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Paris-Nice Discussion
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Posted on 18-01-2022 04:16
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Thanks everyone Smile

cunego59 wrote:
Annoyed that your leadout doesn't work? Just get yourself a Dzamastagic, easy fix Pfft

Sometimes it's that simple Pfft
Aidan with a decent result here, but I would have liked to see us attack. We won’t get anything from this race with this type of racing.

Both Ioannidis and Kiriakidis survived the gaps so we Can keep dreaming of a reasonable GC from them.

Damn it, Eislers finished in the peleton for the stage like i hoped he would but didnt sprint for a stage podium. Not sure if he was too weakened or if the AI wasnt flexible enough to adapt? Next stage should be easier with just the final climb as a real obstacle. Hopefully he can join that sprint again.

Great to see Sergis join the break and attempt to go after polkadots, hope to see more of that.
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Pidcock 2-0 Houle in the sprints Rolling Eyes

Happy for our loan-out though, such a cool rider even at L1 who should have a lot of fun this year. Houle I guess is treated as a GC guy here, hope he can do well enough there to justify passing up real shots at stage podiums or better in these stages...
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Attentive ride, that is fine to me. Weird final though, the corners were really weirdly positioned.
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Woo! Way to show off the Spanish NC jersey with pride, Xuban Errazkin! Didn't expect much out of this race but Errazkin always seems to overachieve. Seeing Cavendish sprint to 7th on Stage 2 also brought me some joy. Grin
2nd place on a day like this is much appreciated. Of course, i was eyeing the victory again but hard to complain against losing to Van der Lijke on a day like this who had to be considered favourite for the day with that final climb. Congrats SN!

Eislers should now be up to 76 points in this race already and will likely add some minor points on top of that with the points classification. He wont win green at the end since at the very least Phinney will overtake him on the time trial and a couple other riders will too whether its De Bie, van der Lijke, Ackermann or any puncheur / stage racer but he might collect a few points via being in the top 3 in that classification for a while. Coming out with 80-90 points from Eislers is a good enough result and i am unsure whether he would have gotten the same from Qatar with his desastruous prologue skills.

On the next stage I'd like to see two things happen:
1. Sergis should join the break, trying to grab as many KoM points as possible.
2. Tvetcov should ride as our leader, trying to get into a good GC position.
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So good to see Van der Lijke finally deliver a win, doesn't happen too often but that was really a well suited stage for it to happen. Makes up for the weirdness of Stage 3, making the perfect move only to just give up. Nice that the fastest sprinters in the race shared the stage win honours!

Maybe he can try again next stage, but it's moving into Wirtgen's focus time now. In a great spot so far.
That wasn’t an ideal way to race the stage. Kiriakidis with a remarkable bad day. Looking at the gaps, he should have been able to be in the first group.

Aidan on the offense is always nice to see, but this was more a suicide attack. And without chance to take the KOM nor stage it would have been better to wait.

Oh well. Let’s hope he can attack further now to win the KOM.

Ioannidis did well though. I really hope he can salvage something for us here.

Ganna had a strong prologue to secure white for a day, not unlike how Qatar started (but obviously not quite as good).
Aregger performed decently on the sprint stages for a couple of points and to show our jersey at the front, although I can't help but feel a slight sense of "what could've been" every time he starts too far behind and finishes strong, but ultimately fruitless.

Ganna in the Top 3 U25s up until now also added a nice trickle of points along the way, and would've utilized his great sprint (among TTers at least) really well today if he had - same issue - started the final 500 metres better than in 20th position.
To be fair, it would've been really hard to break into the top echelon around Phinney, so I'll happily take 8th and three points total here.

Overall, Ganna really showed up so far and proves his worth already, and Conci is also still without a time loss so far.
The TT tomorrow will be too hilly for Ganna and the stage after too mountainous, but I hope that between these two, we can have one strong finisher at least in the U25 classification, and with passive racing from the favorites, maybe a good GC result outright.

Of course, an absolute dream scenario would be Ganna hanging on to the front groups on stages 7 and 8 for a Top 20+ overall.
Particularly the final P-N stage often ends up less exciting than expected when I get this route in my PCM, and maybe the extended downhills the day before can help Filippo regain enough energy for the final.
I'm super excited about this 5th place. It might only be 5 stage points but this sort of thing is what i hoped for with Eislers and it feels awesome that the game actually played for him on a stage like this. That leadout of Tvetcov - Dzama - Eislers was also an idea i've imagined and is used/planned at a later key point as a potential "emergency option" too. Outside of stage points it also adds additional points classification points which is much appreciated.

The splits might also not be too bad as it gives Tvetcov a little bit of an edge over some other riders who hoped for a top 20-30 position though although of course there are plenty of better TTers ahead of him since the prologue was responsible for many of the gaps. But there are a few puncheurs / punchy riders and time triallers who might be hurt by the climbing of the day so he could still climb a bit from his current 27th place with the TT.

Congrats to Bobridge and Phinney for the stage wins on S5 and S6!
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Nothing happening so far for us in this race, but I do enjoy the pace of the reports.
Wow! Our first win! I hope this bodes well for the hopes in PCT races but that was great to see.
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aidanvn13 wrote:
Wow! Our first win! I hope this bodes well for the hopes in PCT races but that was great to see.

Well done! Shock
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Good to see Würtz being alert on the last few stages. No gaps to talk about so far, so a decent GC could be possible. Now fingers crossed for a good TT.
Another impressive win, congrats Croatia14! Smile
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Nope, too much climbing is not an excuse for Ganna.
Bobridge has the same MO and one less TT and finished over a minute faster.

It's disappointing, but I'm not going to put a 4.xx rider on the spot though after one mediocre ride, he's been overperforming up until now and gets a pass for this.

Conci with a decent ride and hopefully enough of a favorable AI in the coming two days to only get dropped for skill reasons and not positioning reasons.
I retain my hopes for one Top 20 position between the two, and hopefully Zwiehoff/Schinnagel/Cavagna can join a break or two and at least attempt to mingle in the KoM classification.
Oscar Rodriguez now in a decent place in the GC. If he can move up a few place in the last couple of days, this will turn out to be quite a decent recent for us.
3rd on stage and GC is great, Dyball a surprise package, but there's still time to take aim at 2nd, while defending from behind.

It won't last, but cool.to see Pelikan riding high in 12th overall at this stage, after his best TT to date.

Previous stage was good fun too, nice to see Van der Lijke in the mix on a stage where AI can't always be relied upon for him.
Geoghegan Hart and Powless are doing a solid job so far.
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