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Volta a Portugal Discussion
A bit too much climbing to Sterbini's liking, nothing we can do against that. Nice win for Farfetch and looking forward to see the Portugal finale tomorrow. Hopefully we can get in the break for one last time Smile
I just realized that you get points for even finishing in the Top 100 GC-wise and we currently have 4 riders in there, 3 of which are decent climbers, so maybe all my talk about finishing with 0 points was wrong - we might finish with 15-20 Pfft Still hoping for a little more though, very excited for the final stage, even if it ends up coming to nothing for us.
Awesome ride from Jensen, four days in yellow and a stage is all we could have asked for here. I know he’s done for and will be lucky to finish top-20 GC, so wishing that a break stays away and the peloton ride easy until the final climb. Here’s hoping Smile
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Going into the final stage, Evonik stands a bit worse than i hoped but Chiarello still has chances for a top 10 GC and Tvetcov is also still in the top 25. Some puncheurs will drop down a bit, some better climbers might attack them from the lower places so the last stage will be crucial for us.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Going into the last stage were in pretty much the position I would have hoped for really. Carthy has been really attentive in the earlier hill stages which I love and his TT wasnt terrible but still was worse than Bennett for example so maybe we could have been even better. Still realistically were probably a net P8 or 7 even so far given those ahead of us include some punchers and weaker climbers so I'm optimistic we can move up some spots here with a good ride. I'm guessing the KOM Jersey will go elsewhere, Hayter really isn't an elite climber and I'd imagine those Cat 1 climbs will give a lot of points away. Even so I'm happy with the points scoring from him with a few days in the KOM jersey and some extra GC points so far as well.

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Strong stage from Gesink setting himself in with a chance of a GC top10. Still nervous about tomorrow.
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Love the intent shown by the team today - fantastic performance from Meurisse amongst some more traditional climbers to hold his own and take third on the day, and awesome attacking desire from GB. However it's really too little too late and we're leaving here ultimately dissapointed despite a real highlight in Schomber's first career win. That first hill stage really screwed us over, if Bennett rides to his normal ability (the ability he has shown on that stage every year even with worse stats!) then he'd have ended 5th on GC.

Thanks for the great reporting redordead, even when my riders were frustrating me it was an enjoyable read and I appreciated the return to some 12-hour turnarounds, even if it's not sustainable anymore it is a treat when it does happen Grin Congrats to fjhoekie to, Pluchkin is such a pro but the others showing it'll be closer than usual this year!
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The performance by Olivier was fine here.

The lack of stage results though plus the bad performances by the two co-leaders Zardini/Schlegel make this a rather bad scoring race unfortunately.

Olivier performed best when the break won missing out on some more stage points.

Had higher hopes here than just reaching the top5 without any real other points. The hill stages were a bit too "easy" to create gaps and help Olivier to get rid of some weaker hill climbers.

Thanks for the reports. Just back home, followed them on mobile but weren`t around a lot to comment on those.
Not too shabby! Would’ve been great to grab a stage win, but Carapaz was just stronger. Was a nice attacking race - not many points though. To be fair, this race was a bit of a write off in that regard.

Thanks red for the reporting. Was an exciting one to follow! And congrats team Popo for the win.
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After two decent sprints and one good prologue by Sterbini, Munoz now delivers a fourth okay stage result. Really glad to see him in the attack in the perfect stage for it, but it was to be expected that he would not compete for the win with his hill/aceleration. Still a great ride by him, at least scoring some minor points now as well.

We haven't scored a lot here neither, but that was also never something I thought would happen (unless Maksimov won a sprint). All in all, I can't be too disappointed with this race. Congratulations to GCN on a nice win (and the many Carapaz mentions in the stage Pfft), as well as congratulations to Popo and some other PCT teams scoring really well with stage results/GC!

As always, thank you very much for some superb reports and very pleasant reads to redordead Smile
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Strong stage by the Evonik duo. Chiarello looked strong and climbed to 7th in GC which is about what the target pre-race was while Tvetcov climbed to a strong 18th place in GC too.

Between this and the prologue, Tvetcov scored 35 points here so I feel like my decision to not send him to lead our TTT team in Copenhagen played out well.

Overall, this is the first satisfying race of the season for us, eventhough the lack of stage results by Chavanne, Stoltz, Hofstetter bothers me a bit.

GC looks pretty much as expected. Congrats to fj, some things never change Grin

Thanks for the reports and loved the daily double reports in the second half of the race!
Congrats Fj, least surprising result of the season Smile

Happy for Jensen to hold on to a top-15 spot considering how brutal the stage was. Couldn’t have asked for any more in this race, now a long absence until around April. A shame to miss out on green to Borges by such a small margin though.

Sagan with an underrated ride here to keep a decent GC spot as well. Gidich a little disappointing though.

Thanks for the reports, they were a pleasure to read.
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"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Horrible stage to Finish off a shit Race for us.
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What a horrible race for Sagan. Bertilsson's stage win remains the only bright moment. Frown
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That was not fantastic, however could've been much worse, so we just take a small amount of points scored and we move onto Ukraine
6th for Carthy represents a pretty decent performance overall for us here, even if the last stage wasn't as selective as I'd have hoped. Even so, we should get a nice chunk of points for us to get our season started here, maybe a little more than expected given the final result being very much on the upper end of our expectations but it could have been even more given Hayter missed out on the KOM jersey and stage results weren't too great either.

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Gesink bonking like this is a tough pill to swallow. It really does not bode well for the rest of the season. We take away a good active stance of our men in this race and the green jersey of Borges.

A beautifully reported race red, thanks for your effort.

And finally congratulations to fj!
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A podium placing overall, and a stage win to boot; can't be too disappointed with that. Thanks so much for the reports!!
Not exactly the best race for us but that last stage really saved us and made sure we came out of it not too badly.
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