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[CT] Volcanica - Fox / Calendar & Goals
@Ulrich Ulriksen Amador was one of my main targets. Smile

@cio93 I am committed long term and hope that the team will run for a long time and continue to grow.

@sutty68 I really hope so. Smile

@liefwarrior Everybody around the team is excited to have him on our roster.

@the_hoyle Thank you! I am sorry about, but not very sorry. After all, you caused me some headaches. Grin
Amador with your team is perhaps the best thing for his last hurrah! Let's see how he does in the CT.
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AbhishekLFC wrote:
Amador with your team is perhaps the best thing for his last hurrah! Let's see how he does in the CT.

No matter the results I am glad he is in the team. Smile


We continue our squad presentation with the introduction of another group of 5 riders. As with the previous 5 cyclists the new arrivals consist of both experienced and young riders. Volcanica - Fox would like to extend its warmest welcome to all of them!


GREGORY BRENES 33y/o, OVL: 75.37, Wage: 75,000


If the team is delighted by the presence of the Costa Rican National TT champion on the roster now it can also boast about the Costa Rican National RR champion, Gregory Brenes, being incorporated in its ranks too. Similarly to Andrei Amador’s situation, Gregory Brenes found himself on the free market after his former team, Indosat Ooredoo, relegated from the PT last year and this descending of the MG ladder brought a change in its sportive and financial strategy.
Gregory Brenes found a home here after the disband of Quickstep many moons ago. He has been absolutely fantastic for us as a support rider and a leader. His efforts in the grand tours the past two seasons have been immense and we will miss him greatly. INDOSAT OOREDOO
Together with Andrei Amador he will be part of a leadership duo that will lead our team on and off the road.


GUILLAUME BOIVIN 32 y/o, OVL: 76.52, Wage: 80,000


Another victim of the shifting of sponsors and strategy after a relegation Guillaume Boivin is the Canadian speedster who will search for the victories in our team this season.
The next segment of riders hurts to let go, especially Boivin who has been a key part of our team for years at this point, but sadly we could not find an agreement that made sense to both parties, he will now go and explore free agency. HELLOFRESH
We hope our collaboration would prove to be successful and both the rider and the team will be completely satisfied with the results when the upcoming season will close its curtains.


ERICK HERRERA 25 y/o, OVL: 72.6, Wage: 50,000


In the first deal made with Zwift Pro Cycling we acquired Erick Herrera for the price of 150,000. He is the champion of El Salvador on the road and at time trial as well and at 25 years old Erick Herrera still has room for learning the secrets of road racing. Volcanica – Fox is certain he will prove his worth when the wheels start spinning.


MATTEO JORGENSON 22y/o, OVL: 70.72, On Loan Potential: 6


For the second deal done with Zwift Pro Cycling our team welcomes the young Matteo Jorgenson. The talented American comes to Volcanica – Fox on loan for the 2021 season and our coaches are excited to guide him in taking the first steps of his professional career. Of course, the supporting wheels are taken out right off the gate, but we hope Matteo Jorgenson will remember his time spent with our team with fondness.


HENRY ANTONIO ROJAS 22y/o, OVL: 68.87, Wage: 50,000, Potential 5


The third Central American country represented on our roster is Nicaragua. The team’s scouts discovered Henry Antonio Rojas and advised the management to offer him a contract instead of trying to recruit him as a stagiare. They are confident Henry Antonio Rojas will develop considerably under the right training and mentorship. Only time will tell if they are correct in their assessment.
Keen to watch how your first season goes. Herrera is a local legend being a double national champion of El Salvador for the last three seasons. Pretty good for a POT. 1 project.

Then, of course, Jorgenson has a bright future ahead of him. Challenge him. Show him what professional cycling is all about. Hopefully he shows glimpses of his future talent while riding here.

Best of luck! Smile
Nice to have more Volcano-themed sponsorship in the MG Pfft Interesting to follow a team focusing on this part of the world - good that you were able to secure Amador to lead the way.
Boivin at 80k is such a damn steal - Absolutely jealous and even a bit annoyed because i had the leading bid at 75k... Congrats!
Ulrich Ulriksen
Great signings at great prices. The Brenes - Amador combination is very strong.

I have riders similar to Brenes and Boivin both on 25k higher wages from renewals, so kind of jealous of that.

Look after Jorgenson, wish I had the loan cap to take him on.
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Very sad to let Boivin go, bet he wished he'd taken my renewals offer now! At the moment in transfers I couldn't offer more sadly. Hopefully he has a succesful last year before declining!

Overall pretty shrewd signings, looking forward to seeing how your team performs this year!
@Mresuperstar I hope I can bring some competition for Herrera in the next El Salvadorian national championships. Smile
Jorgenson is already part of the family, although it is just for 1 year. We'll see what he'll manage to achieve this season.

@SportingNonsense Thank you! We're a smaller volcano but we are hoping we'll put up a blast. Smile

@knockout Thanks! And sorry to some extent. Wink Indeed it feels good to have him at 80k.

@Ulrich Ulriksen I am quite satisfied how things turned out. And I love having the Amador - Brenes combination. Also, Jorgenson is part of a group of youngsters here who will be well taken care of. Smile

@whitejersey Thank you! I had a feeling Boivin would have been better with a contract extension, but in the end I cannot complain about it. I'm glad his on my team now. Smile


The roster is beginning to approach its final shape. 4 more riders are joining the team, all 4 this time bringing a lot of experience to the squad. We would like to extend our warmest welcome to all of them!


JOHAN ESTEBAN CHAVES 31 y/o, OVL: 76.48, Wage: 210,000



JESUS HERRADA 31 y/o, OVL: 73.99, Wage: 55,000



ROMAN VILLALOBOS 31 y/o, OVL: 73.23, Wage: 50,000



JOSUE GONZALEZ CORTES 33 y/o, OVL: 72.73, Wage: 50,000


It may look like Volcanica – Fox is a scavenger, feasting on the remains of disbanded teams. This affirmation is far from the truth though, the sad reality of Azteca folding hit hard the riders in our focus region, while Repsol – Netflix was connected by the beautiful Spanish language with our team, so the situation is rather a coincidence than a feeding on carrion.
The Colombian Esteban Chaves became a main target in the transfer season for Volcanica – Fox as soon as the team learned of his availability. His experience and qualities are greatly valued by the team management and there’s a feeling of certainty around here that he will become one of our leaders. Chaves finished 83rd in the PT individual ranking last season and there’s genuine hope that he can score some points and place himself up in the CT ranking this year too.
The backbone of cycling victories is made by hard working riders. They do a lot of heavy lifting but when the cameras flash and the spotlight is on the victor they retire through the shadows to rest their weary bodies. Sometimes unremarked and forgotten they’ll rarely take the front pages of newspapers, but that doesn’t mean they’re just for props, they deserve as much credit as the showmen. Jesus Herrada, Roman Villalobos and Josue Gonzalez Cortes fit that bill and the team is committed on expressing its appreciation for all the work they’re about to do during training and races.
Impressive depth in the mountains! Comparing our rosters, I don't think we'll compete much against each other Smile
All the best for the upcoming season.
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Really cool signings your team looks scary in the mountains Grin Really like the presentation of each rider.
Laurens147 wrote:
Impressive depth in the mountains! Comparing our rosters, I don't think we'll compete much against each other Smile
All the best for the upcoming season.

What can I say, I do love the mountains and I do like the climbers. But that is already obvious. I guess will not focus on the same races. Smile
All the best to you too!

tobiasandersen wrote:
Really cool signings your team looks scary in the mountains Grin Really like the presentation of each rider.

Thank you very much! Smile
Might be jumping the gun, but at first look you seem like a major promotion candidate if not a title favorite. Great combo of older leaders and young role guys/talents. That's the way to go about it as a CT team I think. Amador is beast with Brenes backing him up, and then Chaves for the hills is also amazing. Think you should be set up for a great season.
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Really love Chaves and he should be great in CT again! Think you had an excellent first transfer season.
Nice team for your first season, great regional focus and competitive, a difficult trick to pull off.

Josue Gonzalez Cortes had a great season for Kraftwerk last year and I nearly kept him on, glad to see he found a good home.

Best of luck and hope you enjoy your race planning and following the racing, keep up the great quality posts Smile
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@baseballlover312 Thank you! I am not sure how well suited we are for the top of division, but I think we can put up a fight for results.

@AbhishekLFC Thank you! I love Chaves a lot too. I am happy I was able to recruit him on the team.

@DaveTwoBob Thank you very much! I am trying to struck that balance. So far I am satisfied how things turned out. It remains to be seen what future holds for the team.


We end our roster presentation with the introduction of the last riders joining Volcanica – Fox at the conclusion of the transfer season. And since we reached the time of the transfer period for adding stagiari to the team most of them are just starting their careers. We would like to extend our warmest welcome to all of them!


CARLOS BARBERO 30 y/o, OVL: 74.34, Wage: 0



CRISTOFER ROBIN JURADO 26y/o, OVL: 69.7, Wage: 0


Without a contract after last season Carlos Barbero failed to attract any interest during the transfers. At the suggestion of his former teammate, Jesus Herrada, he and Volcanica – Fox reached an agreement for an amateur contract with the possibility, depending on the season ahead, of negotiating a paying one after a year. Cristofer Jurado struggled for the past couple of seasons to break again into the professional ranks. He started as a stagiare in 2017 and had a contract in 2018, but no action since. The desire was still there, the dream very much alive, but not even the slightest opportunity appeared in sight. The situation changed this year when our team held the door ajar for the Panamanian to sign an amateur contract with us. It is another chance to prove his worth and Cristofer Jurado grabs it with both hands.


SERGIO ARIAS VILLANUEVA 23 y/o, OVL: 66.92, Wage: 10,000, Potential 3



BRYAN FERNANDO MENDOZA 23 y/o, OVL: 67.3, Wage: 10,000, Potential 4



JOSEPH IVAN SAMUDIO 22 y/o, OVL: 65.81, Wage: 10,000, Potential 4


All 3 of our stagiari come from Central America. Arias Villanueva, Mendoza and Samudio will start the learning process under the wings of Amador, Brenes, Boivin or Chaves and although their enthusiasm might wane a little when they hit the training grounds it will certainly recover when they start racing from August onward. A lot of hard work lies ahead and it is a difficult path, but Volcanica – Fox believes that all the effort and labor will pay dividends for the 3 young cyclists in the years to come.
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As heartbreaking as it was to have to let Brenes go during transfers after having him for so many years, it’s awesome that the team he’s ended up in is yours. He was awesome for us and always performed extremely as the underdog. At least I know he’s in good hands Smile

Can’t wait to see him and Amazon riding together, surprisingly only for the first time I think too.
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