits0022
Xandro Meurisse1001
Sergio Higuita0011
Jonathan Salinas0011
Abolfazl Gilanipoor0011
Nils Schomber0011
Igor Antón0011
Single-Season Record: 7 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Including Plant-Based Chicken Dinners
Clas.GCsStagesRealU23Pro NCCont. ChampTotal
van der Sande00330003
Sergio Higuita00111002
Morne Van Niekerk00001012
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron00000202
Bachirou Nikiema00000202
Xandro Meurisse10010001
Jonathan Salinas00110001
Abolfazl Gilanipoor00110001
Nils Schomber00110001
Igor Antón00110001
Daniel Afoa00000101
Jordan Schleck00000101
Kristian Dyrnes00000101
Jamalidin Novardianto00000101
Tsgabu Grmay00000101
Henok Tesfaye Heyi00000101
Akramjon Sunnatov00000101
Daniel Habtemichael00000101
Geremie Nzeke00000101
Dylan Kennett00001001

George Bennett3205
Joseph Areruya0044
Luke Rowe2002
Hugo Houle2002
Anthony Roux1001
Mekseb Debesay1001
Peter Velits0101
Tom Davison0101
Timothy Gudsell0101
Sergio Higuita0101
Jamalidin Novardianto0011
"Tour of Japan doesn't exist" Record: Joseph Areruya, 4
"2021 U25 Jerseys also don't exist" Record: Luke Rowe/Hugo Houle, 2

Greedy Bastards
Total WageHighest Year
Luke Rowe€1,165,000€370,000
Joseph Areruya€1,110,000€540,000
George Bennett€1,020,000€420,000
Hugo Houle€999,000€409,000
Mekseb Debesay€835,000€365,000
Robert Stannard€580,000€340,000
Xandro Meurisse€540,000€300,000
Thomas Pidcock€510,000€600,000
Peter Velits€350,000€350,000
Sergio Higuita€350,000€250,000
Jamalidin Novardianto€297,500€65,000
Stanislau Bazhkou€285,000€75,000
Florian Vermeersch€280,000€280,000
Tosh van der Sande€275,000€275,000
Jordan Schleck€260,000€70,000
Tom Diggle€230,000€130,000
Tom Davison€225,000€75,000
Anthony Roux€220,000€130,000
Tom Scully€210,000€210,000
Hamish Schreurs€210,000€85,000
Nils Schomber€210,000€50,000
Kristian Dyrnes€180,000€180,000
Morne Van Niekerk€160,000€60,000
Jonathan Salinas€155,000€80,000
Dylan Kennett€150,000€50,000
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€150,000€50,000
Tsgabu Grmay€150,000€150,000
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€150,000€50,000
Ole Hirschlein€140,000€140,000
Jaco Venter€135,000€70,000
Shaun Nick Bester€131,000€81,000
Daniel Habtemichael€127,500€67,500
Geremie Nzeke€120,000€105,000
Salim Kipkemboi€115,000€65,000
Simon Clarke€105,000€55,000
Matthew Lloyd€105,000€55,000
James Fouche€100,000€50,000
Igor Antón€100,000€100,000
Bachirou Nikiema€100,000€50,000
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€81,500€81,500
Mikiel Habtom€70,000€70,000
Henok Tesfaye Heyi€60,000€60,000
Johann van Zyl€55,000€55,000
Stijn Vandenbergh€55,000€55,000
Aleksandr Efimkin€50,000€50,000
Timothy Gudsell€50,000€50,000
Arvid de Kleijn€50,000€50,000
Egidijus Juodvalkis€50,000€50,000
Rei Onodera€50,000€50,000
Gregory Daniel€37,500€37,500
Joseph Kimathi€15,000€15,000
Daniel Afoa€10,000€10,000
Than Tung Huynh€10,000€10,000
Akramjon Sunnatov€10,000€10,000
Scott Ambrose€10,000€10,000
Kim Ok Cheol€10,000€10,000
Jason Tesson€10,000€10,000
Yacine Hamza€10,000€10,000
Miguel Florez€10,000€10,000
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000€10,000
Mingrun Chen€10,000€10,000
Luke Mudgway€0€0
Syver Waersted€0€0
Jean Helwani€0€0
Callum Scotson€0€0
Single Season Record: €540,000 (Joseph Areruya, 2021)
PCT: €370,000 (Luke Rowe, 2020)
CT: €210,000 (Tom Scully, 2016)

Value for Money
Anthony Roux€262
Johann van Zyl€309
Jonathan Salinas€419
George Bennett€421
Simon Clarke€430
Henok Tesfaye Heyi€465
Stanislau Bazhkou€491
Luke Rowe€600
Peter Velits€612
Hugo Houle€644
Joseph Areruya€667
Mekseb Debesay€688
Morne Van Niekerk€748
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€769
Xandro Meurisse€821
Bachirou Nikiema€826
Tom Diggle€833
Jamalidin Novardianto€875
Sergio Higuita€884
Tsgabu Grmay€909
Shaun Nick Bester€978
Salim Kipkemboi€1,000
Nils Schomber€1,055
Daniel Habtemichael€1,099
Stijn Vandenbergh€1,100
Kristian Dyrnes€1,304
Geremie Nzeke€1,333
James Fouche€1,471
Igor Antón€1,515
Tom Davison€1,731
Jordan Schleck€2,016
Ole Hirschlein€2,121
Jaco Venter€2,143
Tosh van der Sande€2,148
Timothy Gudsell€2,381
Matthew Lloyd€2,838
Hamish Schreurs€3,043
Tom Scully€4,038
Robert Stannard€4,640
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€5,357
Florian Vermeersch€8,235
Dylan Kennett€8,333
Daniel Afoa€10,000
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000
Aleksandr Efimkin€12,500
Rei Onodera€12,500
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€15,000
Arvid de Kleijn€25,000
Egidijus Juodvalkis€25,000
Luke MudgwayInfinite (but most)
Syver WaerstedInfinite (but more)
Jean HelwaniInfinite
Than Tung HuynhN/A
Akramjon SunnatovN/A
Gregory DanielN/A
Scott AmbroseN/A
Kim Ok CheolN/A
Joseph KimathiN/A
Thomas PidcockN/A
Jason TessonN/A
Mikiel HabtomN/A
Yacine HamzaN/A
Miguel FlorezN/A
Mingrun ChenN/A
Callum ScotsonN/A
Single Season Record: €135/point (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Men of Steel
Jamalidin Novardianto379
Nils Schomber358
Tom Davison285
Stanislau Bazhkou263
Joseph Areruya255
George Bennett249
Morne Van Niekerk230
Dylan Kennett229
Jordan Schleck225
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou201
Luke Rowe191
Hamish Schreurs179
Robert Stannard179
Bachirou Nikiema179
James Fouche175
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron174
Salim Kipkemboi174
Sergio Higuita166
Daniel Habtemichael161
Hugo Houle148
Shaun Nick Bester140
Jaco Venter131
Xandro Meurisse111
Mekseb Debesay110
Geremie Nzeke107
Anthony Roux107
Tom Diggle106
Simon Clarke103
Matthew Lloyd98
Jonathan Salinas97
Johann van Zyl89
Arvid de Kleijn87
Luke Mudgway83
Henok Tesfaye Heyi83
Rei Onodera76
Callum Scotson72
Gregory Daniel71
Mikiel Habtom65
Syver Waersted64
Timothy Gudsell63
Tsgabu Grmay63
Abolfazl Gilanipoor62
Egidijus Juodvalkis60
Aleksandr Efimkin60
Florian Vermeersch58
Jean Helwani57
Ole Hirschlein53
Tosh van der Sande51
Kristian Dyrnes50
Igor Antón48
Tom Scully47
Peter Velits46
Stijn Vandenbergh45
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre15
Joseph Kimathi15
Daniel Afoa15
Mingrun Chen15
Than Tung Huynh15
Miguel Florez15
Yacine Hamza15
Jason Tesson15
Scott Ambrose14
Akramjon Sunnatov14
Kim Ok Cheol10
Single Season Record: 100 (Nils Schomber, 2019)
CT: 76 (Jamalidin Novardianto, 2016; Rei Onodera and Dylan Kennett, 2017)

Shut Up Legs
Jamalidin Novardianto2400
Sergio Higuita1911
Joseph Areruya1710
Tom Davison1201
Bachirou Nikiema1100
Nils Schomber1000
Robert Stannard800
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron700
Morne Van Niekerk700
James Fouche700
Henok Tesfaye Heyi700
Salim Kipkemboi600
Xandro Meurisse600
Kristian Dyrnes501
Geremie Nzeke500
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou500
Hamish Schreurs500
Daniel Habtemichael500
Timothy Gudsell401
Dylan Kennett400
Shaun Nick Bester400
Peter Velits301
Anthony Roux300
Rei Onodera300
Gregory Daniel300
Jordan Schleck300
Stanislau Bazhkou300
Johann van Zyl300
Mekseb Debesay210
Matthew Lloyd200
Jean Helwani200
Igor Antón200
Daniel Afoa200
Jaco Venter200
Mikiel Habtom200
Abolfazl Gilanipoor110
George Bennett110
Tom Diggle100
Aleksandr Efimkin100
Stijn Vandenbergh100
Callum Scotson100
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre100
Luke Rowe100
Than Tung Huynh100
Miguel Florez100
Syver Waersted100
Jason Tesson100
Florian Vermeersch100
Single-Season Record: 14 (Jamalidin Novardianto, 2016)

Mr. Month
George Bennett8
Luke Rowe7
Anthony Roux5
Joseph Areruya4
Jamalidin Novardianto3
Xandro Meurisse3
Hugo Houle3
Sergio Higuita3
Simon Clarke2
Tom Diggle2
Peter Velits2
Stanislau Bazhkou2
Mekseb Debesay2
Tom Scully1
Jonathan Salinas1
Tom Davison1
Timothy Gudsell1
Igor Antón1
Abolfazl Gilanipoor1
Dylan Kennett1
Tsgabu Grmay1
Robert Stannard1
Salim Kipkemboi1
Single-Season Record: 4 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Major Results

General Classifications
1stTour de San LuisAnthony RouxC2HC2017
1stTour of JapanGeorge BennettC12019
1stTour of JapanGeorge BennettC12020
2ndTour of BulgariaJonathan SalinasC22016
2ndGrands Prix CyclistesAnthony RouxC2HC2017
2ndVolta a CatalunyaPeter VelitsC12018
2ndTour Down UnderHugo HouleHC2020
2ndTour de RomandieGeorge BennettC12020
2ndTour of South AfricaHugo HouleC12020
2ndBenelux ChallengeMekseb DebesayHC2020
3rdEuskal BizikletaAnthony RouxC22017
3rdTour of UkraineStanislau BazhkouHC2018
3rdTour of CyprusMekseb DebesayC12018
3rdTour of CyprusGeorge BennettC12019
3rdTour de RomandieGeorge BennettC12019
3rdVolta a PortugalGeorge BennettPTHC2019
3rdTirreno-AdriaticoJoseph AreruyaPT2021

1stClasico San CristobalAnthony RouxC22017
1stGisborne GPGeorge BennettC2HC2017
1stVeenendaal-VeenendaalLuke RoweHC2019
1stViana do CasteloXandro MeurisseC12020
1stVeenendaal-VeenendaalLuke RoweHC2020
2ndClasico San CristobalTom DiggleC22016
2ndRonde van het IJsselmeerLuke RoweC12018
2ndKenya Mountain ClassicPeter VelitsHC2018
2ndLisbon GPMekseb DebesayC12019
2ndFrankfurt EschbornHugo HouleC12019
3rdBetonexpressz GPSimon ClarkeC22016
3rdBarcelona ClassicSimon ClarkeC2HC2016
3rdGP YekaterinburgAnthony RouxC22017
3rdParis-ToursSimon ClarkeC2HC2017

Stage Wins
Tour of the Middle EastStage 9Jonathan SalinasC2HC2016
Vuelta al TachiraStage 4Igor AntonC22017
Giro del TrentinoStage 4George BennettC2HC2017
Euskal BizikletaStage 3Anthony RouxC22017
Tour de San LuisStage 6Anthony RouxC2HC2017
Tour de San LuisStage 7Anthony RouxC2HC2017
Grands Prix CyclistesStage 1Anthony RouxC2HC2017
Tour of BritainStage 1Anthony RouxC2HC2017
Tour of the Middle EastStage 3George BennettHC2018
Volta a CatalunyaStage 4Tosh van der SandeC12018
Volta a CatalunyaStage 6Peter VelitsC12018
Vuelta a ColombiaStage 3Abofazl GilanipoorHC2018
Corsica InternationalStage 1Tosh van der SandeC12018
Cheshire Cycling TourStage 3Luke RoweHC2018
Tour of South AfricaStage 2Anthony RouxC12018
Tour of South AfricaStage 6Mekseb DebesayC12018
Tour of JapanStage 6Tosh van der SandeC12018
Int. Osterreich RundfahrtStage 5Peter VelitsHC2018
Tour de SlovenieStage 3Hugo HouleHC2019
Tour of NorwayStage 4Joseph AreruyaPTHC2019
Tour of JapanStage 5George BennettC12019
Tour of South AfricaStage 2Hugo HouleC12019
Baltic Chain TourStage 1Mekseb DebesayC12019
Volta a PortugalStage 2Hugo HoulePTHC2019
Tour Down UnderStage 1Hugo HouleHC2020
Tour de PologneStage 1George BennettHC2020
Tour de PologneStage 2George BennettHC2020
Tour of JapanStage 4George BennettC12020
Tour of JapanStage 5George BennettC12020
Tour of South AfricaStage 1Mekseb DebesayC12020
Volta a PortugalStage 1Nils SchomberPTHC2021
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 6Joseph AreruyaPT2021
Vuelta a EspañaStage 19Sergio HiguitaGTM2021
Tour de FranceStage 19George BennettGTM2021

Classification Wins
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngTour of CyprusMekseb DebesayC12018
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngCheshire Cycling TourLuke RoweHC2018
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngTour of South AfricaAnthony RouxC12018
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngCheshire Cycling TourLuke RoweHC2019
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngTour of JapanGeorge BennettC12019
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngTour de PologneGeorge BennettHC2020
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngTour of JapanGeorge BennettC12020
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngTour of South AfricaHugo HouleC12020
i.imgur.com/yDeiaNH.pngTour de SuisseHugo HoulePT2021
i.imgur.com/1giQ34h.pngTour of AzerbaijanTom DavisonC22016
i.imgur.com/1giQ34h.pngCirculo de JuarezTimothy GudsellC22016
i.imgur.com/1giQ34h.pngTour du MarocPeter VelitsPTHC2018
i.imgur.com/1giQ34h.pngTour of JapanGeorge BennettC12019
i.imgur.com/1giQ34h.pngTour of JapanGeorge BennettC12020
i.imgur.com/1giQ34h.pngTirreno-AdriaticoSergio HiguitaPT2021
i.imgur.com/DYYXmJ2.pngLa Tropicale Amissa BongoJamalidin NovardiantoC2HC2016
i.imgur.com/DYYXmJ2.pngInt. Österreich-RundfahrtJoseph AreruyaHC2020
i.imgur.com/DYYXmJ2.pngTirreno-AdriaticoJoseph AreruyaPT2021
i.imgur.com/DYYXmJ2.pngGiro d'ItaliaJoseph AreruyaGT2021
i.imgur.com/DYYXmJ2.pngTour du MarocJoseph AreruyaPTHC2021

thanks to bralirwa for the format

9/1 Down Under ClassicHCRecap
13/1-18/1 Tour Down UnderHCRecap
21/1-30/1 Vuelta al TachiraC2Recap
25/1-27/1 Hong Kong ChallengeC1Recap
30/1 Franceville ClassiquePTHCRecap
1/2-8/2 Volta a PortugalPTHCRecap
4/2 Omloop Het NieuwsbladHCRecap
10/2 Le SamynHCRecap
24/3 Strade BiancheHCRecap
12/4-18/4 Tour of PologneHCRecap
15/4 Berlin ProRaceC1Recap
25/4 GP WallonieHCRecap
28/4 Lisbon ClassicHCRecap
1/5 Cheshire Cycling TourPTHCRecap
3/5-8/5 Tour de RomandieC1Recap
9/5 Chrono d'ArenbergPTHCRecap
12/5-14/5 Tour of ChileC1Recap
17/5-23/5 Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHCRecap
27/5-31/5 Tour of NorwayHCRecap
1/6 Hanko ClassicC1Recap
3/6 Pro Hallstatt ClassicHCRecap
14/6-21/6 Criterium du Dauphine LiberePTHCRecap
17/6-22/6 Tour of South AfricaC1Recap
27/6 Apex Mountain ClassicC1Recap
16/7-19/7 Tour of LithuaniaPTHCRecap
1/8-6/8 Benelux ChallengeHCRecap
15/8 Frankfurt EschbornC1Recap
18/8 Riga - Jurmala GPPTHCRecap
23/8-31/8 Tour de l'AvenirU23Recap
3/9-23/9 Tour of AmericaC1Recap
4/9-9/9 Balkans InternationalPTHCRecap
17/9-20/9 Bayern RundfahrtHCRecap
26/9 Tour of the BattenkillPTHCRecap
26/9 Rheden GPPTHCRecap
28/9 GP LuganoC1Recap
1/10-6/10 Tour du MarocHCRecap
3/10 Japan CupPTHCRecap
12/10-15/10 Euskal BizikletaC1Recap
14/10-15/10 Grands Prix CyclistesPTHCRecap
18/10 Giro dell'EmiliaHCRecap


Balkans InternationalPTHCWin
Criterium du Dauphine LiberePTHCTop 5
Tour de PologneHCWin1st - Joseph Areruya
Tour Down UnderHCWin2nd - Hugo Houle
Team StandingsWin
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27/1Hong Kong ChallengeStage 3Joseph Areruya
25-27/1Hong Kong ChallengePointsJoseph Areruya
1-8/2Volta a PortugalYouthDaniel Habtemichael
13/4Tour de PologneStage 2Joseph Areruya
17/4Tour de PologneStage 6Joseph Areruya
12-18/4Tour de PologneGCJoseph Areruya
12-18/4Tour de PolognePointsJoseph Areruya
3-8/5Tour de RomandieYouthDaniel Habtemichael
12-14/5Tour of ChilePointsJoseph Areruya


13-18/1Tour Down UnderGCHugo Houle
25/1Hong Kong ChallengeStage 1Joseph Areruya
25-27/1Hong Kong ChallengeYouthDaniel Habtemichael
12/4Tour de PologneStage 1Morne van Niekerk
12-14/5Tour of ChileGCJoseph Areruya
12-14/5Tour of ChileYouthSalim Kipkemboi
17-23/5Hong Kong ChallengeYouthDaniel Habtemichael


15/1Tour Down UnderStage 2Hugo Houle
25-27/1Hong Kong ChallengeYouthRobert Stannard
24/3Strade BiancheClassicJoseph Areruya
12-18/4Tour de PologneYouthRobert Stannard
13/5Tour of ChileStage 2Joseph Areruya
14/5Tour of ChileStage 3Joseph Areruya

Why change perfection? Despite the change of jersey manufacturer to our new sponsor Stoney Creek, design-wise it's another year in our absolutely stunning kit, by prolific and super-talented designer the_hoyle! Special thanks to Ezeefreak for updating the logos to reflect sponsor changes.


And of course, our six national champions and their jerseys, thanks to Ezeefreak:

Yacine Hamza - Algeria, RR & TT


Bachirou Nikiema - Burkina Faso, RR


Hugo Houle - Canada, RR


Daniel Habtemichael - Eritrea, RR


Henok Tesfaye Heyi - Ethiopia, RR


Salim Kipkemboi - Kenya, RR


Equipment Partners

Bikes: Avanti
Wheels: Wheelworks
Groupsets: Shimano
Clothing: Stoney Creek
Helmets: Giro
Training: Wahoo
Saddles: fizik
Glasses: Oakley
Bike Care: Muc-off
Bottles/Bike Storage: Elite
Travel: Expedia
Great intro and details to start off the new HQ, lovely stuff Grin

Looking forward to how the PCT rebuild will come along. You should not have any problems getting back into shape for the division with the leaders coming through, and the incredible array of talent coming through the ranks. Bit jealous really Pfft

Also keen to see if the iconic jersey goes through any changes!
@Abhishek - Thank you very much Grin I'm not as confident in my chances as you but I guess that's our mutual role for each other sometimes Pfft This year will be a holding one I fear before Stannard and Fouche max out, no priorities but survival and fun. If we get that done then yeah I'm confident as hell for the future! And stay tuned on that front...

Renewals Update

A real mixed bag during renewals this year with some very pleasing business done and some disappointing attitudes from some of our riders, and a lot of changes with only three riders having the same wage as in 2021. Coming in with 20 riders on the dot but obviously with some work to do to fit into the PCT salary cap - please stand by for our upcoming transfers availability post. Some plans for this season have been adjusted following this renewals, and needless to say some of the riders who took us to promotion last time around in the PCT unfortunately won't be able to stay and do the same in 2022.

Particular highlights for us were the selfless attitudes of our major talents Stannard, Pidcock and Vermeersch who combined for a half million off our wage bill, as well as a generous 80k pay cut for "Mr. Xero" George Bennett, knowing how important it is to the team. The big standout in terms of rises is Sergio Higuita, however given his huge development last year and his fantastic 97th place finish in the PT standings this is more than acceptable and given his current skillset and potential we are happy with the work done.

We do bid farewell to 4-year Xero man Stanislau Bazhkou, who has been a great servant to the team in his former role as a leader and recently as a great domestique and, with Morne van Niekerk, hard carrying our TTT train. He will be greatly missed and we hope to see him find a new home during transfers.

2021 Wage2022 WageChange?
Mornevan Niekerk€50,000€52,000+€2,000
HenokTesfaye Heyi€60,000€50,000-€10,000
Johannvan Zyl€55,000€53,000-€2,000
Total Change:-€355,000
Very good cuts for the big talents, something I don't know how to do :lol:

Lots of work to do, but I know you are up to the task Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Given that you got absolutely screwed by the non-change of the ovl-calculation and thus (I assume) wage demands I think you did a very good job!
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Radsim'05: Quick-Step (since 2022) Astana (2018-2021)
Most Improved Team 2018 & 2019 // Manager of the Year 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 // Team of the Year 2021
Quite the renewals fee, I'm curious which riders will have to leave to get everything in order. I could definetely see us having a talk or two Smile As much as I would have liked you to remain in PT, it is kinda cool to have three African teams in the same division. I think I've said this before, I'm somewhat going to hate getting beat by Areruya, and at the same time I'm going to love seeing him thrive Grin
I predict lots of wheeling and dealing for you. Perhaps we'll talk Smile
Well done on the renewals. Look very decent overall, although the difference between 240K and 210K isn't usually as high as 50K Wink
@redordead - I have a lot of experience dealing with high wage talents I guess Pfft Thanks for the confidence in me, I hope it's not misplaced Smile

@Croatia - Yeah for sure, I know you know I could throw myself a pity party for a while about all that but I can't be bothered in this thread. I think I played the hand I have been dealt alright. Thank you Grin

@cunego - I am looking forward to talking with you Smile Yeah I am super excited to be racing against you at last and Aidan as well of course! Going to be an interesting dynamic between Areruya and Bralirwa and their fans - some big decisions for AreruyaFanNo1!

@valverde - I think you might be onto something there. I'd love to have a chat or two Wink

@SotD - Ahhh there's always something gets through the cracks huh? Pfft Thank you Smile
All these years of holding onto Bazhkou and you just kick him to the curb. Smh my head
quadsas wrote:
All these years of holding onto Bazhkou and you just kick him to the curb. Smh my head


Official Rider Trade Availability Update

It is with a heavy heart Xero Racing have released their Rider Availability Notice to their fellow teams heading into the 2022 transfer season. As alluded to in the team's post-renewals press conference, some riders have to leave the team and this will include long-time team members and leaders, especially multiple leaders from the team's 2020 promotion class. More advertising will be done in the run-up to and during transfers, but the team have released short statements anyway.

One or both of Luke Rowe and Hugo Houle will leave. The duo have both been great winners and points-scorers for the team, each with a Top 50 season in the PCT for the team and never much lower than that, with Houle also 53rd in the PT last season showing their aptitude across all divisions as really valuable leaders, from the conversation for top of the CT standings to the type of low to medium wage leader that any team would love to have. Houle stands as marginally the least likely of the major targets to move but it is very much on the cards.

Xandro Meurisse is also on the move. 62nd in the 2020 PCT standings, Xandro is a still training-eligible all-around puncheur with skills in the sprints, mountains (2nd in a Vuelta MTF) and the cobbles (won Viana do Castelo) to make your mouth water with the planning possibilities, and if trained to 79HI his backups and 71SP 78ACC make him one of the best puncheurs in the PCT (after already being among the best of the second tier in 2020) or even at 78HI the best in the CT. Also a very handy rider for PT as a luxury domestique or weak-terrain leader and stage hunter as evidenced by his 122nd place finish there last year.

Sergio Higuita is freshly maxed, U25 eligible and begging to build on his 97th place finish in the PT last year as a level 4 rider by cruising into the Top 40 or 50 of the PCT (L4 Areruya with worse backups, unfavourable races behind Bennett, and 1 less MO was 52nd in 2020) or becoming a PT or PCT team's new long-term project - trained in either MO or HI he could become one of the world's best in a couple of seasons. Not yet the biggest name but surely one of the riders on the market with the hugest potential and already would be a huge leader in the PCT and a very very solid one in PT.

Jordan Schleck would be very tough to let go for us, being with us since the beginning. Still only 26 and pot 7, he will be an incredibly valuable 60-65k mountain domestique for nearly a decade with slow decline speed, great RES and the ACC to attack on occasion as well. Otherwise he could also be a great CT leader. He is also the best rider in the Schleck family now and the best Schleck normally is in the Top 5 of the Pro Tour historically so yeah.

AreruyaJoseph79MO, 79HI79.14€530,000
BennettGeorge81MO, 76HI78.04€340,000
HiguitaSergio78MO, 77HI77.71€350,000●●●●●
RoweLuke79SP, 75CB77.51€275,000●●●●●
HouleHugo79SP, 75HI77.22€260,000●●●●
MeurisseXandro77HI, 74MO77.14€210,000●●●●●
StannardRobert77HI, 75RS75.98€130,000
HabtemichaelDaniel78MO, 74TT75.92€125,000●●
PidcockThomas70sALL, 75RS75.66€320,000
FoucheJames76MO, 73HI74.52€77,000
SchleckJordan77MO, 73HI74.33€65,000●●●●●
NikiemaBachirou75HI, 70SP74.23€60,000●●
Van NiekerkMorne78TT, 76FL73.97€52,000
Tesfaye HeyiHenok76RS, 75FL73.87€50,000
NovardiantoJamalidin78RS, 79AC73.80€53,000
KipkemboiSalim75HI, 73MO73.73€50,000●●
van ZylJohann74HI, 73TT73.00€53,000
VermeerschFlorian70CB, 70SP71.07€170,000●●
HamzaYacine73SP, 73AC70.71€50,000●●●
SchomberNils81PL, 76RS70.49€65,000●●●

● strong intention to keep | ●●● open for offers | ●●●●● clear intention to sell

The team are also looking to loan out one of Thomas Pidcock or James Fouche. Details will come in later but Pidcock would be a split wage and Fouche with you possibly paying the majority though it's somewhat flexible. Pidcock doesn't need to be discussed, he would be a real scorer due to being all-around and a breakaway threat, and maybe the most valuable multi-tool domestique in the world at PT or PCT level. Fouche is a great proposition being 4.99 and so no worries for any division to max him (CT would just need an HC RD). A leader in CT or a super valuable climbing domestique in PT or PCT, essentially getting paid to take a useful rider for a year on a lower wage than you'd find him in FA. You know how loans work, we don't need to explain this to you.

2/5 for Schomber, you say? Pfft
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