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[PCT'21] Jura - Fiat | Q&A
Thanks guys - and thanks for not overbidding Pfft
Maybe most people had a Pot 5+ filter in their transfer sheets - and with Pot 6/7 I'm sure he'd have easily been 0.5M. I hope he'll really live up to this promise some day Smile
Yeah, big steal. Talent prices this year are kinda wack due to amount of FAs available. Personally I didn't even look at him since he can't TT, but he will be a great rider and fits your national focus
Damn what an awesome signing!
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Ulrich Ulriksen
Congrats, awesome signing at an awesome price.
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Really great signing! Congratulations!
Wish I'd have been able to go after Mauro but we needed the flexibility in the early stages of transfers. He's a really strong pickup for you,, Switzerland is going to have a good hill lineup in a few years.
Thanks, guys! Really happy with that steal, obviously Pfft

I was really surprised that neither you nor UBS even tried. Looks like the strategy of going to 150k directly paid off here Wink
At least now all three of us got a great Swiss puncheur for the future; Müller/Reichenbach for UBS, Hirschi for you, and Mauro for me Smile
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Posted on 26-10-2021 16:18
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Velkommen, Gjensidige!

Alexys Brunel (350k)
Brent Van Moer (LOAN)
Aaron Van Poucke (LOAN)

Yes, absolutely - we concluded a total of three deals with the Norwegian CT outfit! Although no Norwegian was involved, we still get some cool riders who will be wearing our jersey for the 2021 season - or even longer!

Let's first talk about the two loan-ins. Van Moer was one of our top loan-in targets, given that he will be an absolute TT beast once maxed out - and already will be a really valuable member of our TTT lineup this year! To date, he actually is our strongest rider in the discipline, which makes this an absolute win-win situation for Gjensidige and for us!

Brent Van Moer, Level 3.15, 23 y.o., € 55.000 wage (fully paid by Gjensidige)

Aaron Van Poucke's future might be slightly less bright, but he'll still be a very solid uphill rider - be it on the shorter or longer slopes. We hope that he'll join some breakaways and pick up a few KoM or stage points here and there. But moreover, he was one part of the puzzle that allowed us to get the following rider rather cheaply...

Aaron Van Poucke, Level 3.16, 23 y.o., € 50.000 wage (fully paid by Jura - Fiat)

And that rider - the one of the trio we actually bought and not just loaned in - is Alexys Brunel!
You all know that time trials weren't our sweet spot in our first two years - and to be honest, that isn't going to fundamentally change this season, either. But with our great Swiss talent Stefan Bissegger and Alexys, we do actually have a pretty bright future in the domain. Don't believe us? Well, let's take a look at Alexys' current and possible future stats:

Alexys Brunel, Level 3.13, 23 y.o., Pot. 6, € 50.000 wage

Welcome on the team to all three!

Here's to a great year full of devolpment Smile
And even more development!

Welcome, Giorgi Tediashvili (LOAN)

It is pretty likely that this is our final loan deal of the year - at least in terms of loan-in, as we're still looking for temporary homes for Gino Mäder and Max Walscheid.

The young Georgian joins us for the 2021 from the rebranded Red Bull Zalgiris team. He's a decent allrounder with a good resistance and acceleration already, which hopefully will allow him to score a few points from breakaways this year!
We know he won't be the most "useful" rider this year, but this deal even more accentuates our commitment to being a development-friendly team! Let's just hope our attitude won't haunt us by the end of the year - but we're positive for the moment Smile

Giorgi Tediashvili, Level 1.00, 22 y.o., € 70.000 wage (fully paid by Jura - Fiat)

I'd argue that's the most impressive deal you've done this year
Nairo joins the party!

We're proud to announce our second big signing during this transfer season - actually the biggest one of our history! For € 1.4M, Nairo Quintana joins us from Voyagin - Bird to fill the role as our stage race leader; something we didn't really have so far! We're absolutely delighted to welcome the 31 y.o. climber on board, and wish him and his support team a lot of success in the upcoming races!

Nairo Quintana, Level 4.MAX, 31 y.o., € 600.000 wage

However, we unfortunately had to dig a little too deep in our bank account, and so we now absolutely need to sell one or two riders to get back on track. If anyone wants to help us there, don't hesitate to contact us - almost everyone could be available, even Theo Reinhardt, last year's 3rd placed of the individual CT standings!

Hello & Goodbye!

Mikiel Habtom (swap in for Vendrame)

Andrea Vendrame (to Bralirwa for Habtom + 125k)
Max Walscheid (to McCormick for 275k)
Gino Mäder (on loan to Generali, 10k/45k wage split + 30k fee for us)

After the "big deal" was sealed, we now had to get back under the wage cap and inside the overall budget. Three deals were required to do so:

Max Walscheid was sold to McCormick, who will use him as a leadout for Keough and probably try to max him next year. The manager didn't quite know what to do with his remaining money, so he kindly transferred it to us to help us get in budget again. Thank you, Ulrich!

Andrea Vendrame has been under contract for two years now, but has not ridden a single race for us - and this won't be changing soon. In an attempt to further reduce our wage bill, we agreed on a swap deal with Bralirwa, who in turn send us over Eritrean leadout rider Mikiel Habtom, along with a 125k fee. Mikiel is a very similar rider to Issiaka Cissé - we'll see how we will plan them, this will be an interesting task for sure! Thanks for helping out, cunego!

And last but not least, our home-grown talent Gino Mäder needed a PT loan to reach his maximum level, as we didn't want to take the gamble of applying for a Grand Tour to max him on our own. He joins our Italian friends from Generali for the 2021 season. We still pay most of his wage (45k), meaning that we received a compensation fee of 35k. Thanks to Matt for maxing yet another one of our riders, after Masnada already benefitted from the great Generali program last year!

And with this, we could end our transfer season. We have everyone we wanted, we're inside wage cap and on track for the overall budget. However, we remain open for interesting swap (or other) deals - don't hesitate to hit us up if you think you've got a great TTer or cobbler for us!

A supersigning in Quintana for sure! I don't doubt that he and Wellens will meet many times across the course of the season.
Quintana is a fine signing for you! Looks like you beat me to Van Moer on loan, as I was after him too
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Ulrich Ulriksen
Fabianski wrote:

Max Walscheid was sold to McCormick, who will use him as a leadout for Keough and probably try to max him next year. The manager didn't quite know what to do with his remaining money, so he kindly transferred it to us to help us get in budget again. Thank you, Ulrich!

You are welcome, I like to spread the charity around. Walscheid looks a lot like Keough maxed, so figured that would keep Luke focused.

Good luck in the PCT.
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Congratulations on signing Nairo! I love that a lot! Smile
Witamy, Szymon!

Szymon Rekita
(FA, 100k wage)

Wait... we signed a Pole? Yes, we did! Our newest signing - only the second one from Free Agency this year - somehow marks the beginning of something new in our team. While our latino star Nairo is our first really classy stage racer, Szymon is an extremely talented time trialist! He's by far our strongest man in the discipline now, and despite being already 27 years old hasn't reached his full potential yet. He'll do that by the end of the season, where he'll reach a time trial stat value of 79, currently matched or outmatched by only 36 riders in the MGverse.
When we add to this the fact that Bissegger and Brunel will reach a value of 78 in two years time, you can see that we do have something cooking there... One of our goals for this transfer period was to significantly strengthen our TTT lineup - which we clearly did compared to our first two years!
Szymon should also give us a good option for finally scoring some valuable GC points from flat stage races including a time trial - something we didn't have so far. We wish him all the best for the upcoming season - may the final development step be a successful one!

Szymon Rekita, Level 4.65, 27 y.o., Pot. 7, € 100.000 wage

Instantly #cursed
The guy who got insulted when I offered him 125k in renewals Rolling Eyes
Manager of Minions
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