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Portugal - PCT21 Los Pollos Hermanos
Los Pollos 2021 goals
Before we went into the transfer season, we knew we needed money and we didn't know what for. Let's see what kind of diversified goals we went for.

Team standings - Win
Should be doable. Pluchkin has declined again, we have the best time trialist and some decent riders in Manninen and Spilak. Only team that should be capable of finishing ahead of us would be Red Bull - Zalgiris.

Philadelphia International Championship (PTHC) - Win
Once again, very doable. Los Pollos legend Guillén finished second here last year with lead-out Quispe. We bring back our Peruvian as a lead-out, but can't tell you what sprinter(s) will be there for us. We don't expect it to be too hard to beat the best PT sprinters, so we might see Manarelli take the win.

Down Under Classic (HC) - Win
Los Pollos Hermanos CEO Gustavo Fring decided this would be a nice goal for us, but we disagreed. We will not be attending the race with our riders as a protest.

Veenendaal - Veenendaal (HC) - Win
Another flat race, another rather easy win. We'll try to win it with home rider Beukeboom, and will receive aid from home team Philips in order to do so.

Barbados Cycling Festival (HC) - Win
Some interesting mountains and hills in Barbados, might be Spilak's time to shine.

Well, I guess I now know who your mentor is Pfft
I just hope you'll at least come close to some of those goals, or it might hurt quite a lot next transfers... Except if you don't need money then Pfft
Los Pollos only goes big! Grin
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I looks like 4, oops I mean 3 Manninen races Pfft

I think you made the right choice going for big goals and it shows with the squad you were able to put together Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej PogaÄŤar
2021 Los Pollos calendar
This is our calendar. First our three leaders and where they will aim for a decent GC/classic result, or in the case of Zmorka and Manninen sometimes a possible stage win and/or green jersey. The last table is a table of races where we don't have a lot of fire powder, and we tried to find some possible point scorers for those races as well. The fact that Mutsumine and Minoungou are in that table a couple of times should say quite a lot.

Simon Spilak
Hong Kong ChallengeC1Jan. 27-29
Tour of UkraineHCFeb. 22-24
Pro Hallstatt ClassicPTHCFeb. 26
Vuelta a ColombiaPTHCMar. 13-18
Tour of EritreaC1Mar. 23-28
Tour of ChileC1May 11-13
Scandinavia Open Road RacePTHCJun. 28-30
Kenya Mountain ClassicC1Jul. 19
Tour of SloveniePTHCJul. 26-30
Tour of BritainHCAug. 17-21
Giro dell'EmeliaHCOct. 18

Marlen Zmorka
Hong Kong ChallengeC1Jan. 27-29
Tour of UkraineHCFeb. 22-24
Chrono d'ArenbergPTHCMay 9-10
Olympia's TourC1May 23-28
Celtic ChronoC1Jul. 9-10
Tour of SloveniePTHCJul. 26-30
Deutschland TourPTHCAug. 1-5
Post Danmark RundtC1Aug. 9-13
Arab TourHCSep. 3-7
Vilnius GPC1Oct. 3
Bayern RundfahrtC1Oct. 12-15

Matti Manninen
Tour Down UnderHCJan. 13-18
Barbados Cycling FestivalHCMar. 1-4
Circulo de JuarezC1Mar. 8-12
Baltic Chain TourC1Apr. 6-10
Veenendaal - VeenendaalHCApr. 28
Nakhon Ratchasima TrophyC1May 1
Tour of ChileC1May 11-13
Hanko ClassicC1Jun. 2
Riga - Jurmala GPPTHCJun. 5
Torshavn GPC1Jul. 1
Philadelphia International ChampionshipPTHCJul. 14
Deutschland TourPTHCAug. 1-5
SAA Tour d'AfriquePTHCAug. 16-19

Other races
RaceCategoryDatePossible point scorer
Vuelta al TachiraC2Jan. 22-31 Munoz
Franceville ClassiquePTHCJan. 31 Minoungou
Volta a PortugalPTHCFeb. 1-9 Maksimov
Tour of SouthlandC1Feb. 24-28 Maksimov
Strade BiancheHCMar. 23 Mutsumine
E3 PrijsHCMar. 29 Ulloa
Tour de PologneHCApr. 12-18 Manarelli
Lisbon ClassicC1Apr. 28 Maksimov
Int. Ă–sterreich RundfahrtHCMay 17-23 Manarelli
Giro del TrentinoC2Jun. 21-23 Affonso
Tour de VineyardsHCJul. 11-17 Maksimov
Tour of LithuaniaHCJul. 19-22 Manarelli
Benelux ChallengeHCAug. 1-6 Manarelli
GP LuganoC1Sep. 28 Mutsumine

Nemolito wrote:
Tour of SloveniePTHCJul. 26-30

You don't want to make more friends than really needed, do you? Pfft

Quite a few clashes between Spilak and Nairo, as expected - but still some less than I was afraid of. Good for me that Spilak's a good puncheur as well - and bad at the same time of course Wink
Zmorka really has a good bunch of great races for his skillset and he should score well in many of those flat-ish stage races!
And Manninen will probably be the make-or-break rider for you, especially considering your goals. Really bad luck missing out on DUC, but he'll strike back elsewhere I guess Smile
Since we only meet in the Portugal/Scandinavia/Riga band, it is a joy to not see Spilak in Portugal while he races almost any other suitable PTHC race Grin
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Ulrich Ulriksen
Have you planned the speech you are going to give the sponsors when they see a Grand Tour peloton rolling through Mexico and their team is off chasing mirages in the desert?
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Los Pollos Hermanos are truly ambitious. Good luck in achieving your goals!
Fabianski wrote:
Nemolito wrote:
Tour of SloveniePTHCJul. 26-30

You don't want to make more friends than really needed, do you? Pfft

Seems correct for that phony french race Rolling Eyes


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej PogaÄŤar
@Fab: Who needs friends when you have Alain Quispe? Spilak will indeed go to quite some hilly races as well, which might be a guess turning out bad for me. Manninen will also be an important rider. I don't and can't expect him to score as much as last year of course, but I still hope he can get to like 70/75-ish % of that Smile

@knockout: Looking forward to see you in all of those races! I'll gladly finish behind you with Munoz in Portugal if that means I can leave you behind in the two other races Wink

U.U.: The sponsor was happy with us going to Juarez actually. They asked us to not cross the Mexican - American border too much, as it might endanger some of their operations there.

@DW: Thanks amigo! Looking forward to race against you in C1 (and HC)!

@redordead: One day, the Tour of Slovenia will be a real Tour of Slovenia! Naj te koklja brcne, Slovénie!
That's a really neat Spilak schedule, I dig it! Not only because he misses Portugal Pfft You've put together a very cool team, love the ambition. And wouldn't shock me if Beukeboom did win Veenendaal - though maybe Matti and the other boring sprinters have a shot now that Rowe is gone and can't trick them in the same way a third time Pfft
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January preview
The start of the season is coming closer, so here's our January preview. A month where we don't/can't expect too much to be honest. Enjoy the read.

Tour Down Under (HC)
GC-wise we probably won't be playing an important role, as our best puncheur in Australia will be Mutsumine. We will have an interesting rider present though, as last year's PCT sprinter Manninen can hopefully give us a nice start of the season with a stage win and a decent position in the battle for the green jersey. There is a chance of him getting a lead-out as he could be one of the better sprinters there, so if that is the case we hope living legend Quispe can do for him what he did for Guillén last year.

Vuelta al Tachira (C2)
We then return to Venezuela, a race that will forever be in our memories as we won our first stages and KoM-jersey there last season. Not one rider that was riding the race for our last time will be back though. Some are gone from the team, and others like Manarelli and Ulloa were too strong or simply had their schedules planned differently. Mostly youngsters going there for us this year, with Munoz being our best bet for a somewhat decent GC positioning, although we don't expect too much.

Hong Kong Challenge (C1)
The Hong Kong Challenge will, not surprisingly, be held in Hong Kong. We do bring some interesting firepower. Zmorka will go for a stage win, and depending on how selective the other stages are, he might even be top-25 in the GC. A top-25 might be possible for Affonso as well, depending on the competition. Our best GC rider should still be Slovenian cult rider Spilak, who explained to Los Pollos TV that he was 'happy to finally be able to compete in a race that is not a Grand Tour'.

Franceville Classique (PTHC)
First Los Pollos PTHC race ever, baby! We go to Gabon with absolutely zero expectations, as we don't have any cobblers this season. We miss you already, Jerome. Last season, in the first edition of the race, the break managed to survive. A similar race story would be to our liking, and the best cobblers for us to be in that break would be Ulloa and Minoungou.

A nice mix of races with Hong Kong obviously the big one to watch out for. We'll meet you there and Down Under, so look forward to the racing already.
Tour Down Under (HC)
First race, first win(s)! Manninen really did some crazy stuff Down Under. He won the first two stages, and then fought for his life to hang on to the lead in the GC. He was unable to do so, but still surprised a lot of people by finishing second in the GC, behind Team UBS' Ponzi. Our favourite sprinter did win the green jersey as well, really opening the season in style for us.

In his first race as a professional cyclist, Lopez Nolasco made the team management happy by showing himself in the break on the third stage. No other Los Pollos rider made an impact, but that's not really necessary when there is one man doing so much. Let's see if our development team in Tachira can also surprise us like this, although we doubt it.

Manninen winning stage 1 of the Tour Down Under

I can just congratulate you again on the Manninen signing. Incredible how he could keep his great form even with the PCM version switch - as one of just very, very few sprinters!
Of course, it'd have been great for you to win TDU - and I guess almost everyone thought he'd do it - but that would imho just have been a little bit too much given his hill stat Wink Nonetheless, it was an amazing race for you - you've definitely come to PCT to stay - or to climb even higher Wink
Impressive start of the season, Manninen did an incredible race. I hope your team keeps the good work up. Congratulations!
If Manninen can have a season like last year and that looks like the case for now. Then it's more likely back-to-back promotion for Los Pollos.


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej PogaÄŤar
@Fabianski: Thanks! Obviously the season is still long and 75% of last year's points are far from achieved, but he definitely started very well Smile Don't see myself promoting though, even if he scores more than last season.

@DW: The PT and PCT latin American teams now have a win in the bag already, time for our CT friends to follow quickly!

@red: Like I said to Fabianski, it's a great start, but I don't see myself as a promotion contender Pfft
Hong Kong Challenge (C1)
Sadly enough our sublime form from Down Under did not continue in Hong Kong. Spilak initiated the right attack on the first stage, and was followed by Colombian champion and GC winner Beltran and Slagter. He needed some time to take a breath after the attack and fell back to the chasing group of favourites. He ended eighth on the stage and fourth on stage three, which resulted into a rather disappointing tenth place in the GC. Even more disappointing might have been Zmorka, as the Ukrainian only managed to finish fourth in the time trial on day two. We did hope for an okay-ish GC from loanee Affonso as well, but the Brazilian finished 59th.

Spilak attacking on stage 1, followed by Beltran and Slagter

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