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ICL21 - Teams
ICL 21 - Teams

This thread is for team presentation and HQ like posts. You can also discuss team updates right in this thread. Go and reserve yourself a main post, which will be linked in the second post.

Based on a points system there will be a small amount of money awarded for the next season. A maximum of 10 points can be reached. One point will give a budget bonus of 20 in the next season. Each update in this thread will give a point. There won't be long essays required, a short update with a few sentences containing the latest results, the upcoming races, a new signed rider or anything noteworthy would be enough. Also considered for this will be posts in the Previews&Statistics thread. A season preview can even give several points: Detailed Season Preview (4 pts), Numbers based Preview (3 pts)

Generally I don't want to give very active people with lots of time too much of a benefit. Everyone that stays just a little bit active over the whole season should be able to get the full bonus easily. To achieve one point you won't have to spend longer than 5 minutes, which should be possible for everyone in the game.For simply reserving a post in this thread right away for your team you'll already get 1 point. I'll link the main post for each team in the second post. Updating the team post with your team roster after the transfer season will give you another point.
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World Tour 2021
Air Algérie - Navibulgar AANUlrich Ulriksen
Allianz-BMW Cycling TeamABCjaxika
Baku Synergy +BSPOZrocker
Bosch Cycling TeamBCTcio93
Brugse Zot - TrekBZTdf_Trek
CCC Sprandi PolkowiceCCCdominox
Credit SuisseCREVali
Deutsche BahnDEBAbhishekLFC
Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling TeamFILOllfardh
Grupo Argos - QualaGAQCroatia14
Liberty SegurosLYSShonak
Polestar ProCycling p/b TelenorPPCivaneurope
Qatar Airways - Trentino - Qumak QTQkrisa
Renault Classic RENDaveTwoBob
Team BPTBPRipley
Trans Looney TunesTLTTinxiaS
Continental Tour 2021
BNZ Cycling TeamBNZJakstar22
Cadejo - Bike Xpress CBXDarkWolf
DFK Panevėžys DKPquadsas
EF x Palace - Nippo EF1valverde321
Équipe Cycliste PeugeotPEUMarcovdw
Euskaltel - Elior EUELuis Leon Sanchez
Guinness Cycling p/b BlackBerryGBBbaseballlover312
ICBC Cyling TeamICB-
La Vie Claire LVCjph27
Latvijas Balzams - OlainfarmLBOLaurens147
Magnum - MadshusMMANemolito
Millenium - LATAM AirlinesMLAliefwarrior
Pedal Africa for QhubekaPAQ-
Proximus Cycling Team PRXcanojuancho
Santos - EuskadiEUSjandal7
Shell Pro CyclingSHLjseadog1
Tierra del FuegoTDFFabianski
Vegeta Cycling TeamVCTSSJ2Luigi
VisitUkraine p/b NemiroffVUKfjhoekie
U23 2021
Air Algérie - Godiva AAGUlrich Ulriksen
Alpine BoysALPVali
Aru4Ever - Panaria A4Ekrisa
Astana U23ASTBikex
Aviva Futura ProjectAFPRipley
BlackBerry Limited U23BBUbaseballlover312
Bora - Argon18 Development TeamBARjaxika
Cadejo - Bike Xpress Cycling Academy CXADarkWolf
CCC Development Team CDTdominox
De Stijl CyclingDSCjph27
Deutsche Bahn Development TeamDBDAbhishekLFC
EF Cycling SchoolEFSvalverde321
Équipe Development CitroënCITMarcovdw
EuskaltelEUTLuis Leon Sanchez
Giant Asia Racing TeamGIAOZrocker
Islandsbanki SIUNemolito
LBO Development TeamLDTLaurens147
Los GauchitosGAUFabianski
Millenium Academia de Ciclismo MACliefwarrior
P&O Ferries ZeebruggePOZdf_Trek
PKKSC Dviratininkai PSCquadsas
Podravka Cycling TeamPCTSSJ2Luigi
PureBlack RacingPBRjandal7
Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development TeamRWPOllfardh
Renault Techno Development RTDDaveTwoBob
Síragon ProjectSIRCroatia14
Telenor Youth Team p/b PolestarTYTivaneurope

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Change of Sponsor for the 2021 season

After Suntory withdrew its sponsorship DaveTwoBob is delighted to announce a new sponsorship deal with French auto manufacturer Renault. The sponsorship is highlighting the role of Renault Classic, a department that preserves, renovates and exhibits historical Renault vehicles. 2021 is the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4L, the company’s best-selling car.

Renault Classic shows its collection across Europe during exhibitions, motor shows, historical courses, and sport events such as World Series by Renault, Le Mans Classic, Goodwood Festival of Speed and Salons Automobile.




To tie in with the historic nature of Renault Classic the team will ride in the Renault–Elf–Gitane retro cycling jersey from the days when Renault won the Tour de France 4 years in a row with French legends Laurent Fignon and Bernard Hinault.

DaveTwoBob hopes this will inspire current team leader Romain Bardet to a Tour de France Maillot Jaune.

Thanks to Hillis91 for permission to use his classic creation.



Romain Bardet improved his TT to 76 which finally fixes a major weakness in his Grand Tour ambitions.

The U23 class of 2020 was super strong and they developed nicely.
Hiroyuki Nakano HIL76
David Meyer SP76
Luis Crawford MO75
Salif Mane SP75
Murjikneli Gochashvili MO75
Mark Safford COB 76


The Renault scouts did another great job this season finding two pot 7 classics riders Erlend Vangen and Daniil Detenyshev.


Romain Bardet had a breakthrough season winning La Vuelta and improving his TT to a half decent level and he drove a very hard bargain settling for an eye watering 1950 ICL dollars.

Fortunately Juris Eisaks agreed to over a 200 ICL dollars pay cut but this was all taken up by Mads Pedersen’s increase.

Our U23 Class of 2020 wanted decent pay rises. Sadly U23 top scorer Salif Mane wanted a massive pay rise and we had to let him go. The remaining 5 riders got another 410 ICL dollars between them.


Sponsors Renault are keen to have another French star to take over from Bardet and want development focused on Samuel Crochet. They also need Bardet to continue at the top for a few more years while he develops.

Funds were needed for both these riders and we had to make the hard decision to sell long standing GC rider Clément Chevrier who left for Bosch Cycling Team with young domestique Stephen van der Padt joining as part of the deal.

Young French sprint star David Meyer was not happy to see training focused on Crochet and expressed a desire to join a team who would invest in him. A deal was struck with Deutsch Bahn that saw Julien Vermote join to improve our TTT setup.

We hired Rui Costa from free agency to give us depth in the Hills. He will be a useful domestique.
Tilegen Maidos and Pablo Lechuga were hired as support for Eisaks over the cobbles and Louis Meintjes comes in as a bargain TT rider.


Samuel Crochet received the bulk of the training budget and is now one of the best U25 stage racers in the peloton. Juris Eisaks was 1 point off the next sprint level and got a very small bit of training to bump him up.
Bardet receives a potion of youth to extend his career at the top, a race day and a bump to his recovery.



Romain Bardet has improved his TT skills to be competitive at Grand Tours with TT km. Romain considered a repeat of Bernard Hinault’s 1982 Giro Tour double while wearing the same jersey but lack of race days meant this was not feasible. A cold analysis of the Grand Tour routes concluded the Giro was better suited to Bardet's skillset and he has unfinished business at LBL. So it is with regret that Bardet will not be attending the Tour de France this year in the hope that the route next year will more suit his capabilities. Renault are all in to win the Giro this year and the Tour next year.

Helping out on stage races will be two graduates from the successful U23 team, Luis Crawford and Murjikneli Gochashvili.

Our hills squad has been boosted by recruiting veteran Rui Costa who joins an improving Hiroyuki Nakano and Peter Kennaugh who was instrumental in Bardet’s Strade Bianchi win last season.

One of the best U25 racers in the peloton, Samuel Crochet will be attending Le Tour and La Vuelta with a target of winning U25 and top 10 GC in both.

Juris Eisaks can score some decent points over the cobbles. Juris will be supported by U23 Paris Roubaix winner Mark Safford and Edward Smith plus Eliot Lietaer. These three will also try to snag a few points from C2 cobbles races.

Sprinting duties fall to Mads Pedersen and he will be a busy man as he also covers the Classics. He doesn’t have a leadout, but in quite a few races is paired with Eisaks who has a decent sprint.

TT leader Michael Hepburn is also a very useful GT domestique. Our TTT strength is improved by the addition of Julien Vermote.

Renault recruited 3 cheap all round domestiques to replace higher cost riders who were released. These are
Stephen van der Padt (MO73, HIL71, Wage 130)
Pablo Lechuga (COB 73, MO72, Wage 125)
Louis Meintjes (HIL72, TT73, Wage 115)

Senior Team Roster
New riders highlighted in green.


Renault are the defending champions but will not be challenging for the title this year. We have a very young squad, average age 21, so will be targeting a return to winning ways in 2 years time.

Our best chance of a result fall to TT star Jonathan Wright who is still only 21.

Cobbles are covered by our 2 new young pot 7 riders Erlend Vangen and Daniil Detenyshev.

We have a pair for the hills Matteo Cavallo and Florian Le Jeune and a pair for stage races Denis Bongioni and Peter Amiel. Amiel is a bit of a fighter so we hope to see him in breaks.

Sprints is a vacancy, guess where our scouting focus will be next year.

Dev Team Roster
New riders highlighted in green.
DaveTwoBob attached the following images:
ren_maillot_1.png ren_maillot_den.png

Edited by DaveTwoBob on 18-06-2022 00:21
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Polestar ProCycling p/b Telenor

RiisThomas Nybo29576.270777568666066737074737074350
AndersenMichael Valgren29675.374687472727272727275777173300
BystrømSven Erik29572.875696967666972727375736871130

Telenor Youth Team p/b Polestar



Edited by ivaneurope on 23-05-2022 07:55
Latvijas Balzams - Olainfarm



Andrijanovs Reinis71,16368666672100334
Bauhaus Phil75,86670686876320276
Becis Armands75,76976656869310305
Bekmanis Indulis72,46568726768120324
Eijssen Yannick76,47775746465655326
Elissonde Kenny77,97776766865840306
Flaksis Andzs72,37371696768110304
Gallopin Tony74,87373727475280336
Geronboux Arnaud76,37775706067450305
Ghyselinck Jan76,86475717668410335
Juodvalkis Egidijus71,36170657072100334
Klimovics Olegs74,36667756967210285
McEvoy Jonathon76,96572666778420325
Morton Lachlan75,47574746061280295
Prokofjevs Ivars75,46975676969300304
Smirnovs Andris73,16468646474140314
Smukulis Gatis71,46467726867120345
Vosekalns Andris72,56567746867130293




Kenny Elissonde - 1. - Tour d'Indonesia GC
Kenny Elissonde - 1. - Tour of Oman Stage 3
Kenny Elissonde - 1. - Tour of Oman GC
Lachlan Morton - 1. - Volta ao Algarve Stage 3

Armands Becis - 2. - Tour d'Indonesia Stage 1
Kenny Elissonde - 2. - Tour d'Indonesia Stage 6
Jonathon McEvoy - 2. - Tour of Oman Stage 2
Phil Bauhaus - 2. - Volta ao Algarve Stage 1
Andris Smirnovs - 2. - National Capital Tour Stage 2

Olegs Klimovics - 3. - Tour d'Indonesia Stage 3
Armands Becis - 3. - Tour de San Luis Stage 5
Jonathon McEvoy - 3. - National Capital Tour Stage 4
Kenny Elissonde - 2. - National Capital Tour GC

LBO Development Team



Fedorovics Romans66,35961676255100216
Maculevicius Linas63,56159656163100205
Raudsepp Oskar66,05766576162100206
Tohver Toomas70,27269595462100225
Vaitkus Titas63,26264625754100205
Van Asbroeck Wim66,46166585864100215
Vandebosch Gunther64,56563555356100205
Wegh Denzel67,75467605667100225




Edited by Laurens147 on 31-10-2022 14:31
ICL - Latvijas Balzams - Olainfarm
MG - Crabbe-CC Chevigny


Brugse Zot - Trek is a recently born team based in Brugge, in West-Vlaanderen, where the beer Brugse Zot is brewed from De Halve Maan, the only Brewery survived in the historical center of the city. The owner of the team was fascinated by the cycling event that involved Brugge in recent past: De Ronde, and the dream (and why not, the aim) was immediatly to bring back the Trophy, where for many years race started.
This project wasn't possible without cooperation of one of the biggest brands among cycling, Trek, that from years winks to Belgium and northern classics.

Sponsors Goals

Main Country

Other Countries
USA, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Race Focus
Northern Classics


HenriMaesTeam Owner
EllenMaesSponsorship Manager
StijnDevolderTeam Manager
JohanLammertsU23 Team Manager

The Team

QuintenAarts25northern specialistdomestique210
JanBakelants35all rounderdomestique130
StigBroeckx31northern specialistfree role420
De KeijzerSontje22puncheurdomestique100
TimDeclercq32northern specialistfree role290
CharlesEngeldinger27climberGC leader750
FernándezRubén30all rounderfree role330
FuglsangJakob36all rounderdomestique110
DennisHall26all rounderdomestique130
IzagirreGorka34all rounderdomestique100
KorsaethTruls28time trialistdomestique250
LaengenVegard Stake32climberfree role340
MaximeMonfort38all rounderdomestique100
TaylorPhinney31TT/northern specialistleader1380
JasperStuyven29northern specialistfree role400
AndrewTalansky33all rounderGC leader500
BrianVan Goethem30rouleurlead-out man170
StefVan Zummeren30time trialistdomestique130



P&O Ferries Zeebrugge


JorritsmaArrie22time trialist100
Den HaagGillis22time trialist100
GhistelinckTom22northern specialist135

2020 season

The Team

QuintenAarts24northern specialistdomestique160
JanBakelants34all rounderdomestique220
StigBroeckx30northern specialistfree role390
TimDeclercq31northern specialistfree role255
CharlesEngeldinger26climberfree role505
DennisHall25all rounderdomestique100
MaximeMonfort37all rounderdomestique100
TaylorPhinney30TT/northern specialistleader1290
JasperStuyven28northern specialistfree role410
AndrewTalansky32all rounderGC leader535
BrianVan Goethem29rouleurlead-out man120
StefVan Zummeren29time trialistdomestique100


Omloop Het NieuwsbladWTTaylor Phinney
Critérium International2nd stageCT.2Andrew Talansky
Tour of South Africa4th stageCT.2 Charles Engeldinger
Tour of South Africa10th stageCT.2 Charles Engeldinger
Rheden GPCT.2Taylor Phinney
VDK-Driedaagse De Panne4th stageCT.2Taylor Phinney
VDK-Driedaagse De PanneGCCT.2Taylor Phinney
VDK-Driedaagse De PannePoints CT.2Taylor Phinney
Aleko VitošaCT.2Brian Van Goethem
Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt5th stageCT.2 Charles Engeldinger
Rheinland-Pfalz RundfahrtGCCT.2 Charles Engeldinger
Tour d'Andorra2nd stageCT.2 Charles Engeldinger
Kigali GPCT.2Taylor Phinney
Volta a Portugal1st stageCT.2Andrew Talansky
Tour of Vancouver1st stageCT.1Andrew Talansky
World Ports ClassicPoints CT.1Taylor Phinney
Baltic Chain Tour1st stageCT.1Taylor Phinney
Eneco TourGCWTTaylor Phinney
Cigar City ClassicCT.2Taylor Phinney

Omroep Zeeland - Lammerts Youth Team


GillisDen Haag21time trialist100
GeofferyJanssens22northern specialist100

2019 season

The Team

QuintenAarts23northern specialistdomestique100
JanBakelants33all rounderlieutenant220
StigBroeckx29northern specialistfree role350
TimDeclercq30northern specialistfree role230
MaximeMonfort36all rounderroad captain100
JasperStuyven27northern specialistfree role460
NikiTerpstra35northern specialistfree role340
BrianVan Goethem28rouleurlead-out man110
JelleWallays30puncheurfree role320


La Tropicale Amissa Bongo7th stageMoreno Hofland3rd
Volta ao Algarve4th stageGaetan Bille3rd
Vuelta a Mallorca3rd stageJelle Vanendert2nd
Vuelta a MallorcaGCJelle Vanendert2nd
Kobenhavn ByrundturclassicMoreno Hofland1st
Kobenhavn ByrundturclassicGaetan Bille3rd
Rheden GPclassicJasper Stuyven1st
4 Jours de Dunkerque4th stageWillem Wauters1st
Aleko VitosaclassicTim Declercq1st
Amgen Tour of California4th stageGaetan Bille3rd
Tour des Fjords4th stageRomain Zingle1st
Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt1st stageMoreno Hofland1st
Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt3rd stageJelle Vanendert2nd
Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt5th stageJelle Vanendert2nd
Rheinland-Pfalz RundfahrtGCJelle Vanendert2nd
Circuit des Ardennes2nd stageTTT3rd
Circuit des Ardennes3rd stageTim Declercq1st
Circuit des Ardennes4th stageMoreno Hofland3rd
Circuit des ArdennesPoint ClassificationTim Declercq1st
Volta a Portugal8th stagePit Schlechter2nd
Kigali GPclassicStig Broeckx3rd
Circulo de Juarez5th stageMoreno Hofland2nd
Eneco Tour2nd stageMoreno Hofland2nd
Eneco Tour5th stageJan Bakelants3rd
Eneco Tour7th stageTim Declercq3rd
Tour de Pologne2nd stageGaetan Bille3rd
Tour de Pologne4th stageGaetan Bille3rd
Cigar City ClassicclassicJasper Stuyven1st
Belgium NCclassicJan Bakelants2nd
Belgium ITT NCclassicGaetan Bille2nd


15/09: First two riders sign for Brugse Zot - Trek
21/10: Former Tour de France champion Andy Schleck will ride for Brugse Zot - Trek
23/10: 2019 roster: the cobbles squad is likely done
31/10: Brugse Zot - Trek team presentation expected on 11th November

Edited by df_Trek on 03-07-2022 13:03
Tierra del Fuego 2021


Welcome to the brand-new Headquarters of CT team Tierra del Fuego!

After lots of ups and downs - and even more lessons learnt - in our inaugural season, we're back to start a new chapter of our team history! You will find everything relating to the team on this site - which we'll hope to update more regularly than last year throughout the season! Glad to have you here - enjoy your read!



You can find the full story of foundation as well as the roster and a compilation of news posts in last year's HQ. Let's just remind you a bit of how it all started:

In the public perception, South American cycling is all about Colombians. Or maybe some Venezuelans or Ecuadorians, and rarely does anyone know a few Brazilians. Last year, the two southmost countries - Argentina and Chile - have teamed up on a long-term project to change this perception, aiming at bringing some of their cyclists to the very top in the next decades. The symbol of their cooperation is Tierra del Fuego - the continent's southmost island, shared between the two states.

The first season was a challenging one, with the team's strategy not always top-notch. And while there was a fair amount of success, the best scoring Argentineans were 8th and 9th, while the first Chilean only took 16th place. Nonetheless, our sponsors weren't discouraged too much, knowing it will take time to really build up some local talents! There is some hope though, as Miquel Espinosa was our 3rd strongest rider in the U23 team!

However, talent scouting was challenging as well, as our scouts unfortunately didn't find the next potential superstar this year. Time will tell if the project can be fruitful - we sure hope so!

The Sponsors

i.imgur.com/j8lOg39.jpg i.imgur.com/jp9JmFt.jpg

The national cycling associations of Argentina and Chile are the project's main promoters, and hence the main sponsors. While being co-sponsors for the main team, the development team's nationality will switch each year - for 2021 it will be Chilean.


But of course, such a project requires more mone - and who says money says bank. In fact, the Banco de Tierra del Fuego, based in Ushuaia, the world's most southern city, continues as one of the team's secondary sponsors.


The other secondary sponsor is Tierra del Fuego's tourism association, represented by the world's most southern railway, the Tren del Fin del Mundo - the Train of the End of the World.

Tierra del Fuego

Juan Chamorro77.671797671696166727176736874306
Rick Zabel77.575677666677277777469767173286
Javier Gomez76.773777575746063696869726975305
Armando Huamán76.572697662646867757271767072256
Roberto Romero Martínez76.475657468697668727471777172276
Eduardo Sepulveda75.876737276766769697069727174305
Tácio Mendes75.873767474735960697063717075285
Eduardo Gonzalez75.775647365706776767466757175256
Yonder Godoy75.672767472716065737275737074285
Fernando Gaviria75.575707177757069687167727273275
Alexander Brus75.473757374736063706969726976275
Daniel Díaz74.770757466686165717277737073325
Gustavo Martin74.571707462627168737268746969255
Sándor Biró74.472747373726059717369727075255
Eloy Nogueira73.265747367685662687573706669245
Pablo Gonçalves7371717073736666667164727272255
Héctor Molina72.368727071705556656557696772255
Jonathan Saavedra71.870606373736361596859676767273

Los Gauchitos


Germán Ollero72.669727073735660656759716770216
Ernesto Urízar7262737058615562697470696669225
Andrés Cruz71.970606361666273736766716868226
Miquel Espinosa71.470596462685972736872696769226
Rubén Gorriarán7172646461627267687368686967235
Alexander Costa6758686660585662626267605862205
Fabian Martinuccio66.163666862696256626064616764216
Mauricio Méndez65.959676563675454595857616064215
Ian Munder6359636462625756606459586361195

Edited by Fabianski on 08-12-2022 22:35

---Team BP 2021


Team History
2018Aviva Cycling TeamCT3rd
2019Aviva Cycling TeamWT7th
2020Team BPWT3rd
2021Team BPWT

Only three years after our team's founding we've established ourselves as one of the best teams in the ICL. We finished 3rd in the Teams Ranking 2020 and thanks to excellent performances by Sagan, Majka and Cavendish in our focus races our sponsor has increased our budget substantially for the 2021 season.

Our sponsor has commited himself to a carbon neutral goal by 2050 and wants to promote it with help of a professional cycling team. Our other partners are also British, the frames are made by Boardman, the wheels by Black Inc. and the apparel is provided by Rapha.

Team BP 2021 Squad

Safari Akinyemi74.3Climber225246
Edward Birch72.6Domestique120275
Jorge Cano Gonzalez75.0Stage Racer250256
Mark Christian73.3Domestique150315
Michael Cuming74.0Time Trials190315
Scott Davies76.2Stage Racer365265
Jonathan Dibben76.0Classics300276
Campbell Flakemore78.3Captain Time Trials565296
Max Fritsch73.8Climber180245
Tao Geoghegan Hart79.1Captain Mountains560266
Lasse Norman Hansen73.6Allrounder170295
Leigh Howard78.4Captain Sprints585326
Roman Kreuziger74.4Road Captain210356
Gao Lei74.1Stage Racer190246
James Lowsley-Williams71.8Domestique100294
Rafal Majka80.8Captain Mountains1260327
Philip McCluskey72.5Domestique120265
Travis Meyer72.7Domestique130325
Rasim Reis74.7Time Trials230294
Peter Sagan80.2Captain Classics1660316
Andrew Shelton71.9Domestique100235
Jordi Simon75.3Climber280315
Ian Stannard73.9Road Captain180345
Stefan van Winden71.8Domestique100326
Martin Wagner75.6Sprinter300256

Race Planning 2021


Results Overview 2021

JanuaryWTPalm ClassicSagan7th
WTTour of ToowoombaTao Hart5th
Tao Hart1 stage
FebruaryWTVuelta Ciclista al Pais VascoDavies32nd
MarchWTOmloop Het NieuwsbladSagan2nd
CT.1Clasica di Tirreno - AdriaticoSagan13th
WTStrade BiancheSagan11th
CT.1Roma MaximaSagan7th
WTVuelta a TachiraTao Hart4th
WTMilano - SanremoSagan4th
CT.1Dwars door VlaanderenDibben39th
WTE3 Prijs Vlaanderen - HarelbekeSagan2nd
WTGent - WevelgemSagan4th
AprilWTRonde van VlaanderenSagan1st
WTSter ZLM TourHoward1st
Howard2 stages
WTParis - RoubaixSagan6th
CT.2VDK-Driedaagse De PanneNorman2nd
WTTrofeo CampaniaFlakemore28th
WTAmstel Gold RaceSagan7th
WTLa Flèche WallonneSagan9th
WTLiège - Bastogne - LiègeSagan11th
MayCT.2Aleko VitošaStannard14th
WTUniversity of Lincoln GPSagan4th
WTGiro d'ItaliaTao Hart12th
WTGrand Prix of SochiDavies14th
JuneWTDeutschland TourSagan3rd
WTVuelta a GuatemalaMajka2nd
Majka1 stage
WTTour of Mount FujiSimon30th
CT.1GP LuxembourgSagan11th
CT.1Tour de SuisseFritsch58th
CT.2Circuit des ArdennesKreuziger30th
JulyWTAsmara CupSagan6th
WTTour de FranceMajka5th
Flakemore1 stage
AugustCT.1Clasica Ciclista San SebastianSagan7th
CT.2RideLondon–Surrey ClassicStannard8th
WTTour of Northern EuropeFlakemore7th
Howard1 stage
WTCourse du Lac d'AnnecyTao Hart6th
WTVattenfall Cyclassics
WTEneco Tour

---Aviva Futura Project 2021


Aviva continues to sponsor our development team. Our British talents still need more time to develop, we don't expect to leave more of a mark on the U23 division in 2021 than in the previous season, but we are looking forward to becoming more competitive next year.

Aviva Futura 2021 Squad

Peter Broomhead70.5Sprinter100225
Astley Carter72.6Sprinter155236
Aaron Georgievsky68.1Time Trials100215
Jim Grimsdell69.5Climber100225
Bailey Jansen72.6Climber100226
Wayne Richards69.3Sprinter160207
Agustín Rodriguez67.6Stage Racer110206
Eric Townsend-West68.2Puncheur100196

Results Overview 2021

JanuaryU23Copa America de CiclismoCarter1st
FebruaryCT.2Volta ao AlgarveJansen73rd
CT.2Tour de San LuisJansen90th
CT.2National Capital TourRodriguez68th
AprilU23ZLM TourBroomhead5th
MayU23Rund um den Finanzplatz U23Richards20th
U23Giro Valle d'AostaJansen14th
Carter1 stage
U23Rutland - MeltonCarter4th
JuneU23Tour de BerlinGeorgievsky13th
Carter1 stage
CT.2Rheinland-Pfalz RundfahrtJansen72nd
CT.2Tour d'AndorraJansen54th
U23Coupe des Nations Ville SaguenayCarter10th
Carter1 stage
AugustCT.2RideLondon–Surrey ClassicRodriguez60th
U23Mauritius Sun Tour
CT.2Criterium Hainleite

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Magnum - Madshus


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Proximus Cycling Team


A new Continental Cycling Team borns in Belgium. Thanks to Proximus sponsor, which is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, based in Brussels.

The initial objective of the team is to have a squad with cyclists who belong to the Benelux region.
Then, being able to participate in the most important races on the Belgian calendar, and also some races in France and Italy.

Let's start this new adventure!






BZT NEWS - Sponsor Announcement

Brugse Zot - Trek Sponsorship Manager, Ellen Maes, is happy to announce the new collaboration with P&O Ferries and the Port of Zeebrugge. The new sponsor will fully cover the budget reserved for the development team and most of the management cost for research and scouting, thus allowing an increase in the salary budget also for the main team from the historical sponsors, considering the promotion at WT level.

The new kit will be shown in the coming weeks, the orange jersey of the past season will be completely revisited. After a year abroad, in Zeeland, the youth team's base arrives at home, in Brugge, in the same location as the main team. According to Team Manager Stijn Devolder this will be a great advantage: "Having the U23 team here with us will favor the growth of young riders within the team, familiarizing themselves with the environment and with the more experienced riders like Maxime Monfort, who can lend a great hand in introducing these talents on a professional level, especially now that the team has landed at the World Tour level."

It was also announced that there will be organized training camps in which both teams will participate together.
Ulrich Ulriksen
We caught up with manager Willie McRettin from the lounge at Hotel El Djezair, Algiers, following the announcement his team would become Air Algérie - Navibulgar for the 2021 season with the U23 team riding as Air Algérie - Godiva.

Willie, you must be very relieved to have the new sponsors in place and to be able to focus on the 2021 season.

Aye, it feels fantastic, great, really fantastic. I’m sitting here in the lounge, my feet up, having a Café Mazagran, and thinking about cycling and not money for the first time in months. Havenae got long as Ibrahim [Menad, Air Algérie neo pro] has promised to give me and Nikolay [Mihaylov, Air Algérie rider and assistant manager] a tour of the Botanical Gardens which are just outside the hotel.

So last we heard you were at an impasse with the bank and the future of the team was up in the air. What happened?

Well a few months back it really wasnae great, not feckin’ great at all, very not great. My grannie would have called me a moggie in a wash basin. We had some money, my other Belgian sponsors were still with me, Godiva and Ridley, and Nikolay had got us a meeting at Navibulgar where they gave us money and let me have a go at the wheel of one of their ships, which was feckin’ fantastic. And I was working on some old friends at the Scottish firm, Menzies Aviation, but we were piecing it together, a quilt of sponsors if you will, but we had a big hole in the middle.

Then Nikolay calls me from the wind tunnel. If you want to find Nikolay you look for the local wind tunnel, and there he will be thumping away on the pedals with one leg off at some crazy angle convinced that he might have discovered a revolutionary new position. Anyway, he calls me, and he says something about an Algerian kid, who turned out to be Ibrahim, who was just putting up fantastic numbers. He goes on about watts per kilo, aerobic decoupling, functional power thresholds and the like for at least 20 minutes. Truth be told I couldnae hear most of what he was saying on account of the wind. Then just before he rings off he says something about the kid’s dad knowing someone at Air Algérie who wants to sponsor a cycling team. And the rest is history.

So what does the budget look like for next season and are you confident of being able to retain your key riders?

The budget is great, just great, fantastic, better than ever. Generally, I believe monogamy is a great thing, but when it comes to sponsors I’m a polygamist now. If one of the them gets uppity and starts asking the wrong questions I can politely tell them to feck off and the team isnae seriously handicapped. It is a fantastic thing, absolutely great. I feel like free Willie.

What does that mean in terms of rider signings and renewals?

I cannae really talk about riders at the moment or the ICL will start quoting feckin' rule subsections at me, but I am sure we will have some riders next season.

What about a new jersey?

We been working with our fantastic jersey designer, Darkwolf, for months now. He has been great, fantastic, just great. And here it is:


Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Certainly a surprising new duo of sponsors! Jersey looks great, fine work by DarkWolf! Might even have outdone krisa when it comes to fitting a busload of sponsors onto one jersey. Smile

Tierra del Fuego
Renewals & Development

Hello everyone! We thought that right before the start of the transfer season is a good moment to present the outcome of our renewals process! And in order to justify some of the major raises, we'll also give you some insights on most of our riders' development. We'll end this update with an overview of our pre-transfer roster - and you'll see that we likely have a rather calm period ahead.

But now, let's get started with the renewals list:

Rider2020 Wage2021 WageDifference
Rick Zabel400520+120
Juan Chamorro400500+100
Armando Huamán320400+80
Javier Gomez310400+90
Roberto Romero Martínez310370+60
Yonder Godoy330335+5
Eduardo Sepulveda250320+70
Tácio Mendes280320+40
Eduardo Gonzalez225310+85
Fernando Gaviria325290-35
Daniel Díaz220230+10
Frederik Vilhelmsen180230+50
Germán Ollero160170+10
Eloy Nogueira100150+50
Pablo Gonçalves160140-20
Andrés Cruz140135-5
Ernesto Urízar100110+10
Héctor Molina100110+10
Miquel Espinosa1101100
Jonathan Saavedra1001000
Rubén Gorriarán115100-15
Signed talents
Alexander Costa0100+100
Fabian Martinuccio0100+100
Ian Munder0100+100
Mauricio Méndez0100+100
Released riders
Agustín Benítez1000-100
Flavio Barba1000-100
Ismael Folgueira1000-100
Manolo Izurza1000-100
Miguel Ojeda1000-100

In total, the sum of our riders' wages went up by 615, which is quite a lot. But thanks to a generous 2021 budet, we actually have some more wage to spend - and already 25 contracted riders, thereof the mandatory 8 U23 Gauchitos.
The list of released riders obviously didn't amuse our sponsors. But we just didn't see a realistic future in the pro peloton for them, which is why we had to bid them goodbye.
While our Chilean sponsors quickly calmed down as we signed two Chilean talents while we released only one, we had to agree that Argentina's balance of -3 riders is not at all along the lines of our visions. But we prefer to favor quality over quantity - and unfortunately, it turned out to be really hard to find Argentinean talents with good potential. We'll definitely keep up our scouting there, though!

But now, let's pass over to the rider development details. The guy who negotiated the highest raise this year was this one:

Rick Zabel76.475667466677277767469757173276
Rick Zabel77.575677666677277777469767173286

While at first Rick's development doesn't look too impressive - not having improved his sprint, and the acceleration only slightly - he made some really big progress in the hills, where he's now our ex aequo strongest rider! We're hoping that this will help him score even more points in bumpy races - now it's his turn to justify his new wage!

Juan Chamorro76.671787571696164717176726773296
Juan Chamorro77.671797671696166727176736874306

Last year's team leader got a raise of 100, which is 25% more than last year. This was justified by him increasing both his mountain and hill abilities, which makes him the ex aequo strongest pure climber of the CT division pre-transfers. Looking at other riders' wages, we think we did a decent job negotiating his wage, actually. Let's see if he can live up to his new price tag!

Javier Gomez75.772767374725962696869716874295
Javier Gomez76.773777575746063696869726975305

Next is another rider who made a significant development step - turning 30 years old already! Improving pretty much everything that's needed to be a good stage racer was worth a raise of 90. We're looking forward to see the 2021 version of Javier riding up any incline - he's stronger on the longer ones now, and made an even more significant step in hilly terrain!

Armando Huamán75.770687561646866737270766971246
Armando Huamán76.572697662646867757271767072256

Last season's shared strongest puncheur was able to keep this "title", still ex aequo with Chamorro - and now with Zabel, as seen before. But with his good progress on the flat and his stronger acceleration, he convinced us that a raise by 80 would be appropriate. Up to him to prove he's right - especially with him no longer being U25 eligible!

Roberto Romero Martínez75.775657368697667717471767071266
Roberto Romero Martínez76.475657468697668727471777172276

Our cobbles leader (and in fact sole cobbler) didn't have the most convincing 2020 season - surprisingly getting some of his strongest results in hilly races, and not on the cobbles. He still dared asking for a raise, which we finally negotiated down to 60. A slight improvement in the hills was his strongest argument, and with a further increase of his already great stamina he should definitely not be dropped because he runs out of gas! What is to be seen is whether the team eventually decides to drop the cobbles department altogether...

Eduardo Gonzalez74.374647065696775757364746973246
Eduardo Gonzalez75.775647365706776767466757175256

Next is one of last season's positive surprises, our newly crowned Panamanian road NC! Obviously, after a great season comes a massive raise demand - we settled for 85, making him gain about 40% more than last year! But given his increased sprint speed and acceleration, alongside a massive jump in his punching capabilities, we're sure he's worth the investment! His statline resembles Zabel's quite a lot already - except that he's 3 years younger. We can't wait to see our sprinter duo out on the roads!

Eduardo Sepulveda7575717076766769697069717073295
Eduardo Sepulveda75.876737276766769697069727174305

Our strongest Argentinean didn't have a spectacular development. We're especially disappointed that he couldn't improve his main strength - the TT skill. However, with his increase in uphill capabilities, we believe he'll now be an even better domestique in mountainous stage races, and survive a few more bumps. Whether his raise of 70 is justified or not is rather irrelevant, given his nationality - but we sure hope he's worth this additional money!

So, those are the most important developments of our main squad riders. Let's now take a look as well at our juniors:

Germán Ollero70.667706871715559646759706668206
Germán Ollero72.669727073735660656759716770216
Ernesto Urízar70.161716956605459687363666265215
Ernesto Urízar7262737058615562697470696669225
Andrés Cruz68.967586160656170706766696666216
Andrés Cruz71.970606361666273736766716868226
Miquel Espinosa68.467576362675869706871676567216
Miquel Espinosa71.470596462685972736872696769226
Rubén Gorriarán68.269646359606965657368666865225
Rubén Gorriarán7172646461627267687368686967235

We're definitely happy to see our junior sprinters develop so well! Both Cruz and Espinosa now enter their final U23 season, and we sure hope to see a couple of wins from them! Both of them are rather one-dimensional so far though, so there might be a competition of which one makes the main team next season - or maybe one of them can focus on building up a secondary pillar?

Ollero's development was great as well. Although he's only 21, he's only allowed to participate in U23 races due to a rule change for the 2021 season, as else he'd have been considered too strong for that category already. He has become a clearly stronger stage racer now, improving all of climbing, punching and time trialling skills. We might need to put some work into his explosiveness and energy levels, though.

Finally, both of Urízar and Gorriarán made some good progress as well, with the former developing into a good U23 mountain domestique (or leader on his own), and the latter joining the main team as one of South America's best cobblers. Which says it all about the continent's level on that terrain...

All in all, we're definitely happy with the general development. There were some disappointments, especially with our Brazilians Mendes and Gonçalves not improving at all (on the contrary), as well as Godoy's lack of improvement, but overall we can't complain. We're excited for the new season, having already a roster of 25 riders ready - some of which may be up for grabs, as we'll surely announce later on. The foundation for a better 2nd year should definitely be laid, now it's all about spotting and reducing the roster's weaknesses.

For now, the following 25 riders build up our 2021 team(s):

Juan Chamorro77.671797671696166727176736874306
Rick Zabel77.575677666677277777469767173286
Javier Gomez76.773777575746063696869726975305
Armando Huamán76.572697662646867757271767072256
Roberto Romero Martínez76.475657468697668727471777172276
Eduardo Sepulveda75.876737276766769697069727174305
Tácio Mendes75.873767474735960697063717075285
Eduardo Gonzalez75.775647365706776767466757175256
Yonder Godoy75.672767472716065737275737074285
Fernando Gaviria75.575707177757069687167727273275
Daniel Díaz74.770757466686165717277737073325
Frederik Vilhelmsen74.670747273715659697159727176265
Eloy Nogueira73.265747367685662687573706669245
Pablo Gonçalves73.071717073736666667164727272255
Héctor Molina72.368727071705556656557696772255
Jonathan Saavedra71.870606373736361596859676767273
Rubén Gorriarán71.072646461627267687368686967235
Germán Ollero72.669727073735660656759716770216
Ernesto Urízar72.062737058615562697470696669225
Andrés Cruz71.970606361666273736766716868226
Miquel Espinosa71.470596462685972736872696769226
Alexander Costa67.058686660585662626267605862205
Fabian Martinuccio65.763666862696256626064616764206
Mauricio Méndez65.459676563675454595857616064205
Ian Munder62.659636462625756606459586361185

reserved for the world's greatest yo-yo
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Deutsche Bahn
Second season for our current sponsors. Last season saw us achieve the bare minimum of surviving in the World Tour. We have been hoping of making our way up the division's rankings but it has been a hard road in the top division so far for us. We hope to take that next step and look forward to a fruitful season.

Team Sponsors - Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bahn remains the sponsor of both our senior and development teams.

Equipment Sponsor: Canyon Frames, Shimano Wheels
Jersey Sponsor: Adidas

2020 Jersey



Team Focus
Primary Focus: Germany
Secondary Focus: Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Our focus regions remain the same with Germany being the primary focus. We have had excellent success scouting Austria for young talent and will continue to do the same. We are hopeful of making inroads into Switzerland as well, while our pet project in Liechtenstein is going steady. We will also continue to scout and scour talent from across the globe in our attempt to move up the cycling hierarchy.

Team Roster - Post Renewals
Simon Yates79.5Puncher
John Degenkolb78.8Northern Classics/Sprinter
Lawson Craddock77.5Stage Racer
Jan Ghyselinck76.8Northern Classics
Jan Hirt76.8Climber
Luka Pibernik76.1All-Rounder
Phil Bauhaus75.8Sprinter
Alexander Brus75.4Stage Racer
Oskar Svendsen75.2Time-Trialist
Nino Honigh75.2Northern Classics
Zico Waeytens75.0All-Rounder
Johannes Windischbauer74.1Leadout
Hans-Georg Nentwich73.9Stage Racer
Mads Würtz73.8All-Rounder
Pantheras Dimas73.8Sprinter
Jürgen Reuter73.7Climber
Carl Ilsanker73.7Stage Racer
Matthias Krizek73.6Stage Racer
Julien Vermote73.2All-Rounder
Tobias Krautberger72.6Talent
Ronan Van Zandbeek72.3All-Rounder
Lutz Berg72.2Talent
Casper Von Folsach71.4All-Rounder
Joe Richter71.1Talent
Andreas Linz69.3Talent
Florian Lüttkenhaus66.8Talent
Patrick Gratzer66.2Talent
Timo Schümberg64.7Talent
Robert Frohn62.1Talent

Race Start Date End Date Category


Deutsche Bahn Development Team

Team Sponsors - Deutsche Bahn

Other Sponsors
Equipment Sponsor: Canyon Frames, Shimano Wheels
Jersey Sponsor: Adidas

2020 Jersey



Team Focus
Primary Focus: Germany
Secondary Focus: Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Team Roster

Race Start Date End Date Category

Reserve for BSP and GIA
Goodbye, old dogs
Terrible news from co-sponsor Madshus. The Norwegian manufacturer of skiing equipment has had some bad sales numbers due to less people being allowed to travel in the last couple of years. They were thus unable to come up with the promised amount of money for the team.

This has led to the sale of big earners such as Nerz and Quaade, who went to Ziggo and Deutsche Bahn. We wish both of them a great time at their new teams, and hope they are able to get the same strong results as they did last season. In addition to that, Sørensen has also left the squad for a nice promotion to WT, where he will be a reliable domestique for Grupo Argos - Quala. One positive note to these older men leaving is that we received Greek talent Pantheras Dimas from our friends from DB.

Directeur Sportif Nemolito told the press about 'a little disaster, but nothing we won't be able to overcome'. Rumours say the team will mostly be looking at talents, now that they dispose over a smaller budget. Other rumours say this is all a hoax, and Magnum - Madshus is fooling everyone, as they would still have tons of money in the bank.

Luis Leon Sanchez

After taking some time soaking up the Spanish sunshine, Manager Luis Leon Sanchez is back in World Cycling as the Owner and Manager of the newly formed Continental Team, Euskaltel - Elior. Euskaltel was a household name in World Cycling and they return in conjunction with French company, Elior.

The Team will look to be as regionally focused as possible while being competitive. The focus nations are, of course, Spain and France with hope that the top Basque riders will end up riding on the team.



Enrique SanzSprinter Leader77.5326640
Carlos VeronaStage Race Leader77.2296480
Pello BilbaoHills Leader76.8316420
Søren AndersenTT Leader76.3274365
Michael BoothroydCobbles Co-Leader74.6256280
Unai ArranzHills Domestique74.5283220
Omar FraileStage Race Domestique74.4315210
Gonzalo GarciaHills Domestique74.4255210
Alan RambaudClimber Domestique74.1265210
Victór AlcarazSprinter Lead-Out74.0275190
Yannick MartinezCobbles Co-Leader74.0335190
Joan ExtebarriaClimber Domestique73.9265180
Raymundo AldaySprinter Lead-Out73.9255180
Guillaume MartinStage Race Domestique73.7284170
Anthony RouxPuncheur/TT Domestique73.4345160
Jon LegazpiClimber Domestique73.2245150
Thomas VaubourzeixCobbles Domestique/Fighter73.1304140
Dylan GilbertSprinter Domestique72.6255120
Nicolas LemoineCobbles Domestique71.5254100

Stand-Out Results

Incoming Cool

EUSKALTEL - Our U23 Team

Euskaltel is the sole naming sponsor of our U23 Team. This is where we will be developing the stars of the future. Our sponsor has made it clear that their focus is on young Spanish riders but there will be French riders as well as Elior are providing financial backing for the team. Both sponsors have also approved riders from other nations for the purpose of supporting the future competitiveness of the Main Team in the quest for World Tour success.



Gilberto JimenezStage Race/Climber72.0236210
Pascal JacquinHills69.7225120
Guillaume MayeuxTT69.7225120
José Ángel RosalTT69.6226120
Lucas CerviánClimber69.4226120
Théophile MichelotHills68.3225100
Salvador DévoraHills/Prologue67.9235100
Christian MunchHills67.5215100
Xavier HorrilloHills/TT66.5206120

Stand-Out Results

Incoming Cool
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 19-05-2022 13:22
Aviva Futura Project 2021 Team Presentation


This season we have two captains who excel in their main stat but have very weak backup stats. Astley Carter is the only U23 sprinter with SPR 74, but he'll need entirely flat roads to have a chance at success. While Bailey Jansen impresses with MON 73 together with good HIL, ACC and DHI, but cannot handle flat roads, long distances, long stage races and definitely not time trials.

Sprinting seems to be just about the only thing Brits are good at, we now have a sprint train with Carter, Broomhead and Richards. Grimsdell is our other climber and supports Jansen in the mountains. The other three will only have domestique roles: Geogievsky is a mediocre TT talent, Townsend-West might become a good puncheur one day while Rodriguez could either develop into a stage racer or a pure TT specialist.

Only Carter is 23 years old and will have to join the main team next season, the others will all improve and become more of a threat in the future. Nonetheless we'll again diligently scout the British talent pool, not just to find a replacement for Carter, but possibly some of the other riders, too.
Edited by Ripley on 21-05-2022 09:15

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