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Giro d'Italia Discussion
Rough for Morton, that might decide the podium already. Not great for Areruya obviously, but he's still within reach of the Top 10 handily.

Carlsberg continuing their run of great results, what a wildcard team! And of course, congrats to cio, Herklotz doing Herklotz things Smile
Ouch, obviously really not a suited stage to Areruya but still really poor, awful positioning right from the start especially given he was the white jersey he was nowhere near where he should be and it's always going to be a tough battle to hang on to better climbers if you're not even in their wheel to begin with Rolling Eyes
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Awesome stage for us! No question about it. Guldhammer was just ON. In no world did I expect him to stay with the first tier of favorites on that kind of finish, but he did. And by doing so, he's already built a little time buffer on a lot of the guys who line up to be his real competition for GC spots. Very impressive. Wish we saw more of this in Eritrea, but prestige over points I guess.

Obviously then, this puts us in a great position. I don't have any delusions of the podium, but a top 5 doesn't seem out of the question now. We'll have to have good form and strong support, which it looks like we had today. Roe was strong and active in the breakaway, tying for KOM, and Warbasse finished in the top 20. Love to see that depth almost as much as having a star at the front.

Also really liked the AI here. Of course I'm quite bias because Rasmus did so well, but it seemed pretty realistic to me. Whittling down of the peloton, then an initial shakeup, riders dropping between groups from attrition, and then the winner's final kick. The precise riders involved in each group may be a different story, but the process seemed solid.

Huge congrats to cio on the win! Some of our guys met up with Lennard after the race, and apparently he is ecstatic to be a part of something so cool for someone who's a mentor to him. Grin

Thanks for the report!
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At this point, Puma should be obliged to pay some of Dombrowski's wage Pfft

Obviously it plays out in my favor, but feel really sorry for tsmoha looking at the way Morton is performing. Never really lived up to his stats, but seems even worse than usual.
I liked how Formolo and the team tried in the hilly stages, but sadly they kinda failed.

In this first mountain stage Formolo did a great job though. He cracked near the top, but still a good result for him.
Brilliant stage! Smile Thank you guys for the kind words.
Put a spotlight on Stüssi for that devastating pull!

I'm really excited to have a close competition at this point, the race needs to retain tension going into week 2. Well done to the expected Kudus and Dombrowski, and especially to the unexpected Guldhammer! You deserve this bbl.

There was a hint of it possibly being a more decisive attack, but any gap is a good gap at this point of the race, with three-quarters to a full minute in the GC being a frail, but appreciated cushion at the moment.

The same thing went through my mind there alex, that was a deja-vu from Tirreno with Dombrowski again going on the offensive and paying for it somewhat later on.
I'd say making that second group still constitutes a successful strategy in the end, with such a large gap appearing behind it. Smile
On that note, commiserations to tsmoha as that was a costly time loss already.

I fear we might already enter breakaway territory tomorrow, because this looks like a great opportunity to go for consecutive stage wins, with a sharp hill into a daring descent being the ideal finale for Herklotz.
Even if the bonus seconds go to the break though, it can still be ridden aggressively enough to force pure gaps.

Hopefully we'll at least give it a try.
Ulrich Ulriksen
Nice riding from Herklotz, taking it easy on the other guys to keep himself motivated. I think that makes it two wins for him this season on the same climb.

I think PCM20 has shown more stage-to-stage volatility so wouldn't be surprised to see some of the guys who did well here tank later and vice versa. At least Areruya needs that to be true - this was a MT stage I thought favored him.
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So here's a great stage for a breakaway attempt. What to do? How about nothing?
A positive stage with Lastra in the break and securing some KoM points and then both Sosa and Nesset making the front group. Hope for more like this.
Carboni totally lost here...can only hope the 2nd and 3rd week will be a good breakaway run for my team as otherwise there won`t be many points.

A 78/76 rider really should be better than 15min off already.
We tried.
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Was obvious this wasnt going to be the most interesting stage from an Evonik POV. Would have been interesting to see Sergis, Becis or Tvetcov in the break but I'm completely fine with just Chiarello avoiding a time loss.
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Nice to see Sulvaran still active in the breaks.

Guldhammer seemed to have an off day here to finish towards the back of the group, but not a bad day to have a bad day. Didn't lose any time, both Warbasse and Olesen remained in the group to help him and move up to top 25 overall. You gotta survive these days to thrive other days.

Congrats to Dombro and alex! Not the stage I expected Joe to win, but still must be satisfying to take it.
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Would've preferred to see Reis a little bit better but so far he is still in the range of what is acceptable from him.
Thanks, bbl. Indeed, not a stage where you'd expect Dombrowski to shine, but we'll definitely take it since the bonus seconds also put him in second overall now.
I hope this sufficiently made up for yesterday! Pfft

Congrats alex, great positioning rewarded with a deserved stage win considering Herklotz couldn't close the gap in any meaningful way.

I'll take the time loss against Dombrowski to add valuable seconds over Kudus and additional points for the ciclamino and the rankings.
As I said, this easily could've been a breakaway win and with positioning being so vital, any position within that group could've been possible for Silvio which makes second place very much acceptable.

We enter a hopefully quiet three days now, with the flat stages being important for recovery and the following hilly stage not looking hard enough to make any big investment seem worth it.
The Zoncolan will require full energy levels!
Who had thought Minali is the one positive surprise for me in the Giro?

First a 5th, now a 4th when I didn`t even expect him to participate in the sprints. Abhishek neither did so. Wink

Obviously the most perfect wheel he got there but due to his speed limitation he unfortunately always got blocked instead of finding a way through himself. I guess with +2 in sprint, which still is 79 only, he could have won today from that position.
Starting to feel for knockout. A good leadout, but Eislers fading too much again. A shame to see considering that he probably should be the best sprinter, at least second best.

A step down for Trondsen today. He should grow stronger as the race goes by, so a bit surprised by that, but hopefully just a bad day.
^^Having a team set up for sprints is just a disaster unfortunately. It sucks that having decent support for a leader on their terrain is actually a hindrance, feel for evonik as Eislers should be doing so much better.
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I dont want to comment on bunch sprints anymore.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

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