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[PT] Xero Racing '21
@Croatia - Absolutely, rides and seasons that will live long in the memory for us!

@ember - Yeah we're very excited for the future of the squad and seeing our home grown guns soar. Will be a big off-season for sure!
So I got cold feet and missed the name too much already... better to take the L now than force myself to live with it for a year Pfft


Shocking Late Sponsor Action!

With the off-season processes of planning goals and rider renewals well underway, Lionheart Racing have made a shocking announcement: they won't be racing under that name after all.

Just a month and a half after their official unveiling of the team's sponsors and partners for 2022, the team and long-time title sponsor Xero announced that they would, in fact, be continuing in that role through 2022, with an option for a second year. This comes after a corporate reshuffling at Xero, which involves aggressive overseas expansion (including opening offices in the team's other home of South Africa) and acquisitions (including in team star Hugo Houle's home nation of Canada) - new higher-ups at the company no longer view the team as a New Zealand-first advertising opportunity but one for global promotion, and immediately contacted Lionheart Racing to re-open negotiations before things were too late.

While the team's focus nations will not change, and Lionheart Racing remain committed in particular to African cycling, Xero's new commitment to the team despite the waning presence of New Zealanders in the squad will be sure to reassure team management, and please fans who now associate the company and team name so closely with the project after six successful years together. Lionheart Racing are proud to announce they will continue as Xero Racing for 2022.
You've got to love it!
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M.Night Shyamalan-esque twist right there!
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
@Croatia - Thought you might!

@Eden - Not since "Tom Scully was dead the whole time" in our 2016 season have we had such a turn of events Pfft

World Championships Round-Up

It was a week of lower but still placing results and fruitless but brave late attacks for the Xero riders at the World Championships in New York, New York as many of our riders had one or two last outings to finish their 2021 season before the November break.


Novardianto lit up the B Road Race with a daring attack in the final stages but was reeled in with a few kilometres to go. He'd finish 36th, the fourth best of our riders.


Houle got involved in the sprint but was coming from too far behind and could only manage 8th. Areruya was 20th for Rwanda and van Niekerk was 27th for South Africa.



Fouche and Pidcock traded leading checks early in the U23 Individual Time Trial and both spent time in the hot seat, ultimately ending up 16th and 9th in the event. Pidcock would go one better with 8th in the road race after piloting teammate Ethan Hayter to the sprint, where he finished 2nd.


Rowe teamed up with fellow flatbeast-sprinter Dzamastagic for a dream team late attack in the Elite Road Race but they were well marked by the other teams. Rowe would retool himself to leadout Peter Kennaugh, and managed 20th in his own right.
jandal7 wrote:

Rowe teamed up with fellow flatbeast-sprinter Dzamastagic for a dream team late attack in the Elite Road Race

A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Reporting Luke Rowe's antics in the RR was one of the highlights of the RR for sure!!
@knockout - <3

@whitejersey - That's really cool, it would have been a legendary race for both us and Evonik if it worked even a bit more, nevermind if they won, but still an awesome moment Grin

24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4

Xero All-Time Leaderboards

Finally in this season's HQ, we'd like to present the updated Xero All-Time Leaderboards, a collection of various statistics of the team since our inception in 2016, a project inspired by our friends at Evonik.

YearsLoan InLoan OutStag.Tenure
Jamalidin Novardianto60102016-
Jordan Schleck60202016-
Nils Schomber60112016-
George Bennett50002017-
Tom Davison40002016-19
Luke Rowe40002018-
Stanislau Bazhkou40002018-
Joseph Areruya40002018-
Hamish Schreurs40102017-20
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou30002016-18
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron30002017-19
Dylan Kennett30002017-19
Mekseb Debesay30002018-20
Hugo Houle30002019-
Morne Van Niekerk30002019-
Geremie Nzeke30102016-18
Sergio Higuita30102019-
James Fouche30102019-
Daniel Habtemichael30102019-
Jonathan Salinas20002016-17
Simon Clarke20002016-17
Tom Diggle20002016-17
Matthew Lloyd20002016-17
Anthony Roux20002017-18
Jaco Venter20002018-19
Shaun Nick Bester20002019-20
Xandro Meurisse20002020-
Bachirou Nikiema20002020-
Robert Stannard20002020-
Salim Kipkemboi20002020-
Daniel Afoa20112017-18
Yacine Hamza20112020-
Tom Scully10002016
Ole Hirschlein10002016
Aleksandr Efimkin10002016
Timothy Gudsell10002016
Igor Antón10002017
Stijn Vandenbergh10002017
Egidijus Juodvalkis10002017
Peter Velits10002018
Tosh van der Sande10002018
Abolfazl Gilanipoor10002018
Arvid de Kleijn10002019
Kristian Dyrnes10002019
Tsgabu Grmay10002019
Mikiel Habtom10002019
Johann van Zyl10002021-
Florian Vermeersch10002021-
Henok Tesfaye Heyi10002021-
Thomas Pidcock10102021-
Kim Ok Cheol10012016
Scott Ambrose10012017
Joseph Kimathi10012018
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre10012018
Mingrun Chen10012019
Akramjon Sunnatov10012019
Than Tung Huynh10012019
Miguel Florez10012019
Jason Tesson10012020
Jean Helwani11002016
Rei Onodera11002017
Gregory Daniel11002018
Callum Scotson11002018
Syver Waersted11002020
Luke Mudgway11002021
Just three riders left from our original 2016 roster in Novardianto, Schleck and Schomber - with none of them having rode six full seasons (if we go by that metric, Jams is tied with Bennett at five full years). After Bennett comes two Kiwis who started with us in the CT days who have since left - Davison and Schreurs - as well as Rowe, Bazhkou and Areruya who are still around from our inaugural PCT squad.

PointsBiggest Year
George Bennett2422716
Luke Rowe1943529
Joseph Areruya1664985
Hugo Houle1552653
Mekseb Debesay1214482
Anthony Roux841631
Xandro Meurisse658382
Stanislau Bazhkou581278
Peter Velits572572
Sergio Higuita396379
Jonathan Salinas370263
Jamalidin Novardianto340138
Tom Diggle276218
Simon Clarke244134
Morne Van Niekerk214134
Nils Schomber199191
Johann van Zyl178178
Tsgabu Grmay165165
Kristian Dyrnes138138
Shaun Nick Bester13475
Tom Davison13057
Jordan Schleck12986
Henok Tesfaye Heyi129129
Tosh van der Sande128128
Robert Stannard125112
Bachirou Nikiema121109
Daniel Habtemichael11680
Salim Kipkemboi11593
Abolfazl Gilanipoor106106
Geremie Nzeke9063
Luke Mudgway7676
Hamish Schreurs6945
James Fouche6866
Ole Hirschlein6666
Igor Antón6666
Jaco Venter6340
Tom Scully5252
Stijn Vandenbergh5050
Matthew Lloyd3736
Florian Vermeersch3434
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou2813
Timothy Gudsell2121
Dylan Kennett189
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron109
Aleksandr Efimkin44
Rei Onodera44
Syver Waersted22
Arvid de Kleijn22
Egidijus Juodvalkis22
Daniel Afoa11
Jean Helwani11
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre11
Than Tung Huynh00
Akramjon Sunnatov00
Gregory Daniel00
Scott Ambrose00
Kim Ok Cheol00
Joseph Kimathi00
Thomas Pidcock00
Jason Tesson00
Mikiel Habtom00
Yacine Hamza00
Miguel Florez00
Mingrun Chen00
Callum Scotson00
The effects of a year in the PT show themselves, such as Higuita overtaking fellow South American Jonathan Salinas for the final place in the Top 10 with essentially just this one breakout year to thank for it. Areruya easily takes the record for a single season haul and moves himself into a podium position, though Houle put up a good fight this year notching his biggest ever total as our second-best rider. Bennett further extends his lead over Rowe, but all eyes are on the 800 points he has in hand over Areruya.
Single-Season Record: 985 (Joseph Areruya, 2021)
PCT: 716 (George Bennett, 2020)
CT: 631 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Chicken Dinners
ClassicsGCsStage WinsTotal
George Bennett12811
Anthony Roux1168
Hugo Houle0044
Luke Rowe2013
Mekseb Debesay0033
Tosh van der Sande0033
Joseph Areruya0022
Peter Velits0022
Xandro Meurisse1001
Sergio Higuita0011
Jonathan Salinas0011
Abolfazl Gilanipoor0011
Nils Schomber0011
Igor Antón0011
Bennett stretches his lead to three over Anthony Roux (who did 90% of his total in one year rather than Bennett's five, it must be said), and will take quite some years of catching. No changes in the rankings of the top six, while Schomber and Higuita add themselves to the list with their maiden victories this year.
Single-Season Record: 7 (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Including Plant-Based Chicken Dinners
Clas.GCsStagesRealU23Pro NCCont. ChampTotal
van der Sande00330003
Sergio Higuita00111002
Morne Van Niekerk00001012
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron00000202
Bachirou Nikiema00000202
Xandro Meurisse10010001
Jonathan Salinas00110001
Abolfazl Gilanipoor00110001
Nils Schomber00110001
Igor Antón00110001
Daniel Afoa00000101
Jordan Schleck00000101
Kristian Dyrnes00000101
Jamalidin Novardianto00000101
Tsgabu Grmay00000101
Henok Tesfaye Heyi00000101
Akramjon Sunnatov00000101
Daniel Habtemichael00000101
Geremie Nzeke00000101
Dylan Kennett00001001
If we include wussy ways to count victories we can see Stan the Man vault himself into third thanks to his six National Championships in four years, and we double our number of riders from 14 to 28! Interestingly this loose definition also allows us one victory which happened when a rider was not on our full-time books, back when Morne Van Niekerk rode with us at the 2018 Tour de l'Avenir and won the prologue, a year before he actually signed with us!

George Bennett3205
Joseph Areruya0044
Luke Rowe2002
Hugo Houle2002
Anthony Roux1001
Mekseb Debesay1001
Peter Velits0101
Tom Davison0101
Timothy Gudsell0101
Sergio Higuita0101
Jamalidin Novardianto0011
Classification wins have never been a forte of ours given our lack of great fighting climbers, young GC men or sprinters, however we've been getting a little better. This year Areruya vaulted into second place with three U25 jersey wins.
"Tour of Japan doesn't exist" Record: Joseph Areruya, 4
"2021 U25 Jerseys also don't exist" Record: Luke Rowe/Hugo Houle, 2

Greedy Bastards
Total WageHighest Year
Luke Rowe€1,165,000€370,000
Joseph Areruya€1,110,000€540,000
George Bennett€1,020,000€420,000
Hugo Houle€999,000€409,000
Mekseb Debesay€835,000€365,000
Robert Stannard€580,000€340,000
Xandro Meurisse€540,000€300,000
Thomas Pidcock€510,000€600,000
Peter Velits€350,000€350,000
Sergio Higuita€350,000€250,000
Jamalidin Novardianto€297,500€65,000
Stanislau Bazhkou€285,000€75,000
Florian Vermeersch€280,000€280,000
Tosh van der Sande€275,000€275,000
Jordan Schleck€260,000€70,000
Tom Diggle€230,000€130,000
Tom Davison€225,000€75,000
Anthony Roux€220,000€130,000
Tom Scully€210,000€210,000
Hamish Schreurs€210,000€85,000
Nils Schomber€210,000€50,000
Kristian Dyrnes€180,000€180,000
Morne Van Niekerk€160,000€60,000
Jonathan Salinas€155,000€80,000
Dylan Kennett€150,000€50,000
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€150,000€50,000
Tsgabu Grmay€150,000€150,000
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€150,000€50,000
Ole Hirschlein€140,000€140,000
Jaco Venter€135,000€70,000
Shaun Nick Bester€131,000€81,000
Daniel Habtemichael€127,500€67,500
Geremie Nzeke€120,000€105,000
Salim Kipkemboi€115,000€65,000
Simon Clarke€105,000€55,000
Matthew Lloyd€105,000€55,000
James Fouche€100,000€50,000
Igor Antón€100,000€100,000
Bachirou Nikiema€100,000€50,000
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€81,500€81,500
Mikiel Habtom€70,000€70,000
Henok Tesfaye Heyi€60,000€60,000
Johann van Zyl€55,000€55,000
Stijn Vandenbergh€55,000€55,000
Aleksandr Efimkin€50,000€50,000
Timothy Gudsell€50,000€50,000
Arvid de Kleijn€50,000€50,000
Egidijus Juodvalkis€50,000€50,000
Rei Onodera€50,000€50,000
Gregory Daniel€37,500€37,500
Joseph Kimathi€15,000€15,000
Daniel Afoa€10,000€10,000
Than Tung Huynh€10,000€10,000
Akramjon Sunnatov€10,000€10,000
Scott Ambrose€10,000€10,000
Kim Ok Cheol€10,000€10,000
Jason Tesson€10,000€10,000
Yacine Hamza€10,000€10,000
Miguel Florez€10,000€10,000
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000€10,000
Mingrun Chen€10,000€10,000
Luke Mudgway€0€0
Syver Waersted€0€0
Jean Helwani€0€0
Callum Scotson€0€0
A table which looks pleasingly similar to our points list, sharing 8 riders in the Top 10s - Roux and Bazhkou performing above their station, while Stannard and Pidcock are below theirs, though in due time we are sure they will remedy that. A very tight race between the Top 4 (also the Top 4 scorers), with just €166,000 separating them all. Give them all another renewals and things could well be different. Meanwhile Areruya takes the biggest payday from the team in history - though were Thomas Pidcock's contract paid in full he would have done it.
Single Season Record: €540,000 (Joseph Areruya, 2021)
PCT: €370,000 (Luke Rowe, 2020)
CT: €210,000 (Tom Scully, 2016)

Value for Money
Anthony Roux€262
Johann van Zyl€309
Jonathan Salinas€419
George Bennett€421
Simon Clarke€430
Henok Tesfaye Heyi€465
Stanislau Bazhkou€491
Luke Rowe€600
Peter Velits€612
Hugo Houle€644
Joseph Areruya€667
Mekseb Debesay€688
Morne Van Niekerk€748
Abolfazl Gilanipoor€769
Xandro Meurisse€821
Bachirou Nikiema€826
Tom Diggle€833
Jamalidin Novardianto€875
Sergio Higuita€884
Tsgabu Grmay€909
Shaun Nick Bester€978
Salim Kipkemboi€1,000
Nils Schomber€1,055
Daniel Habtemichael€1,099
Stijn Vandenbergh€1,100
Kristian Dyrnes€1,304
Geremie Nzeke€1,333
James Fouche€1,471
Igor Antón€1,515
Tom Davison€1,731
Jordan Schleck€2,016
Ole Hirschlein€2,121
Jaco Venter€2,143
Tosh van der Sande€2,148
Timothy Gudsell€2,381
Matthew Lloyd€2,838
Hamish Schreurs€3,043
Tom Scully€4,038
Robert Stannard€4,640
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou€5,357
Florian Vermeersch€8,235
Dylan Kennett€8,333
Daniel Afoa€10,000
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre€10,000
Aleksandr Efimkin€12,500
Rei Onodera€12,500
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron€15,000
Arvid de Kleijn€25,000
Egidijus Juodvalkis€25,000
Luke MudgwayInfinite (but most)
Syver WaerstedInfinite (but more)
Jean HelwaniInfinite
Than Tung HuynhN/A
Akramjon SunnatovN/A
Gregory DanielN/A
Scott AmbroseN/A
Kim Ok CheolN/A
Joseph KimathiN/A
Thomas PidcockN/A
Jason TessonN/A
Mikiel HabtomN/A
Yacine HamzaN/A
Miguel FlorezN/A
Mingrun ChenN/A
Callum ScotsonN/A
Anthony Roux will be tough to ever overhaul here after his stunning 2017 season on just €85,000 did a lot of the heavy lifting for his Xero career. Joseph Areruya is now knocking on the door of the Top 10 but more years in the PCT might find ever cracking it tough. Bennett slips from €308 to €421 in just a year to fall out of the Top 3.
Single Season Record: €135/point (Anthony Roux, 2017)

Men of Steel
Jamalidin Novardianto379
Nils Schomber358
Tom Davison285
Stanislau Bazhkou263
Joseph Areruya255
George Bennett249
Morne Van Niekerk230
Dylan Kennett229
Jordan Schleck225
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou201
Luke Rowe191
Hamish Schreurs179
Robert Stannard179
Bachirou Nikiema179
James Fouche175
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron174
Salim Kipkemboi174
Sergio Higuita166
Daniel Habtemichael161
Hugo Houle148
Shaun Nick Bester140
Jaco Venter131
Xandro Meurisse111
Mekseb Debesay110
Geremie Nzeke107
Anthony Roux107
Tom Diggle106
Simon Clarke103
Matthew Lloyd98
Jonathan Salinas97
Johann van Zyl89
Arvid de Kleijn87
Luke Mudgway83
Henok Tesfaye Heyi83
Rei Onodera76
Callum Scotson72
Gregory Daniel71
Mikiel Habtom65
Syver Waersted64
Timothy Gudsell63
Tsgabu Grmay63
Abolfazl Gilanipoor62
Egidijus Juodvalkis60
Aleksandr Efimkin60
Florian Vermeersch58
Jean Helwani57
Ole Hirschlein53
Tosh van der Sande51
Kristian Dyrnes50
Igor Antón48
Tom Scully47
Peter Velits46
Stijn Vandenbergh45
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre15
Joseph Kimathi15
Daniel Afoa15
Mingrun Chen15
Than Tung Huynh15
Miguel Florez15
Yacine Hamza15
Jason Tesson15
Scott Ambrose14
Akramjon Sunnatov14
Kim Ok Cheol10
Jamalidin Novardianto still reigns supreme at the top of the charts here, while he and Nils Schomber hold a commanding lead of over 100 over any active rider. Nobody with the opportunity to break triple figures in PT this year did so, so Nils Schomber's century in 2019 still holds the record.
Single Season Record: 100 (Nils Schomber, 2019)
CT: 76 (Jamalidin Novardianto, 2016; Rei Onodera and Dylan Kennett, 2017)

Shut Up Legs
Jamalidin Novardianto2400
Sergio Higuita1911
Joseph Areruya1710
Tom Davison1201
Bachirou Nikiema1100
Nils Schomber1000
Robert Stannard800
Carl Ngamoki-Cameron700
Morne Van Niekerk700
James Fouche700
Henok Tesfaye Heyi700
Salim Kipkemboi600
Xandro Meurisse600
Kristian Dyrnes501
Geremie Nzeke500
Marvain Tognama Kossohorou500
Hamish Schreurs500
Daniel Habtemichael500
Timothy Gudsell401
Dylan Kennett400
Shaun Nick Bester400
Peter Velits301
Anthony Roux300
Rei Onodera300
Gregory Daniel300
Jordan Schleck300
Stanislau Bazhkou300
Johann van Zyl300
Mekseb Debesay210
Matthew Lloyd200
Jean Helwani200
Igor Antón200
Daniel Afoa200
Jaco Venter200
Mikiel Habtom200
Abolfazl Gilanipoor110
George Bennett110
Tom Diggle100
Aleksandr Efimkin100
Stijn Vandenbergh100
Callum Scotson100
Hernan Ricardo Aguirre100
Luke Rowe100
Than Tung Huynh100
Miguel Florez100
Syver Waersted100
Jason Tesson100
Florian Vermeersch100
For another year Jams staves off the chasing pack, though many behind him had a big year this year, as evidenced by nearly the entire Top 10 (plus 11th, 12th and 13th) being part of our 2021 squad. Higuita was the big mover this season with 8th, as well as adding a breakaway victory and KOM jersey to show for his efforts.
Single-Season Record: 14 (Jamalidin Novardianto, 2016)

Mr. Month
George Bennett8
Luke Rowe7
Anthony Roux5
Joseph Areruya4
Jamalidin Novardianto3
Xandro Meurisse3
Hugo Houle3
Sergio Higuita3
Simon Clarke2
Tom Diggle2
Peter Velits2
Stanislau Bazhkou2
Mekseb Debesay2
Tom Scully1
Jonathan Salinas1
Tom Davison1
Timothy Gudsell1
Igor Antón1
Abolfazl Gilanipoor1
Dylan Kennett1
Tsgabu Grmay1
Robert Stannard1
Salim Kipkemboi1
Finally it's a ranking of our own making - the winners of the HQ Rider of the Month Awards. Bennett didn't manage any this season and now has Luke Rowe breathing down his neck, after the Welshman added two to his total, as did Higuita who now is tied for fifth. Areruya was the big winner this year as he notched three wins, one in every month he had a stage race, but can't pass Anthony Roux in third just yet.
Single-Season Record: 4 (Anthony Roux, 2017)
Always love these posts. Seems very obvious that Bennett is Mr. Xero to this day.

Thanks for the credit even when it's been so long since i last updated mine Grin

A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Great stuff! Also a fan of Team History posts at it showcases exactly what the make-up of the team has been Smile
@knockout - Absolutely, what a legend. Think I will stick with that nickname Grin Doing the team history stuff and thinking about the narrative of the team so far and moving forward and so emotionally attached to him - so glad that we went through CT to PT with him and he got that stage win for us at Le Tour, very special moment.

@Abhishek - Thanks Smile Yeah I love doing it and reading it from others, the guys like you and SotD who do it regularly are awesome and also love it when the really old teams do it like roturn and SN have done some great ones in previous years.
Oh man. When I see a post like that, there's a tiny part of my brain that sparks up yelling "YES! - Read this god damnit!" Smile
SotD wrote:
Oh man. When I see a post like that, there's a tiny part of my brain that sparks up yelling "YES! - Read this god damnit!" Smile

Haha love that, thanks a lot Grin Hope you enjoy it Smile
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