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PCM.Daily Expansion Pack Beta Testing
Hi everyone,

as we're getting closer to release of our Expansion Pack for PCM2021, we'd like to return to something we haven't done in a while: Beta testing.

The plan is pretty simple: You send me a PM that you'd like to participate, I send you a download link for the files and then you play around with them as much as possible to spot any potential bugs or errors. There are a few things to note:

What we need from you:

Generally, not much, but there are some things that are helpful:

- Experience with previous editions. This is a) so that you may be aware of things that have been issues in the past, b) spot differences from PCM20 to 21 that might be vulnerable to issues and c) just generally have a good understanding of the game.

- Time. This is pretty obvious, but you should be able and willing to invest a few hours over the next few days. We want as much feedback as we can, but we also don't want to push our release too far into the future.

Ideal, but not necessary are:

- Experience with database editing. If you know your way around a cdb file, this may help you describe the problem and its potential roots more accurately and set us on an easier path to fixing it.

- Communications via Discord or Skype. We can also do this via PMs here on this site, but for a quick back and forth, other platforms are more suited.

Application process:

As I mentioned above, please send me a PM with the form posted further below. I can't guarantee you that you'll be able to participate in the beta. If we have more applicants than we think is feasible to manage, we'll have to make some choices. If you won't be selected, I'll likely not respond to your PM at all. Please don't take this personally, it's just that I have enough work with this as it is Wink

If you are selected, I'll send you a link to download the files, maybe a few pointers as to what to look out for and, if applicable, contact you on Discord/Skype. There are some things still left to iron out before the pack is ready to be distributed, so I likely won't be able to send out download links until later tonight or maybe tomorrow, but I wanted to get this process started already.

Application Form:

Please answer the following questions in your PM:

Have you played PCM 2020?

Have you played with any previous PCM.Daily Databases?

Have you used database editors before?

What game mode do you plan on playing primarily (career, pro cyclist, single races)?

What language do you play the game in?

Discord user name:
Skype email address:

Please apply even if you answer one or more of the first few questions with no - the most important factor is still time and motivation to play. Also, I simply have no idea how many people are actually interested in doing this, so the more, the better!

We appreciate any support on this. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Do beta testers get a free copy of the game? Cool
MartijnVDD wrote:
Do beta testers get a free copy of the game? Cool

Not even the db team receives a free copy of the game, as sad as it is Embarassed
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Thanks for the first few messages, download links will be sent later tonight. We'd like to get a few more testers, so I'm going to give this a little bump Wink
Can I still try the beta test as well?
No, we're aiming for a release in the next couple of days, so the tests are already close to finishing, but hopefully you'll be able to test the finished product soon Wink
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