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Amaysim McCormick (65k )

Amazing possible deals are waiting for you. Bobridge, finishing Top-10 in last year's PT individual's rankings (including two race wins and several shirts) as one of them!

Tom David, a possible threat for PCT/CT leadership.

Dylan Kennett, upcoming leadout or leading sprinter.

And several more!

last namefirst nameageovlwageavailable?loan

Edited by tsmoha on 15-09-2021 18:35
Night #1 update:

Jack Bobridge (click name for more informations) received interest and offers around 1.5M, which is around the minimum fee I would expect for a class rider like he still is.

There's offers for Gunman and possible loan deals for Groves and Evans, too.

Tom David and Dylan Kennett (both possible scorers particularly on PCT/CT level) are still waiting for offers. Both wouldn't need a huge offer, but I'm looking for some cash deals still.

Other available riders (McCormick, Chris Hamilton, Harper and O'Shea) would leave for minimum deals. Each of them would be solid riders/domestiques on CT level at least.

Good night!
Morning #1 update:

In addition to the former news, there's some interest in Tom David (75 HI, 78 COB) now. A first few talks see his current value between 400-500k, but I'm open for negotiations.

Bobridge still around 1.5M, but he's looking forward to some more managers realizing his true value.

Same goes for Dylan Kennett (75 FL, 79 SP, 78 PRL) - at a 130k wage - who's not yet convinced to take over the sprint leadership from Leigh Howard on PT level, but who's surely a great asset to any kind of train, particularly as a main sprinter on lower levels!
Evening #1 update:

A few more managers expressed their possible interest in riders such as Kennett and Bobridge (who's still slightly concerned by a rather small number of interested teams!)..

We may have to remember that some guys (O'Shea 77 TT, McCormick 76 HI, C Hamilton 76 HI, Gunman HI/PRL combo) are available. Most of them (see first post) for possible minimum deals and therefore nice assets for CT teams getting an easy boost without free agents bidding.
Morning #2 update:

A friendly reminder, that those riders haven't attract too many managers.. yet!

Kennett is for sale, 130k wage, nice SP/PRL combo and imo a rider, that should receive training from next year on.

Groves for loan only (LVL3), preferably PCT/CT level. Already a useful part of a sprint train.

The other guys around 50k-60k of wages and reliable domestiques, particularly on CT level.

Last nameFirst nameFlMoHiTTStResRecCobSprAccFiDhPrl

Other leading offers:

Bobridge (83 HI, 77 TT, 80 ACC) - 1.5M
David (75 HI, 78 COB) - 500k
Gunman (75 HI, 77 PRL) - around 250k so far
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Evening #2 update:

A deal for Tom David (500k) and a loan deal for Alexander Evans is up.

Bobridge's offer still pending at 1.5M. There's a pending offer for Gunman, too.

Kennett and O'Shea with some interests, but no concrete offer yet!

A reminder, that Chris Hamilton (wage 60k) and McCormick (65k) are up for minimum deals. Both useful domestiques on all levels and solid riders on CT level at least.

A loan deal for Kaden Groves (70 HI, 75 SP - LVL3) is in the making, but pending as well. Preferably a wage split at 60k/60k with me offering a proper compensation.
Morning #3 update:

Not too many news since yesterday.. Bobridge.. Kennett..


Last nameFirst nameFlMoHiTTStResRecCobSprAccFiDhPrl

Kaden Groves (120k wage) still looking for a loan deal (LVL3 -> 4). A couple of managers jumped off the wagon: preferably I would pay 60k of his wage and pay a 100k compensation fee. But as said before, other deals could be considered as well.
Evening #3 update:

Good news first: we found proper loan deals for Groves, Evans and recently signed Drizners..

..bad news next: still too many riders, who receive no love from the community.

Jack Bobridge and the beforementioned Dylan Kennett remain available with a few intentional bids still being... intentional.

Kennett, Hamilton, McCormick, O'Shea and also Gunman (as it seems) would be minimum deals!
Monday #1 update:

Since we still get mostly PMs regarding loan deals or minor deals: we can't take any riders, neither loanees nor wannabe bargains!

We do not even want to promote our very own minimum deal riders anymore..

..we are just looking for a home for Jack Bobridge. 700k wage. Class rider.

You heard it before. I'm well aware of this. So that's my last call for today.
Tuesday #1 update:

Another friendly reminder, that we still have three kinda minimum deals available just for you:

Last nameFirst nameFlMoHiTTStResRecCobSprAccFiDhPrl

McCormick 65k wage/fee
Hamilton 60k wage/fee

+ Taylor Gunman (75 HILL, 77 PRL) at 50k wage/fee
Short update:

A deal for Bobridge finally has been confirmed. 22h left to jump in with a significally better cash (only) offer.

The following minimum deals are still there though (re-added a TT specialist):

Last nameFirst nameFlMoHiTTStResRecCobSprAccFiDhPrl

McCormick 65k wage/fee
Hamilton 60k wage/fee
Gunman 50k
O'Shea 50k


May add, that also some more attractive riders like Callum Scotson or breakaway hero Cameron Bayly may be available for a proper cash offer (no minimum deals here!). Just under certain circumstances though. But just hit me, if you're slightly interested.
Edited by tsmoha on 14-09-2021 16:08
Short update:

A friendly reminder that I can't accept swap deals, as I still always need to at least save some wage cap after all!

There have been talks about O'Shea in the meantime. No decision been made yet, though.

The riders from the last post remain available, but feel free to hit me, if there's any other interesting rider for you on our roster.

Scotson would need a proper offer, by the way. So don't ask for minimum deals here.
Wednesday update:

A deal for O'Shea (75k fee) is in the making. Would have to listen to better offers, if there's interest.

Possible minimum deals for Hamilton (76 HI) and/or McCormick (76 HI, 73 SPR) remain the same!

Last nameFirst nameFlMoHiTTStResRecCobSprAccFiDhPrl

One of those may be available for at least a 220k fee.

Bayly (60k wage), proven breakaway rider.

Culey (50k wage), flat beast.

Hindley (50k wage), LVL 4.29 and going to be very solid domestique next year!

If you have other riders of interest from our roster, hit me by PM.
Evening update:

After a busy day and several heart breaking deals (with three of our record team members leaving us), we're finally through with the day and - probably - transfers, too.

Only one rider remains available for a minimum fee, which is 65k in his case. Will only promote him once. Do whatever you want Grin

Last nameFirst nameFlMoHiTTStResRecCobSprAccFiDhPrl

Forget everything else from this thread. Culey, Hindley, Scotson will no longer be considered as possible transfers!

Thanks to those people making business with us today!
Final call for McCormick (see post above). 65k minimum deal still possible.
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