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[PT] Festina - OAKA (2021)
Thanks guys Smile

I must admit I was in a big dilemma with myself whether or not to do it. I planned on doing both +2HI for Aidan and +2 TT for Ioannidis, but I just couldn't find money from my riders like normally, so in the end it was between doing a little bit for both, or doing the best possible for both. In the end I decided to go against my greek due to a combination of really wanting to push Aidan to cover for Koretzky next season and Ioannidis already being 28yo. I wanted to end up having him 76MO, 79/80TT, which now can't happen, so I guess he'll end up being the one that wasn't trained anyway. I guess Mavrikakis, Spanopoulos, Ioannidis and Kortsidakis will have to fight over being developped next year next to Aidan once he hopefully goes to become 80 HI Smile

Although it's nice to see Aidan trained, I think it's better for the game that new additions can only be trained from 26 years onwards. But yeah, given that Aidan isn't world class yet (sorry @aidanvn13, nothing personal Pfft), it won't break the game, and so I'm just looking forward racing against him in PTHC next season Smile

Coquard is already a beast anyway, so let's just make him a tiny bit beastier still Pfft But I'm really looking forward to when you're gonna boost your Greeks, will be great to see them win PT one day Wink
It will require a lot cheaper training in the region of 75-80 to make my greeks ever win anything hehe :-)

Aidan is a bit “off” though. Hardly any riders is ever training eligeble at 24.

Nice to see Aidan trained, although Im a bit fearful of his future seasons self Pfft
Did not realize Jang ended up at your team hope he can deliver some results from breaks! Smile

He will hopefully be a very competitive rider in the future. Whether I can make him a top level rider while also training my greeks is a big question though Smile


Thanks. He was a really nice fit as I needed one of those hybrids for mountains and hills after Boily left. With Aidan now similar in hills as Boily and Jang similar in mountains, and not far off in hills I can hopefully cover the lost ground with those Smile


New jersey and design

the_hoyle has done it again! Our trusted jersey designer has updated our kit, and we think he has done a brilliant job. The Festina - OAKA setup keeps working in the same colorsheme, but updates the originality, to better match the modern way of designing.

The yellow is still a big marker - and could be a sign of what's to come!


Also the graphics of the team have been changed to better fit the current colorcodes within the team.

As "always" we have a Greek National Champion in the team, this year we actually have both.

Panagiotis Vlatos takes another timetrial championship, while Michail Kortsidakis took his first ever road race win. Also Andreas Miltiadis won the cypriot road race and too will wear a nice looking jersey created by the_hoyle



Edited by SotD on 27-09-2021 10:04

It looks great! Good luck in making all yellow. Wink
I like it Smile
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