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[CT] Volcanica - Fox / Clasico San Jose
I really like the signing of Chaves, he's perfect for CT Smile

Add to that Amador and Boivin and I think you're in for a very strong debut season Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej PogaÄŤar
Honestly, I find it hard to believe that this is a newly founded team! You built it up right from the start with a great regional focus, and you found the perfect riders for this undertaking! I'm really looking forward to see your team racing, especially in the mountains! I haven't took a close look at all CT teams to be honest, but I wouldn't be surprised to see you pretty high up by the end of the year Smile Cool team, congrats!
@Eden95 I am very happy Brenes joined my team. And indeed I am looking forward to see him race in a tandem with Amador. Smile

@redordead I am excited about my team and the season ahead. Hopefully some good results would result from this too. Smile

@Fabianski Thank you! The objective is to build a strong Central American team that could challenge the PT someday. We will see how this season goes but I'll take it step by step in achieving that objective.



With the transfer window coming to a close it’s time to look over the roster of Volcanica – Fox for the upcoming season. Although, before we do that, we must inform you of a tense situation which emerged during the said transfer period. According to a source close to the team, the start of a transfers was pretty hectic around Volcanica = Fox’s headquarters. To top the chaos of phones ringing, computers working relentlessly and frantic activity there were a few difficult moments when the internet connection dropped or the electric power went down. During one such times the team manager, without the possibility of consulting his transfer files, hit the panic button and placed 2 extra bids on the riders he liked. However, those bids, which proved successful in the end, pushed the team over the cap limit. To rectify the problem DarkWolf had to rescind unilaterally 2 contracts, paying a total fine of 195,000 in the process. That didn’t sit well with the sponsors and to make amends, according to the same source, the team manager suggested a pay cut for himself. Therefore, effective immediately, the basic salary is reduced by half for his first year of contract.


Getting back to our roster, Volcanica – Fox acquired 19 riders for its first season with an average age of 27.42 years. The manager’s endearment for hills and mountains is reflected in the line-up, most of the cyclists display a preference for such terrains. The management believes the team’s main objectives and philosophies, to highlight the Central American cycling and to offer a medium for the development and growth of young riders, are well covered, 14 cyclists (73.68% of the team) originate from Central America, 9 of them (47.37%) hailing from our home nation, while 7 riders (36.84%) are 23 years old or younger. The North and South American continents are represented by 3 cyclists, 1 from Colombia, 1 from Canada and 1 from the United States and to complete the roster 2 conquistadors are coming again to the New World. This time, however, it’s not to pillage the region but to plunder the MG circuit of its gold and instead of bearing firearms and deadly diseases they bring cycling skills to face their opponents on the road, not in the name of the Spanish king but for Volcanica – Fox’s prestige. Overall, the team’s management is of the strongly opinion that they built a competitive squad while at the same time maintaining a firm grip on the principles they abide by.

A. Amador66807174716870506366676773
G. Brenes66787268717868595868636468
G. Marin74576565737376677878636669
P. Mudarra71687762747071516468626465
R. Villalobos71707464696971606675726865
J. Gonzalez Cortes71717373687071617070696773
K. Rivera66696759666767576069686358
S. Arias Villanueva69606270696966616268686570
J. Jimenez Retana64586257626561656871636763
E. Herrera64737363687373526166676461
B.F. Mendoza67686366696969556266676767
H.A. Rojas66666862696767686569676965
C.R. Jurado71676967666970686667646668
J.I. Samudio69535963696765646566716066
J.E. Chaves70767968747372546072696468
G. Boivin74587062747079597980736766
M. Jorgenson70707069727163686568646868
C. Barbero74667564767268607074757167
J. Herrada66757374727270546569716473
Enjoy promotion! I think it should be almost a certainty with this team.
TheManxMissile wrote:
Enjoy promotion! I think it should be almost a certainty with this team.

Thanks! I received a lot of such encouragments and they make me really excited. But I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. Smile
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I hate getting put on a pedestal before the season even starts myself, but I do agree that you've done an amazing job and would deserve to get rewarded.

Even just the Costa Rican core of your team would be strong enough for a good final position in CT, but the addition of Chaves and Boivin on top of that elevates your roster well beyond that.

I wish you good luck in your first CT season! Smile
Just gonna copy what everyone said: great job Grin

Promotion is definitely a possibility with this squad, and looking at your regional focus and the way you keep up your HQ's both here in MG and in ICL in a very nice and enjoyable way with great texts/stories, I really hope you get it.

Also love the fact that five of my suggested riders got a contract at your team, I'll be following them from closeby!

See you in the Spilak vs. Amador races Smile
@cio93 Thank you! I hope I can keep the core of Central American riders and even build constantly a team made exclusively from such cyclists. Of course, I have to help add some in the future riders suggestion too. Smile

@Nemolito Thank you very much! As I love stories so much I try to create one too, besides building the team. Working on these 2 together makes me like the game even more and I am really happy you like it. I hope to keep it up as much as possible because I enjoy writing these posts a lot. Smile


With the roster finalized and the plans for 2021 firmly in place it is time for Volcanica – Fox to boast about the 3 national champions within its ranks, Gregory Brenes (National RR Champion of Costa Rica), Andrei Amador (National TT Champion of Costa Rica) and Erick Herrera (National RR and TT Champion of El Salvador). To do that, the team feels that their excellent achievements need to be highlighted and the champions should adorn distinct jerseys which acknowledge their performances. DarkWolf went back to the drawing table and designed the jerseys our 3 champions will wear during the upcoming season. We have the great pleasure of presenting them here.


The NCs (and the jersey in general) looks really cool. I especially like the front, hope it will be visible in some celebration screenshots during the season. Smile
I'm impressed how you built the team with so much regional focus and at the same time being one of the best CT teams around.
Bikex wrote:
The NCs (and the jersey in general) looks really cool. I especially like the front, hope it will be visible in some celebration screenshots during the season. Smile
I'm impressed how you built the team with so much regional focus and at the same time being one of the best CT teams around.

Thank you very much! Now I'm having headaches with the race planning. I made 3 drafts already and I'm still not fully satisfied, but that happens to me every time in PCM, ICL and now MG. Until I finally convince myself it is as good as it can get without me fretting about it. Smile



With the season drawing closer and closer the activity around the Volcanica – Fox cycling team resembles that of a beehive. Bikes are dusted, chains oiled, and tires checked for pressure. Kits are washed and cleaned, shoes brushed until they shine and helmets adjusted. Gels and massage oils are stocked, energy drinks and bars carefully deposited and relieving syrups for sore throats provided to the coaches yelling encouragements (or the occasional curses). Insurances are signed, plane tickets reserved and accommodations secured. In the management offices a race calendar went up on the wall and the planners are worked and reworked with frenzy determination. Volcanica - Fox will compete in 39 races this season, on all the continents of the world (except Antarctica of course), which is one of the many features that makes cycling such an exciting sport and brings much joy around the team’s facilities. Most of the 39 races are categorized C2 and C2HC, but the team will also compete in the upper echelons of C1 and HC courses. True, it is only 1 HC race, but Volcanica – Fox managed to gain an invitation to the Barbados Cycling Festival in its desire to showcase the team’s colors in the neighboring Caribbean region.

Gisborne GPC2HCJanuary 9
Vuelta al TachiraC2January 22 - 31
Clasico San JoseC2January 31
Gent - WevelgemC2HCFebruary 6
GP HerningC2February 9
Volta a CatalunyaC2HCFebruary 15 - 20
Tour of SouthlandC1February 24 - 28
Geraardsbergen-BosbergC2HCMarch 1
Barbados Cycling FestivalHCMarch 1 - 4
Badaling InternationalC2March 6
Circulo de JuarezC1March 8 - 12
Coppa PlacciC2March 20
Tour of CaliforniaC2April 1 - 7
GP IzolaC2HCApril 12
Lincoln GPC2HCApril 25
USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2HCApril 27 - 30
Tour of ChileC1May 11 - 13
Tour du FasoC2HCMay 13 - 15
Frankfurt EschbornC2May 24
Tour of VancouverC2HCJune 3 - 9
Ras TailteannC2June 12 - 14
Giro del TrentinoC2June 21 - 23
Monterrey TTTC2HCJune 26
Apex Mountain ClassicC1June 28
Torshavn GPC1July 1
Uppsala ClassicC2HCJuly 1
Tour of the Middle EastC2HCJuly 4 - 7
Kenya Mountain ClassicC1July 19
Betonexpressz GPC2July 23
Tour d'AndorraC1July 25 - 29
Sakartvelo TrophyC2August 2
Tour de LangkawiC2HCAugust 8 - 14
GP KigaliC2September 1
Tour of AmericaC1September 3 - 23
Euskal BizikletaC2September 14 - 17
Lillestrom GPC2HCSeptember 24
Herald Sun TourC2HCOctober 6 - 10
Course de SolidarnoscC2HCOctober 6 - 9
Zuri MetzgeteC2HCOctober 18

For the 2021 season the team will spare no effort in achieving the best results possible, while relentlessly pursuing the accomplishment of its main goals. The sponsors wish for a presence in top 10 of the Continental rankings and 10 stage victories throughout the season, to highlight the value and their backing of this Central American cycling project. To validate the said project further Volcanica – Fox sets its sight on winning the home race of Clasico San Jose and on a strong performance at USA Pro Cycling Challenge, the latter as part of the sponsors’ desire to show the project they support in the country where their headquarters are based. With the historical and linguistic connection to Spain and the presence of 2 Spanish riders within the squad Euskal Bizikleta is also one of the team’s goals. A remarkable performance here is believed to bring awareness to this project and its sponsors on the Old Continent too.

CT Team StandingsTop 10
Stage Wins in a Season10
Clasico San Jose Win
USA Pro Cycling Challenge Top 10
Euskal Bizikleta Top 10

We wish our beloved team all the best in the upcoming season!
Not a surprise to see you go for the win in San José. Boivin might be up for it, good thing is the race is in January and you´ll know the answer soon Smile
Nemolito wrote:
Not a surprise to see you go for the win in San José. Boivin might be up for it, good thing is the race is in January and you´ll know the answer soon Smile

It couldn't be otherwise, it's our home race after all. I am certain our fans will be all over the road and hopefully we can give them something to cheer for right out of the gates. Smile



Gisborne, the Land of the First Light. It is the first place in the world that sees the sunrise each and every day and if one takes the 2-hour drive scenic route up the coast from Gisborne to the sacred Maunga Hikurangi Mountain the visitor will not only witness an unforgettable and spectacular sunrise, but also discover a place steeped in culture, stories and legends. After that, one could try skinny dipping, since at the Gisborne Rhythm & Vines Festival 2 attempts were made, in 2012 and 2013, at the skinny dipping world record. Or one could chill out on the beach with a cold local beer from the Sunshine Brewery in hand.


Gisborne is the birthplace of Margaret Moth, the fearless CNN photojournalist. Born Margaret Wilson she changed her name to Margaret Gipsy Moth in her twenties and her colleagues called her “the Lady in Black”, because of her clothes, eye-liner and hair were all black. She covered the political turmoil and danger zones in India, Iraq, Georgia, West Bank and Bosnia. In 1992, in Sarajevo, she was severely wounded by a sniper, the bullet hitting her face shattering her jaw and destroying her teeth and much of the tongue. After dozens of operations she returned to Sarajevo saying: “I want to go back to look for my teeth.” Sadly, the brave Margaret Moth passed away in 2010 of colon cancer.


The cycling enthusiasts have plenty of roads to follow in the area, even a railbike adventure to enjoy, and it is also here where Gisborne Cycling Club holds a few races, including the long running annual Club Championship. Our team travelled to New Zealand for its debut in the MG circuit at Gisborne GP, a race that reached its 9th edition this year, led by Esteban Chaves, who won the race 2 years ago. On a beautiful, but windy day Volcanica – Fox officially rolled its wheels for the first time.


After sitting on the sidelines for the last 2 seasons Cristofer Jurado firmly took hold of this opportunity of racing again and joined the day’s breakaway. With more than 100 km to the finish, perhaps inspired by his teammate’s enthusiasm, Esteban Chaves rode away from the peloton in an attempt of aggressive, attacking racing. Unfortunately, that proved to be a poor decision, the attack backfired after only 20 km when Chaves burned all his fuses and he started drifting to the back of the peloton until he lost touch with the favorites. Seeing the team’s strategy and hopes blown to pieces Pablo Mudarra and Carlos Barbero tried to salvage something and stuck to the front group as long as possible. Their efforts were not enough for a great result, but they did manage to finish on the 13th and 15th positions.
Volcanica - Fox hoped for a top 10 result at its debut in the MG circuit, but it came away disappointed in the end. There’s a feeling of dissatisfaction around the team, but with Gisborne GP being only the first race in a long season there’s also no need to hit the panic button. Yet.


13 Pablo Mudarra+ 1'06
15 Carlos Barbero+ 1'47
27 Roman Villalobos+ 3'42
48 Kevin Rivera+ 6'25
67 Guillaume Boivin+ 7'43
78 Cristofer Robin Jurado+ 8'40
81 Johan Esteban Chaves+ 10'12
110 John Jimenez Retana+ 31'07

Edited by DarkWolf on 02-11-2021 04:49
Obviously terrible result by Chaves but at least Mudarra and Barbero save the day a little bit.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

I did not expect to learn so much reading a race review Pfft

Don't know why Chaves attacked so early (scared of snipers aiming at him?), but luckily you still salvaged some points. No worries about the first race not being ideal though, as I probably didn't even have anyone in the top-100 in the season opener last year and still had enough enjoyable results after that Wink
@knockout That was a disappointment indeed, even Jurado finished ahead of Chaves. But it is true that Mudarra and Barbero saved something with their valiant effort.

@Nemolito Thank you! I wished to spice up the race review a bit. I hope it was entertaining and fun. Smile
Perhaps Chaves rushed for a skinny dipping session. Wink We did salvage some points, but I am still left a bit sad. Still, this is racing and instead of dwelling on the past we better concentrate on what's coming and improve the performances.



We enter the stage races season through Táchira, as Simón Bolivar, in his Admirable Campaign, invaded the country in 1813 during the Venezuelan War of Independence. Of course, there is nothing similar between the 2 endeavors, beside the entry point, and our team seeks only to conquer the general classification of Vuelta al Táchira and remain in the cycling annals than an entry into history books. The race takes place during Feria Internacional de San Sebastián (The International Festival of Saint Sebastian), which is one of the most important festivals in Venezuela and dates back to colonial times. The Táchira state features several natural parks and it was in a remote location of El Tamá National Park, in 2016, where a team of international researchers rediscovered the Táchira Antpitta, a plump brown bird not seen since the 1950s. The rediscovery was made more difficult by the fact that the Táchira Antpitta is easier to hear than see, but without sound recordings of the species the researchers had no clue what to listen for.


In San Cristóbal, Táchira, was born Édgar Ramírez, a Venezuelan actor. He played Carlos the Jackal (born in Michelena, Táchira) in the 2010 biopic series Carlos, a role that brought him the César Award for Most Promising Actor in 2011 and nominations for a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for Best Actor. He started his career in 2003 and among his films there is also the role of before mentioned historical figure of Simón Bolivar in Libertador (The Liberator), a Spanish-Venezuelan historical drama directed by Alberto Arvelo that was selected as the Venezuelan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, making it to the January Shortlist.


Vuelta al Táchira debuted in 1966 and it was considered for many years one of the best stage races in America and the world. Since 2009 the race is part of the MG circuit and this year sees its 13th edition, one in which our team, fronted by the legendary Andrei Amador, chases the yellow jersey and a couple of stage wins. It is also in this race that the young and talented riders Henry Antonio Rojas and Matteo Jorgenson make their professional debut.


Los Zorros (The Foxes, the adopted nickname for our riders) lined-up for the first 3 stages, which featured flat profiles, with the aim of putting Gabriel Marin in the best position for the final sprints. However, under the flamme rouge of the first day, James Oram cut in front of our rider and impeded his sprint. Gabriel Marin finished 6th and with a flared temper. He wanted to confront James Oram at his team’s bus, but our sporting director and coaches stepped in between them to prevent the situation from escalating. Affected by this event Gabriel Marin ended on 13th and 8th the next two stages. With time to cool off though Marin put his best effort on display in the last flat stage, the 5th, and rode with patience and strategic accuracy to claim the win. A welcomed reward for him and the team.


Stage 4 provided the first, small test for the GC contenders. Unfortunately, against DarkWolf’s recommendations, our team rode passively and watched idly an attack from the favorites on the final slope. The result left Andrei Amador more than a minute behind some of the strong cyclists of the race and dented a bit our hopes for the GC victory. The TT of day 6 came with our leader riding an unremarkable stage, not the good one we expected, but not the worst either. It is also the day in which Jesus Herrada started to prove his worth finishing the stage on the 7th position. The next day Herrada protected his leader on the ascent to La Grita as fiercely as a fox defending her pups. He sprang into action a bit too late though, narrowly missing the chance for the stage win, ending the day on the 2nd position.


Sadly, stage 7 was also the day that fully revealed limitations from our part. Andrei Amador lost time again on the final slope and Gregory Brenes 4 minutes to the stage winner. It seems the team’s 2 best hopes for the GC win didn’t feel up to the par for the challenge and that both of them were suffering. The trend continued the next two stages and although Brenes put up a fight on the 8th stage his attempt was rewarded with nothing, throwing him on the losing side once more. Still, with just one more stage to go, Andrei Amador sat on the 5th position of the general classification, 1’23 behind the yellow jersey and all the team’s thoughts were on the final TT. And yet, the team’s hopes sunk further with each kilometer of the final stage, Andrei Amador was suffering on the course and in the end lost even that 5th place in the GC due to a sub-par performance. Once more, Jesus Herrada salvaged something from the day finishing 4th on this final stage.


There was little to be said on the team’s bus and during dinner and a dark mood reigned over Los Zorros’ return flight home. The team came to Vuelta al Táchira with high hopes and big expectations but ended utterly disappointed. But “instead of wading into the swelling sea of the blackest of what-ifs” (Paul Tremblay, Disappearance at Devil’s Rock) we would like to concentrate on the silver linings. Jesus Herrada did one hell of the race, his brave, active and selfless racing brought him the 14th place in the general classification. Gabriel Marin takes a place in Los Zorros’ history golden pages bringing the team’s first victory. Matteo Jorgenson and Henry Antonio Rojas made their debut in a stage race and gathered precious experience for the future of their careers. There’s no telling what the future holds and the only thing we can do is hope that more of such highlights would make themselves present around Volcanica – Fox.


GCLos ZorrosTime to GC winnerBest stage resultStage
6Andrei Amador+ 1'2556
14Jesus Herrada+ 5'4627
32Gregory Brenes+ 13'14166
33Josue Gonzalez Cortes+ 14'03167
47Erick Herrera+ 19'15217
66Matteo Jorgenson+ 30'41291
97Henry Antonio Rojas+ 53'10502
114Gabriel Marin+ 1h06'39Win5
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