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[CT] Glanbia
Think I echo Fabianski in saying that those goals are not completely unrealistic and you have a very good chance of getting most of them with the TTT lineup that you've assembled.
Fabianski wrote:
Don't think those goals are too unrealistic. You've got the division's strongest TTT unit, so Olympia's Tour and Trentino (or Isle of Man, depending on which one you finally picked) look doable. USAPCC will come down to luck anyway, so you might very well do it. And I also see you as a promotion contender, making the Top5 team standings goal pretty realistic, too.
Only one that might be out of reach - depending on the startlist, of course - would be ToA (which btw is 3 goal points and not 2, due to being C1).

I think you picked your goals well, and should be well set for the season Smile

We'll see. I've edited it because I did pick Trentino finally.

Yeah, Tour of America is going to be a stretch
Glanbia Foods Cycling Project
Ulrich Ulriksen
USAPCC is my win goal as well so at least one of us is going to be disappointed.

Agree generally seem achievable, ToA is unpredictable, if Kuss can finish 4th then you can get a top 10.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
The Leaders’ Calendar:
Part 1

Andrew Talanksy

Glanbia needed to bring in a big Stage Racer and after much competition in the American circles Talansky was landed. He’s 34 but we hope he can still deliver Top 5s, Top 3s and who knows...

We will be hoping to use his skills to capitalise on the TTT set-up in week long races. You can take it in C2 races he will be hoping for Top 5 in the GC and in C1 races the Top 10.

So yeah, no Tour of America.

Goal-wise his name is slotted in beside a top 5 in Trentino and if we are to hit the top 5 in the rankings he will have to score big all year round.

JanuaryVuelta a Tachira
FebruaryTour of Catalunya
AprilTour of California
JuneTour of Vancouver
JuneMonterrey TTT
JuneApex Mountain Classic
JulyTour de Vineyards
JulyTour d’Andorra
AugustGiro del Trentino
SeptemberGP Lugano

Glanbia Foods Cycling Project
I can't say that I like Talansky's schedule Pfft Plenty of clashes with StĂĽssi and our own TTT setup - while you'll probably gain some time in the team events, I'll have to hope for our climbers to get it back somehow Wink
Looking forward to some good racing - and I wouldn't be surprised if you scored way more points from mountainous stage races than one would think when looking only at pure climbing skills Smile

The Tour of America Team. Gavin Mannion will probably be the best GC chance but it's more a team built for stage wins.

I'd love to see Brandt or McKenna also go for KOM

Sam Bennett still has the REC to hopefully stay going for stage wins until the end. He has declined but a couple of years ago he came close to taking the Green Jersey.

Then we have the Time Triallers- Cruz in general and Frame for the Prologue. Hoping for some break away action from these two as well.

Conor Dunne is a real wildcard, hopefully helpful on all terrains and attacking when he can.

Ben Healy is going to lap up all that C1 XP
Edited by MacC on 28-09-2022 10:36
Glanbia Foods Cycling Project
Gavin Mannion will pretty much just ride with Talanasky in the mountains apart from ToA.

Lawson Craddock will lead in a variety of races where TTs matter but he can take some hills and even some climbs. This means his targets as leader are:

• Hong Kong Challenge,
• Jelejah SKL and
• Herald Sun Tour

but you can take it anywhere there is a TT he will be present.

For Hilly Classics (Gisborne, San Jose, Izola...), Sean McKenna will be mainly leading but he will also lead in some hilly Stage Races like Tour of South Africa and Pais Vasco.

Sam Bennett will try and once again try to break Glanbia’s terrible run of good luck in our home race- the Rás Tailiteann.

Otherwise he will begin in our only HC race- Down Under Classic- and then mainly focus on Stage Races with flat stage until the Tour of America. His favourite races from previous years like the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and the Betonxpress GP will feature.

Our Time Trial collective of Sean Downey, Freddy Cruz and James Oram will try and turn up at any TTT event and between them cover all TTs.

We have a lot of faith in our Prologue specialist Alex Frame for the USA Pro CC, Jelejah and anywhere his prologue skill might be handy.
Glanbia Foods Cycling Project
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Ulrich Ulriksen
Yup the Talansky schedule looks familiar. Although Warbasse has a dash of Craddock in his schedule and will leave it to Kuss at a few of those.

Your TOA squad very similar to mine with Kuss in the Mannion role, hoping we are weak enough that Kuss will go for stage wins or KOM rather than riding the GC. But if he does ride GC we also have a cadre of other climbers to target breakaways. I think including McKenna in the squad was a great call for the first week.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
January Preview

Down Under Classic

Glanbia’s only HC race of the season is well, Down Under, home to many of our riders and fans.

We previously competed here in 2020 where Adam Petrie-Armstrong was our best finisher in 26th.

Really, just flying the flag here for sponsors, little or no chance of a result.

Sam Bennett will lead with Ricki Nelson as lead-out (because that always works!) we have some of our fast flat guys here (Cruz, Downey) and Glanbia would love to see them get into the break. The race will see the debut of Miles Scotson and the return from loan of Alex Frame.

Target: Top 20

Gisborne GP:

While the flat guys do their thing in Australia the hillier folks will be racing the Gisborne GP. New Zealand has become an important part of Glanbia providing some of our riders and some good luck down through the years.

This race has been a fixture in Glanbia’s calendar but last year was the first year we made an impact with Dan Martin taking 11th place.

Dan the Man will be here again but very much as backup to our new Puncher guy Sean McKenna. We will be very interested to see how competitive McKenna is in this sort of race.

There will be 4 other debutants for Glanbia- Conor Dunne, Ben Healy, Liam Curley and Francis Juneau. For these latter 3 this will be a career debut.

Target: Top 10

Vuelta a Táchira :

I dare say Glanbia’s real season starts here. That means welcoming Andrew Talansky and his lieutenant Gavin Mannion. There will be enough mountains here to test them including a Mountainous TT.

There is also a flat TT where Talansky will be hoping to not lose much but where Glanbia will have Downey, Cruz, Oram and Cheyne all going for it. We’re not bringing a sprinter so hoping to see these guys attack on the first few flat stages.

We have a proud record here. In 2019 Tyler Brandt finished 7th and last year Dan Martin just missed out on overall victory.

Target: Top 5 and Stage Win

Hong Kong Challenge:

First C1 test of the season for the Boys in Green. Step forward Lawson Craddock. We will need him to build on last year’s much improved season starting here. the TT/ moderate hills set-up suits him down to the ground.

Conor Dunne and Nathan Haas will support him but might fancy a break away too.

Last year was our first outing here and Craddock grabbed an excellent top 10, (8th). Let’s do it again.

Target: Top 10

Clasico San José

Hilly Classic= Sean McKenna, although Craddock is also here and hopefully will be attacking.

Like Gisborne this is a bit of an unknown and will set the tone for McKenna’s season. He was bought to allow us some interest in this type of race. He will aiming for top 10 but a top 15 and some points would still be a step-up

Little remembered fact: in our first season Glanbia had a Latin America focus for races. This race didn’t exist then so it’s new one for us!

Target: Top 10
Glanbia Foods Cycling Project
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